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Natural Beauties Vol 6

Studio: Vixen » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/9/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: 18+ Teens, All-Sex

Director: Greg Lansky


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Cast:  Tori Black, Ariana Marie, Abigail Mac, Cadey Mercury, Bree Daniels, Jean Val Jean, Chris Diamond, Christian Clay

Length: 2 hours 57 minutes

Date of Release: January 5, 2018

Extras: Website Info, Photo Gallery, Cumshot Recap, Feature Trailer, BTS 1:00 minute

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Superb on both fronts. Super high-end capture and presentation. I didn't check to see if this is available as a 4k stream but you might want to go that route if it is!

Overview: Greg Lansky points his high-end cameras at five super hot girls. The first one, Tori Black, gets to play out a remake of the famous scene from 'Basic Instinct' originally played by Sharon Stone. That alone is worth the purchase price here. Super hotties Ariana Marie, Abigail Mac, Cadey Mercury, and Bree Daniels fill out the following scenes and they all put on superb performances with their cockstars. If you buy only one Vixen title this year, make sure this one is in the running when you decide!

Scene 1: Tori Black, Jean Val Jean

Our movie opens with a recreation of the famous 'Basic Instinct' interrogation scene, only Miss Black isn't being questioned about a murder but rather why she's interested in making a comeback in the industry. She does a great job at mimicking Stone's mannerisms and movements, yes even that one.

Tori Black

With the interview over, Jean Val Jean drives her home where she invites him in and slams him against a wall, their lips meeting roughly. Eyes burn with intent, hands grope fabric and flesh, tongues explore tonsils, and Tori gets carried to a table where Jean can bury his face in her pantiless patch. Black bites at her knee as Jean laps at her love hole, his tongue plumbing the depths of her pooper also.

Tori Black

The table rocks, Tori gripping its edges as Jean jackhammers into her, their lips pressing together as he lifts her to place her on the bed, her mouth inhaling his manhood. Still clad in her clingy white dress, she gets pulled into a 69 and then folded in half so Jean can get in her nice and deep as she holds her legs wide. His balls slap her flesh, Tori grunting with each thrust, their eyes locked on one another. Jean tears off her strappy heels, enjoying her feet with his mouth, her nipples silhouetted in the light from a window. His hand gets imprinted on her tushy as he grips it during doggie and a squatting piledriver which has her groaning and begging for it deep. Her face reddens, and eyes roll back as she orgasms while spouting naughty words. She gets on top for a ride, even doing some facesitting, Jean lapping happily away as she clings to the headboard. She works her fit body to another orgasm on his cock, slapping her own ass pink, Jean joining into redden it. A round of reverse cowgirl has her pumping hard, teeth gritted, until she drops to her knees at Jean's signal, his load splashing across her cheek into her hair. She licks his shaft clean and he goes back to pounding her, the cum dripping from her face turning her on and making her orgasm again, her face pressed into the mattress.

Scene 2: Ariana Marie, Chris Diamond

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Ariana's a bit disgruntled after moving in with her boyfriend and day-to-day doldrums setting in. When her man's cousin, Chris, comes to visit, she ends up spending a lot of time with him and fantasizing about him. After a shower, she has Chris put some lotion on her "hurt arm", her towel "accidentally" dropping to the floor as her hands grip his thighs. Mortal men can't resist a tan-lined form like Ariana's and he lets his hands wander, Ariana sliding down to mouth his cock, her eyes big and bright as she sucks his long shaft. She wishes her boyfriend's cock was that big and Chris stuffs it deep into her throat. She gets it impressively far in, stopping for a breath before asking him to fuck her face. They move to the couch where the seductive BJ continues as she does some dirty talking, drool dripping down her chin.

Ariana Marie

After the extended blowie, she finally climbs onto Chris' long cock, praising its length. Her face glows, her brunette locks flowing down toward her tight ass, Chris' cock pummeling into her. She screams for more and he rams it into her tight hole, balls deep. In reverse cowgirl, our camera angle changes with their positioning, the light from the window threatening to blow out the wide angle shot but it really just makes it a bit softer. Marie gyrates atop his pole, bouncing and grinding until she orgasms. Diamond drills her, reaching around to rub her clit at times, Ariana's voice wavering with enjoyment.

Ariana Marie

She looks back at him, smiling, as she's on all fours, his cock slamming in and out of her. Doggie becomes lying flat on her tummy, Chris pumping furiously as they share a kiss and exchange glances. Her juices can be seen running down her slit as his pumping continues. They move to the wall where he continues to ram her from behind. Back to the sofa, she gets it in missionary, his thumb rotating around her clit, her smile wide as she checks in with him to make sure he's planning on cumming on her face. He pulls her to the ground and does just that, completely plastering the lower half of it.

