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Tell Me Something Dirty

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/12/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Couples, Feature

Director: Hank Hoffman
Writer:  Slinka Long

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Cast:  Asa Akira, Abella Danger, Adria Rae, Alex Harper, Ryan Mclane, Ryan Driller, Jay Smooth, Derrick Ferrari, Danny Wylde (Non-Sex)

Length: 2 hours 20 minutes

Date of Release: October 18, 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery, Trailers, Promo Reel, 3 Bonus Sex Scenes  (I didn't watch the bonus scenes due to technical difficulties discussed below)

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Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: There are some serious issues with the disc! I watched two separate factory-sealed discs and they both kept aborting, although during different chapters. One of the discs wouldn't even load the special features menu, it would just play the movie when you clicked the selection.

Overview: Asa loses the love of her life and spends the next eighteen months trying to find a new love with the help of her best friends.

Scene 1: Asa Akira, Ryan Driller

Asa Akira

Ryan made a trip across town during his break and Asa is frying him up some chicken (which looks delicious). He's tired of driving across town and asks her to move in with him. She seems pretty jazzed about that idea and they head off to the boudoir. That boudoir is nicely lit for the closeups shots but the mid and wide backlit shots drove me crazy with the blown out vertical highlights from the sheers! Luckily, the beautiful Asa and handsome Driller are there to take your mind off such trivial things!

Asa Akira

The pair share some oral favors, Asa's ass in the air looking good. Akira braces herself on the bedside table as Ryan takes her from behind, the jewels on the table lamp sparkling as they shake. Driller's like a machine, Asa screaming to her god as she places her foot on Ryan's shoulder. Akira takes her turn on top, moving her foot around probably as much for the sake of the camera as for more leverage that will allow her to pump her ass even faster. Her caramel colored shin plays nicely in the light as she rotates herself around on Ryan's rod, flipping her hair from one side of her head to the other. Sweat glistens on her neck and from underneath her breasts, her moans are almost constant as she hammers herself up and down. Through gritted teeth, she screams, and her breathing stops momentarily, as she seems to have a silent but intense orgasm. The pair works together like parts of a finely tuned engine at track speeds. Reaching redline, Ryan pulls out and blows a gleaming load onto Asa's tummy.

Scene 2: Abella Danger, Ryan McLane

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Abella stands in a hallway, a shimmering dress wrapped around her. She tells Ryan she's whatever he wants her to be, which in this case is his little slut. He commands her to stay, walks down the hall, and beckons her to crawl to him. He stands patiently while she shows off her assets at his whispered directions, a bulge growing in his slacks. Once he's unbuckled, Abella shows off her expert deep throating skills as McLane issues orders and unbuttons his shirt. She stands, Ryan's hands pulling her panties aside as he buries his fingers inside of her and gives her a taste of herself.

Abella Danger

She does as he asks when they enter the bedroom, riding his rod as he sits on a sofa, her front visible in one of the mirrors behind him. Ryan stands to get some hard thrusts into her, Abella's leg propped on his shoulder as she mentions cumming all over his cock. The duo goes at it hard and heavy, Ryan's balls slapping loudly. They take a break to catch their breath, kissing and whispering to each other as Abella jerks him methodically to a finish.

Scene 3: Alex Harper, Jay Smooth

Jay's on the phone trying to book a gig but Alex paws and kisses him relentlessly, his potential client freaking out as he moans and ultimately hanging up on him. Alex couldn't care less, she's too busy getting their clothes off and Smooth's shaft into her mouth. After some nut nuzzling, she lies on a makeshift table in the spacious loft, Jay licking her love tunnel. Harper bends over a steel stool, Jay taking her from behind, his hips grinding as he thrusts. The overexposed windows serving as a backdrop work well here, unlike in the opening scene where they weren't evenly exposed.

