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Sperm Diet 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 1/21/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Content: 4/5 stars

Running Time: 4 hours, 56 minutes

Cast: Nadia White, Ariella Ferrera, Katrina Jade, Maya Bijou, Abella Danger, Gina Valentina, Jill Kassidy, Holly Hendrix, Brianna Bentley, and Jade Luv

Directed by: Jonni Darkko

Genres: Big Boobs, Big Cock, Blowjobs, Gonzo, POV

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Cumshots, cast list - very weak assortment of bonus content

Overview: Jonni Darkko is one of porn's best directors working today, and no other studio has been able to churn out lengthy blowjob compilations quite like Evil Angel. I was convinced of the latter after sitting through the five hour Swallowed.com Volume 11, which I found to be a uniformly exciting, nonstop adrenaline rush featuring the sexiest women in porn committing to an endurance test of cocksucking. With Sperm Diet 2, the second installment in Darkko's ongoing franchise, I thought it would be appropriate to switch up my style of reviewing for this particular disc. I've broken down each scene into five simple categories that highlight what I believe the average viewer of this installment might be looking for. Don't expect this with every review going forward; I'll reserve it for the special ones.

Scene 1, Disc 1: Nadia White and Jonni Darkko

Scene concept: Sperm Diet 2 opens with an alluring showcase of the best parts of Nadia White's body. Her huge breasts, bulging pink lips, and killer curves dominate Jonni Darkko's camera as she prepares to deliver a messy blowjob. She confirms she's the real deal by practicing on a two-foot long dildo, prompting her to gag in preparation of Jonni's cock.

Blowjob technique: As soon as Jonni's cock appears, Nadia goes to work by fellating it deep. She pushes her nose to his stomach in efforts to swallow his entire shaft. Bubbly clumps of saliva coat her lips and chin after every deepthroat, and her mouth takes up so much room on his penis that there is no room for her hands except for at the base of his crotch. "You don't need to breathe," Jonni tells her as he continues to fill her throat with his girth; she accepts without much hesitation, determined to show what a skilled deepthroater she is. Nadia takes a break only to fellate the aforementioned dildo as spit runs down her tits. I lost count of how many times she deepthroated Jonni; by the time things end, she is gleefully messy in her efforts.

Additional details: To start, Nadia wraps her hands around his legs so he can push his cock down her throat at his speed. Nadia growls and gurgles while maintaining lustful eye contact. She finds time to show Jonni's balls love as well as full versatility of emotions, from determination to simple pleasure in the middle of sucking dick. An amazing deepthroat moment occurs when she finds herself softly biting down on his shaft and slipping her tongue out of create pleasure in the most subtle and dirties possible way. Drool continues to ooze out of Nadia's mouth, even as she smashes Jonni's balls on her lips and somehow stays in control when she is taking his cock upside down. She's a real marvel.

Camera angles: Most of the time, the scene sticks to a POV setup, something Jonni Darkko knows quite well. There are some high angle shots looking up at Nadia's face from under her spit-drenched breasts, as well as closeups on her eyes. Another angle shows the blowjob action from the side, mirroring the way "Throated" videos are shot, thus highlighting Nadia's ability to massage balls, deepthroat, and maintain eye contact all within the same shot. Final scenes show closeups on Nadia's face as she sucks Jonni's cock when he rests on the couch or is more active in thrusting his cock down her throat while she lies upside down.

Overall: This is a wild opening scene, continuous in its ability to show Nadia White at her most insatiable all while keeping the gonzo action clear and enjoyable. A strong scene to show Nadia's abilities. 4/5 stars.

Scene 2, Disc 1: Ariella Ferrera, Rob Piper, and Jonni Darkko

Scene concept: The plentifully buxom and immaculately shaped Ariella Ferrera strikes a goddess pose in see-through black lingerie while touching herself in anticipation of a great throat-fuck from Jonni Darkko.

