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Sun-Lit Volume 2

Studio: TRENCHCOATx » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/12/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Couples, All-Sex, Sexy

Director: Kayden Kross


Cast:  Kayden Kross, Lily LaBeau, Ella Nova, Rina Ellis, Manuel Ferrara, Xander Corvus, Mickey Mod, Jay Savage

Length: 2 hours 2 minutes

Date of Release: November 20, 2017

Extras: Menu-Selectable Trailers, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Website

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent overall other than excessive camera movement and some odd filming angles at times. The audio snafu that I mentioned in my review of her first disc has been corrected here.

Overview: Kayden Kross is back with another four scenes from her web series that is just as the name implies, sunlit. It's a bold artistic choice, as photographing in sunlight offers some unique advantages but also presents some challenges that have to be dealt with in camera as they can't be corrected easily (if at all) in post. Like her first disc, this is one that will appeal to couples looking for some sexy adult material. Kayden has been around since the "heyday" of adult film and she knows a thing or fifty about producing quality turn-on material. That's evident here. Check it out.

Scene 1: Ella Nova, Mickey Mod

Ella Nova

A guitar track accompanies a slow montage that has Miss Nova frolicking in the sun, enjoying a smoke, and playing with a guitar, a crown of flowers adorning her hair. As the soundtrack fades, the scene audio comes in as she lays the guitar down, a string pluck featured prominently.

Ella Nova

Mickey and Ella enjoy an afternoon delight, starting in the usual porn fashion of trading oral favors and fingering. The difference here is that Mod goes four fingers wide in our starlet, who smiles broadly. Our duo not only trades oral favors but share them in a 69, Ella's body grinding as she works her crotch onto her man's face. Mickey sits up and Ella sits on his lap, her tits perfectly placed by his lips. The pair alternate between soft lovemaking and hammering into one another, swapping who's on top. Changing things up, Mickey fingers Ella's ass and then slides his cock into the smiling starlet's back door. Locomotive-style, he starts off slowly and then starts chugging away faster, rotating his lady sideways while he's chugging. The anal drilling continues, Mickey really gaining speed once they move to doggie. As he nears completion, Ella flips over so she can watch him jerk off as she furiously fingers both of her holes; her eyes gleaming, her smile wide and genuine.

The performance is good but the scene suffers a bit due to some abrupt edits and excessive camera movement along with some odd shooting positions.

Scene 2: Lily Labeau, Jay Savage

Lily Labeau

Savage's phone dies simultaneously along with his car and he's forced to hitchhike. Miss Labeau pulls up in VW bus and he reluctantly gets in with her and they discuss esoteric universal things like the need for mini-dreamcatchers. She has to stop by her place to grab a bathing suit which she deems a necessity if she has to drive him to Santa Monica. She starts trying on different outfits and Jay gets anxious and heads up to see what is taking so long and walks in on her when she's topless. She realizes he's an uptight, corporate ass and has to throw herself at him before he gets the hint.

Lily Labeau

-- sponsored by --

Once she gets the nominee for Best Male Newcomer relaxed and undressed, she shows off her oral skills and Jay carries her to the couch to see what other skills she might have. She rides him a bit and then he gets behind her as she kneels on the vintage couch. After inserting the tip of his finger in her ass, he gets bold and stuffs his cock in it, Lily telling him to slow down. Once she's comfortable with it, she smiles back at him and he starts really pushing his pole, walking around for her to taste. She has zero problems with him shoving his whole long shaft deep into her mouth. After a nice throat fucking, he starts dicking her in missionary, Lily mentioning to him that it's okay to go fast. He pounds faster and harder and then she shows off her deep throat skills again. With his cock all lubed up, she sits in his lap, sliding his shaft into her ass, his hands gripping her butt cheeks. When he slips out, Lily uses the moment to reverse herself which allows Jay to give her a reach-around. He's breaking a sweat and looking up at her smiling face with an expression that says "does anything phase this woman?". He decides they should stand up and bend her over the coffee table which seems to be the answer to his facial question, her nose crinkles up as she cums. Sweaty and breathing hard, Savage gets another face fuck in before a final slam in spoon has him shooting his batter across her bush.

I liked this scene for a number of reasons: the ambient traffic noise actually helps the scene be realistic, Jay's giant watch gets removed prior to the sex, and the VW with the dreamcatcher was a nice set up although the audio in it has some issues. Again, there are just some awkward camera moments that lead me to believe that the person behind the lens is not the same person that was behind it for the first volume of this series, or 'Sacrosanct'.

