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Training of O Dani Daniels, The

Studio: Kink.com » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/23/18

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Genres: BDSM, Star Showcase, Fetish, Aversion Therapy

Director: Uncredited


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Cast:  Dani Daniels, Tommy Pistol, James Mogul, Ramon Nomar, Michael Vegas

Length: 3 hours 11 minutes

Date of Release: January 5, 2018

Extras: Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Peter Acworth Bio, Website Info

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent on both fronts.

Overview: Training of O is a long-running series for kink.com members but this was the first time I've checked it out. Members will be familiar with the concept but for those that aren't familiar with it here's the low-down. Like other kink.com works, most of these scenes go down in a fully equipped dungeon that combines highly skilled dominants with submissive starlets. Dani Daniels is the starlet here and I felt the need to check this out because I'm familiar with plenty of her dungeon exploits and am acutely aware of her phobia of canes. For this title, she has scheduled four days of shooting to get trained by James Mogul. She's specifically here for some therapy that will help her get over her long-standing fear of canes. Unlike many of the kink.com features I've seen, this one actually involves sex rather than just extreme BDSM. They use sex with Dani in order to help her associate something she loves with her fear in order to overcome the fear.

This is not an adult title for the masses, to be sure. It's more like a case study of a psychological retraining. If you're still with me, then below you will get a detailed account of each day, the sex and the props involved. This is all real, not staged. You will witness Dani Daniels go from the pretty-faced starlet you love, into a complete and total crumpled mess on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably as she works through her fear.

As always with kink.com titles, I want to point out, there are strict safety rules in place. These are professionals in controlled environments. Every time Dani cries or "freaks out a bit", everything stops and they have a thorough conversation about her physical and mental well-being. Before and after each sequence they do an interview in which she assures the interviewer, and the viewer that this is all consensual and they are doing exactly what she asked them to do.

Scene 1: Dani Daniels, Tommy Pistol, James Mogul

Day one in the dungeon features Dani in four situations that have her being objectified as she gets bound into compromising positions and used as a gimp's (Pistol) personal fuck toy. Each scenario features a different part of her anatomy, the first position shows off her beautiful eyes, and breasts. Her breasts are pinched, slapped, and rubbed with a gnarly wheel as Tommy holds a vibrator to her.

Dani Daniels

Her second situation finds her arms bound to a bar and sitting on a Sybian as Tommy explores the dimensions of her mouth with his hands and cock. Mogul helps her bob her head since she doesn't have much mobility, Tommy forcing her to say "thank you" any time his cock isn't in her mouth. James cranks up the Sybian to full as he gives her 30 seconds to get off while he flogs her and humiliates her.

Dani Daniels

Situation three has her in an assless bondage skirt showing off her famous booty as James smacks it and jiggles it. She's enjoying that way too much so in comes Tommy with a big ol' chrome rod to shove inside of her. Reaming Dani with a stick gets Tommy hard, so he takes the opportunity to put his own stick in the immobilized 'fuck object' as she cums.

Her fourth situation of the day has her bound on her back, strapped to a lighted table as the gimp pounds into her. She's got a strap going across her body that Tommy uses as a handhold to get some good leverage so that he can work himself to a finish, scoop up his jizz with a spoon, and feed it to her.

Scene 2: Dani Daniels, Ramon Nomar, James Mogul

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Day two starts with Dani in a breast tie, roped to the ceiling as James and Ramon flog her. Ramon breaks out a cane and Dani winces, fear in her eyes. She's relieved when Ramon lets her hold it in her teeth and takes his hand off of it. The guys stop flogging her and go over her training rules, Ramon removing the cane and the fear coming back onto her face. Tears stream down her face as he lightly taps her legs open with the cane and Mogul stops the play to check in with her. With a green light from her, Ramon puts his tongue on her crotch and play is resumed, Dani's teeth again holding the cane for reassurance. The men tie her leg to the ceiling so that Ramon can put his cock into her, James trying his best to keep her hair off her face as he flogs her. Ramon time and again takes the cane into his hand, terrifying our starlet in the process. He shows her that it's "harmless" by caning his own cock lightly but finally decides to toss it aside after another check-in in which she again reassures the men she's oaky and willing to go on.

Dani Daniels

The trio does a formal sit-down check-in where they discuss her psychological breakdowns when she sees the cane and she again tells them that she specifically requested its use so that she can get over her fear and Ramon makes her pick up the cane and hand it to him. Politely, he puts it out of reach, making her sit on a vibrator and suck his cock while flogging her. She's punished when she cums without asking, Dani giggling when Ramon realizes what the look on her face was all about. It's all fun and games until he grabs the cane again and she cowers on the floor. He whips his abs with it, making her bob his knob underneath its strikes. He torments her with the cane off and on, Dani crumpling to the floor as she again has an orgasm and again receiving a punishment. She's made to lie down, her feet bound to her legs, as Ramon waves the cane around, Dani sobbing uncontrollably. Nomar gives up, tossing the cane on her and walking away.