Scene 3: Bree Daniels, Cadey Mercury, Jean Val Jean

Cadey has been babysitting for Bree and Jean for a few months and suspects Bree has been hitting on her. Jean asks if she wants to make some extra cash and when she says yes, he sends her up to their bedroom where she finds Bree decked out in lingerie. Bree puts the moves on Cadey immediately, who is reluctant but lifts her arms to have her shirt removed anyway. Her jean shorts come off next, the red-haired starlet nibbling at the brunettes red panties. Those get peeled away, too, Bree stuffing her face deep into Mercury's muff. The now topless Bree paws at Cadey, the two embracing in a kiss as Daniels fingers her babysitter making her squirm.

Cadey & Bree

Of course, Jean is hanging out in the doorway observing the action and his wife invites him to join the party. Quick to accept, the Frenchman soon has his tongue down Cadey's throat, his wife pinching Mercury's nipples as he starts to disrobe. Cadey is all smiles as she drops to aid him with his pants, Bree casually playing with Cadey's hair as she kneels down to watch her hubby's cock get sucked. Both ladies have shining eyes as they share the fellating. Bree abandons that mission, preferring to get her face back in between Cadey's thighs but she wants to be the first rider. She does that in reverse, Cadey watching intently and playing with herself at Bree's request. Come Cadey's turn, Bree plays with herself and Cadey at the same time, Mercury screaming about cumming as Bree grips at her mound.

Cadey & Bree

There's an intimate bout of dual tonguing on Jean's jock, Bree smilingly supervising as Mercury tests the limits of her throating ability, slobber strings growing as she pulls off his peter. Bree shares those strings with her in a kiss before helping to insert Jean's rod into the babysitter. Jean gives Cadey a screaming romp as his wife coerces the pair on, licking her juices off Jean's cock occasionally. Bree takes a ride and then lets Cadey get drilled in doggie, holding a pillow over her head to muffle her screams as Jean pounds into her. Bree takes her turn in doggie and the ladies kneel for Jean's jizz blast, Bree making sure Cadey doesn't swallow it until she gets a chance to share it.

Scene 4: Abigail Mac, Christian Clay

Abigail Mac

Abigail narrates her story of how her modeling career has been taking off since she discovered a great photographer. She compliments him on his skills after a shoot and offers her body as repayment for his wonderful work. She stands there in her Vixen undies, his hands roaming her body, exploring beneath the stretch fabric, Abi's nipples at attention. The two head to a bedroom where they stand nude, Abigail tugging at Clay's cock to stiffen it while he caresses those erect nipples. The couple stand, bathed in white light until Abi lies on the bed to take his manhood into her mouth. She gives him an extended BJ, her eyes peering up at him the whole time as he gets comfy on the bed.

Abigail Mac

Soon, our starlet is slowly pumping her body on Clay's cock, moaning about how good it is. Christian grips her ass as her pumping gets faster, reciprocating the fast pump action which elicits a big smile from Abigail. Soon he's lifting her off and onto his cock, his thrusts getting harder as she exclaims she's cumming. A quick oral clean up gets done by each of them, a wide-legged missionary following. Soon, she's talking dirty and calling him an animal, her boobs bouncing in time. She has a body wrenching orgasm and he tucks into her tightly making her scream her enjoyment to the heavens. Another oral quickie and she's onto reverse cowgirl, her tiny patch front, and center. They move onto doggie and a bit of piledriving, Abigail relishing the load he delivers to her mouth, pulling it out and playing with it as her eyes stare up at him.

Final Thoughts: Right off the bat, we are assured this isn't going to be some gonzo flick (Lansky films never are) but this scene ratchets things up a notch with the set decoration and attention to details. Gone are the easy-to-maneuver DSLR cameras and in their place is an ARRI on a dolly track just to get the look and feel of the original shoot. It's really nicely done.

The following sex scenes are all hot and steamy, laden with sensuality. Expertly photographed and presented there are just no technical faults. The only thing I didn't like about it was the length of the blowjobs in pretty much every scene. Not that that is a bad thing but with girls this stunning it is hard to believe that anyone other than a practiced male professional could endure them and still go on for another half hour of sex in half a dozen positions. It kind of takes you out of the moment which each duo seems to be intimately sharing. Those moments are where this disc really shines; the believability of the moments shared between the performers.

We see a lot of high-end adult films here at XCritic and I don't often review Greg Lansky titles because everyone is so quick to scoop them up. I'm glad I grabbed this one first because that opening scene is just so well done from a cinematic standpoint and Tori Black really nails the Sharon Stone character that I haven't seen in two decades. In fact, I pulled that scene up on youtube just for comparison and it's really a close match. In case you missed that currently multi-award-nominated title you should check that out in addition to this one because 'Tori Black Is Back'! If you like high-end porn that exudes chemistry between all the players, grab this disc ASAP. Highly Recommended.

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