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Blacked Raw Volume 1

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/31/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 37 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All Sex; Big Cocks; Interracial

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: 4K HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Evelyn Claire, Chloe Scott, Kleio Valentien, Lily Love, Dredd, Cash, Jason Luv

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Information


Anyone who’s familiar with director Greg Lansky’s acclaimed work knows his award-winning style of pairing hot couples with visually stunning sets and backdrops to have hot sex. His top-quality production and cinematography come together to make for some of the industry’s hottest scenes. His IR work helped bring in a new style of interracial porn that has attracted more fans. Now, his new series Blacked Raw Volume 1 presents another side of Lansky that adds a new edge to his films that might be some of his hottest work yet. The four starlets each tell their own stories using a selfie stick and a video camera, and we’re a part of that action. We watch them take their Uber ride to a penthouse where a big, hard black cock is waiting to stretch their pussies. Instead of the bright, well-lit sets we’re used to from Lansky, he gives us hot, sweaty, interracial sex in the shadows of a dark penthouse that make these scenes fiery hot. These starlets love to lick their black studs’ balls and ass holes and they do a lot of it in this flick. I highly recommend this movie and Lansky’s new edgy style of filming IR porn. Evelyn Claire, Chloe Scott, Kleio Valentien, and Lily Love are all horny starlets who melt into a creamy orgasm as their pussies get stretched by the black cock studs in this flick. I highly recommend you add this flick to your stash.

Scene 1:  Evelyn Claire and Jason Luv

This first scene sets Evelyn up among the big city bright lights, texting her soon to be big black cock lover. Next, we see her in the pool using a selfie stick to film herself saying that she can’t believe she’s doing this, but she can’t wait to be fucked. She goes up to the hotel room and gets dressed in her sexy lingerie. Waiting for her on the couch is big cock stud Jason Luv. Evelyn wastes no time reaching for his cock. Once she grips it, she can’t believe how big it is. Her late-night fantasy is beginning and it’s everything she hoped it would be. She puts his cock in her mouth and stars sucking it, trying to deep throat it but she can only go halfway down his shaft. “Yeah, swallow that dick,” Jason tells her. She’s drooling all over his cock now, lubing it up with her mouth. “Lick my balls while you suck my dick,” Jason orders. She tries but she can’t suck her way down his shaft to his balls. His cock is too big. Evelyn giggles when she comes up for air after gagging on his dick. Jason stands up, bends over and puts her face in his ass. She licks his ass hole while jerking his big cock and licking his balls. Evelyn enjoys eating his ass hole and keeps at it for a while, driving her tongue deep inside. Jason turns around and skull fucks her, gripping her hair and holding her head in place. Evelyn is choking on his cock again and giggling when she comes up for air.

Jason carries her and lies her on the bed on her back. He penetrates her pussy missionary style, drilling her slowly in the beginning. Evelyn screams out with each thrust he makes. Jason drives his dick deep inside her wet cunt. She holds on to his arms while he pumps her pussy. We get a great shot of the pussy pumping action when the camera goes in for a close-up shot from behind. Evelyn’s pussy is creaming all over Jason’s cock now and she mumbles about how much she loves the way his prick feels inside her. Evelyn opens her legs wide, fully enjoying the pleasure from Jason’s pole.

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He stretches her pussy all the way open as his cock drills deep. A shot from Evelyn’s side shows her on her back with her legs over Jason’s shoulders. His big long dick is disappearing deep inside her and the sensation is making her bite her lips in ecstasy. She fingers her clit and is in so much pleasure, she can barely stand it. She turns over into doggy position for more banging from Jason. He stuffs her tight pussy with his big black cock, keeping Evelyn screaming out each time he drills her hole. Evelyn switches to cowgirl position and rides his long, hard pole. Jason squeezes and spanks her ass cheeks as she bounces up and down on his cock. A round of downward doggy is followed by more missionary style fucking. Jason pumps her then pulls out and pops in her hungry mouth. Evelyn smiles as she swallows his load then she sucks his cock some more.

