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Blacked Raw V1

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 12/30/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Content: 4/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 37 minutes

Cast: Evelyn Claire, Chloe Scott, Kleio Valentein, Lily Love, Jason Luv, Dredd, and Cash

Directed by: Greg Lansky

Genres: Big Cock, Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Cumshot recap and photo gallery — another disappointing batch of extras from Blacked.com

Overview: Following the incredible and somewhat unexpected success of director Greg Lansky's statement in the porn industry in the form of Blacked.com, currently among the most popular interracial porn websites, Blacked Raw brings something entirely new to the table. Launched back in October, the website proudly proclaims its purpose is to "embrace new cultures, passionate sex, and real women." It rejects the Photoshop and airbrushing tactics to try and make a picture-perfect presentation with flawless performers; it's predicated upon being 100% authentic.

Even Lansky's filming techniques are different, favoring a darker, moody ambiance with saturated visuals to emphasize the contrasting colors of the performers bodies. Blacked Raw V1 arrives pretty quickly after the site's inception and it holds up as an entertaining and arousing statement.

Scene 1: Evelyn Claire and Jason Luv

"I can't believe I'm doing this," Evelyn Claire tells the camera while nervously adjusting her bikini-top during a swim. Greg Lansky's camera begins the video with a condensed, vertical-shot that resembles the kind of video-style rendered when someone is taking a video with their iPhone, and he positions it as if the model is using the front-facing camera on her phone as well. "I met a guy and it's gonna happen," she tells us. Evelyn is about to capitalize on one of her wildest fantasies. She's going to fuck a total stranger.

She gets to her hotel-room and dolls up in black lingerie and emerges to find Jason Luv waiting. She's shock at the size of his dick upon reveal, and sucks it tenderly as the camera changes to a standard full-frame shot with intense lighting and saturation that further illustrates the contrasting color of Evelyn and Jason's bodies. Evelyn tries several times to deepthroat her lover's cock, but can't manage despite strong effort. He stands up to let her intimately rim his asshole, to which she responds by tunneling deep, showing that she's up for anything on this atypical night.

After Jason carries her to the bedroom, Evelyn rubs her pussy to brace for his entry, her knees backed up to her chin allowing him to fully dominate her petite figure. He hits a stride that prompts her to queef several times, and you can read her face and know all you need to know in regards to how this pounding feels; it's unbelievably pleasurable for Evelyn. She turns around after a while and curves her back into a sexy arch. Jason maintains consistent strokes from behind, but firm enough to cause her to clench the sheets and brought to surprise whenever she turns around to see herself fucked.

As soon as Jason pops out of her to finish their bout of doggystyle, Evelyn climbs on top of him, massaging her ass cheeks as he slides in. She is such a natural rider in this position, never losing focus nor missing a beat as she grits her teeth and shamelessly reveals multiple O-faces. Lansky captures the prowess of Jason by highlighting penetration with a great closeup on Evelyn's ass as it bounces on his cock. Finally, her jaw practically hits the bed when she's turned again on her stomach and plowed into the mattress by Jason and his long, even strokes.

Not long after, he sprays a messy load all over Evelyn's face with most finding its way onto her tongue. Caked in sweat and awash in a wave of sexual energy, Evelyn couldn't be happier, and Blacked Raw V1 opens with an enjoyable iteration of the website's thesis thanks to strong chemistry and passion throughout the half-hour scene. 4/5 stars.

Scene 2: Chloe Scott and Dredd

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A horny Chloe Scott hops into an Uber in order to meet a guy at a hotel for the fuck of her life. The fearless young girl turns into an exhibitionist as her driver takes her to the hotel, masturbating in the backseat while telling the narrow camera that she hopes her boyfriend is as handsome as large as the pictures she's seen. Because she's seen picture, the reveal of Dredd's penis doesn't come as a shock, but nonetheless, she's billowing with excitement by simply putting her hands all over it. His size fills out her mouth, though the tip of his cock is about all she can take orally, leading her to employ involved hand techniques and ball-licking to compensate.

The dark ambiance of the hotel-room consumes them while also highlighting their sexual rendezvous. For a considerable length of time, it feels like there's only these two people despite a crowded, bustling nightlife right outside of their hotel. Moreover, Lansky employs a terrific and revealing camera angle underneath Dredd's crotch that shows him forcing his cock into Chloe's undersized mouth with strings of saliva falling below onto her shirt. He slaps her with his cock as she giggles, continuing to accept the challenge that hasn't even fully begun yet.

Against the odds, Dredd squeezes into her tight clit when she's on top of him, resulting in the gorgeous blonde letting out high-pitches squeals as he gets most of his girth inside her. She produces a creamy surprise all over his penis and uses two hands a wet mouth to clean up her mess before Dredd puts his cock back inside of her. He grabs her by the cheeks and drills her to a screaming orgasm.

Next, she's face down with her ass high in the air to help Dredd ease his way into her in doggy. It doesn't last long, however, as Chloe collapses to her stomach letting Dredd pound her into the bed while using her petite ass booty as cushion. While this goes on, she uses her long nails to tickle her snatch as she handles him with great ability. Finally, Chloe looks on in awe when she can see his dick plunge deeper into her when she lies on her back, realizing how much of Dredd's massive cock can disappear in her at once. After a raucous finale, she scoots off the bed and he busts a healthy load in her mouth, capping off a firecracker performance that could very well be one of the foundational scenes for the next size queen in porn. 4/5 stars.