Scene 3: Rina Ellis, Xander Corvus

Rina Ellis

In a fitting follow-up to the previous scene, this scene opens with a title embedded in a dreamcatcher and features Rina in a Pocahontas costume, carrying a bow. She uses that bow to shoot a flower at Mr. Corvus as she recounts the dream she had last night. A twangy western track, complete with rifle shots accompanies the visuals of the pair playing in the forest before heading off to a teepee. The soundtrack doesn't go away, it just fades and changes as Xander goes down on Rina's shaven slit, her turquoise nails clutching at his dark hair. As he kneels and presents his sword to her mouth, there is an antler in the frame which looks like one false move could have Xander minus an eye. Other angles show it to be a safe distance to their side but the two dimensions of film often make me wonder about such things...(astute viewers will notice it gets moved later in the scene)

Rina Ellis

After the brief foreplay, Xander has Rina face down and ass up, laying his pipe into her. She turns and gags on his cock before taking her turn riding the rod. As usual, Xander is like a piston, his rhythm somewhere between Megadeth and Slayer Beats Per Minute. Gripping her neck with two hands, he just powers into her. It's hard to tell if that was some sort of breath play or he just needed a handhold. Whatever it was, Rina could not care less, she shoves her face back onto his cock and Xander challenges her to go deeper, wrapping his leg around her neck until she gags and she climbs back onto Corvus' cock. Her hands search for a place to be as she tries to keep from losing her mind at his rapid thrusting, Xander solving that problem by placing her in a full nelson. Once released from the hold, she shows Xander he isn't the only one who can fuck at slamdance speed. Her one, jeweled nipple shines in the filtered sunlight as he puts her in missionary and then presses her down on her tummy. That position seems to work for her enjoyment but it doesn't seem to offer him a good angle and so he twists her around, gripping her throat and biting her lip as their bodies slap together. Furious pumping leads to him crawling to her face and shooting his jizz into her mouth.

I've got no criticism here because if there is/was some excessive camera movement or technical flaw I totally missed it because I was so engrossed in watching this incredible fuck session go down!

Scene 4: Kayden Kross, Manuel Ferrara

Kayden Kross

A soft, slow piano and keys track plays as Kayden narrates how she and Manuel got together. Her nipples are fully erect as the pair enjoy some soft moments rolling around on what appears to be the world's largest mattress in a loft. In fact, it is the same loft from another movie that I watched earlier today! I know that because although the furniture is different, there's a custom bicycle sitting by the exterior wall that was in the other one!

Kayden Kross

Not a word is spoken between the two as our stellar performers embrace in some of the most erotic lovemaking I've seen this year. Kross is sporting one of the tiniest, tidiest patches imaginable on her alabaster flesh; Manuel machining into her slowly, then rapidly, then slowly again. Our duo engages in a sixty-nine, Kayden seeming to orgasm as she straddles Ferrara's face. A quick slap on her ass seems to indicate that Manuel is ready for her to ride and they transition to a cowgirl romp, Kayden's blonde locks dancing as she rides. Per his usual method, Manuel whispers something in her ear as they move to doggie, eliciting a smile from her. I've mentioned before that I don't know WTF he whispers to these starlets but it always gets a smile. Perhaps it's some industry joke about gummy bears? He pulls her up to a standing position, powering into her from behind while holding her tightly to him. She instinctively drops to catch his burst in her mouth, her eyes locked on his.

Kayden is a regular contributor here at XCritic and has made sure we get a copy of all of her stuff. She doesn't seem to be too concerned that we might give a negative review, although it's always possible! She's been in the industry for almost a dozen years now but hasn't even cracked 200 credits. That statistic might be misleading if I didn't also tell you that even though she may not be cranking out 100 titles a year, she gets a LOT of award nominations which goes to show that it really boils down to quality over quantity. This is a great scene between her and Manuel, also a legend.

Final Thoughts: This is the follow up to Sun-Lit, her debut DVD. I raved about that one (and complained about the audio snafu), as did other critics. I also really liked the one she did that was the opposite of Sun-Lit, Sacrosanct. I'm not sure what happened here but it just didn't live up to either of those. Actually, that's not true...I mentioned the problem a few times in my review: The camera work here just isn't as good as those. Kayden came out swinging for the fences early on as a director and knocked titles out of the park but here it just didn't happen. Don't get me wrong, Ella Nova, Lily Labeau and their respective cockstars, Mickey Mod and Jay Savage, did very well in the first two scenes. Xander and Rina tore it up in the teepee so much that I even forgot to look for technical flaws. Kayden and Manuel seemed to really have a good connection and their lovemaking seemed to be just that, love making. Overall, I think it's a good movie that couples will enjoy, I just prefer her first volume in this series. Recommended.

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