Blowjob technique: Things begin with a surprise guest appearance by Rob Piper, who brings his eight inch cock to serve as a double-feature of sorts for Ariella. She can't quite hold her deepthroat for an extended period of time, though she does swallow him whole several times. She employs her hand to lovingly stroke him in order to further stimulate his shaft, and she glides her mouth on his cock, also cupping her hands around the base of his cock and pulling him down her throat. It's a pretty intense blowjob; one that doesn't lead you to believe the lovely lady is intimidated by Rob's size.

When Jonni enters, she slaps his cock on her face before diving into fellating his penis melodically. Her technique with him is a lot slower, even when it builds towards a messy consistency, but she changes her skills up frequently because Jonni sitting down allots for things to move a bit differently.

Additional details: Ariella licks Rob's ass early on, remaining active by stroking his dick at the same time. Meanwhile, great passion between the two is shown when they kiss and lock eyes. "I want you to pour yourself down my throat," she tells him while stroking him into her mouth, begging for it as he cums on her tongue. When she sucks Jonni, he enjoys a voluptuous titfuck to compliment the experience. Ariella dives deep down to lick his asshole too, spreading the love before creating pressure on his balls when Jonni's camera shifts to a side-view of the action. Despite aiming for her mouth, he shoots all over her face, causing a messy blast that Ariella handles like the professional she is.

Camera angles: Jonni's camera captures tight closeups on Ariella sucking Rob's dick, and his side-angles give the facefucking scenes with him a clear look at the action. It's no surprise that when he's the center of her oral fixation, a POV style takes over and provides an enhanced visual of how much she can take especially as his cock starkly contrasts the size of her face.

Overall: Ariella Ferrera has the unique task of taking on two dicks in one scene, and frequently remarks about how thirsty of a girl she is. After handling Rob in a knockout fashion, she tames the beast in Jonni, solidifying a strong scene that shows her staying true to the titular diet. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 3, Disc 1: Katrina Jade and Jonni Darkko

Scene concept: I can just look at Katrina Jade and feel overwhelmed by her intense and fierce beauty. Perhaps it's the man-eater look in her eyes or the perfectly illustrated "Slut" tattoo on her ass — or quite possibly it's her unquenchable thirst for sex that she demonstrates in every scene she does. Although brief, her showcase here hits all the right notes with Jonni capturing all the great angles on this devilish minx.

Blowjob technique: Katrina is a "hungry slut for cum," which is one of the many naughty things she claims throughout the scene. Jonni makes her beg for his cock, and as soon as she gets it in her mouth, she smoothly devours it, concealing sloppy gurgling and choking by forcing it deep in her throat. Though her oral sounds are muffled by a mouth tightly locked on our leading man's cock, we can still hear them clearly while Katrina flaunts impeccable oral agility by not flinching when Jonni throatfucks her or lets her take control of the scene. She pets the top of his dick with her tongue at one point, and her eyes gouge on a recurring basis upon deepthroating. Both Katrina and Jonni have a playful chemistry, and we even see the sloppy residue in the form of saliva-strands when the angle shifts to a more accommodating view.

Additional details: As stated, the two have a playful chemistry together. On three different occasions, Katrina does a killer move when she goes as deep as she can on Jonni's cock before pulling back mere seconds after rolling her eyes backwards int her head. She keeps claiming she loves making herself "ugly" with every deepthroat, but that could not be more false. She keeps an unbreakable eye contact when she makes love to his balls, and licks from them down to his asshole, proving she has no inhibitions as if there were any doubts harbored by any fan going into this scene.

Camera angles: Closeups take over here to assure we see every angle of this goddess. Jonni implements a POV to start things off and when he sits down. Although involved in sloppy and probably heavenly fellatio skills, he keeps a closeup upon the shift to a view from the side, showing what a commendable talent Jonni Darkko is even when he's tasked with being both the talent and the director in one scene.

Overall: It's Katrina Jade. It's Jonni Darkko. It's Evil Angel, one of the studios alongside HushPass, which can adequately illustrate the uninhibited style of one of the nastiest stars in porn. 4.5/5 stars.

