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Taste of Honey

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 12/27/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Gonzo, Showcase


Cast: Honey Gold, Violet Starr, Justin Hunt, Marcus Dupree, Jonni Darkko

Director: Jonni Darkko

Release Date: Nov. 7, 2017

Length: 3 hrs. 33 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Popshot comp and three trailers


Overview: I don't think there has been any other newcomer who has made more of a splash this year than Honey Gold. It didn't take long after camming to be signed as a Spiegler Girl and since then she has no less than 50 titles under her belt in only a matter of a few months. So it's only fitting that this beautiful multi-ethnic powerhouse should get her own showcase dvd, and what a great one it is. With her incredibly gorgeous face to a beautifully inked body that simply won't quit, gonzo master Jonni Darkko brings you a ferocious side of Honey unmatched with most of her counterparts. It has all of the elements you've come to expect from a Jonni Darkko production. It's messy and sloppy with all kinds of oil, honey and bodily fluids flying, and it's an absolute scorcher, mainly because of the amazing subject it's showcasing.


Scene One with Justin Hunt


Each scene opens with Honey posing and modeling for us. If these sequences alone don't make you fall in love with her I don't know what will. The camera simply loves this woman's beautiful baby like face and angelic body as she slowly contorts herself before us. With the sweetest smile she spreads her legs for us as the camera centers in on her gorgeous pussy, Honey fingering it for us, making it hot and juicy for the dicking she's about to receive. As she admires her beautiful body in front of a mirror in comes Justin, looking all dapper in his three piece suit, and pleasantly amazed at this beautiful vision before him. He starts feeling her body, rubbing her tits and ass, when Honey falls to her knees and takes his pants down revealing his already massively erect cock. She gives some him incredibly sloppy, saliva filled head as he pushes his cock all the way to the back of her throat making her gag and choke on it. With her spit covering his cock and her tits she stands up and Justin fucks her ballerina style in front of the mirror. Great shot from Darkko as Justin hikes Honey's leg up and we get full view of his cock as it plunges in and out of Honey's pussy.


Honey is absolutely loving Justin's dick as she furiously rubs her clit giving her multiple orgasms on Justin's cock. Using a fish-eye lens Darkko films Honey in a POV shot as she sucks her pussy juice off of Justin's cock. After choking and gagging on his cock some more, creating more messy saliva, Justin lays Honey down and spoons her from behind. And despite one of Honey's fake eyelashes stuck to her cheek, she furiously takes Justin's cock, fingering her asshole and cumming over and over as Justin smacks her ass. Honey squirts oil on her pussy and rubs her clit until she has an incredibly convulsive, almost religious, orgasm on Justin's cock as he pistons his cock in and out of her pussy. He pulls out and she gapes her pussy for him. She then sucks her pussy juice off again, saliva flying as takes all of Justin's cock down her throat. She then gets on all fours and Justin fucks her doggy style. Jonni Darkko brilliantly captures Justin's hard cock as it fucks Honey's tight pink pussy. The orgasms never stop for Honey as Justin slams his cock in and out of her. We then cut to another fish-eye shot of Honey sitting on Justin's cock.  She pins her legs back and takes Justin's cock he fucks her form underneath. Honey is simply loving Justin's dick, cumming over and over on it, when she starts sliding and grinding her wet pussy on his cock. She squirts more oil on her pussy as Justin keeps fucking her, making her pussy glisten. With Justin's cock absorbed with Honey's pussy juice she climbs off and sucks it all off of it.


They then go into a missionary, Honey holding her legs back for Justin to fuck her. He grabs her hair and chokes her gently as he fucks her pussy and giving her eye rolling orgasms. We then go into a POV shot still in missionary, with Honey gaping her pussy to the camera for us. Justin keeps fucking her with his very lucky cock until Justin shoots his load on her face and Honey sucks every last drop of it. An absolutely incredible, very energetic scene with so much inhibition from Honey Gold and the very resilient Justin Hunt.


Scene Two with Jonni Darkko


This is a very simple if still very hot POV blowjob scene with Honey and Jonni Darkko. After the incredible opening modeling sequence we see Honey jacking Jonni with a firm grasp on his balls. Through a fish-eye lens we see Honey as she gives Jonni head. He grabs her head and bounces it like a basketball on his cock, Honey slobbering on his cock and sucking his balls. She gags and chokes on it, slurping up her spit and dousing his cock with it all over again.


At one point she takes a break from his cock and deep throats a black double ended dildo, and in a show of great dexterity, deep throats it and Jonni's cock at the same time. By the time Jonni cums on Honey's face there's enough saliva in all over the place to drown a horse. Apart from the incredible shot of Honey deep throating both Jonni and the dildo, this is really just your typical basic (if overly wet) BJ scene.


Scene Three with Justin Hunt and Marcus Dupree


Displaying true artistry, Jonni Darkko opens with a great modeling scene with lots of closeups of Honey, accentuating her beautiful face. And Honey is truly SMOKING! (No literally, she's actually smoking a cigarette. See what I did there?) We then cut to Honey making out with Marcus, planting him kisses before working her way to his cock. She gives him an extremely slobbery blowjob, at one point puking a little as he rams his cock down her throat. After making her lick it up off of the floor she goes back to sucking him when Justin comes in. He tells Honey it's ok and to keep sucking Marcus' dick. Honey obliges, giving Marcus more exquisite head as Justin takes his pants off and brings his cock over to the two of them for Honey to suck. She goes to work on both of them, her head acting like a pinball machine bouncing from one cock to another. Honey's saliva is rampant as the two guys take turns fucking her mouth. Completely covered in her own spit Marcus takes her to the couch and fucks her doggy style while she sucks on Justin's cock. Strings of saliva hang from Honey's mouth as Justin skull fucks her and Marcus slams her from behind with his cock. She then spins around and starts sucking on Marcus as Justin pounds her from behind. After Justin makes her cum she spins around again and Marcus fucks her doggy while she sucks Justin's cock.


