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Anal Nymphos Anal Legends 2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 12/27/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Anal, Gonzo, POV

Director: Manuel Ferrara


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Cast:  Adriana Chechik, Gina Valentina, Jennifer White, Ivy Lebelle, Manuel Ferrara

Length: 3 hours 2 minutes

Date of Release: December 11, 2017

Extras: Menu-Selectable Trailers, Slideshow, Cumshots, Website Info

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in HD. Unfortunately, it's handheld footage, much of it POV and it suffers from shakycam syndrome. There is a lot of whispered dialog that is hard to hear or unintelligible due to the environment it's shot in.

Overview: Manuel Ferrara brings four starlets to the set of his second episode of this series. Last year's Female Performer of the Year, Adriana Chechik, opens the disc and another current nominee for that title, Gina Valentina, closes it out. It's three hours of anal-centric action, unfortunately, some of it had a bit too much camera motion in it for my tastes. However, if you're into POV anal and blowjobs then you may want to adjust my final rating of this flick!

Scene 1: Adriana Chechik, Manuel Ferrara

Our first scene features two performers that are both nominees for Performer of the Year, Adriana wearing a suit that is little more than some leather straps and a mesh triangle.  Manuel wields the camera, concentrating on Chechik's big, beautiful eyes as she kneels before him gnawing at the bulge in his pants. They chat quietly as she rolls and struts around, walking up a glass stairwell so he can shoot her from below. She leans back on the stairs, Manuel exploring her ass with three fingers. Once upstairs, perched on the bed, she slides off her straps, inserting a finger into her rear. Soon, her lips are wrapped around Manuel's manhood, her eyes staring into his POV lens as she gets lower to lick his rear.

Adriana Chechik

Once his face is between her legs, he sticks his fingers deep into her ass, shoving them in and out, Adriana's legs wrapping around his head. She starts screaming her appreciation, her body and face tensing as he goes four fingers wide and rotates his hand. Pulling her to the bed's edge, he starts jamming his thick cock into her pussy, his fingers also probing into it simultaneously. He moves to ramming her rear, as she grips the sheets to keep from falling over the edge of the bed as he hammers away. He pushes her up farther, squatting above her and driving deep into her ass.

Adriana Chechik

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The camera moves to an actual camera person as the session gets more intense, Adriana being held to his chest as she lies on top of him, his cock slamming into her ass. The pair goes from one position to another, Adriana licking cock, balls, and ass in between. Manuel strokes himself when she chooses to plant her crotch on his face, Ferrara gripping her boobs with his free hand. She really enjoys the facesitting but he wants to keep the anal theme alive and pulls her into doggie, drilling her at a rapid pace. A move to the bathroom has her getting nailed against a wall, her fingers stuck firmly in her ass until he replaces them with his cock. He pulls out of her ass in the midst of blowing his load, half of it inside her, the other half dripping on the floor for her to lick up after she cleans his cock with her mouth.

Scene 2:  Jennifer White, Manuel Ferrara

Manuel comes through the front door, shakycam in full effect as he announces he's home and calls for Jennifer. She makes an appearance from the floor above, carefully walking down the steps in platform heels and a bathing suit to do some twerking for him. Her brunette tresses cascade down her back and she bends over a pool table for him to check out her ass. His smacks and grabs aren't quite doing it for him, so out comes his cock. He spends some time in her pussy and then she drops to blow him.

Jennifer White

Soon, she's perched on the table, his cock ramming into her, his hand around her throat. The camera moving nauseatingly. They move to the stair rail she earlier peeked over and he pokes her there. From there, it's onto the bed where she gives him more oral attention. He nuzzles her neck as she jerks him, and they whisper to each other in spoon as he puts his dick in her derriere and his fingers in her front hole. He's not in control of the camera any longer but there is still more movement than necessary from the operator as the action is captured.

