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Fuck 'Em Fill 'Em and Feed 'Em 2

Studio: VIP Digital Media » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/28/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 1 minute

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Gonzo; Cream Pie; Cumshots; Gangbang

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Buzz Aziani

Cast: Cherie DeVille, Eva Long, Tiffany Star and the guys: Bill, Butters, Cliff, Estaban, Gator, Thomas, eLmo, Focker, Mitt, Noah, Token

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Gallery; Trailers for Gangbang Creampie Squirters Edition2, Gangbang Creampie Petite Asians Edition, Veronica Vs. Davina: 31 Cumshots, Railed by the Cocksmen 2; Behind the Scenes with over 21 minutes of interview and sex footage with Cherie DeVille; Website Information


Cherie DeVille, Eva Long, and Tiffany Star are the featured starlets in Buzz Aziani’s Fuck ‘Em, Fill ‘Em and Feed ‘Em 2. Creampie is the name of the game in this three-hour movie and these girls are pounded into sloppy seconds, thirds, and sixths until their cunts are cum-coated and oozing with spunk. These girls all treasure their special cum deposits and after squeezing them out into a martini glass, they drink the sperm all up. Each girl does a long interview over lunch, revealing information about themselves that fans may not know. Cherie’s scene is the hottest of the flick with Eva’s a close second. I recommend this movie. It’s pure Gonzo with a little bit of exhibitionism during the interviews. The gangbangs are in a dark room and the girls are positioned on the gangbang bench. The scenes are shot well, so we don’t miss any creampies. The girls all have fun in their scenes and it’s easy to see how much they love cock and cum.

Scene 1:  Eva Long

Eva’s Interview

During Eva Long’s interview, we find her having lunch at a restaurant and talking about how many guys she has had sex with at one time. It’s three, plus one girl. Eva is trying to decide whether it was technically a gangbang or not. She doesn’t know, but it was fun. “I’m greedy when it comes to cum,” Eva says. She loves it. In her personal life, she prefers cum on her tits or in her ass. Today, all the cum is going in her vag. She wants to be filled with cum today. “Cum is like nice and hot, so it fills you up with the warmest sensation,” Eva continues. She likes the sloppiness of a creampie in her pussy. Buzz explains that after her pussy gets filled, he’s going to give her a martini glass she can use to drink the rest of the cum out of. The whole conversation with Eva is about cum.

She explains that she’s an exhibitionist and she decides to show Buzz right here in the restaurant. She stands up and takes her panties off then pulls up her dress, showing off her bushy pussy. She’s almost caught by the waiter, but she quickly covers up. Eva talks about her bush. “It was time for it to come back,” she explains. We learn that Eva’s favorite position to have an orgasm. “I like hard, pound you as hard as you can sex,” she says. There’s not a position Eva doesn’t like. “Doggy is super hot,” she adds. “Is it time to go get a bunch of cum in my pussy?” Eva asks. Buzz tells her, not quite yet. She spreads her legs one more time, giving us another preview of her pussy.

Eva’s Gangbang

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“Can I count ‘em as they walk in,” Eva asks as she sits on the gangbang bench. She wants to count the number of guys who’ll be gangbanging her tight pussy. Eva has a unique vagina with meaty lips. She lies on her back and starts fingering her pierced pussy. “It’s already wet,” she says as she finger-bangs herself and licks her fingers.  She spanks her tits then turns around doggy style and asks the guys to untie her dress. Her cocks have finally arrived. The guys surround her on the bench, spank her ass and finger her pussy. “Don’t be shy,” she tells the guys. It’s time for her first creampie. The first guy walks up to the bench and starts fucking her pussy missionary style while another guy puts his cock in her mouth. “Yeah, fuck it!” she tells cock number one. The feeling has Eva screaming louder and louder, and soon, her pussy is full of cum. She spreads her legs open and pushes her creampie out. The next guy is up, stuffing her cunt until he pops, filling her up inside. Eva likes the way he’s fingering her clit while he fucks her. “Fill that fucking pussy up,” she orders him. She gets her second filling of cum and it’s a big load. Eva runs her fingers through the spunk dripping from her cunt. She gets on all fours for the next round of banging, taking a hard doggy style flogging from a tattooed guy. Another guy beats her face and tongue with his hard dick.

She moves into standing doggy position and moans as the guy keeps drilling her pussy. He trades places with another guy who keeps her in standing doggy position and slams her hole. “Fuck me, fuck me!” she screams. She turns over onto her back again for more missionary style cum filling. “It’s feeding season,” one of the guys says. Eva gets creampie number three now and with her legs wide open, we can see the cum slowly peeking out of her pussy. Creampie four leaves some cum on her bush and inside her pussy and creampie five covers her bushy pussy in more cum. Eva’s cunt is dripping cum and her bush is covered in jizz. She gets a sixth and seventh load inside her in missionary position then she drinks her creampie martini. The guys put a big martini glass next to her cunt as she pushes the cum and squirts. It all drains into her martini glass, and she drinks it. She blows us a kiss goodbye.

