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Trashy Love Story

Studio: TRENCHCOATx » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/19/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 40 minutes                          

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Couples; Feature

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in 4K

Director: Kayden Kross

Cast: Starring Holly Hendrix with Evelyn Claire, Riley Nixon, Kenzie Reeves, Donnie Rocks, Jessy Jones, Stallion Strong and guest appearances by Anna DeVille and Vienna Black

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; TrenchcoatX Promo Trailer; Website Information


The studio TrenchcoatX believes in balancing high-quality porn with high-quality pay for pornstars and affordable prices for consumers. They are pushing out good stuff with a fresh take on sex stories. The flick, Trashy Love Story, is a great example of the studio’s work and it’s a flick I highly recommend. Directed by Kayden Kross, this movie brings a cohesive trailer trash story to life across five great sex scenes. Holly Hendrix stars in the movie and is a convincing young girl who would do anything for her boyfriend Donnie, including giving him car head. If only Donnie was more committed to her and their relationship. After arriving at a trailer park party, he gets head from another partygoer without regard for Holly’s feelings. This sets off a series of encounters that begin with Holly getting her pussy pumped by fellow partygoer Jessy Jones. Her philandering boyfriend gets more head from Riley Nixon and Riley catches Stallion Strong’s cock in a bedroom bang. Everything comes full circle for Holly when she fucks Donnie’s sister, Evelyn Claire, in the closing scene, discovering a new passion for pussy. This is a well-rounded flick with great performances, hot sex, and realistic backgrounds and visuals that come together in a trashy way.

Scene 1:  Holly Hendrix, Kenzie Reeves, and Donnie Rocks

This movie opens at a very fast pace with Holly giving Donnie some car head as they make their way through a farm and eventually to a house party. Donnie drinks and drives while getting his cock sucked. Holly is eager to please him and she sucks him off. When they drive up to the house, Holly continues to please her boyfriend, lubing his cock with her spit and bobbing her head up and down as she swallows his meat. Donnie takes another swig of his beer then zips up his pants and tells Holly that they need to go inside to the party. The porch out front is filled with partygoers, drinking beer and socializing. Donnie goes into the house ahead of Holly who stops in her tracks after making eye contact with a girl on the porch. Once Holly makes her way inside the house, she finds a motley crew of people hanging out at the party. There’s porn playing on the big screen TV and people are sitting around having a good time. She can’t believe what she’s seeing. Donnie is sitting on the couch making out with Kenzie who is half naked and sitting on his lap. The distraught Holly grabs a drink out of the ice chest and watches in anguish as she is betrayed.

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Jessy Jones has his eye on Holly and he introduces himself and tries to get her mind off the situation. Holly is defensive and uninterested in Jessy’s advances. Donnie and Kenzie get up and take their affair to the bathroom. Holly won’t stand for it. She bangs on the door, calling after Donnie. He laughs and tells her the bathroom is occupado. Jessy invites Holly to go somewhere away from this situation and get her mind off Donnie. They walk away and the action returns to Donnie and Kenzie. She is giving him a blowjob in the bathroom over the toilet, licking his balls and spitting on his cock. “You like that,” Kenzie asks him right before deep throating his prick. These two are having fun at the party, sneaking away for some quick head in the bathroom. Donnie sits on the toilet and Kenzie bends over to suck on his cock. She puts on a show for him, turning around and bending over to show him her ass and pretty pussy. She lies on the floor on her back, opens her legs wide, and plays with her pussy for Donnie, making his cock hard. He jerks off and shoots his load down her throat and on her face. Then she sucks and licks the cum off his cock. Donnie tells her he’s got to get back to the party.

Scene 2: Holly Hendrix and Jessy Jones

Jessy takes Holly to the bedroom and chases out another couple who’s making out. He makes small talk with Holly and learns that she moved out here for Donnie. Holly realizes it’s so stupid now. Donnie cheers her up by playing the guitar for her and encourages her to give it a try. Holly likes the attention she’s getting from Jessy and is starting to find him sexy. She stares at him as he plays a song then presses her lips near his ear and asks him if he’s OK being a rebound. “I am if you are,” Jessy answers. She kisses him with passion and longing then starts stripping out of her clothes as they make out. Jessy fingers her hairy pussy, turning her on while she kisses him. Holly sticks her finger in her ass hole while Jessy sticks his dick in her mouth. She looks up at him while sucking his dick with no hands. She rubs her face with his cock, telling him how much she wants it. Jessy licks her pussy then penetrates it with his hard cock, spooning her. He starts drilling her cunt slowly, working his way deeper and deeper inside her. Soon, Jessy is stretching Riley’s pussy out, stuffing it with every inch of his cock. He chokes her while banging her pussy, pleasing her. “Yes, just like that,” she tells him.

Holly soon forgets about her two-timing boyfriend. She is caught up in ecstasy with Jessy as he fucks her. Missionary style comes next and Holly enjoys it. She rides him cowgirl style and then bends over on all fours for a session of doggy style fucking, mixing in a bit of anal sex in between. Missionary style fucking continues until Jessy pulls out of her pussy and pops all over her thigh and ass cheek. “I needed this so bad,” Holly says.