Scene 4, Disc 1: Maya Bijou and Jonni Darkko

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Scene concept: Maya Bijou comes to her scene sporting a gold-colored choker and a sexy pink bra and pantie combo. Jonni's camera is in love with her, though it doesn't have to work too hard to find a good side on the starlet. She promises loyal viewers sloppy head while warming up with a giant black dildo.

Blowjob technique: Her first suck is a deepthroat, which has her gurgling to trap every inch down her throat. Maya pushes the back of her throat onto Jonni's cock, coating it in spit and loudly gagging to further assure she can down every inch. Her technique is never squandered no matter what move she tries. One particularly memorable moment comes when she Jonni inches himself down her mouth stopping only upon her cue to slap her face with his cock. Maya's relentless drooling practically renders her drowning. When she's on all fours, things are moreso dictated by Jonni's thrusts, which cause long strands of spit to fall from her face as she strokes him down her throat.

Additional details: Maya uses the black dildo in conjunction with Jonni's cock to stretch out her mouth as far as it can be stretched. Jonni gets a bit daring by making sure to include an adjacent mirror in his shots of Maya sucking cock, so we can watch her cute little ass bob and in turn she can see herself getting messy all over his lap. She continues by cupping her tits while sucking, transitioning to a titfuck ever so seamlessly while totally begging for his cum. Jonni delivers a thick load on her tongue, but that doesn't stop her from still trying to get it deep down her throat.

Camera angles: Jonni again relies heavily on POV, though this is not a deterrent. It's great to see Maya's ever-changing technique up close and to the side, for Jonni knows how to highlight her constantly evolving process.

Overall: Maya Bijou is an underrated porn star with a distinct ability to deepthroat and cough up a lung when tasked with taking a cock deep down her throat to maintain her "sperm diet." It's great to see a collaboration with Jonni Darkko, who makes sure she's up for the task as well as assure she doesn't disappoint. 4/5 stars.

Scene 5, Disc 1: Abella Danger and Jonni Darkko

Scene concept: If there is one porn star I'd watch deepthroat and accentuate her blowjob prowess for an extended period of time, it's Abella Danger. She has been nothing but an enticing, consistently entertaining force of nature for the last two years and the sensual look in her eyes seen in the first few minutes of this scene show she didn't come to mess around. "My mouth is all yours today," she erotically whispers while swaying her butt side-to-side.

Blowjob technique: Abella starts by tracing her lips around the tip of Jonni's dick, but interestingly moves to his balls to start things off. She's in no rush, something she makes abundantly clear while making love to Jonni's sack while carefully stroking his penis; she's determined to make this his best blowjob ever. She also has an intriguing way of forcing her fingers in her mouth while deepthroating. I'm not sure it aids her skills but it challenges her in an intoxicating way that adds to an already watchable scene. With that, she presses her hands on his crotch in order to assure her throating is firm and satisfying. She pinches her own nose while Jonni forces her head down, essentially waterboarding herself while continuing to use her hand to aid when the camera angle switches up. Later in the scene, Abella grips Jonni's balls in order to make her deepthroating that much easier, although it's not like she had much visible difficultly before. She begs for his cum through gurgling saliva that makes it sound as if she's underwater.

Additional details: It's kind of a fun challenge to see Abella try and stick her tongue out mid-deepthroat, which she has a hard time doing in contrast to the other starlets. She smothers Jonni's dick between her plump tits at one point, and by the time the camera shifts to a side-view, Jonni's dick is made soggy thanks to Abella's tremendous oral skills. She even goes far enough to snort the spit off his dick, as if she's attempting to one-up Katrina Jade in total nastiness. In the middle of blowing spit bubbles, Abella lets Jonni smear all the accumulated saliva on her face and she responds by blowing bubbles and making the most out of the scorching moment. This serves as the basis for one of the cutest moments of the discs: Jonni's cum pops one of Abella's spit bubbles as a strand makes a landing on her tongue.

Camera angles: Jonni's camera is in love with Abella, for there are a plethora of closeups and intimate glamour shots of her and her figure. In addition involved POV closeups get to the heart of Abella's technique and make this scene fly by thanks to how much it reveals in such a short amount of time.

