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Obsession, The

Studio: Sweet Sinner » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 12/30/17

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Genre: Feature, Psychological Thriller


Cast: Abella Danger, Chanel Preston, Reena Sky, Adria Rae, Michael Vegas, Jay Smooth, Logan Pierce

Writer/Director: Jacky St. James

Release Date: Sept. 28, 2017

Length: 2 hrs. 30 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Slideshow and two trailers


Overview: When Chanel Preston and her boyfriend Michael Vegas invite Chanel's peculiar co-worker Abella Danger to be their roommate, Abella develops a truly obsessive and psychotic affection towards Chanel in Jacky St. James' brilliant and moody ode to the psycho film genre. Abella gives a career defining performance that has deservedly garnered her an AVN Award nomination. Her beautifully haunting delivery is one of the most unmatched examples in superior acting this year, and it's something that should not be missed.


As the film opens Abella is moving in and Chanel has already laid down the law that they are NOT friends, strictly roommates! She doesn't even help Abella move her stuff, much to Michael's chagrin. But when Abella cleans the house Chanel feels guilty and tries to apologize by giving her a friendship bracelet. Big mistake! That night Chanel and Michael make love, but little do they know Abella is very creepily watching them, staring at them from the shadows.


Scene One: Chanel Preston and Michael Vegas


This very hot and romantic scene starts with the loving couple playfully make out, Michael nuzzling and kneading Chanel's breasts. His hand makes it's way down to her pussy and Chanel gasps as Michael rubs her, stirring the pot and getting her juices flowing. He rubs her to a sweet orgasm and then Michael uses his mouth. He eats Chanel's pussy and fingerbangs her to another orgasm before going down on her again. He completely devours her cunt, giving her multiple orgasms with his mouth and fingers. Chanel then takes Michael's cock in her mouth. She gives him superior head, bobbing up and down and nuzzling his balls while she strokes his shaft. She then climbs up and starts riding him, gliding her pussy up and down on his cock. Their pace quickens as they make sweet love to each other, Chanel taking all of Michael's cock until she cums again.


They then start spooning, Michael fucking Chanel from behind giving Chanel another orgasm. Michael laps up Chanel's pussy, licking up her juices, and then starts fucking her again bringing Chanel to another orgasm. They then go into a missionary. Jacky St. James beautifully shoots the two lovers as Michael fucks Chanel's pussy and lapping up her pussy juice after every orgasm he gives her. He finally cums on Chanel's pussy and the two lovers embrace, still unaware of Abella's presence as she slowly walks away.


The next day Abella asks Chanel to drive her to work. Chanel tells her she has a dentist appointment, but Abella says it's ok. At the dentist's Chanel leaves her purse with Abella, and Abella goes through it, sniffing her phone and lotion and applying her lipstick. Yep, things are really starting to get freaky. After the dentist, Chanel is still high from the gas and Abella takes a picture of her and the loopy Chanel and posts it on social media. Chanel berates her the next day about it and tells her to take it down. Later that day Chanel's sister (Adria Rae) and her boyfriend (Jay Smooth) come over to spend the weekend. While Chanel and Jay pretend to hate each other, they're actually having and affair. We see Abella as she watches them kiss, and then she sees Jay and Adria and the kitchen. The cheating Jay infuriates Abella and she pours bleach on his laundry in the washing machine.


Scene Two: Adria Rae and Jay Smooth


Back in the kitchen Adria and Jay are making out. The kissing turns to caressing and eventually Adria is on her knees and sucking Jay's cock. She gives him some sweet head, making his cock nice and stiff before he picks her up and sits her the kitchen counter. She spreads her legs for him and he goes down on her, getting a mouthful of pussy as he sucks and laps up her juices. He then sticks his hard cock in her and fucks her missionary on the counter. With one of Adria's legs thrown over Jay's shoulder her bucks his cock in and out of her pussy until she cums and Jay licks her pussy some more. He then starts fucking her from behind with Adria's legs closed making her pussy nice and tight for his cock. She cums again and then sucks her pussy juices off of his cock, cleaning it off with her mouth. He then fucks her ballerina style from the back while she props herself up on the counter.


He drives his cock in and out of her sweet pussy, Jay lapping up her juices after every orgasm he gives her. After cleaning his cock off with her mouth again, Adria and Jay go back into a missionary on the counter. Jay licks Adria's cum off of her pussy one more time before cumming on her pussy. Another beautifully shot love scene, with gorgeously subtle performances from Adria and Jay.


The next day Abella sees Chanel and Jay kissing again. Later on, while Abella is alone in the house, she starts cutting out photos of Chanel and makes a collage of her images on her wall. She starts going through Chanel's things, sniffing her panties, wearing her perfume, even changing her hairstyle to Chanel's, all the while we see the very creepy craziness that is Abella's character, with brilliant fast editing and camera work as she fetishes Chanel's possessions. When Abella finds Chanel's vibrator she strips down on a bed of Chanel's photo clippings.


Scene Three: Abella Danger


While staring at a photo of Chanel, Abella rubs the vibrator on her nipple. She kisses it and moves it down to her pussy, reeling to the vibration as it tickles her clit. She moves it along her pussy lips before slowly working it inside her. She rubs her clit as she maneuvers the dildo in and out of pussy, falling back on the bed with her legs in the air as she cums on the pink plastic phallus. She deep throats it before putting it back in her pussy from behind. With her legs closed she plunges the vibrator in and out of her pussy rubbing her clit to multiple orgasms.