Scene 2: Tiffany Star

Tiffany’s Interview

Tiffany has never experienced a gangbang before, but she has always wanted to. She’s having lunch with the guys and talks about her sexual experiences. The most guys she has ever been with is two. “I like creampies mostly,” Tiffany explains. “It feels amazing.” Buzz tells her that today, all the guys will fill her pussy up with cum and she needs to hold it all in until the end. Then, she’ll squirt the cum into a big martini glass and drink it. Tiffany is excited about drinking cum. “I’m just naturally a freaky person,” Tiffany says. She’s submissive and she’s a pleaser in bed. “I like to be choked and spanked, and I like my hair pulled,” she says. Her favorite phallic vegetable is a cucumber. Fans may be surprised to know that Tiffany is married with one kid. She’s been married for two years. Before Tiffany leaves the restaurant, she spreads her legs open and shows her pussy.

Tiffany’s Gangbang

Tiffany is in the gangbang studio now, lying on the bench. She crosses and uncrosses her legs near the edge of the bench, giving another sneak peek of her pussy. The guys bring her closer to the edge, take off her dress and start fingering her pussy. It’s time for her first cock. She takes it missionary style while sucking another hard one. Guy number one bangs her deep and hard, making her moan in pleasure. The other guy stuffs her throat full of cock and rubs her tits. “Oh shit,” Tiffany screams as she gets fucked. She takes her first load deep inside her pussy missionary style. Her cunt is full of cum and she likes it that way. She squeezes her creampie out of her pussy then gets back to work jerking and sucking two cocks. Another meat vendor slips his dick inside her cunt and pumps it until he pops, leaving her with another dripping creampie. Her second of the day. She squeezes it out into her martini glass. “Who’s next?” she asks. Just then, another cock gets shoved into her mouth while another dick stretches her creamy pussy in missionary position. Tiffany’s third creampie drains out of her pussy, down her ass hole and onto the bench. “That was amazing,” she says, breathing heavily. “It feels so good.”

Tiffany gets pumped and loaded with creampie number four, and it’s another big deposit that drains out of her pussy. The guys put the big martini glass under her pussy to catch the draining cum. She’s on to creampie number five while jerking one cock in one hand and sucking another one. A few minutes later, Tiffany is oozing creampie number six. Now that all the guys in the room have filled her pussy with cum and she has pushed it out into a big martini glass, it’s time for her to swallow it all. She pours it in her mouth and on her pussy, making a cummy mess of herself.

Scene 3: Cherie DeVille

Cherie’s Interview

Cherie’s scene is the hottest one of the flick. Her interview starts in an outdoor restaurant. She talks about always having a man order her drinks because it comes out just the way she likes it. When she orders the same drink, she says it comes out in a girly glass, full of fruits and that’s not what she likes. With that behind her, she talks about the fun she plans on having in today’s gangbang. Buzz explains to Cherie the order of the day. He talks about giving her fans a chance to see her in a different light. He explains that they’re going to take a fun drive back to the studio and put her up on the gangbang bench and watch her take lots of cum deposits from the guys. There’s no clean up in between creampies.

Cherie talks about who has the best vagina out there. For her, it’s Missy Martinez. Cherie takes a break to eat lunch, then she comes back online. Cherie lost her virginity to a girl. Cherie says at one point in her life she thought she was a lesbian. She likes guys but she’s more attracted to women.

Cherie’s Gangbang

Back in the studio, Cherie is sitting on the gangbang bench, showing the guy just how flexible she is. Cherie calls this an interview of her pussy as she spreads her pussy lips open for the guys. They surround her on the bench. One guy tongue fucks her pussy while the other guys feed her their dicks. The guys start fucking her missionary style and Cherie enjoys it. She’s up for her first creampie, and as the guy cums in and on her pussy, Cherie laughs. “Give it to me,” she tells the guys as the second one starts pounding her pussy. He drills her then deposits his load in Cherie’s cunt. She fingers her pussy and tastes his cum, telling the guys they all taste like candy. The guys catch the cum that’s draining out of her pussy into a big martini glass.

Her missionary style fucking turns to doggy. She jerks and sucks two cocks while getting slammed from behind. “Yes, fuck me just like that,” she tells the guy who’s fucking her from behind. He pounds her deep before trading places with another cocksman. He bangs her doggy style. Cherie is turned onto her back for another deposit. She’s pumped with another load of jizz. It’s time for more doggy style drilling again before she rides reverse cowgirl and then is slammed doggy style again. This time her doggy style pumping leads to creampie number three. Her fourth creampie follows quickly, as one of the guys fucks her missionary style and cums in her. A fifth and sixth creampie follow. Cherie opens her legs and pushes cum out of her cunt into a martini glass then she licks the glass and swallows cum.

Final Thoughts:

It’s time to Fuck ‘Em, Fill ‘Em and Feed ‘Em 2. That’s the title of Buzz Aziani’s Gonzo flick that features three hours of gangbang sex, culminating in mounds of sloppy seconds, thirds, and sixths for each cum-craving starlet. Eva Long, Tiffany Star, and Cherie DeVille star in this flick, and I recommend it. Each scene is broken up into two parts. The first is the interview. Each girl is having lunch and a candid conversation with director Aziani. Fans will learn a lot about each starlet during this revealing interview. The girls even put on a little exhibition, dropping their panties and flashing the camera. The second part of each scene is the gangbang. The girls get straight to business, lying on the gangbang bench and taking cock after cock after cock. Most of the cum deposits are made missionary style, giving us a great shot of the oozing creampies dripping out of each girl’s cunt. The girls all have fun in their scenes and in the end, they all swallow a cum martini made up of six loads.

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