Scene 2: Chloe Scott and Dredd

Chloe is so excited about what’s to come. She holds her selfie stick and films herself in the back of the uber. Chloe is so horny, she’s not wearing any underwear. She pulls up her dress in the back seat and plays with her naked pussy. She talks about getting her pussy stretched and she can’t wait to experience that. Once at the hotel, she takes the elevator up to Dredd’s room and stops off in the bathroom to get ready. She’s wearing black lingerie and finishes preparing herself in the mirror. Dredd sent her pictures of his big cock and Chloe’s pussy is getting wet just thinking about it. She walks into the bedroom where Dredd is sitting naked with his big hard cock pointing at Chloe. She kneels in front of him, admiring his cock and telling him it’s even bigger in person. Chloe starts sucking it and she’s having fun already, slurping on his cock. She licks and sucks his balls then spits on his cock before sucking it some more. “Let’s see how nasty you can get,” Dredd tells her. She starts to show him with her meat-eating skills. Dredd stands up and fucks her throat with his oversized prick. Chloe licks up and down his shaft down to his balls and back to the head of his dick.

Chloe’s pussy gets stretched by Dredd’s mega long dong in cowgirl position. He squeezes her ass cheeks and spreads her pussy. “It’s so fucking big,” Chloe says. “Stretch my pussy,” she tells him. Chloe’s pussy cream drains down Dredd’s dick, lubing it up. He pumps her pussy harder and faster, sending Chloe’s body into shivers. “Pound my little fucking pussy,” Chloe screams. She climbs off and sucks his creamy cock then gets back on it for more cowgirl pounding. “I’m gonna cum all over that big fucking cock,” Chloe cries out. She sucks his big dick some more then gets on all fours for a round of banging from behind. Chloe can’t believe how deep his dick is inside and how much it’s stretching her pussy out. She lies on her stomach and takes Dredd’s cock in downward doggy position. He pounds her pussy hard and deep, making Chloe melt into ecstasy. Chloe moves into missionary position and she still can’t believe Dredd’s pole is driving as deep as it is inside her pussy. “I’m cumming,” she moans as Dredd’s pumping gets faster and faster. He pulls out and she drops to her knees just in time to catch his cum in her mouth. She blows bubbles with his jizz then swallows it with a big smile on her face.  

Scene 3: Kleio Valentien and Cash

It’s Kleio’s turn to host a big black cock in her pussy. It’s late at night and she’s having an argument over the phone with her boyfriend who is so jealous. She gets off the phone with him and tells us about a hot promoter she’s about to meet with. He picks her up on a busy street and wants to make sure everything is all right with her. She explains that she just had a big fight with her boyfriend, but she’s over it. He takes her back to the hotel room. Kleio is a ball of nerves. She goes to the bathroom to get ready for her big cock takedown. Just thinking about it has given her butterflies. She’s ready. As she walks out of the bathroom toward Cash, she still can’t believe she’s about to do this. She finds him in the kitchen and these two don’t waste a second getting acquainted. They kiss passionately while Kleio records the whole thing using her selfie stick. “Suck this big black cock,” Kleio tells her. She drops to her knees immediately to eat his meat. “You ready for me to punish that pussy,” Cash asks her. Kleio is horny and ready. He wonders if her pussy is going to feel just as good as her mouth does. Kleio keeps Cash’s cock hard with her cock-sucking techniques. He orders her into standing doggy position over the kitchen counter then penetrates her pussy from behind, spanking her ass cheeks as she thrusts into her. “That feels so good,” Kleio moans as she surrenders to his monster meat.

“You like the way daddy is fucking this pussy,” he asks her as he bangs her from behind. Kleio loves the way he’s fucking her pussy and tells him to take her however he wants. She’s cumming now from this first round of fucking. Cash pulls out and eats her wet, creamy pussy in standing doggy then puts his cock back in there to fuck her some more. “It’s all for you,” she tells him. “I like the way you fuck me,” she adds. They make their way back to the bedroom where Kleio takes more dick but this time in missionary position.

