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Studio: AE Films » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/2/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: All-Sex, Anal, First Anal, Star Showcase, Transsexual

Director: Nigel Dictator
DP/Editor: David Lord Cameras: Barret Blade, Craven Moorehead, Rick Shameless


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Cast:  Katrina Jade, Keisha Grey, Gina Valentina, Kissa Sins, Elsa Jean, Aubrey Kate, Prince Yahshua, Small Hands, Chad Alva

Length: 2 hours 5 minutes

Date of Release: September 22, 2017

Extras: Non-Selectable Trailers, Video Bios, BTS 7:40 minutes

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Very Good on both fronts. No complaints.

Overview: Adult Empire has stepped into the arena of film production and here they gather together some great on-screen talent and a highly capable off-screen crew to showcase Miss Katrina Jade. It's a series of vignettes that will take Katrina down paths that lead to threesomes, some hardcore girl on girl, a romp with trans star, Aubrey Kate, and letting Small Hands take the first onscreen crack at her butt.

Intro Scene: Katrina Jade, Chad Alva

Katrina and Real life hubby Nigel are driving around when she spots a Skater Boy and Nigel's nice enough to pull over in an alley and let the blurred out skater bang Katrina as she leans against a wall. SPOILER ALERT - it's not some random dude off the street, it's Chad Alva who blows his load inside of our starlet.

Scene 1: Katrina Jade, Keisha Grey, Prince Yahshua "The Lieutenant"

Katrina & Keisha

Yahshua plays a cop who is harassing our ladies as they sit in their car late at night with a flat tire. He makes them follow him back to his pad (yes - they are supposed to have a flat tire...so I don't know how they do that either). Once back at his place, he sits between them. The tension portrayed between the trio is a good fit for the situation, our cop taking advantage of the situation in which the girls have agreed to do anything to keep from getting hauled downtown. He spends an inordinate amount of time inspecting their asses with his eyes and then he tastes them. He seems a bit on edge as he has the girls take their dresses off and kiss each other.

Satisfied they can use their tongues, he drops his drawers, his thick cock dangling between their lips. The ladies work his rod with their mouths and our feature slut, Katrina, gets to lick her partner while Prince pounds her from behind. Miss Grey get to do some rodeo riding while Katrina squats by her face to get her coochie licked. That licking progresses to her ass as Jade takes some time to clean Keisha's juices from Prince's peter before folding herself up so he can penetrate her face to face and lips to lips with Grey. Keisha also kisses Katrina while playing with her boobs and licking Jade's feet.

Katrina & Keisha

Katrina takes some more snack time between Keisha's thighs and ass, groaning as Yahshua thrusts into her methodically. Our love train gets rearranged with Keisha now in the middle and Prince bringing up the rear. Keisha seems to be sporting a vintage, or at least retro, digital watch. She may have missed the 70's and 80's but it seems like she's bringing back old school tech as Prince pumps into her. Both ladies take another ride, with Katrina going back for thirds. That's all our lieutenant can handle and he loses his load inside of her.

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Scene 2: Gina Valentina, Katrina Jade, Kissa Sins "Brujeria"

A cinematic sequence has Miss Jade strutting some train tracks to an ominous soundtrack until the montage changes track and features our three starlets teasing in the center of a candlelit pentacle painted on the floor. When the montage abruptly ends, our ladies are nearly nude, kneeling within the candle array, touching themselves as the soundtrack cues up creepy noises. Suddenly, they leap at each other, tongues meeting in the center of the symbol. Their evil laughter and screams echo around the steel room as they share each other's spit.

Gina, Katrina, Kissa

This scene is AVN nominated for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene this year, so that should give you a clue as to what our multi-award-nominated starlets get up to here. It's a fast and furious all out girl attack. Fingers and tongues move at the speed of light, our camera people and editor diligently capturing and displaying the raucous romp. It's a flurry of all-girl fucking, Gina getting a long double ended dildo rammed into her as our seemingly possessed ladies smack her ass, which she's twerking at the speed of light. Candles get grabbed and their wax poured across exposed flesh (it's all exposed) as they paw and claw one another. Teeth and nails don't seem to be off-limits as the ladies grind their way through one another. Kissa is screaming as her fellow sinners ravish her relentlessly. It's nearly impossible to keep up with the position changes as the ladies cover themselves in a spitting, wax-dripping, pussy squirting free-for-all. Kissa squirts multiple times, including while squatting over the other ladies and showering them with it.

