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Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/4/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Couples, Feature, Reality TV

Writer/Director: Kay Brandt
DP: Mike Quasar


Chapters Menu

Britney Amber as Cadence
Chanel Preston as Roxanne
Mia Li as Dani
Ryan Driller as Zane
Derrick Pierce as Jackson
Donnie Rock as Chris
Logan Long as Mel
Small Hands as Bryan

Non-Sex Roles: Joe Filippone as Loren, Shawn Alff as Crew Member

Length: 2 hours 48 minutes

Date of Release: November 10, 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery, Previews, Club Offer, Web Info, Phone Sex Info, BTS 15:01 minutes

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Exceptional on both fronts. Beautifully photographed, nicely interwoven soundtrack and crisp, clear dialog.

Bonus Scene: Chloe Amour & Alex Jones 'Double Booked' 16:15 minutes

Chloe Amour

Overview: It's a movie based on a similarly named reality TV show. A couple is dropped off naked, in the wilderness, and tasked with surviving 27 days. Unlike that show, this show has deeper subplots that comprise the bulk of the screen time, the underlying concept really just being the context for the stories of the two main characters' lives. It's a couples-oriented film that I think most couples will enjoy.

Scene 1: Britney Amber, Donnie Rock

Donnie is so understanding about his girlfriend's deep desire to be on a TV show that they must celebrate with some bedroom time. Britney's quick to peel off her top to reveal her ample breasts, nipples standing at attention. Donnie is just as quick to take those nipples into his mouth before moving his tongue down in between her thighs.

Britney Amber

The lighting falls nicely on the couple as they enjoy each other's flesh; the camera shots edited together nicely to show the passion of their lovemaking. Britney's turquoise nails play nicely in the light as she strokes Rock's skin and cock as she determinedly sucks and jerks him. Those nails are soon gripping the comforter as Rock slides his rod in and out of her, the pair passionately embracing in a kiss as the bed softly squeaks. I'm not sure it's by design but with a Kay Brandt film, I have to assume it is that Britney's nails are done in a color that matches the palette of the comforter she grips when she isn't rubbing her clit of casually flipping her hair aside.

Britney Amber

Both performers have lust in their eyes as they casually roll from one position to the next as they enjoy their afternoon delight. Rock rams harder and deeper, Amber's moans grow louder and more frequent. Her moaning turns to begging for his cum which he delivers to her bosom, Britney greedily grabbing the last drop from him with her mouth.

Scene 2: Mia Li, Logan Long, Small Hands

After a hard day of filming, the crew is ready for some R&R. Half of the crew heads off in one direction while Small Hands and Logan quickly convince Mia to join them in the tent. Our now topless male duo kneel on the tent floor, pawing at Mia in between them. She lies back on Logan's lap, Small Hands licking at her panties. Mia flips over to take Long into her mouth while Small Hands peels her panties down and inserts his manhood into her love tunnel.

Mia Li

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that once again, the lighting is really nice, the open flaps and white upper half of the extremely large tent proving to be a great diffuser as the men pull our starlet around sticking their cocks in and out of her. She gleefully laughs as Small Hands fucks her mouth, Logan concentrating on penetrating her as he moves from a kneeling position to lying behind her. The trio banter playfully as Small Hands has her switch hands as she strokes his shaft.

-- sponsored by --

Li gets spun like a bottle, giggling, as the boys switch holes. Logan wants to try her in doggie, so she gets repositioned, her mouth taking Small Hands' dick as Logan squats above her, driving into her. She moves onto Small Hands' rod for some reverse rodeo, Logan's log filling her jaws as Small Hands motors into her from below. Logan also gets to enjoy some rodeo time, Mia's tiny butt jiggling. She takes one more ride atop Small Hands before the men stand beside her as she kneels and they cover our giggling starlet's chest with their jizz.

Mia Li

It's a fun-filled scene, everybody really seeming like old friends having a good time. I like Mia, so I'm not sure why she doesn't book more shoots. She has a great body and can act. She just seems really personable and I think she may be one of the most underrated starlets around.

Scene 3: Chanel Preston, Derrick Pierce, Ryan Driller

We find the critically acclaimed and fan adored Miss Preston on the bed in her panties, her breasts straining against the fabric of her bra, Derrick kissing her softly. Ryan strolls in casually and joins them, her breasts released from their prison as he gnaws at her toes, Pierce's kisses continuing as he cradles Chanel's head and massages her chest. Derrick steps aside to remove his jeans, Ryan enjoying a snack from Chanel's honey hole. She starts to squeal with delight but it gets muffled as Pierce shoves her mouth onto his pecker.

Chanel Preston

With the foreplay winding down, Derrick spins Chanel's long body around, pulling her leg over his shoulder and hammers into her. She engulfs Driller's cock in one fell swoop, eliciting a gasp of astonishment from him. Looking back at Pierce, who is machining into her, she spouts some swear words praising his performance. The trio all share a moment of chuckles as they roll into another position, Ryan getting his chance to drill the lovely Chanel.

Chanel Preston

Her milky white skin contrasts with the more tanned men as the action shakes the bed, some Mardi Gras beads glistening on the headboard. More shared giggles permeate the air as Ryan gives up his slot and Chanel climbs onto Derrick who pounds into her doggedly. Chanel stops sucking Ryan's cock long enough to have a screaming orgasm and Driller chuckles as he shoves his manhood back in her mouth, Derrick's balls continuing to slap into Preston. After another screaming orgasm or two, the men bring themselves to completion; Derrick on her chest and Driller on her patch.