Marcus makes her cum and she climbs up on Justin and starts riding his cock. Marcus comes up with his boner and Honey starts stroking it, jacking it off while Justin fucks her from underneath, making her eyes roll back in her head while she orgasms. They then both take turns fucking her until they both stick their cocks in at the same time, giving Honey Gold her first onscreen DVP! Honey struggles to make her pussy stretch around both cocks and it shows in her face as it grimaces. But eventually she's loving it and both guys fuck her simultaneously giving her another eye rolling orgasm. She keeps fucking Justin, who pulls out to accommodate Marcus who fucks and fingers Honey until she squirts on the camera. She continues to fuck Justin and Marcus teabags her before sticking his cock back into her pussy and then fisting her until she squirts again. The guys then do another DVP and Honey's stretched out pussy is all primed for it now. She takes both of heir cocks with ease now, enjoying every bit of their double dicking her. She then turns around and rides Justin regular cowgirl when Marcus comes from behind and double dicks her again.


They give her multiple convulsive orgasms as they fuck her at the same time and she sucks both of them, getting all of her pussy juice off of their cocks. We then cut to Justin fucking her face while oceans of spit and saliva runs down into her eyes and hair. It's like a complete waterfall draining from her mouth down her upside down face. We then go into a POV shot of Marcus fucking Honey missionary while Justin sits beside her jacking off. The guys tag out and Justin fucks her, squirting oil into her pussy and lubricating it some more for his cock. He pulls out and she gapes her pussy open for the camera before cutting to Honey sucking them off one more time. Marcus cums on her face and she slurps up his cum making bubbles with her mouth from it. She tells Justin she's his cum slut as he jacks his cock and shoots his jizz on her face. This is the type of Jonni Darkko scene we all know and love. If you love beautifully shot visions of bodily fluids flying everywhere then people this is the scene for you. Terrific performances from the three actors, with Honey Gold going for the gold all the way and showing absolutely no inhibitions what so ever, from DVP's to gaping pussy!


Scene Four with Violet Starr and Jonni Darkko


The disc concludes with this great lesbian scene with Violet Starr. After a sequence where Honey models covered with honey we get to see Honey and Violet make out. Lot's of closeups of them kissing and touching each other when Honey takes out Violet's tits and starts sucking them. She plays with her boobs when Violet pulls Honey's shorts off and and eats her pussy. She bucks her hips and cums in Violet's mouth while Violet plays with herself. The sight of Honey convulsing and cumming in Violet's mouth is truly a thing of beauty. She sucks on Violet's boobs some before bending her over and eating her out from behind. Honey works Violet's pussy over good, fingering it, rubbing it and licking it until Violet cums over and over for Honey.


Honey then sits on Violet's face and rides her mouth with her pussy until she has a screaming orgasm and cums in Violet's mouth. Honey then pulls out the same double ended black dildo we saw in scene two. She shoves it down Violet's throat both of them slobbering on the ends. Honey then climbs up and starts tribbing Violet, rubbing and scissoring her pussy while fucking Violet's mouth with the dildo. Honey smears Violet's spit all over her mouth and chin and deep throats the other end. After bumping Violet's pussy until they both cum, Violet gets on all fours. Honey squirts oil all over Violet's twerking ass and rubs it down with her tits before fucking her with the dildo from behind. Violet uses a Hitachi on her clit while Honey goes to town on Violet's pussy, stabbing her with the dildo while gagging on the other end. The combination of the dildo and the Hitachi gives Violet several beautifully convulsive orgasms before Honey inserts the other end into her pussy and fucks Violet doggy style. They both cum together again and again before Violet lays back in Honey's arms, Honey fucking Violet's face with the dildo while furiously rubbing Violet's pussy.


Honey fucks Violet with the dildo making her cum again and then finger bangs her dripping wet pussy. We then cut to Honey with her ass in the air in a missionary position, Hitachi on her clit and Violet fucking her pussy with the dildo. It doesn't take long before Honey has several screaming orgasms while Violet rubs, fucks and licks Honey's oiled up pussy. Violet fucks Honey with the dildo some more and then they embrace each other, looking in each other's eyes with the Hitachi vibrating both of their clits. They both hold each other while the Hitachi gives them both screaming convulsive orgasms, both girls cumming together in a beautiful display of sapphic sex. But we're not down yet! After Honey cums she tells Violet she wants to suck some cock and they both crawl over to Jonni Darkko while he's holding the camera. They pull out his cock and take turns slobbering and gagging on his nob until he shoots a load of cum in their mouths which they snowball together. Another excellent scene with a pleasant surprise blowjob ending brilliantly shot by Jonni Darkko.


Final Thoughts: I am so happy for Honey Gold and her meteoric rise in the industry. She seems to have come out of nowhere and in just a few short months has become one of the most in demand performers today, turning up in title after title, and doing great quality work. Her beauty and amazing screen presence, along with her fantastic inhibition and willingness to try anything for the sake of performing, definitely makes her a force to reckon with. I'm not ashamed to say my favorite parts of dvd were the modeling sequences before each scene, simply because she's so photogenic and the camera absolutely loves her. The rest of it is just great, beautifully photographed gravy from a true powerhouse. Jonni Darkko did a great job with this wonderful showcase dvd, and I Highly Recommend picking it up.

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