She gets on all fours and sticks her amazing award winning ass in the air while she sniffs Chanel's panties. With the camera zeroed in on her behind she starts rubbing her clit and pussy while fetishing the panties. She then sticks the vibrator back into her pussy and fucks it to another orgasm. She then takes the panties and sticks them inside her pussy as she vibrates her clit, making her cum once more. After the throws of orgasms inflicted upon herself by a damaged mind, this beautiful scene ends with Abella passing her hand over the dozens of images of Chanel and applying her lipstick, while the camera throws itself to the collage Abella has hung on the wall.


Abella later confronts Chanel about her affair with Jay, telling her not to push her away anymore or she'll tell Michael. Chanel decides to fight fire with fire and digs up dirt on Abella. Going through her personnel file at work she finds the number of her old roommate Reena Sky who has a restraining order on Abella. Reena tells Chanel about how everything was fun with Abella at first, and how she enjoyed all of the attention she gave her. She then recounts one night when she tried to get Abella into a three way with some guy she picked up at a club, played by Derrick Pierce. At first Abella wants Reena all to herself, but when Reena turns her attention to Derrick, Abella moves to a chair across the room and creepily watches the two of them fuck.


Scene Four: Reena Sky and Derrick Pierce


Reena and Derrick have a very passionate make out session, Derrick sucking and nuzzling Reena's tits before moving down to her pussy. With Reena in the throws of ecstasy Derrick devours her cunt, licking and lapping up her juicy pussy while Reena convulses on his face. She then takes his cock in her mouth and deep throats him while he rubs her pussy. After getting him nice and stiff she climbs up and lowers her pussy down on his cock, riding him cowgirl. She bounces her beautiful ass on his cock, sliding her pussy up and down his shaft, making him buck inside of her until she cums on his cock. She starts sucking her juices off of his cock, and with her naked ass in the air Abella reaches for it, but draws back when Reena and Derrick start spooning.


With Derrick plunging his cock in and out of Reena's pussy, Reena rubs her clit to multiple orgasms. He makes her cum several times in front of Abella and then they start fucking missionary. Derrick stabs Reena's pussy over and over making her cum again. She cleans his cock before spooning her again, Reena furiously rubbing her pussy until Derrick shoots his cum on her pussy and belly. Another beautifully shot scene with Abella clearly tuned on by the sight of Reena's naked body, but sitting and staring, not making her desires known to Reena.


Reena then tells Chanel about how clingy Abella got after that, about how she always wanted to hang out, leaving no time for her and Derrick. And about when she told her she needed space how Abella blew up at her and moved out, and stalking her after that until she put the restraining order on her. There's a wonderfully acted confrontation where the very disturbed Abella tries to kiss Chanel. She tells Chanel she'll leave, but she will ALWAYS be in her life. After Abella moves out Chanel goes to get a locksmith to change the locks, leaving Michael alone in the shower. Abella sneaks in and puts on Chanel's robe and perfume. Michael crashes out on the bed face down when Abella sneaks in and blindfolds him. Thinking she's Chanel he goes along with it while the silent Abella strips down and kisses his bare back.


Scene Five: Abella Danger and Michael Vegas


Removing his towel Abella starts rimming the still blindfolded Michael Vegas' ass. She flips him over and removes the blindfold. The freaked out Michael tells Abella they can't do this, but Abella convinces him otherwise when she starts sucking his cock. Soon lust takes over and the now more than will Michael is loving it as Abella deep throats his cock. Before long Abella has him rock hard and she climbs up and starts riding him. He grabs on to Abella's magnificent ass and fucks her pussy from underneath. It doesn't take long before Abella is cumming on his cock and she deep throats him some more before climbing up again for another round.


She sucks her cum off again and then tells Michael she wants it in her ass. She sticks it up in the air for him and he slowly pushes his cock all the way in to the hilt. He lays her over on her side and spoons her from behind, his cock fucking her ass as she rubs her pussy to another orgasm. He then takes over and rubs her clit as his cock works it's way in and out of her asshole before he starts t-boning her from behind. With her legs together her tight asshole engulfs his cock. He then pulls out and licks and prods her ass before plunging his cock back in, Abella loving every minute of Michael's ass worship. Michael then lays down and Abella goes down on him again, deep throating every inch of his cock before getting on all fours for Michael to ass fuck her doggy style.


She then flips over and he fucks her missionary. With his cock still in her asshole he pounds away, and with legs in the air, toes pointed to the sky, she furiously rubs her pussy until she has a thunderous orgasm. He t-bones her some more and goes back to missionary before he throws back and she rides him cowgirl, Michael plunging his cock in and out of her ass from underneath. He fucks her from behind one more time, going back and forth between her pussy and asshole before he finally shoots a load of cum on her ass.


As for the conclusion of the film, I'll leave it to you the viewer to find out. I'll just say it's a very haunting and chilling ending to one hell of a great film.


Final Thoughts: This has been such a fantastic year for adult films. I've seen some of the most well made, well written and well acted films this year. And this one is a culmination of all three aspects. Let's start with the truly magnificent performance of Abella Danger. I'll admit, I've always liked Abella but even I was taken aback by this performance. Behind that sweet demure smile and icy emotionless glaze hides a truly disturbed mind that Abella displays with so much mastery. It's no wonder she was nominated for this role, it's very deserved. And while we're speaking of performances, I also have to give it up to Chanel Preston who delivers her lines with such great naturalness that you can't even tell she's acting. In fact the entire cast is just so great. Then we have to give it up to Jacky St. James for writing such a great screenplay, and then directing it in a beautiful moody dark style very much in the style of Adrian Lyne's Fatal Attraction that truly reflects the dark troubled mind of Abella Danger's character. That is just a wonderful essential film that truly ranks in my Top 10 of the year, and I have to give it the Xcritic Pick for Abella Danger's terrific performance and Jacky St. James beautiful direction.

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