Overall: I adore Abella Danger, and this unflinchingly nasty little showcase lets her be herself and run wild, all aided by Jonni Darkko's commitment to craft. 4/5 stars.

Scene 1, Disc 2: Gina Valentina and Jonni Darkko

Scene concept: Gina Valentina rocks an arousing black bra and pantie combo just as well as she does a look of lust and uninhibited sex. She talks up a new sperm diet to Jonni, and claims she needs her daily dose of protein. Of course he's happy to aid her, and his consent brings about a careful handjob from Gina.

Blowjob technique: Because Jonni sits in a very accessible way, it allows Gina to have full range of motion when sucking, stroking, and massaging. She can pounce on his cock and be as sloppy as she wants with as much handwork as she desires. The act is especially noisy when she forces his cock to punch the back of her throat. In addition, the POV angle here gets her to fight a bit more and show her eyes fluttering as she tries to take every inch of his dick. She makes her technique a tad more polished by pressing her hands firmly on crotch while forcing his cock into her mouth, making for a lovely sequence of her sinking down on it when it's extra slippery. Her technique is indeed challenged when Jonni rises and tries to give her his cock all at once. With this, and given Gina's sloppy face within mere moments of him standing, it doesn't take Jonni long to finish and provide Gina with the necessary ingredient for her diet.

Additional details: A little while in, Gina reveals her deceptively complex stimulation of Jonni's balls, which involves cupping her mouth around them both and evoking her teeth and tongue at different times to change up the feel. She spends an extended amount of time below the dick, clenching his sack with an iron grip at one point while going all-out and making love with it. I could watch a whole scene of this action.

Camera angles: Jonni employs a side-view camera, which allows good depth perception beyond Gina's oral skills. We can see her back, her booty, and her legs all while never losing sight of a solid blowjob.

Overall: I just watched Gina Valentina in a knockout scene for Sins Life Sex Tour: Round 4, so seeing her hone her skills and do another great job is a real plus. She handles Jonni well and one could believe that her visceral talents will one day lead to her perhaps getting her very own Evil Angel showcase title. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 2, Disc 2: Jill Kassidy and Jonni Darkko

Scene concept: I admittedly underestimated Jill Kassidy and her deepthroating abilities when I first saw her in Swallowed.com Volume 11. With her alongside Jillian Janson, "could she hold her own?," I wondered. It took maybe ten minutes into the scene before my expectations were blown away. She was electric and it's great she gets time here to continue to flaunt her style, this time with her commanding your undivided attention as a viewer. Her glamour solo shows her spreading her ass in a revealing blue outfit that covers her butthole with only a slim piece of fabric. Though this is an oral showcase for her, it's all about her ass in the opening minutes and she clearly loves it.

Blowjob technique: With blue lingerie, pink heels, and yellow nails, the radiantly colorful Jill Kassidy steps up to suck Jonni's cock with her face being the center of the screen in a low-angle POV. Jill makes Jonni sticky by spitting all over him only to slurp up the excess drool to lather it on again with excess saliva. She also shows she's a dual threat cocksucker by precisely timing her hand and mouth work; her eyes squint the deeper Jonni forces himself down her throat but she always finds a way to persist through. When he stands up and lets her deepthroat, untamed gagging ensues with spit-strands flying and congealing on her lips and chin. Jonni is left in awe, which is really all that needs to be said. This is a dream blowjob.

Additional details: Jonni's camera manages to find ways to capture Jill's beauty, which obviously goes beyond her face. He makes sure to have her hips and ass in frame at all times, so we can watch her intoxicating figure and body language as she strives to be the star sword-swallower of the disc. Jonni goes on to slam his balls against Jill's chin at one point while he simultaneously forces his cock down her trap, and she somehow keeps herself composed, if messy, during the entire event. During the home-stretch, Jill locks on with the viewer thanks to her unbroken eye contact, including when she shows off her balllicking technique, which largely has her taking one inside her mouth at a time. She's so adorably sloppy with it that it makes the scene fly by.

