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I've Got It Bad For Stepdad 5

Studio: Rodney Moore » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/25/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: 18+ Teens, All Sex, Family Roleplay, Older Men, Facials

Director: Rodney Moore


Chapters Menu

Cast: Kylie Quinn, Yhivi, Alex Harper, Alexa Nova, Rodney Moore

Length: 2 hours 40 minutes

Date of Release: October 24, 2016

Extras: Photo Gallery

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: There is a constant ambient noise present in the audio track, an air conditioner, perhaps?  There are some shadowy parts during POV footage.

Overview: Rodney Moore is back with his usual style. If you aren't familiar with what that means or who he is...then you are obviously new to the world of adult films. It's basic. There's a backstory that they set up and then he nails some hot young thing, finishing with a massive facial. It's porn 101 that hasn't really changed in the decades he's been producing it because the formula works. If you're in the mood to see hot chicks get nailed on a couch without a bunch of fancy camera rigs and lighting gear, this is a perfect ticket. Check it out.

Scene 1: Alex Harper

Alex Harper

Alex entered a 'Best Boobs' contest at a strip club and won, now she wants to move up and become a stripper. In an overly long setup, she asks her stepdad if he can drive her there to try out. He's not sure that's a great idea but she strips down for his opinion on her body and to practice her moves. Reluctantly, he agrees to let her try out a lap dance while he reveals to her that he's familiar with the club in question and warns her that she might get touched by the men and demonstrates how they might grab her boobs. He mentions that there's also back rooms where guys might go down on her, or do other things, complete with a slow and thorough demonstration of what might happen.

Alex Harper

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He chokes his chicken as he munches on her hairy muff, proceeding to demonstrate that guys might rub their cocks on her pussy lips, which she's not afraid of, and soon he's sliding into her. He fucks her for a bit, kissing her, and whispering things to her; Harper dropping to her knees for a sensual blowjob. He sits on the couch, pulling her long, lean body onto his hardness facing the camera and a fade brings us to a POV BJ that has her face in shadow at times. That shadow also plagues the POV shots of her ass as they fuck in doggie. He has her practice playing with herself, moving the camera from a wide shot to extreme closeup and back. With her lying on the couch, he takes another turn inside of her and then he lies on the floor so she can lick and jerk him. Licking turns to sucking, his firmness waning. An edit brings us to him delivering one of his famous facials, which gets replayed from a different angle, multiple times, in slow motion.

The setup is overly long but it's fairly sexy when he starts licking her while explaining what might happen in a private room at the club. Once the filming switched to POV it went downhill for me but I know many viewers seek that out, so YMMV.

Scene 2: Yhivi


Rodney's wife is on an extended business trip and he's missing the fantastic sex they normally have. He's pouring his heart out to Yhivi, explaining that his wrist brace prevents him from jerking off satisfactorily. Yhivi figures that her mom would want her to help out due to the situation and offers to help him out. She admits she's thought about it before while listening to him and her mom fucking like rabbits. She unbuttons his pants to jerk him off, shedding her blouse when he mentions he might spray it. Soon, she's kneeling and sucking him. Drool streams from her lips and down her chest as he hardens in her mouth. He has her remove her skirt and panties and licks at her love triangle. His willpower is waning and he gives her ten seconds to decide if she wants him to fuck her. She lies there on the couch, spread legged as he slides in.


He takes off her shoes and pumps into his stepdaughter, licking at her toes. He turns her over to lick her butt hole, something her boyfriend doesn't do. With her cute ass in the air, he starts plowing into her from behind, the camera moving to his POV. She moans and he climbs off to watch her masturbate. She rubs herself and then he gets back inside of her while mentioning they might want to talk her mom into a threesome. He wants her to drool on her breasts and she complies while he tugs at himself. He lies back for a blowie, locking her head between his thighs. It's a messy, wide-eyed blowjob followed by some twerking. Twerking leads to doggie, which leads to him giving Yhivi a facial.

I'm an admitted fan of the now-retired Yhivi, which is what led me to choose this title from the stash for review.

Scene 3: Alexa Nova

Alexa Nova

Alexa's new stepdad is stopping by so they can spend some quality time at the zoo. As they're heading out, he notices her dress is way too short to be seen in public and demands she change, which she, of course, does right in front of him. Her smile is wide and there's a gleam in her eye when she realizes he has a hardon. He tries to excuse himself to use the bathroom but she figures he's just going to jerk off and drops to blow him. They agree to blow off the zoo and she gets busy throating him. She slips out of her LBD and at the site of her pierced pussy he develops a desire to stick his cock in her. With a giggle and an okay from her, he starts pumping away into her tight hole.

Alexa Nova

Her face is radiant, her brunette locks bouncing as he bangs into her. Stopping to lick her ass, he mentions that her mom won't let him do that and Alexa can't figure out why she won't or why she doesn't lick his balls either. She seems a bit weirded out when he sucks her toes but remains attentive to him. Rodney starts plowing back into her and the camera switches to his POV as he scopes out her pussy closely, taking some time to tongue it. After some more banging, she gives him some oral attention, her eyes big and bright, looking directly into lens center. She works him well in both cowgirl positions, then enjoys some more ass licks. She works her juicy ass on his dick in doggie, receiving a voluminous facial in the end.

There were times where she really seemed into what was going on and times where her mind seemed to drift off.

Scene 4: Kylie Quinn

Kylie Quinn

Kylie's writing a paper for school and is interviewing Rodney about his band days. She's interested in the juicy groupie slant and wants to hear the specifics of things he did with them. He recounts a tale of getting a BJ behind a club and she wants to re-enact it. Kneeling before him in her brightly colored dress, she bobs. That dress gets peeled off, to reveal her pert boobs. She works him thoroughly with her mouth, his cock slowly stiffening. Grabbing her head, he gives her a good mouth fucking. They move to the couch for more oral, and then back to the carpet. The BJ action seems endless but it isn't. Finally, he moves onto some toe sucking as she takes notes about the details of the story he started with. He tells her how it ended with him cumming on the girl's face and her walking back into the club...which leads him to deliver his blast to her face.

Kylie Quinn

There's some weird video pixelation present here, something akin to what Max Headroom used to do if you remember that show.

Final Thoughts: It's a Rodney Moore title, just like the 1000+ he has put out consistently since the early 90's. The setups here are a bit long and he's not very heavy-handed with his editing so that leads each scene to be a bit too long, IMHO, but ultimately you get what you're here for, seeing sexy young girls getting plastered by the legend himself. Lately, he's turned to shooting some Transsexual stuff and that landed him on the 2018 XBIZ Awards as a nominee for Trans Director of the Year. It's not my usual fare of high-production value porn but sometimes you just want to see hotties get nailed without fancy lighting or sexual acrobatics. Just like "not everything can be five cents", "not everything in the porn world has to be slick and polished". There are no real extras on the disc, which would have raised my recommendation a notch so it will have to live with a Watch On Demand when you're in the mood to see these girls get their faces plastered from multiple angles and in slow-mo.

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