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Sex, Brits & Rock N' Roll

Studio: Private » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/6/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Foreign, Feature, British

Director: DiSanto


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Cast:  Stella Cox, Taylor Sands, Rina Ellis, Lucia Love, Ella Hughes, Luke Hotrod, Marc Rose, Freddy Flavas, Ryan Ryder, Sensi, Candi Kayne (Non-Sex), Samantha Bentley (Non-Sex), Kitty Creamer (Non-Sex)

Length: 2 hours 12 minutes

Date of Release: November 6, 2017

Extras: Menu-Selectable Trailers

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good on both fronts, including the live musical performance.

Overview: While many adult studios come and go, Private has been plugging away continuously for almost three decades now. Here they have a feature film directed by DiSanto based on a tale of a rock star making a change in her career direction and the people that are involved in that happening. Of course, in the world of rock'n'roll, sex always seems to play a factor and that's definitely the case here as five beautiful starlets get banged as the story unfolds.

Scene 1: Lucia Love, Marc Rose

Lucia Love

After discussing some business, our duo gets down to the business of pleasure. Rose starts feeling up the lovely Love, exposing her globes to the camera and then her juicy patootie. Dropping to her knees, Lucia makes love to his cock with her lips but Marc wants to explore her throat. She gazes up at him as she swallows his sword. An edit brings us to her getting the D while bending over the couch arm, her stud-spiked heels sometimes making an appearance into the frame. Love takes the initiative to do some squat thrusts on Marc's lap, her ass getting a good workout as she rides.

Lucia Love

Her bush bounces just below lens center as she swaps into a reverse, Rose ramming her from below and making her squeal. Her big boobs bounce as the pair enjoy each other in a spooning position and during a missionary romp where a little bit of dirty talk falls from her lips. Her face shows an intensity as she nears orgasm, her eyes aflame as she stares up at our award nominated cocksman. While he pumps into her, she slides two of her fingers into her ass. Upon seeing that, Marc takes it as his cue to move his cock to her rear, eliciting a sigh and a giggle from Lucia. Marc pumps her methodically and lies back, Lucia quick to lick her ass juice off his rod before she presents her ass in doggie. More dirty talk ensues as she expresses her wish for him to give her all his cum. That wish gets granted with him deep in her rear. As he pulls outs, a massive load drains to the floor while he continues to squirt jizz on top of her ass.

Scene 2: Taylor Sands, Freddie Flavas

Taylor Sands

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Freddie meets the gorgeous Taylor at her strip club which is really loud so they find a quiet room to discuss some business. She's not interested in the money he's offering for a favor, she's more interested in sharing some favors. They rub at one another's crotch, Freddie peeling down her spike-laden dress before somebody loses an eye. The red highlights in her hair catch the light and match the room palette well as Freddie's face finds its way in between her thighs. She pulses her hairy box up and down for his tongue, his fingerings making her body tense up. He groans in appreciation as she returns the favor, getting his cock as deep into her throat as she can while working the rest of his long shaft with her hand.

Taylor Sands

She's missed his cock but that's okay, she gets it delivered as she kneels on the ottoman, her long hair dangling in the air and cascading down her back. The light is soft and warm on her body in this position, a bit harsher as she sits on his lap in reverse cowgirl begging him to fuck her. Tiny tits jiggle as she gets jammed into, the light again more flattering as she takes pole position in traditional cowgirl, her ass looking good as she works it on Freddie's phallus. A spoon position pulls her back into the brighter light where they enjoy each other in a sensual rhythm before she drops to her knees and jerks him off all over her pretty face.

This might be the first time I have seen Taylor but I hope it isn't the last!

Scene 3: Ella Hughes, Luke Hotrod

Ella Hughes

Ella's producing a track that Luke is laying down on guitar and they decide to take a break and make some music of a different type. Her fiery locks contrast with the blue surroundings, her alabaster flesh standing out in the shadowy studio as she slurps on Luke's hot rod. She strips down, wearing only her knee-high strappy boots, Hotrod heading for her garage as she bends over the couch. The pair's facial expressions indicate they are seriously enjoying the jam session. A wisp of Ella's hair adheres to her lip, seemingly unnoticed by either of them as the romp gets harder and faster.