Scene 3: Kleio Valentein and Cash

If you want a scene that really takes Blacked Raw and Lansky's concepts and turns them into an unmistakable reality, look no further than Kleio Valentein's debut for the website. It begins with her getting off the phone with her overprotective boyfriend moments before being picked up by Cash, a big-time promoter. Overwhelmed by the thought he wants to fuck her, Kleio tells us while touching up lipstick that she's open to the idea.

When she emerges from the bathroom to find him in his spacious loft, she leaves all inhibitions behind when she begins to make out with him. She sinks to her knees to give him a powerful blowjob both with no hands and extra handwork flaunting her versatility and ability to please whenever, however. "I hope your pussy feels as good as your mouth," Cash tells her as the platinum-blue color-palette of the scene makes Kleio's complexion and tattoos radiant, almost leaping off her body with dimension.

Cash hardly waits to see if she can handle him, bending her over the counter to ride his cock. The deep penetration is maintained as such for a great length of time, and Kleio is overcome with a ceaseless smile of pleasure — another attribute that will be greatly maintained throughout the scene. When they move to the bed, Cash christens the new setting by eating his understudy out; this gives us a great time to absorb Kleio's undeniably sexy body. He then overtakes her while she's on her back, again thrusting with great force inside her furry pussy. We see how deep he's going when we get the view from the back to watch himself burrow inside of her.

Kleio feels the whole thing in reverse cowgirl, twiddling her pussy to accommodate all of Cash as she wails away her stresses and gives way to the sexual heat of the moment. She then hangs her ass near the edge of the bed and feels every inch of Cash in a different position, egging him on with terms of endearment and dirty nothings as her arched doggystyle grows more formless into her sprawling out on the bed.

A surprise comes in the way of Kleio pulling her legs back and demanding to be filled up rather than glazed with Cash's cum on her face. The two make out passionately as he pummels her vagina until his strokes slow to a stop as he unloads in her pussy. A satisfied Kleio scoops up some of his cum with her fingers to eat it as the two exchange more giggles; their night concludes by caressing one another nude on the balcony overlooking the illuminated city in the night. What an excellent scene and a news flash to me that I need to watch more Kleio Valentein. 4.5/5 stars.

Scene 4: Lily Love and Jason Luv

The "Love" is in the air with the final scene of Blacked Raw V1, which begins with Lily Love telling her phone-camera that she has just gotten out of a relationship defined by terrible sex. She is long overdue for a night on the town and believes she has successfully found a "bigger, better dick." Confident she's hit the jackpot, she takes a ride to Jason Luv's penthouse in a cleavage-bearing blue dress.

Cut to Lily dolling up in the bathroom. We see her in an indescribably sexy red onesie that barely conceals her pussy and nipples while riding up her backside. It's an outfit Jason is pleased to see her in, and after confirming to him that he looks even more dashing in person, she shows her excitement by pursing her lips on his penis while firmly grasping it. She uses both of her hands to massage it while she works the tip carefully. Lansky's camera pulls back to show we're outdoors on Jason's balcony with the sex happening adjacent to a pool that probably would've made for a crafty addition to the sex. He also uses the same exciting camera angle he used in Chloe Scott's scene, this time going underneath Jason to show Lily gulping down his member as he fucks her face per her request.

The blowjob continues inside until Jason moves for her to lick his asshole; Lily obliges as well as delivers a hearty ball-massage and handjob for her new lover. At last, after another long blowjob sequence, she sits on Jason's cock in missionary and carefully gallops atop him. There is a right amount of bounce in her ass when she makes the move to take over and dominate. Stopping to suck dick only to get back in the saddle quickly, she spins around into reverse cowgirl to give Jason the view we were just privileged to have while her alluring body and contorting legs spread for us to watch.

An even better treat comes a few minutes later, when Lily is on her back with her legs together giving Jason great clearance to go deep in her vagina. Even as her legs break apart, Jason can still penetrate the way he desires and, judging by Lily's mouth remaining agape for most of the moment, it's fair to assume she doesn't mind. She invites him to fuck her from behind by turning over on all fours and twerking before giving Jason another opportunity to bottom out in her pussy. Lansky loops around to see the passion and pleasure display on Lily's face before she lets him get a bit of a breaks as she backs her ass up on him — Lansky's camera loops back around to its initial position to see her phenomenal hipwork.

Lily is in the middle of sporting an impossible-to-conceal look of bliss when it comes time for Jason to pop, and he unleashes a sloppy mess all over her mouth. The final minutes of Lily's scene show what kind of potential it had to be a give-and-take between the two if that element had been more consistent. It's one of the many spirited changes of pace we could've gotten if the first half of the scene wasn't so dominated by overlong blowjob action. Lily and Jason still manage to make memorable connection out of moments, but the underwhelming results puts a damper on the ending of the disc. 3/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

I was sold on Blacked Raw from its very concept, and several scenes later, it's probably my favorite of Greg Lansky's ventures. Along with constantly signing and shooting with some of the sexiest and most charismatic models working today, allowing some lesser-known names a jumping-off platform as well, it's visually attractive series with passion oozing with nearly every sequence. Blacked Raw V1 kickstarts the website's first DVD series that will hopefully result in a catalog half as long as Blacked.com's one day, and continue to grow stylistically and conceptually while remaining true to its boldly stated thesis.

In a collection of favorable scenes sure to please porn-fans, Kleio Valentein's is a must-see for her aura, the variety of positions, the romance, and the visual components, but Chloe Scott and Dredd make their own moments a close second in a quality sense. Lily Love brings the heat she normally does, even if the flow of the scene somewhat fails her, and Evelyn Claire's moments of great sexual power warrant her place on the DVD cover. Blacked Raw V1 is a solid sendoff as one of the final discs of the year from Lansky, who has had another dominant 12 months and will likely continue his stride in 2018.

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