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Who's The Bitch Now

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 1/17/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian Vignettes


Cast: Reena Sky, Chanell Heart, Phoenix Marie, Jessa Rhodes, Mia Malkova

Director: Stills By Alan

Release Date: Dec. 4, 2017

Length: 1 hr. 47 min.

Extras: The Prize Fight BTS and two trailers


Overview: This nice little release from Girlsway features some of the best talent in the industry today telling stories about bitches. From cuckolded wives to domineering movie directors, these are nice little stories written by Bree Mills and Lucy J that are very well told by the terrific cast, under the usual expert direction of Stills By Alan we've all come to love.


Scene One: “Who's The Bitch Now, Pt. 1” starring Reena Sky and Chanell Heart


We start very nicely with Reena Sky in a bathtub, proudly displaying her fantastic tits. When she receives a text from her husband telling her he won't be able to make it for their anniversary she immediately assumes he's cheating on her and plots revenge. She decides to film herself having sex with someone and sending her husband the video, but with whom? Just then the doorbell rings and it's knockout beauty Chanell Heart who just moved in next door. Reena goes to set up the camera and then invites Chanell inside. Reena, still only dressed the robe from her bath, wastes no time in seducing Chanell. Chanell insists she's not a lesbian and that she's married to a male doctor. Reena tells her he's probably fucking his nurse, and that she should cheat on him to get even. Chanell tries to resist, but once Reena starts licking and sucking her nipple she begins to break down. Before long they're passionately making out on the couch, Reena grinding her pussy on Chanell's leg before sticking her tit in her mouth. Chanell marvels at Reena's fantastic boobs while Reena pulls Chanell's clothes off. She licks and kisses her way down Chanell's leg to her pussy, swiping her tongue over her clit before devouring it.


She licks and sucks on her clit while fingerbanging her, and it doesn't take long before the beautiful Chanell is bucking her hips and cumming in Reena's mouth and on her fingers. She slicks her cum off of Reena's fingers and Reena then climbs up and rides Chanell's face. She glides her pussy over Chanell's flicking tongue, all the while talking about how jealous this will make her husband. Reena's incredible body looks amazing as it grinds on Chanell's face, and eventually she's having an intense orgasm in her mouth. Reena kisses and licks all of her juices off of Chanell's face before climbing up and tribbing.


Reena holds on to Chanell's leg as they grind their pussies together, Reena grabbing and slapping Chanell's tit, and eventually the bumping pussies cum on each other. After the orgasms Chanell tells Reena she has to go. Reena tells her she's not going anywhere and that if she doesn't come to her bed she'll show the video to her husband. What happens upstairs? Stay tuned.


Scene Two: “The Stunt Double” starring Phoenix Marie, Jessa Rhodes and Mia Malkova


In this very hot and well made scene Phoenix Marie is playing a film director. The film-in-the-film stars Mia Malkova with Jessa Rhodes as her stunt double. When Phoenix's male lead is late she gets Jessa to fill in for him. However the scene requires kissing and Jessa makes it clear she's not a lesbian. This prompts Phoenix to coach her on how to kiss on screen. Jessa and Mia start making out under Phoenix's direction, but she just isn't getting it. So Phoenix tells Jessa to take off her shirt. She tells the now topless duo to feel each others tits as they kiss. And as Jessa starts to get more into it, it starts to turn Phoenix on as she starts to rub her pussy and pinch her own nipples. She tells them to lick each others nipples before ordering Jessa to take her pants off. When she resists Phoenix threatens her job and career. Jessa and Mia both take off their pants and Mia rubs Jessa's pussy while Phoenix eats out Mia's ass.


Jessa then sits on a stair step and spreads her legs for Mia to eat her pussy. With Pheonix's face squarely in Mia's ass, Mia makes Jessa cum with her mouth. Mia then stands up and leans against a wall for Jessa to eat her pussy while she makes out with Phoenix. As Jessa muches on her box Phoenix gets undressed showing off her amazing amazonian body. Mia sucks on Phoenix's boobs as Jessa licks her pussy and masturbates. Jessa then fingerbangs Mia and she and Phoenix rub each other's clits until Mia cums. Phoenix then joins Jessa in licking Mia's pussy and they each take turns making her cum on their mouths. They all make out for a moment before Jessa is on the star step and Pheonix is licking her clit while Mia fingerbangs her. They give Jessa an incredible orgasm before they decide it's Phoenix's turn to cum.


