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Dream Pairings Chapter Four

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 1/28/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian, Psycho Drama, Cheerleader, Sci-Fi


Cast: Penny Pax, Keisha Grey, Melissa Moore, Adria Rae, Chanel Preston, Samantha Rone, Blair Williams, Jenna Sativa, Gina Valentina

Director: Stills By Alan

Writers/Casting: Penny Pax, Keisha Grey, Melissa Moore

Release Date: Dec. 18, 2017

Length: 3 hrs. 16 min.

Extras: Two trailers


Overview: This is the fourth installment of Girlway's well received series where they allow their current Girl Of The Month to cast and write a story for girlsway.com. It's a brilliant and fascinating glimpse into the minds of the performers as they act out their fantasies with their dream costars. With the exception of one very glaring technical flaw, this is a terrific title that should be viewed anyway.


Surviving The Alters” written and cast by Penny Pax and starring Adria Rae and Chanel Preston


Surviving The Alters is the first story, written and starring October GOTM Penny Pax, who is simply terrific playing an abductor with split personalities. When her victim Adria Rae wakes up on her floor she introduces herself as Mrs. Pax, a strict head mistress type. It's at this point where we first encounter the technical flaw I pointed out, which only happens with Penny's story. When she introduces herself she suddenly tells Adria that she needs to take a shower and then from out of the blue it cuts to Penny's second alter, the evil Penny, raping her. How did we get here? It's obvious parts of the scene have been cut out, probably to save time on the disc, which is shame because this would have otherwise been a great scene with a terrific performance by Penny Pax. We do get to see Penny as she forces Adria to eat her pussy. The dominating Penny, standing tall and very statuesque, grabs Adria's hair and makes her tongue her clit.


After cumming she gets on all fours and makes Adria eat her ass and pussy from behind. Adria fingerbangs her and licks her ass to another orgasm before Penny sits on her face and rides her tongue, grinding her pussy on Adria's mouth until she cums again. She then takes off Adria's panties and stuffs them in her mouth as she puts her in a pile driver position. Penny rubs and tongues Adria's pussy and asshole, all the while making Adria beg her to make her cum. Penny brings her to the edge before laying her down and tribbing her, bumping and grinding her pussy against Adria's while sucking and worshiping her foot.


They both cum on each other's pussies and Penny leaves the room. The terrified Adria puts her panties back on and curls up on the mattress sobbing when she hears someone call her from the other room. It's fellow prisoner Chanel Preston. They both introduce each other before Mrs. Pax comes back. She tells Adria they got off on the wrong foot (did they?), and that she loves her while brushing Adria's hair. Then from out of nowhere we see Penny's third alter, Penelope, the sweet little innocent child who's friends with Chanel. Chanel says they should have a sleepover, then all of a sudden she's in Chanel's room and Chanel is having sex with her.


This time the roles are reversed, with Chanel dominating sweet innocent Penelope. Chanel forces the glasses wearing Penelope to get undressed and goes down on the sobbing innocent's sweet ginger pussy. She tells Penelope this is how big people play and fingers her pussy to orgasm. Chanel then gets on all fours and makes Penelope lick her asshole as she rub her pussy. After orgasming on her fingers Chanel makes her get into a doggy position and fingerbangs Penelope's pussy while pulling on her pigtails and calling her a crazy cunt. After the sobbing Penelope cums on Chanel's fingers they go into a 69, both of them tonguing each other's pussies until they cum again.


Penelope is getting more into it now and starts giggling as Chanel climbs up and bumps her pussy against her's. They grind on each other until they both cum again and then Chanel eats Penelope out one more time. This would have been a great opportunity for Chanel to overpower Penny and escape with Adria, right? Wrong. As Penny picks up her clothes and leaves the room, Chanel sits on the floor laughing at her. Huh? I mean, is Chanel really a prisoner, or are they both in a sick twisted game with Adria? Seriously, the hatchet job done on this scene simply leaves the viewer asking what happened. They left the sex scenes intact, but it's the story that's been butchered to an incomprehensible mess. And man is that a shame, because with Penny Pax's terrific performance as the deranged split personality psycho and the wonderful sex scenes intact, this could have been a great story.


Co-Captain” written and cast by Keisha Grey and starring Samantha Rone and Blair Williams


Things start to get a lot better with the second story, written and cast by November's GOTM Keisha Grey. It's a take on the lesbian cheerleader story. Samantha and Blair are girlfriends, but it's obvious Samantha has eyes for Keisha. After a day of practice Keisha is at home about to shower when Samantha knocks on her door. She tells Keisha she could be co-captain of the team if she “works hard” and shows “dedication”. She starts stroking Keisha's leg and soon her top is off. Samantha starts rubbing Keisha's pussy and sucking her tits when Samantha's top is off too. Samantha starts going down on Keisha, sweetly and passionately sucking on her cunt and clit.