Dani Daniels

Dani gets to do some rodeo riding on Ramon, no restraints or props being used initially but a rope breast harness getting added as he takes her in missionary as her hands are bound above her head. She's having a good time and then you can guess what happens. James brings in the cane and once more we have a terror-stricken starlet shrieking in fear as Ramon casually keeps fucking her. Dani tries some breathing techniques to work through her fear, not being entirely successful as James questions her motives for wanting the cane present in the scene. Ramon just keeps nailing his bound bunny, finishing off half in her and half on her. Mogul immediately asks her questions for some aftercare as Dani comes back to this plane of existence, having occupied a subspace during the whole experience.

Scene 3: Dani Daniels, Michael Vegas, James Mogul

Dani Daniels

The third day starts much like the second, Dani roped to the ceiling in a standing position. The difference is this time there's a Hitachi tied between her legs as Mogul flogs her and queries her on the building blocks of a training program like this. He pinches at her erect nipples, her mind drawing blanks as to the answers she's searching for and he has to whisper them to her while she tries not to cum from the stimulation between her legs. Her face is radiant, her smile wide, which at this point of the training we are acutely aware is going to change rapidly over the course of this interaction. As expected, the cane comes out and Dani's makeup is on its way to Hell in a handbasket. James calmly explains the psychological nature of what is going down today and methods of dealing with her fear through a change in focus and rhythmic breathing. She repeats the tool list she's been given as Mogul caresses her with the stick she so fears. She's forced to pick a  spot on her body for the cane's first strike and given a moment to focus on the sensation between her legs and is struck gently at her command after a countdown. The cane is placed between her teeth so she has control, her training complete for the moment.

Dani Daniels

Training is resumed on her knees, strapped to a set of poles, her thighs strung up to the ceiling. James straps a huge spreader gag on her and smacks her with a riding crop as Michael preps himself. Gimped up but not fully hard yet, he quickly cures that with entry into her wide open mouth. James teases her nether region with one hand while introducing the cane with the other. Unbound, she gets a chance to ride the gimp's cock for a moment before the cane is reintroduced and she again gets to pick a striking spot and then take control of it in her teeth once more. Taking it back, James taps her body with it, while complimenting her as she breaks down in tears yet again but never stops bouncing on Michael's manhood. That manhood unloads inside of her, James quickly grabbing a silver platter for her to dribble it onto.

Scene 4: Dani Daniels, Tommy Pistol, James Mogul

Day four is Dani's reward day. She gets to put her training to use and act out a fantasy. Bound into a crouch, suspended from the ceiling, she squats on a steel grate and gets flogged as they go over what she's learned. Her eyes start to tear up as the cane is placed between her teeth and they go over her training again and discuss rewards and punishment. With all that worked out - the fantasy gets handed over to Tommy who is tasked with delivering 10 cane strikes to her during their play time which goes down in a lavish room, not the dungeon.

Dani Daniels

Secured to a tee bar, she gets mouth fucked by Pistol who flogs her during her dick sucking session. He gives her a vibrator to hold to her clit while he smacks her ass with the hand that isn't tugging on his pole. Her ass goes from a milky white to red fairly quickly, Pistol politely tucking her garters out of the way before grasping the thing she couldn't stand the sight of three days ago. Smiling and unflinching, she takes the caresses of it against her skin in stride and asks to receive her strikes. She counts each one out with a thank you, asking for another. On the sixth, he checks in with her to make sure she isn't going to cry. Each strike produces a mark completely across her ass but yet she remains steadfast. After the ninth, he pauses to make her beg to cum and allows it, delivering the tenth strike during her orgasm. Makeup still intact, eyes focused and un-tearing, breathing steady, she asks for yet another.

Dani Daniels

Her ties are changed up, giving her ass time to lose its redness but not the cane marks. Lying on the couch, she gets her butt cheeks oiled up and then Tommy starts pounding into her at her request.  With a foot on her head, he piledrives into her relentlessly, shoving for all his worth. They change positions and locales so that he can nail her while she lies on her side. Dani awaits the reward she was promised and Tommy delivers her hot creampie.

Final Thoughts:

I will give two recommendations here. One for Dani Daniels fans that like to see her get spanked and one for a very specific audience as detailed below.

I've known of Dani's phobia of canes for some time now. In this title, she heads to the kink.com dungeons to work through that fear and overcome it. Over the course of four days, James Mogul and some helpful performers apply psychology, humiliation, bondage, and corporal punishment to see if they can't get her past her long-standing fear. She starts off as the fresh-faced starlet we love and is literally broken down emotionally bit by bit. In the end, she gets to put her training to the test in a scene with Tommy Pistol. It is definitely not a title for the masses. It's more along the lines of something you might want to watch if you were taking some advanced psychology courses, or you just like to see Dani Daniels cry. A lot. I think most viewers will love to see the scene shot on day four but they may not be able to sit through the first three days of pushing Dani to her breaking point. If you just want to see a pretty girl get caned across the ass by Tommy Pistol and then get rewarded with his big dick inside of her, watch that scene On Demand. If you are more daring and intellectually curious about a person doing whatever it takes to be a better, more complete submissive, then don't pass this up.

I have to applaud Miss Daniels here for taking every punishing thing she asked for, asking for more, and showing up again the next day and the next and the next. Dani, I'll be honest, there were parts of this that were extremely hard to watch but each and every time you got knocked down, you got back up a better person, even if your makeup was a mess, your dazzling smile came through at the end of each day! Bravo!

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