Camera angles: Jonni looks as if he uses a "fisheye" POV lens to start off the scene, which would explain why Jill's face looks so much more pronounced than that of the other women's, and it allows us to really see her lips and face throughout the sequence. His side-angle shows us how much she's really wolfing down, and everything reverts back to a more conventional but workable POV shot at the end.

Overall: Jill Kassidy is the real deal and this scene could very well be the best blowjob she's ever given on camera. It's certainly the best of the disc. 5/5 stars.

Scene 3, Disc 2: Holly Hendrix and Jonni Darkko

Scene concept: The petite and punky Holly Hendrix dons a butchered pink crop-top and fashionably worn booty-hugging jean-shorts that accentuate the most favorable attributes of her figure. I love her style, but that, like her body, isn't made picturesque overnight, which is why she takes a moment to explain to Jonni how her "sperm diet" has helped her; once he agrees to help her remain loyal to her dietary plan, she can't pull his pants down fast enough.

Blowjob technique: Holly starts by getting her canvas oily with a generous amount of lube, something that will prove to be a common occurrence from both her and Jonni in the minutes to come. She begins with a rhythmic handjob, slowly working her way to the balls while stroking, successfully implementing the art of the tease. Her lips make a landing on the head of his cock, gradually coming down to take the bulk of his shaft, and it drives Jonni nuts in the process. Eventually, to her own volition and Jonni's assured hands, she floods his cock with spit, using it to blow bubbles while letting loose all over him. "I'm such a dirty girl getting my health snack," she tells him at one point.

Additional details: A fun moment arises when Holly uses Jonni's cock to stab her cheek for several seconds, with both of them simply letting the drool from her mouth fall onto his lap. Throughout the scene, they're assisted by copious amounts of lube, though Holly's mouth is plenty messy. She also demonstrates good affinity for ballicking, and she enjoys making the "popping" noise by quickly releasing them out of her mouth a little too much — yet it's all in charming good fun. She gets naughty when moving to tongue his ass, and by the end, her entire mouth is caked in drool. Jonni keeps supplying lube almost as signal for Holly to continue challenging herself.

Camera angles: This scene is all POV with no additional camera angles; not even the side-view we come to anticipate. It's all crystal clear, at least.

Overall: Holly Hendrix's scene is a bit long and repetitive given the static videography, and with that, it doesn't feel as uniformly put-together as the other scenes. The way Holly does break out the martini glass to savor her load of cum is charming, however, and the scene gets by thanks to her style and oral talent being well-communicated, as well as solid moments of additional tongue-action other places. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 4, Disc 2: Brianna Bentley and Jonni Darkko

Scene concept: Pink is Brianna Bentley's color and all the evidence you need is her scene in Sperm Diet 2. It's on her lips, it's on her hips in the form of an extra-small pair of transparent underwear, and, if only for a moment, it's the color of a flowery bra that tries to conceal a healthy pair of pierced breasts on the 5'7'' Asian starlet. Her warmup method of choice is a Hitachi, which she rubs on her clit while softly stroking Jonni and letting him toy with her perky nipples.

Blowjob technique: When the foreplay concludes, Brianna gets to work on Jonni, who towers over her when standing on the bed. She begins by sliding her mouth roughly halfway down his dick with the easy guidance of her hand, but loses it quickly to make her eyes and prolific gulps the main focus of the moment. She talks dirty to entice him, especially when giving him a handjob, and orally massages his balls to further excite. Her method is simple: she wraps her lip around the head of his penis and strokes his shaft, resulting in a simple and always reliable technique.

Additional details: When playing with her Hitachi and warming Jonni up with a few firm strokes, Brianna causes a tiny bit of pre-cum to release from his dick, confirming that he is wildly excited to see what else she can do. During the blowjob, she doesn't let go of her grip on his sack, even when she descends down to lick his asshole. Her dedication to fondling his balls and licking his ass directs her attention away from the dick in a move I suppose was going to happen sooner or later with a five-hour blowjob disc. As a seasoned porn-fan might expect, there is a titfuck sequence, and it's a pretty hot one, if hindered a tad by the camerawork, which falters more here than it has thus far.