Cash drills her deep and it’s the best dick Kleio has ever had. She holds her legs wide open and pinned to the bed while Cash pumps her pussy balls deep. His goal is to make her pussy cum again and again. She sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock then rides it in reverse cowgirl position, bouncing up and down on it until she cums. The doggy banging is hot to watch and it sets Kleio on another collision course with an orgasm. The downward doggy session is just as hot and the dick drilling is just as deep. She turns over into missionary position again and begs for his cum while he fucks her. He gives it to her in the form of a pussy creampie. His jizz oozes out of her tight pussy when he pulls out. “Thank you for filling me up,” she giggles. They step out onto the balcony to look at the incredible view and make out some more.

Scene 4: Lily Love and Jason Luv

“It feels so good to get out of that awful relationship,” Lily explains. She’s on the hunt for good dick and has been missing it for so long. She’s on her way to Jason’s penthouse and she’s getting so horny just thinking about it. Her ex was just awful. He was a loser with a small dick. Her ride shows up and she is on her way to seeing Jason. She starts playing with her tits and pussy in the back seat of the car. She’s so horny and is ready to get her pussy stretched right now. She fingers her pussy in anticipation of what’s to come. She knows it’s going to be so much fun. She finally arrives and gets dressed in her red lingerie in the penthouse. Waiting on the other side of the room is Jason and his big black cock. It’s time. She walks up to Jason and starts kissing him then she reaches for his hard cock and puts it in her mouth. His cock fills her throat and she loves the way it feels in her mouth. Lily jerks his dick with both her hands and sucks it, telling him how good it tastes. She can’t wait to see how it feels inside her. “I love sucking this big, juicy cock,” she tells him. He squeezes her tits then stands and puts his cock in her mouth, skull fucking her. We get a hot shot of Lily trying to deep throat his long dong. She tells him to fuck her face. Jason bangs her tonsils with his pole, making her drool and gag. He’s standing over her and she’s kneeling, sucking his cock. We get a shot of the action from ground level, looking up at Lily worship his cock and balls. He leads her over to the bed and bends over, telling her to lick his ass. Lily tongues his ass hole while jerking his dick. She spends some time loving on his balls by sucking and massaging them. “I can’t wait for you to empty your cum all over me,” she tells him before eating his ass some more. Lily takes another round of face fucking before she sits on his cock cowgirl style.

“I want to feel every inch of that cock inside me,” she tells him as he squeezes her ass cheeks while she bounces up and down on his dick. She likes it nice and deep inside her. Lily climbs off and sucks his cock some more before riding it in reverse cowgirl position. Lily’s dream of a big black cock drilling her cunt is coming true and she’s on her way to cumming all over his prick. He positions her missionary style and pumps her pussy like a piston. Doggy and downward doggy are up next, and Lily is cumming hard. She gets on all fours again for more doggy loving and tells him to slap her ass while he fucks her. “Fuck this dirty little girl,” she moans. “I want a spray of your hot load all over my face,” she tells him. Jason fucks her some more then pulls out and cums on her face and in her mouth. Lily’s days of longing for good dick are over.

Final Thoughts:

Welcome to the other side of director Greg Lansky’s mind. In his new IR series Black Raw Volume 1, we are treated to edgy and hot scenes of IR porn shot in the shadows of an incredible penthouse.  This movie has Lansky bringing us a new direction for his IR work and it’s just as hot or even hotter than some of his previous scenes. Our four starlets, Evelyn Claire, Chloe Scott, Kleio Valentien, and Lily Love, are desperately on the hunt for a big black cock to stretch their pussies into a creamy orgasm. They film themselves using a selfie stick and a video camera as they take their Uber ride to the penthouse where that prick they’ve longed for is hard and ready to please. Once there, we watch them surrender to the mega meat of Jason Luv, Dredd, and Cash. The scenes are dark and edgy with the girls doing lots of ass eating and ball sucking, but we don’t miss a second of the action. The shots still keep us in the center of the action as we watch each girl’s pussy get pumped balls deep. I highly recommend this flick and this new series from Lansky. It’s a new change of pace in production style that brings us sizzling hot scenes for our enjoyment.


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