Gina, Katrina, Kissa

If you like your lesbian threesomes with a hardcore angle rather than soft and fuzzy, this scene should get you juices flowing...it's intense from start to finish, just keep your volume control handy.

Scene 3: Aubrey Kate, Katrina Jade "The Pick Up"

Aubrey Kate, Katrina Jade

Katrina picks up Audrey, who's leaning on a fence enjoying a smoke. Soon, the ladies are on a couch making out. Their contrasting locks look good together, Aubrey being the first to take some tongue time between Jade's legs. Their eyes burn fiercely, yet playfully as their gazes lock. When it's Jade's turn for some licking she pays attention to Kate's ass hole first and then flips her over to suck Aubrey's cock. Aubrey thrusts in and out of Katrina's mouth and then Jade takes a ride.

Aubrey Kate, Katrina Jade

Kate gives Katrina some dicking from behind, their tattoos displayed prominently as their bodies slap together. Katrina moans softly as Aubrey bangs into her, unloading in her and then licking it out. They share a passionate kiss, their breasts rubbing together, nipples erect as the scene fades.

Scene 4: Katrina Jade, Small Hands "Daddy's Girl"

Katrina Jade

Our duo is celebrating a small windfall that they have come into. They whisper to each other as Small Hands kneels on the bed, Katrina unbuckling him for a BJ. Her gurgles and slurps are quite audible as he pumps her head up and down on his dick. Once they are both naked, he spanks her ass as she jerks him determinedly, his fingers sliding into her. Lying back, leg in the air, she gets drilled by her colorful partner, spit covering her face. Eyes locked and face to face, Small Hands gives her the business with his hand around her throat. He takes some time to throat fuck her as he diddles between her thighs before manhandling her into a spoon for some more sticking.

Katrina Jade

They kiss passionately in between his hair pulling and fingering of her mouth and ass. She's begging for his cock in her ass and he's happy to give it to her. He cradles her head, bending her back, as his derriere drilling gets faster. A bit of ass-to-mouth lubes his log up so she can slide it back into her booty in reverse cowgirl. It's a fairly vigorous ride considering it's her first ever on-screen anal. When he's sure she's comfy, Small Hands just starts pummeling her pooper from below, Katrina begging to cum. She giggles as she rides, reversing positions to get some dick in her pussy, her fine ass shaking. She's working up a good sweat but he's not finished with her yet, he takes her ass yet again as she lies back. MOaning and groaning, she begs for his cum and he pulls out to creampie her and then slides back in her rear to finish his load up there.

Credit Scene: Katrina Jade, Elsa Jean

Elsa & Katrina

Like the intro scene, this one is just put in here for the fun of it, really. Our two starlets have fun with each other as the credits scroll. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to see Elsa and Katrina lick and paw at each other, you can get an idea of what that's like here, in a montage that has them using their fingers, tongues, and toys on each other. Oh, did I mention they also bang each other with a strap-on? Yeah. The whole scene lasts a couple of minutes and it really seems as if perhaps Miss Jean stopped by the set and everyone had some time to kill so the two starlets just took some time to play with each other as cameras rolled.

Cover vs. Content: I feel I need to tell you upfront that the cover is a bit deceiving. The bottom of the box says DVD + Digital 4k. No, it is not a 2-disc set and if there's some kind of download code for the 4k stream off of the website I sure can't find it. Yes, the movie is available as a 4k stream (or less), a DVD, and a Blu-Ray but only the DVD came in my box.

Final Thoughts: First off, the title makes it sound like a feature film. It isn't. It's more of a collection of vignettes centered around Katrina Jade. Here, she takes on a number of girls, a couple of guys, and even Transgender star Aubrey Kate. The whole thing feels like it might have been an offshoot of, or perhaps the inspiration for a movie I gave an XCritic Pick rating to not long ago, "I Am Katrina". Unlike that one, here it is all directed by one man, Katrina's real-life husband, Nigel Dictator. Oddly, while covering a similar territory it just doesn't feel nearly as cohesive as that one! I'm not sure why that would be, as there is a ton of talent both on screen and off!

The standout scene on the disc is the threesome that features Jade, Valentina, and Sins. There's a reason it is award nominated. At the end, Small Hands gets to take Jade's anal virginity and that went much smoother than many "anal firsts" to be sure. There's some good camera work all in all and it has a good soundtrack. You can buy it in any format I mentioned earlier for the same price, so if you are equipped to handle 4k streams, you may want to go that route. However, I just don't feel like it has a lot of replay value so I suggest you try it out On Demand before committing to a purchase.

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