Camera angles: Jonni's camera is reliant on closeups on all the right areas of Brianna's body to begin the scene. The POV is offset a little bit by wobbly camerawork that results from Jonni standing on the bed, but it's steadied rather nicely as the scene continues. Some shots are a bit too close, however, and Jonni strains to follow Brianna beyond his lap-area when she makes a dash for his balls and ass.

Overall: Even if this serves as the scene with the weakest camerawork of the disc, it's still strong and not too distant from what Jonni so consistently delivers. The scene becomes a bit too much about the details in Brianna's pursuit of sucking balls and licking ass than it does the blowjob, which could be disappointing for fans that want to see the beauty's blowjob skills on full display. 3/5 stars.

Scene 5, Disc 2: Jade Luv and Jonni Darkko

Scene concept: Jade Luv is all smiles as she rubs her pussy and tenderly touches her breasts in preparation for a messy blowjob. She's an alluring box of excitement, never resting her face as she's left quivering thanks to her sensitive touch.

Blowjob technique: Because Jonni starts with a side-view angle, we see h ow Jade responds when she's not entirely in control. Jonni makes an effort to poke her throat and cheeks while she remains on all fours, commendably managing to accommodate his thick cock without making herself too messy. She's in a position that ordinarily transcends into facefucking rather quickly, so the fact that she rather elegantly conducts her blowjob initially shows she doesn't mess around and get things too raucous out of the gate. Jade's slurping sounds are lovely and musically succinct against her and Jonni's moans of satisfaction. The gagging becomes more clear, and so do the copious amounts of spit, during the concluding POV shot when Jades' on her knees, stroking Jonni as well. Her strong cocksucking skills lead to him dropping a load right into her mouth, and her responding by spitting it back all over his dick and her breasts.

Additional details: Jonni grabs Jade's hair when he's about 2/3rds of the way down her throat; Jade remarkably doesn't flinch and this is what makes her watchable even for a scene that's not at all taxing at about 20 minutes long. It would've been nice to differentiate this rather conventionally structured scene with more banter on Jade's behalf. She's so involved in her technique that it would at least be nice for her to break free for a couple seconds to flirt and create an even steamier atmosphere between her and her man. She's a workaholic nonetheless, at one point trying to get Jonni's whole package of shaft and balls in her mouth at once.

Camera angles: POV is sacrificed for the side-angle in the very beginning, but makes a return in the concluding moments almost as a ceremonious "return to form" also in efforts to end the disc. There's a loose 69 filmed entirely at Jonni's lower-half, which permits Jade to have more freedom to suck as well. Very routine camera-setups for the most part.

Overall: As the final scene in a marathon compilation, it somewhat underwhelms due to its predictabilities. It might've been better to pepper the set's conclusion with Nadia White's sloppy scene or Maya Bijou showing off her talents. Jade Luv makes for a beautiful and engaging presence on-screen, but like Brianna Bentley's scene, it all feels slightly perfunctory. 3/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Like I said in my Swallowed.com Volume 11 review, I laud anyone who can honestly sit through a five-hour porn compilation of any kind, especially one with an ostensibly thin concept like Sperm Diet 2 that includes no penetration. Jonni Darkko is at the point in his Hall of Fame career when this kind of venture doesn't seem like a daunting challenge so much as another opportunity for creativity to flourish. He terrifically directs this two-disc, ten-scene compilation with all the great skill and polish we've come to expect from him, and as a result, he brings out some of the best scenes from Katrina Jade, Maya Bijou, Abella Danger, and Jill Kassidy. He fails no one in the sense that he allows their spirits and sexual drive to emerge by way of what others could see as a maddeningly restrictive thesis for a DVD, especially one this lengthy, but Sperm Diet 2 affirms he's a craftsmen and one that believes in going the extra mile even if his work puts him in compromising, if desirable, positions.

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