She fingerbangs Keisha to and orgasm and lets her suck it off her fingers before going down on her again and licking her until she cums once more. Samantha then hikes up her skirt and sits on Keisha's face, going into a 69. Samantha bucks her hips and grinds on Keisha's tongue as she cums on her face before going into a missionary and Keisha eats her pussy. Keisha devours Samantha's pussy giving her multiple screaming orgasms.


There's suddenly a knock on the door and it's Blair. Keisha comes off of Samantha's pussy long enough to answer the door. Blair tells her that she knows about how Samantha looks at her and to back off. Amused Keisha excuses herself tot he other room and tells Samantha that Blair is in the living room. Samantha says it could be hot to keep fucking while her girlfriend is in the house. So Keisha takes her clothes back off and gets on all fours on the bed. Samantha starts licking her asshole and fingering her clit, making Keisha cum before climbing up and tribbing on Keisha's pussy. They bump and grind, Samantha riding her first regular then reverse, and they both explode on each other's pussies. As they lay together Keisha tells Samantha she'll keep Blair occupied as she she sneaks out.


Keisha goes back out and tells Blair she wants to make her happy and starts making out with her as Samantha sneaks out. They remove their sweaters and sweetly suck on each others tits before Samantha's skirt is hiked up revealing her bare pussy to Keisha. Keisha starts gently licking her pussy and it's only a matter of seconds before Blair is cumming on Keisha's face. Keisha fingerbangs her a little and then sits back for Blair to go down on her pussy. She bucks her hips and cums on Blair's tongue before Blair is on all fours and Keisha is licking her asshole and rubbing her clit with her tongue. Blair then does the same for Keisha, Keisha backing her cute little ass against Blair's tongue.


They then go into a 69 where Keisha cums on top of Blair's mouth before climbing up and tribbing on her, bumping and grinding her pussy making it explode on Blair's. Blair goes down on Keisha again, Keisha's hips quivering as she cums before tonguing Blair's pussy from behind again. Blair eats Keisha out again in a missionary before Keisha gets back on all fours and Blair is tonguing her asshole again. Keisha rides Blair's face again, her bucking hips going crazy on her tongue before fingering and rubbing Blair's pussy while making out.


Blair goes down on her one more time, giving Keisha multiple orgasms, before they trib again and explode on each other. This is a very well paced and well constructed scene, with great energy and screen presence from the adorable Keisha Grey and the electrifying Samantha Rone and Blair Williams. I really enjoyed this one.


Body Snatched” written and cast by Melissa Moore and starring Jenna Sativa and Gina Valentina


Now people we come to the icing on the cake. The best story is from December's GOTM Melissa Moore. I've been a fan of Melissa's for a while. She simply blew me away with performance as Willow in Vampires, and now she has written herself in one of her most interesting stories yet. The science fiction tinged story concerns Melissa as a lesbian who's body has been taken over by an alien force. It's a friendly alien though who's overwhelming curiosity in sapphic sexuality overtakes her. It's a brilliant story so wonderfully played Melissa and gorgeously shot by Stills By Alan.


The scene starts off with Melissa and her girlfriend Jenna Sativa having morning sex, starting off with Jenna rubbing Melissa's pussy and tribs her before getting her off with her fingers. Jenna's sister Gina Valentina knocks on the door and tells her she's going to be late for work. As Jenna gets dressed Melissa goes and runs a bath. I love how the camera simply adores her as she looks at herself in the mirror. As she relaxes in the tub an alien force enters the house and spots her. She gives out a scream before cutting to a few minutes later where she Melissa awakens with red glowing eyes. She has become possessed by the alien. She climbs out of the tub and the alien studies it's new host, feeling the fleshy softness of her face.


As she takes in Melissa's body Jenna comes in. The still naked Melissa takes Jenna's to the bed. Jeanna asks her what's wrong and that she's acting funny, to which Melissa just repeats the last words she hears. When Jenna says she loves her, Melissa asks, “What is love?” Thinking Melissa is playing around Jenna says she'll have sex with her when she comes back. “I want to feel 'sex'.” Melissa replies. Jenna gives her a kiss, and the alien enjoys it, kissing her back. Soon they're making out, and Melissa smiles as Jenna feels her tits. Melissa takes Jenna's shirt off and soon their playing and sucking on each others boobs, and the alien is loving it. Melissa lays back and looks off in wild eyed wonder as Jenna starts rubbing her pussy. These are feelings the alien has never felt before and she's loving it.