Scene 4: Britney Amber, Derrick Pierce

Sixteen days into the show, our survival duo have started expressing the bond that has grown between their dirt-covered bodies. Pierce passionately kisses Britney, pressing her against a boulder as his fingers seek her wetness. With his member stiffening, Britney's hand instinctively wraps around it and she drops to the ground, Derrick thrusting into her mouth.

Britney Amber

Gasping for breath, she gets pulled up and pinned against the boulder, Pierce pummeling into her from behind, yanking her body to him as she grips at the rock for a handhold. His hands grip her waist and then press into the flesh of her ass, Britney's breathing becoming labored. They pause to catch their breath, the lovely Miss Amber's mouth finding its way back down to Derrick's dong. Derrick lifts and carries Britney to a nearby rock that allows a more comfortable fuck position, at least for a moment. The comfort for Britney probably disappearing as Derrick lifts one of her legs as she braces against the rock.

Britney Amber

Pierce uses the rock as a seat, Britney partially squatting on it as Derrick holds her thighs as she does squats while he does curls with her. Britney again does the kneel and bob before Derrick hoists her back onto his shaft for another round. After a nice workout, Britney again kneels, Derrick jerking himself to completion mostly on her large boobs.

This is a scene that probably required a lot of thought during casting. It's physically demanding for both performers and I think they both excelled at it.

Scene 5: Chanel Preston, Ryan Driller

Due to circumstances beyond her control, Chanel has to have some alone time with Ryan. That's apparently not a bad thing but unusual for her personal life. Ryan doesn't seem to care, undressing her casually as they lie on the bed after a quick selfie. Once she's topless, Chanel grabs her phone for another selfie as Ryan kisses his way down her beautiful body. Her eyes are alight as she points her legs skyward so he can slip off her panties. She gasps as he plants his tongue in her slit, nibbling at her labia. He shares her taste with her as they kiss, Chanel's hand rubbing his jeans, her eyes fixed on his as she releases his lollipop from its wrappings.

Chanel Preston

As she goes down on him, he holds her hair back, his wrist adorned with a hospital "Fall Risk" band causing me to ask "WTF"? Yes, watching porn with a critical eye tends to reveal things the average viewer might miss while paying attention to a hottie like Chanel sucking a cock.

Chanel Preston

Meanwhile, back to the movie: That hottie climbs onto Driller's dick, her body undulating. In an attempted deft move that doesn't quite work as planned, Ryan crawls out from under her, flipping her into missionary. She giggles briefly, her eyes locking on his as she lifts her legs and grants him entry into her. Another move has him falling sideways so he can bang her in spoon, balls slapping into her thighs as she screams to her god. Again, she shows off her sword swallowing skills while Driller diddles between her legs before flipping her over again. Faces pressed together, Driller pumps into her, Chanel biting her lip before giving in and screaming "oh fuck". Their gazes remain locked together as Ryan's methodical pounding works him to a finish, again on her patch. They enjoy some soft kisses and then pose for another selfie.

Final Thoughts: First things first: at any moment of any given day someone at XCritic is probably watching an adult film that features Mike Quasar behind the camera or directing the photography, if not the movie itself. He's a Hall of Famer for a reason, he may call himself a reluctant pornographer but I think he's really just killing time until Kay Brandt calls him up with some crazy ass idea for a film that she's written and then sets him loose to do his thing. I'm here to tell you that the photography in this movie is some of his absolute best work!

But, let's move on from the "camera guy". Sometimes, here at XCritic we are lucky enough to get multiple copies of a film: this is one of those times. That allows us to keep each other in check, especially with feature films. Since we are all individuals, with our own turn ons/turn offs and preferences it gives the reader a chance to see if two or more of us agree on whether a title is good or we are just biasing a title (even unintentionally) due to our personal preferences. My cohort, JW Sharp, wrote his review a while back and I have to agree with him. This is a damn good movie! Like I did with 'Forked', I was a bit skeptical that a "Reality tv show" could translate into an adult film well. Again, like that one, Kay did a brilliant job with adapting one genre into another. Unlike a "real reality tv show", this doesn't annoy you with reiterating things three times, before the commercial, after the commercial, and again during the wrap up. In fact, the movie spends more time on the "contestants'" back stories than on the "contest" itself. That works out well for us viewers, because we get to see not only Britney Amber have sex twice but also Chanel Preston! Fans of Driller and Pierce also get that bonus. Fans of Small Hands will be well served because here he gets a small part but gets to play it the way he does best, by being kind of funny while having fun. Here, he gets to have fun with the lovely Mia Li and his co-cockstar Logan Long. That scene is just fun to watch because they all seem to get along so well. Donnie Rock's role is also small but integral to the storyline and his performance in it is as exceptional as everyone else's. Britney and Derrick both shine in their respective roles, each really owning their characters. Mia Li should definitely get a shout out too, because the plays the hard-ass producer with a soft spot really well.

This is definitely a couples flick and it will probably get a good amount of replay from that audience so it's well worth adding to your permanent collection. Highly Recommended.

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