Scene 3: Riley Nixon and Donnie Rocks

Evelyn is cooking pasta in a trailer home, talking with Riley about Evelyn’s brother, Donnie. Riley thinks he’s so trashy. Donnie barges into, interrupting the girls’ conversation. He asks them if they’re talking about him. The girls deny it until Donnie takes out his cock and aims it at Riley. Evelyn is disgusted by this behavior and she leaves the trailer home. Riley, on the other hand, gets on her knees and starts sucking Donnie’s cock. She drops the bra and plays with her tits while spitting on his dick. Donnie’s cock puts a smile on Riley’s face as she works it in and out of her mouth. Donnie sits so Riley can get better access to his prick. She jerks and sucks it some more, looking up at him from time to time. “You’re a good little cock sucker, huh,” Donnie says to Riley. She accepts his compliment and stuffs his prick even further down her throat. Riley uses his dick to beat her tits then she hugs his cock with her boobs, initiating a round of titty fucking. Once she puts his cock back in her mouth, her sucking causes Donnie to cum. He feeds her with his spunk then says he thought she was only going to give him the case of blue balls. Riley says, “I didn’t realize you were going to cum so quick.” And with that, she stands up and leaves the trailer.

Scene 4: Riley Nixon and Stallion Strong

This next scene begins outdoors with Evelyn and Stallion shooting at cans. Holly grabs the gun away from Stallion and tells him his aim isn’t shit. She hits the can with one shot. The three of them go for a walk down a dirt path and find Riley sitting on the back of a pickup truck full of water, sunbathing and drinking a beer. Stallion joins her on the truck and starts making out with her. This turns Evelyn off again, and she and Holly leave in the disgust. Stallion and Riley decide to go indoors to finish what they started. Back in the bedroom, the two get naked and kiss some more with Stallion discovering Riley’s nipples and clit. He sucks her nipples and fingers her pussy, making Riley’s body writhe from side to side. These two get real passionate with their tonguing, stuffing each other’s mouth with their tongues. Riley jerks Stallion’s cock while they kiss, making it hard. She turns him over onto his back and works her magic with her mouth, sucking and licking his cock to his satisfaction.

Riley straddles him then aims his cock at her pussy, finally sitting on it and riding it in cowgirl position. The passion between these two continues as they kiss while Riley slowly bounces up and down on Stallion’s dick. She soon succumbs to the sensation of getting her pussy stretched and closes her eyes in total pleasure. He spanks her big round ass and pumps her pussy, making her scream out. Riley climbs off his cock and sucks it then she lies on her side for a round of spoon fucking. Stallion quickly stuffs her pussy with his dick and drill her cunt. He grips her around the neck while fucking her pussy and Riley’s expression and constant moaning show how much she is enjoying his cock. They fuck doggy style followed by missionary position, keeping Riley’s pussy stretched out. He pumps her cunt faster and faster right up until he can’t hold his cum back anymore. Stallion pulls out and blasts her bushy pussy with spunk and laughs as some of his load splashes on her stomach and tits.

Scene 5: Holly Hendrix and Evelyn Claire

The closing scene of the flick is the only girl/girl in the moving. Holly is sitting in the trailer reading when Donnie comes out of the bathroom, rips the book out of her hands and throws it across the room. By this time, Holly has had enough. She stands up to him and the way he has treated her. “You’re a piece of shit, Donnie,” she tells him. He storms out, saying that they’re done. Evelyn comes in and talks to Holly about the horrible relationship Holly has had with her brother, Donnie. Holly is over all of it and wonders if Evelyn is up to one of her antics, trying to convince Holly that she’s the best thing for her. Evelyn tells Holly that she has tried Donni already and that didn’t work. “Do me a favor,” Evelyn says. “Kiss me back this time.” Holly is open to this new sexual adventure after the horrible time she has had with Donnie. When Evelyn leans in to kiss her, this time Holly kisses her back without hesitation, beginning a sexual journey for both girls.

Holly sits on Evelyn’s lap and kisses her with commitment. Soon both girls are out of their tops, kisses each other’s nipples until Holly takes over and strips Evelyn out of her clothes. Holly kisses her way down Evelyn’s body to her pussy and tongues it, making Evelyn cry out. Holly enjoys eating Evelyn’s pussy, telling her it’s so pretty. Evelyn returns the favor and eats Holly’s hairy snatch. The girls do a 69 with Evelyn seated and Holly standing over her, pushing her pussy into Evelyn’s face and bending over to finger Evelyn’s cunt. “I’m going to make your pussy cum,” Holly tells Evelyn. Holly sits on Evelyn and grinds her pussy against Evelyn’s until they cum. The kiss each other uncontrollably after discovering this new love story.

Final Thoughts:

Trashy Love Story is a well-thought-out, cohesive story of tawdry trailer park sex-centered around a move for independence by the flick’s lead starlet Holly Hendrix. I highly recommend this movie. At the start of the movie, Holly is fully committed to her man, Donnie, and is giving him car head as they drive up to a trailer park party. Donnie, however, is not so committed and once inside the party, he gets head from someone else. Angry and hurt, the distraught Holly is soon comforted by Jessy Jones’ cock in a back room bang that includes anal. Donnie gets more head from Riley Nixon in a trailer home, but Riley has Stallion’s cock on her mind and hosts it deep inside her pussy later that day. In the end, Holly comes into her own, stands up to her uncommitted boyfriend who finally leaves in disgust. His sister, Evelyn, comforts Holly and fulfills her girl/girl fantasy with Holly, promising that their relationship together will be much better than the one Holly had with Donnie. Kayden Kross is great at directing this flick with all its trailer trash backdrops and visuals. The movie is out of the TrenchcoatX studio that has been producing good quality porn. It’s a different kind of flick that mixes a great story, great performances, and hot sex across five enjoyable scenes.

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