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Sins Life Sex Tour Round 4

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 1/13/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Content: 4/5 stars

Running Time: 3 hours, 49 minutes

Cast: Johnny Sins, Kissa Sins, Angela White, Ana Foxxx, Gina Valentina, and Violet Starr.

Directed by: Johnny and Kissa Sins

Genres: All Sex, Big Cock, Gonzo, POV, Threesomes

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Cumshot recap and photo gallery

Overview: 2017 was a tremendous year for porn power-couple Johnny and Kissa Sins, who saw their Jules Jordan-sponsored "Sins Life" brand explode in popularity. Above all, their "Sex Tour" series saw itself start humbly and grow into what now spans four lengthy and intense volumes featuring gonzo sex and some of the most supremely talented ladies in porn. The fourth round of their ongoing exploits that involve bringing their personal sex-life into the mainstream features the ever-popular Angela White while also housing the first interracial scene of the collection all in yet another well-made and gorgeously shot disc.

Scene 1: Johnny Sins, Kissa Sins, and Angela White

Talk about three stars who have had enviable years. Angela White has catapulted in the rankings not only to have an amazing year but she's also become one of the most popular and recognizable faces in ostensibly no time. Kissa shows how appreciative she is to have her on set because as soon as the scene begins, she cannot keep her hands off of Angela and her gigantic breasts. "Look what I get to have," she says after making her tits drip with lube as they rest barely contained by a strapped blouse that emphasizes Angela's chestiness. Angela spills her tits onto Kissa's slippery ass, and the two have themselves some busty foreplay that features an extended sequence of Angela massaging Kissa's clit with her breast.

Upon entry, Johnny is at the center of a busty sandwich as both ladies swarm his toned body and famous cock. He has to fetch more oil since the ladies used it all, but returns promptly to continue enjoying their attention. Kissa plays with Angela's perfect pussy while she strokes and eventually blows Johnny, sliding three fingers inside of her with his assistance to give her a hip-flailing orgasm. At last, the two move in for a POV blowjob. Kissa wows Angela with her sloppy deepthroating skills, which motivates Angela to grab a hold of Johnny when it's her turn and swallow him whole. She buries her face in Kissa's pussy to give her full freedom to suck Johnny uninterrupted before helping stroke him into her mouth. We're inundated with wild and memorable moments and we haven't even gotten to the intercourse yet.

Angela sprawls out on her back, effectively being able to take all of Johnny when the time comes. She helps guide him inside Kissa soon afterwards, and things get extra silly when they use the same lace from Angela's outfit to tie Johnny's dick and balls up. This allows for a few minutes of worship to break up the sweaty sex. With that, Angela scoots her big ass on Johnny and gets treated to tit-sucking and ass-licking, both shown with immaculate hipwork on her behalf.

Things shake up a tad when Johnny has the girls sit on stools and perch their assets out for him to fuck one-at-time. He intensely drills Kissa to start out, causing her to "make it rain," as Angela so happily puts it, with repeated squirts thanks to rapid and consistent penetration. His deep-strokes propel Angela to be in the same position as her friend, with her legs touching the ground and her butt poked out far enough over the edge with hopes she remains balanced. Her pussy is soppy, loudly squishing as her tits bounce to emphasize the drilling Johnny is doing. When the two sand up, they are aghast to see the puddle Kissa has left on the floor; a shot that sets the tone for the roughness that's been taking place.

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The three enter the home-stretch by regrouping with a sensual blowjob, with Angela turning upside down upon the request of Kissa to suck Johnny's penis from a different angle. The ladies scissor one another when it's Kissa's turn to suck before she herself lies down for more long-strokes while her buxom friend makes out with Johnny. Angela moves lower and gets another messy squirt out of Kissa. Finally, Johnny readies himself to bust by fucking Angela passionately on her back. A titfuck puts him over the edge to drop a big, creamy load all over her breasts, to which the women respond by using their tongues to lap it up and share with one another. This incredible, hour-long rendezvous is one of the best threesomes in the entire "Sex Tour" series; Angela White is a treasure. 4.5/5 stars.

Scene 2: Johnny Sins, Kissa Sins, and Ana Foxxx

The ebony cutie Ana Foxxx stands in the middle of a homemade ballpit lubing up every inch of her toned body to kick off the second scene in Sins Life Sex Tour: Round 4. The lovely showcase of Ana's sculpted figure continues even when Kissa walks in and does the same thing, their beautiful bodies contrasting the instant they meet. They twerk amongst themselves and make their inflatable pool very slippery as they anticipate Johnny's arrival upon Ana hiking her legs back for Kissa to have a taste of her pussy.

Johnny enters as the two slip and slide amongst the balls, the two looking onto his cock lovingly once it's revealed Ana lets her prowess for deepthroating be known immediately, giving Kissa few other options besides doing the same thing once it's her turn. Kissa wraps her lips around the head of her man's penis while Ana purses her lips and drives up and down his shaft. Kissa does one of her favorite moves, which involves going after Johnny's cock from underneath him, choking and gagging herself while producing excess spit. He lies down in the pool with Kissa atop him, watching Ana deepthroat his dick in preparation for Kissa's vagina. They move to fuck in missionary before Kissa hops off and sits on his face to give Ana a chance at riding. Ana's round booty glistens with all the lube as she shows she's not just a good throater, but a sexual minx.

Both Ana and Kissa then lie on their stomachs, their butts poked in the air for Johnny, who fucks Kissa first while groping Ana and spreading both their cheeks. Johnny bottoms out inside his girl wand the two indulge in Ana's pussy simultaneously when she throws her legs into the air. He continues playing with them both before he has a little fun with Ana in reverse cowgirl. He works Kissa into a slick spooning soon after with the help of Ana, and when it's the lucky guest's turn, she muffles herself with the plastic balls that surround them.