Ella Hughes

Ella's boot tops are in frame as she grinds in a circular reverse doggy squat, alternating the grinds with bounces. She leans way back, keeping her head just in frame, as Luke pistons into her from below. Her thighs undulate on Luke's log and she spins around to face him, the soles of her boots appearing brand new for those of you that appreciate a nice shoe as well as a nice ass. Gripping that ass, Luke slams it up and down on him, Ella working it for all it's worth. Her nipples are long and erect as they move into spoon, Hotrod racing into her, both of their mouths agape. Face flustered and sweat-drenched, Luke pulls out just in time to deliver his load to her patch.

Scene 4: Stella Cox, Sensi

Stella Cox

The stunning Stella Cox, 2018 XBIZ nominee for Foreign Female Performer of the Year, is showing Sensi around the house but he is more interested in exploring the body hidden beneath her form-fitting LBD. That dress gets peeled up to show off her fancy bra and panty set. The bra gets pushed down to reveal her firm, white mounds. She can't wait to get his BBC again but she'll have to wait a bit because it's snack time for him. She holds her heels up above her head and watches him intently as he tongues and fingers her gash. There's a bulge growing in his jeans and she unleashes his cock from its restraints, sliding it into her mouth with ease. She offers up all her holes as he smears his slobbery cock around her face.

Stella Cox

Soon, his big, black cock is sliding in and out of her tight, bald pussy, her nipples stiffening. Her D-cups bounce above her bra as she gets pumped in spoon and then she assumes the reverse riding position, sliding her ass down onto his shaft. Stella basically just balances herself above him, Sensi slamming in and out of her ass. Flipping onto all fours, Sensi drills her derriere from behind, Cox pausing to deep throat it during a break. Mounting him in cowgirl, she rides vigorously, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, her blonde-tipped tresses running down her back. Sensing he's ready to cum, she spins into a 69 and holds her tongue out for him to jerk off onto.

Scene 5: Lucia Love, Rina Ellis, Ryan Ryder

Lucia Love & Rina Ellis

Ryan and Rina are sharing a kiss when Lucia shows up and interrupts them briefly. Once she's gone, Rina starts slobbing Ryan's knob diligently, her whole body bobbing along with her head. The pair gets startled when she shows back up but she expresses a desire to watch. Watching quickly turns to sharing Ryan's lollipop, our leather and lace attired ladies fellating him one after the other. Rina is the first one into pole position, her tight, Eurasian ass bouncing on his boner, Lucia fingering herself on the sideline while making out with Ryan.

Lucia Love & Rina Ellis

Love gets her turn as she kneels on the couch, Driller behind her, and Rina sitting in front of her on the couch. Rina's lipstick is smeared on her face but Lucia is more interested in licking her other set of lips. Ryan drills her for a bit and then lets Rina take another turn at the high bounce as Lucia rubs her body. Rina's squeaking and panting, working hard to keep her hair away from her face, as Ryan gives her a reach around. Lucia gets one more drilling, in spoon, Ryan unleashing a healthy dose of jizz between her thighs which she scoops up and licks off her fingers.

Final Thoughts: This is what I like to call "porn with a premise". It's not some 3-5 hour epic feature that spans two discs. It manages to get 5 sex scenes and a viable storyline onto a single disc that runs for a bit over two hours. Private has been producing adult films since the early 90's and it's safe to say they have dabbled in just about every genre and niche out there and mastered a number of them. Here, they put together a solid concept of a British rocker (Bentley) making a pivot in her career and that premise alone sets up five scenes that I can assure you actually have been played out many times in the world of rock'n'roll over the decades. Lucia Love gets the most screen time but I found my eyes most glued to Taylor Sands. I just reviewed a movie with Rina Ellis in it and found her just as mesmerizing this time. Stella and Ella are both great looking gals, Stella getting a bit more of a chance than Ella to show off her acting skills here. Other than Lucia's scenes which are long to move the plot along, most of the setups are quick and then it's right to the sex. It's filmed well, and some of the performers actually get to play a song on stage backing up Samantha Bentley and the song is pretty decent. I'd like to see more films that use this premise (or a similar one) in the future. This is one of those hard ones to give a solid recommendation on - some people will find it has a lot of replay value while others may watch it once and move along. My best guess is the average viewer will find it better to rent than own, so Watch On Demand. With that said, I just saw it on sale today at Adult Empire for an absolutely screaming deal, so it may be worth buying rather than renting if you do it quick!

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