They start by sucking on her amazing tits before rubbing her fingering her pussy, Jessa's legs wide open for the audience to see her gorgeous pussy. Mia fingerbangs Phoenix to orgasm and Phoenix then orders her to eat Jessa's pussy. Mia devours and fingers Jessa to another orgasm before they rub Phoenix's pussy and asshole from behind. Jessa literally fists Phoenix, practically sticking her whole hand up inside her pussy making her explode. Phoenix then climbs up and rides Jessa's face,bouncing her incredible ass on her mouth, as Mia eats her pussy. Phoenix then climbs off and her and Mia make Jessa cum by rubbing and fingering her pussy and clit. A great scene featuring the always great Phoenix Marie.


Scene Three: “The Prize Fight” starring Phoenix Marie and Jessa Rhodes


Phoenix and Jessa are paired together again in another terrific, hilarious scene that concerns Phoenix confronting the girl who stole her ex husband. They start fighting in Jessa's house, ripping off each other's tops. Real life ex-fighter Phoenix Marie picks little Jessa up like a rag doll and throws her on the couch. The two topless women get turned on wrestling with each other and before long their pants are off and Phoenix is going down on Jessa's pussy. Jessa puts on Phoenix's glasses as Phoenix licks and sucks on Jessa's clit. Phoenix slaps and rubs Jessa's pussy until she cums and climbs up on top of her, talking dirty to her while Jessa rubs her pussy. Jessa throws Phoenix off of her and spreads her legs to much on her box. Then, in a very playful sequence, Jessa lays back and slaps Phoenix's pussy with her foot. Phoenix then shows her how it's done and presses her foot against Jessa's pussy, rubbing it until she cums again (like I said, hilarious).


Jessa then pulls out a vibrator and lays back in Phoenix's arms while Phoenix massages her clit with it. After the vibrator makes her cum Jessa applies it to Phoenix's moist pussy, massaging her clit with it. After her orgasm Phoenix then climbs up and rubs her pussy against Jessa's while Jessa sucks her tit. Phoenix then lays back with the vibrator and presses it against her clit while Jessa climbs up and lowers her pussy down in it, the vibrator giving them both sweet satisfaction as the gloriously cum together. Love this very playful scene with the two of the industries best and most talented performers.


Scene Four: “Who's The Bitch Now, Pt. 2” starring Reena Sky and Chanell Heart


When we last left Reena and Chanell they were heading upstairs after Reena threatened to blackmail Chanell if she didn't fuck her some more. The two naked beauties go to the bed and make out before Reena has Chanell in a pile driver, giving Reena very convenient access to Chanell's asshole and gorgeous pussy. Reena completely devours Chanell's pussy, licking, sucking and tonguing her, giving Chanell sweet multiple orgasms. Reena lays her belly down and starts licking Chanell's asshole from behind. The playful tickling of Reena's tongue makes Chanell cum as Reena rubs her pussy at the same time. Reena then lays back and Chanell eats Reena's fuzzy pussy, flicking and working her tongue from asshole to pussy, driving Reena crazy.


With her legs high in the air she cums on Chanell's face and then kisses and licks her juices off of her mouth. The then get into a 69, Chanell on top with a terrific shot of her beautiful pussy as Reena licks and eats it until they're both cumming. The end up kissing each other sensuously when Reena tells Chanell she's done with her today, same time tomorrow, to which Chanell reluctantly agrees. A very straight forward well made sex scene with a fitting end to the story.


Final Thoughts: This is a very well made, no frills release from Girlsway. It assembles some of the very best talent in the field today. And I'm not going to hold back when I say I was so thrilled to the the always terrific Phoenix Marie in a Girlsway production. I've always been a big fan of the tall, blonde, talented amazon who is such a sexual powerhouse in nearly everything she does. She always takes command of every scene she's in, almost to the point of overshadowing her costars. However she doesn't do that here. Which is a good thing because when your working with such amazing performers as Jessa Rhodes and Mia Malkova, it's always best to just let them shine with you. As for the titular scenes, they were great. Both Reena and Chanell are so sexy and talented that the pairing was magical. This was a very good release. Like I said, no frills, but it's still very well made and the performances are top notch. So I definitely Highly Recommend this one.

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