Kissa stacks herself on Ana while she's on her back in order to effectively performer the famous double-decker doggystyle that has been a staple of all of their previous volumes. Johnny finally snaps, taking full control with Ana, wrestling her into a rough but satisfying fucking that concludes with him exploding on her calves, the white of his cum contrasting with her dark skin. This is a scene marked by familiar action but also some terrific camera angles that show how well-shot this series is under the given gonzo circumstances. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 3: Johnny Sins, Kissa Sins, and Gina Valentina

Kissa and Gina Valentina devise their own rules for a game of billiards: for every shot they miss they have to take some article of clothing off of their body. Johnny joins in as well to see Kissa remarkably make two shots as well as Gina going zero for two and revealing petite breasts and an adorable butt under her already skimpy clothing. The camera doesn't even bother to show the shots, instead finding itself distracted by the figure of the ladies and their arousing stances as they try to line up their shots. It all makes for great, seductive foreplay.

The winner of the game is temptation, as Kissa takes off Gina's lingerie to eat her ass and share Johnny's big dick well before all the balls are sunk. They treat their fellow player to a messy, gurgling POV blowjob that has both of their eyes popping. It's such a fluid and exciting sequence that shows dedication to technique; Kissa bobs her ass up and down while slurping Johnny's shaft and Gina does all she can to choke herself on her girlfriend's man. Kissa is the first to ride Johnny with Gina's spit lubing his penis while she plays backup and puts her face deep in Kissa's ass. The camera is traded amongst the performers to capture tricky angles that maintain the good videography for gonzo porn.

Per usual, Kissa has a lot of fun with Gina's butthole before she lets her friend share her Brazillian pussy with Johnny. She rides with rigor, squatting atop his crotch and running him into the couch as she has her way, moving to shapeshift herself into a pretzel while she's taking on every inch. Some of the most fun moments to watch come when Kissa and Gina stack their asses on top of one another so Johnny can indulge in two beauties at the same time. Their pint-sized guest gets manhandled by Johnny while the two fuck standing up while continuing to pet Kissa's pussy as she takes Johnny deep when it's her turn. Kissa then gets a mouthful of balls and a lovely view of Gina in reverse cowgirl.

Things march to a conclusion when Gina backs up onto Johnny while her ass smothers Kissa. This proves to be the key position to end all as Johnny busts inside Gina and a sloppy creampie drips down to Kissa's lips. I can't wait to see more of Gina Valentina, hopefully with the Sins again, in due time. 4/5 stars.

Scene 4: Johnny Sins, Kissa Sins, and Violet Starr

Violet Starr, in an adorable "Thing 2" outfit, eagerly awaits Johnny's arrival so the wild threesome between them can begin, although there is an unforeseen twist that comes up a bit later. Johnny enters and enjoys the sight of both Violet and Kissa making out. A long foreplay sequence ends with the two giving their "daddy" a succulent blowjob.

"Show daddy how much you care," Kissa tells her gal-pal mid-deepthroat. Johnny overworks Violet with a sloppy face-fuck that produces various strands of saliva and a great camera angle between his legs. He then moves to bury his fingers deep inside her twat, following it up by roughly fucking her into the couch for the first position. Kissa subs in only long enough to bring a long pink dildo for her friend to gag on while she's met with some seriously deep and consistent strokes. Even when exhausted, Violet is great at sucking dick, even going the extra mile to give him a rimjob to show her dedication and her appreciation. In her unicorn onesie, Kissa bops back in to eat her friend out and also use that dildo on her pussy and slipping her tongue in her ass.

With her ass hiked in the air, Violet gets treated to more relentless deep-thrusts by Johnny, who pounds her off the couch. This calls for her to return to rimming and sucking Johnny's dick, deepthroating again like it's second nature. Johnny is in awe watching her sexual zeal continue as they bridge the gap to allow for more personal sex with her on his lap. He pulls her back up as Kissa squats over his head, resulting in the perfect leverage for the small Violet to be faced with Kissa's ass. Afterwards, he playfully cock-slaps Violet's face, letting it get even messier with the abundance of spit coating her face.

Johnny and Violet team up to eat Kissa out at the same time, resulting in her screaming with an orgasm. Johnny goes to finally give Kissa some love in the form of penetration and Violet latches on to his balls with her mouth in a quirky moment. Violet lies on top of Kissa in the home-stretch, exposing both of their pussies for daddy, who responds by ramming Violet from behind while she faceplants into Kissa's crotch Surprisingly, Johnny opts to cum inside Kissa; Violet shows she's a good girl and cleans it up before he confirms that both of his favorites have indeed made him a very happy daddy. 3.5/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Sins Life Sex Tour: Round 4 is the longest of the series thus far, clocking in at almost four hours and providing us with the same whirlwind of positions and sexual energy we've come to expect from porn's sexiest and most resilient duo. Perhaps a tad overlong, one thing this fourth installment doesn't lack is quality in every facet, from the starlets, to the sexual positions, to the camerawork, to the commitment from Johnny and Kissa Sins to turn out a great product. Their scene with Angela White deserves place on a highlight reel showcase for them going forward, and the longer scenes allow for them to reach their maximum potential as they go on. The only thing missing is the pre/post-sex flirtation that gives you that rawer, unedited glimpse into the lives of these minxes. All that withstanding, this is another big win for the Sins, who are likely in for another tremendous year of growth and well-deserved acclaim.

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