Jennifer White

White provides more oral attention as the pair wap positions, her ass jiggling as she gets jammed in a cowgirl, Manuel pulling her to him as his anal invasion continues. She goes for a reverse rodeo ride, their bodies slamming together. She kneels at the edge of the bed, Ferrara fucking her ass fast and deep, the camera way too close to the action so it becomes a blur. They walk to the hallway and continue their escapades there, and then she crawls down the stairs to where he is waiting, Manuel putting his cock between her tits, Jennifer licking at its tip. On the couch, in doggie, is what finally leads him to the promised land, where he cums on her face and she blows a kiss to the camera.

Scene 3:  Ivy Lebelle, Manuel Ferrara

Ivy's teasing from the bathtub, a blue bikini covering her naughty bits while Manuel swings his camera around. She masturbates a bit as she drops her drawers, and then Ferrara puts his thumb into her ass. He joins her in the tub, her foot rubbing his rod as he sits at its edge. Their voices are low and reverberant causing intelligibility problems as they speak. An overhead shot captures her ass as she takes his cock into her throat. A switch back to his POV shows her bobbing at full speed, her hands aiding in the hummer. More audio snafus present themselves as she backs up onto his boner.

Ivy Lebelle

From the tub to the bed...where he's pounding her as she kneels and asking if he's going to own her ass hole. She rocks back to meet his beat, her ass red from his hand slaps. His balls slap into her and he pulls out, the camera focused on her gaping hole as he strolls around to get his cock sucked. She takes a rodeo ride, the pair making good eye contact as she lies back and folds herself into a half spoon for his pleasure.

Ivy Lebelle

She's starting to look a bit worn out as she tries some dirty talking while getting her face slapped with his cock. Afterward, she climbs into reverse for some rotational grinding. She tosses her legs to the sky, Manuel gripping into her fuck hole as he bangs away in her booty. At one point in spoon, he spits on her face...and again I have to ask DOES ANYONE GET TURNED ON BY THIS? He keeps plugging away in earnest, gripping her tightly and whispering to her. Another rodeo ride is followed by some ass to mouth and capped off by some folded missionary. Another round of doggie leads to her mouth and chest drenched in his baby batter.

Scene 4: Gina Valentina, Manuel Ferrara

Gina Valentina is a Brazilian firecracker that came onto the scene last year guns blazing. That earned her a nod for Best New Starlet and she hasn't let off the trigger yet, this year clawing her way to a Best Performer nomination! Here, we find her in platform heels, stockings and a bikini on a roof deck for a photo shoot. She toys with the guys behind the cameras as she runs through some standard modeling poses. Manuel is infatuated with her ass, continually walking back and forth with the camera rather than zooming. The shoot goes on for quite a while, Gina showing off her hot little bod before they finally go inside where we find our duo on the couch, Ferrara burying his face and fingers in Valentina's box.

Gina Valentina

Gina returns the favor, sucking and stroking before climbing onto Manuel for a good throttling in cowgirl. She shows off her own rapid rhythm capabilities, demonstrating how she's managed to gain so much critical and fan acclaim so quickly. She fucks his cock feverishly and then hops her little ass onto his face for some grinding there. He tosses the tiny tart backward and starts banging into her. Once he's buried his boner in her booty, she starts dirty talking as he rubs her clit, his thumb running its way around her bush. The sectional couch they are on starts to separate, the pair unnoticing.

Gina Valentina

Manuel machines into her ass, the starlet lying there enjoying it before flipping to fuck him with her face. She pulls her hair away, filling her mouth with her fingers when it's not occupied by his cock. She then jumps back onto his jock, pumping her tiny ass up and down. She pants and prays as he pummels into her. They go for a round in doggie, Ferrara pausing to stick his face in her ass before giving her a final round and unloading on her face.

Final Thoughts: The opening and closing scenes feature ladies that are both nominated for Female Performer of the Year and like everyone here, they get romped by a nominee in the Male POTY category. Both ladies perform as well as expected and Manuel has a good time with them. The ladies that get sandwiched in between, Jennifer White and Ivy Lebelle, seemed to have been filmed on days where the camera work left something to be desired. POV porn is not really "my thing" and it suffers here from some shakycam syndrome. That's too bad for them because it drags the disc down in the middle and I don't think it was their fault at all. Gina and Adriana are what ultimately save this disc, in my eyes. Those two scenes, and definitely both ladies, deserve a look. Watch On Demand.

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