Jenna starts going down on Melissa, sucking and fingering her pussy until she cums. Jenna then gets on all fours and Melissa studies her ass, kissing it and rubbing her pussy through her panties. She takes them off and looks with loving curiosity at Jenna's pussy. Melissa starts tonguing it, and soon her face is buried in Jenna's ass as she rubs her pussy to orgasm. Melissa then lays down and Jenna rides her face, grinding her pussy on Melissa's mouth and having orgasm after orgasm on Melissa's face. Jenna then starts eating Melissa's pussy again, and the wide eyed alien can't believe the sweet sensations Jenna's mouth is giving her as her human pussy cums over and over again. After giving her multiple orgasms with her tongue Jenna climbs up and tribs Melissa pussy, bumping her clit against Melissa's until Jenna's sweat covered body cums on Melissa's pussy. Jenna climbs off and licks the insatiable Melissa's asshole as Melissa masturbates her pussy. She then finds a new pleasurable sensation as she strikes her thigh while Jenna devours Melissa's cum drenched pussy.


Melissa then gets on all fours and Jenna fingers her pussy from behind while eating out her ass. She then climbs up and rides Jenna's face to Chicago, the orgasms nonstop as she grinds her pussy on Jenna's mouth. The look in Melissa's eyes of the alien experiencing and enjoying the act of lesbian sex is nothing short of incredible. Jenna tells her she's super late for work and runs out, leaving Melissa alone and naked on the bed. She lays back in the aftermath of this beautiful experience, but it's only a few seconds before she's playing with her pussy again. Like a child with a new toy, the alien simply won't leave it alone, and Melissa spends the day masturbating her pussy, giving it no rest in a wonderfully cut and edited sequence in which she making her self cum in all different positions. Scorchingly hot!


Gina hears the Melissa's moaning and knocks on her door to see if Jenna had left for work yet. Melissa tells her to come in. Jenna is shocked to see a naked Melissa pleasuring herself. Melissa says, “I want to feel sex.” The reluctant Gina resists, but the sex starved alien tells her, “It's ok.” as she takes off her shirt and feels her tits. Melissa starts sucking on them and feeling her pussy before drawing her head to her tits and making Gina suck on them. They passionately make out before Gina lays back and spreads her legs for Melissa. Melissa smiles as she sees Gina's beautiful pussy and goes down on her, taking Gina's whole pussy in her mouth and sucking on it, devouring it, driving Gina crazy. She rubs and eats Gina's pussy to orgasm before flipping her over and licking her asshole.


With Melissa's tongue in her ass Gina rubs her pussy until she cums again and then Melissa lays back for Gina to eat her pussy. She bucks her hips as Gina licks her clit, and punches her nipple as she cums in Gina's mouth. Gina then lays back for Melissa to ride her face. She climbs on and grinds her pussy on Gina's mouth, grabbing her tit as Gina tongues her pussy to another orgasm. As Melissa blankly stares off after cumming, Gina asks her if she's ok. Melissa simply smiles and replies, “Feels good.” Gina starts rubbing and eating her some more for another orgasm, and then they start tribbing, Gina scissoring Melissa's pussy until they explode on each other. Melissa then climbs up for the lead and grinds her pussy against Gina's until they cum again. Melissa rides Gina's face again, this time in reverse, and fingers her own asshole as Gina tongues her pussy. They then 69, Gina cumming on Melissa's face, before tribbing again, Melissa riding on Gina's pussy, gently grazing it sending wave upon wave of ecstasy to Gina's clit. Melissa makes out on top Gina for a moment before getting between her legs and nibbling her clit.


She then starts rubbing her pussy and Gina reaches down and rubs Melissa's until they each get each other off with their fingers one last time. After Gina makes Melissa promise not to tell Jenna, Melissa walks outside, naked and curious as to what other sexual adventures she can find. This is a truly remarkable, incredibly sexy, orgasm filled story of an alien being discovering one of the greatest pleasures we all enjoy as human beings. Melissa Moore portrayal of the curious and absolutely insatiable alien is fantastic, playing her with such glazed eye wonder. And man, Stills By Alan's camera work is so fantastic, getting right in the action as the alien enjoys one orgasm after another. I truly loved this story.


Final Thoughts: This is a real tough one. After being so let down by the shoddy hack job done to Penny Pax's otherwise fine entry, it was great to see the two other scenes be so good. I'm not at all blaming Penny. Very much on the contrary, her performance was outstanding playing the woman with three personalities, each one more different than the next, so effortlessly. The performance of Penelope was terrific. I just wish they could have left her scenes alone and presented them as they were originally on the Girlsway website. As for the other two, they were great. Keisha Grey's cheerleader story was a little conventional, but the amazingly adorable Keisha is a real scorcher, and her costars were electric. And my gosh, what else can I say about the amazingly talented and incredibly beautiful Melissa Moore. Her beautifully told story of an alien being discovering human sexuality for the first time, and simply not getting enough of it, was an incredible foray in acting. The look of absolute curiosity she exhibits with each encounter is fantastic. Truly the highlight of the disc. On that note, I Highly Recommend if simply for the last two stories. And I recommend watching Penny Pax's on the Girlsway website to see how it was supposed to be viewed before the hack job it was given here.

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