Alex Harper

It must be warm in the room because Jay is working up a healthy sweat as he pumps into Alex's hairy hole. Alex tosses in some one-line dialog here and there, her voice sounding a bit unnatural at times. Perhaps it's the acoustics of the loft or maybe it was inaudible and they overdubbed it in post. They move back to the table, Jay streaming sweat as he nails the milky fleshed starlet. They pause for a bit of a blowie and then Smooth carries Alex over to a star rail where she props a leg up so Jay has nice access. They move to a concrete counter where Alex goes for a ride, her body also starting to shine in the light. She leans back, bringing herself close to an orgasm which happens as she sits up. Jay follows quickly with his own orgasm, Alex dropping to the floor so he can cover her chest.

Scene 4: Adria Rae, Derrick Ferrari

Adria and Derrick try to initiate a threesome with Asa who ends up leaving because she just finds it awkward. They quickly recover from the moment, Adria getting naked and tossing her legs in the air so Ferrari can do some munching. She returns that favor, her whole body bobbing along with her head. Once Derrick is gloved up, Miss Rae perches herself on his pole, Derrick offering up a squirt of lube to her. She holds her hair atop her head as she bounces on his boner, Derrick reaching around to play with her ass.

Adria Rae

I think Adria is technically an inch or two too tall to be called a 'spinner' but she does just that here, rotating into reverse cowgirl without leaving Derrick's dick. Derrick drills into her from below, Adria whimpering, her body starting to shine with sweat. Her pert little tits jostle as she rubs her clit and brings herself to an orgasm. Adria watches her crotch intently as the pair bang in a spoon, Derrick kissing her back. Both of their bodies are now gleaming with sweat, Adria moaning in a high pitch almost constantly as she has another orgasm. Derrick rotates around, the pair subtly moving into missionary, Adria's pretty face smiling and Derrick unsheathing his sword to pop all over her tummy.

I'm always intrigued by Adria's back tattoo which is a world map. One of these days I'm going to have to ask her if she plans on updating it with all the locations she has visited.

Scene 5: Asa Akira, Jay Smooth

Asa Akira

Inside Jay's loft, he kisses Asa's amazing breasts and gets deep throated in return. They kiss passionately as she tugs at his turgid totem pole. Undressed, she spreads her legs wide and Smooth tongues her deeply. She props herself on the back of the couch, accidentally kicking him in the process, and they share some more oral favors before Jay walks away to grab his love glove. Once gloved up, Asa impales herself on his sword and goes through a series of maneuvers seemingly trying to decide whether she wants to grind, gyrate, or bounce. It seems she decides to do all three and rotate through them in succession.

Asa Akira

Jay lifts her and places her on the arm of the couch where he can get his pump on, Asa screaming loudly at his efforts. Jay grabs her boobs, her hair, her legs, anything he can find as a handhold. He powers into her, Asa panting and begging. She wants him to fuck her ass and he looks at her twice to make sure she's serious and then he busts open her rear door. Her hands search for a place to steady herself as she nears falling off the couch, Jay holding her steady by pulling her legs to his chest. They move into a doggie where his backdoor exploits continue, Asa smiling as she looks back at him. Akira has a look of contentment on her face as Jay pulls out to cover her pretty, little ass with his jizz.

Final Thoughts: Asa, as usual, does an excellent job here both in her acting parts and her onscreen sexual performances. She gets the opening and closing scenes while Abella, Adria, and Alex round out the middle three.

It's a decent plotline with some decent sexual performances from everyone involved but I don't think there's a lot of replay value in it as it isn't anything regular porn viewers haven't seen from these people before. There are three bonus scenes included so that would bring the sex scenes up to eight and make it a good value, however, I have to advise against buying this disc! Why you ask? I have two copies of this disc, both of which were factory fresh and sealed and it took both of them for me to see the whole movie. Each disc kept flaking out in different parts, suggesting that there is some kind of manufacturer's defect. Between all of those interruptions and some editing that just wasn't my cup of tea, my interest in the title rapidly waned. Fans of Akira will definitely want to stream this once, but make sure to watch it online, On Demand.

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