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My Mother is Sexy

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/28/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 23 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All sex; Family Roleplay; Mature; MILF

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Paul Woodcrest

Cast: Featuring Mona Wales with Blake Morgan, Cory Chase, Claudia Valentine, Xander Corvus, Lucas Frost, Damon Dice, Logan Pierce

Bonus Scenes: Mellanie Monroe and Tyler Nixon from Mother Knows Best; Nikki Daniels and Tyler Nixon from Sex Is All Relatives

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers; Behind the Scenes with over 30 minutes of interview footage with each starlet; 2 Bonus Scenes; Pick Your Pleasure with tease, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, popshot; Fantasy Lingerie; Company Info


Director Paul Woodcrest gathers four hot and horny moms for his flick My Mother is Sexy and what a show they put on as they fuck their irresistible stepsons. Mona Wales is the featured starlet and she’s joined by Blake Morgan, Cory Chase and Claudia Valentine in this exercise in taboo family affairs. Xander Corvus, Lucas Frost, Damon Dice, and Logan Pierce are the willing stepsons whose cocks get a taste of their hungry stepmoms’ pussies. Woodcrest creates great sexual tension between these moms and their sons, using great lines, great lighting, and great camera angles. Each scene is hot in its own right, building into a release of sexual energy between these couples that's enjoyable to watch. I highly recommend this movie. In addition to the four scenes that run over 2 hours and 20 minutes, there are lots of extras, including over 30 minutes of behind the scenes interviews with each starlet.

Scene 1:  Blake Morgan and Xander Corvus

The ultra sexy Blake Morgan is getting dressed and putting on her makeup in front of the mirror. “You are so fucking beautiful,” her stepson Xander tells her. He just bought her a gift and wonders how she’s enjoying it. They briefly make out, but Blake tells him to wait for her downstairs and then “mommy will come get you.” She lips on her sexy lingerie, preparing for her taboo tryst with Xander. He waits patiently for her in the living room until she walks up to him and tells him to smell her pussy. Xander starts kissing her cunt, but Blake tells him to slow down. “We need to warm up first,” she tells him. She’s teaching him how not to rush things. He tries it again, smelling her pussy and kissing her tits. They’ve got a couple of hours before Xander’s dad gets home, so they’ve got to get started now. They go back to the bedroom where Xander is finally allowed to ravish his stepmom. He sucks on her big boobs, squeezing and slapping them then he makes his way down to her pussy again. Xander tongue whips her clit, driving Blake bananas. He likes the way her pussy tastes as he spreads her legs wide open to get at her clit. Blake’s pussy is dripping wet and Xander tastes all of it. “Oh, fuck yeah, feels so fucking good,” Blake moans. “Don’t you fucking stop,” she tells him. “Mommy likes that.”

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Blake gets Xander out of his pants and puts his cock in her mouth. “Your cock is so much bigger than your dad’s,” she says. Xander is lying on his back getting the best blowjob he’s ever had and it’s from his stepmom. She holds his cock at the base and runs her lips up and down his shaft then she sucks his balls, calling him naughty. Blake sits on Xander’s dick cowgirl style and rides it. She starts slow while Xander spanks her nipples then she picks up the pace, bouncing up and down on her stepson’s pole faster and faster. Blake tells him to spank her ass and “don’t fucking stop.” Xander bangs her pussy until she cums. Blake turns around and rides him reverse cowgirl style, fingering her clit until she cums again. “You’re the only reason I’m staying married to your dad,” she tells him as she reaches her peak. Blake climbs off, gets in doggy position and sucks his hard cock. She stays on all fours for a round of pussy drilling from behind. He stretches her pussy to its limit then lies her on her side for spoon fucking. After some downward doggy, Blake lies on her back, missionary style and gets pounded by Xander’s dick. “Give me that cum,” she screams. He pulls out and pops in her mouth and on her tits. “Oh yeah, mommy likes that,” she tells him.

Scene 2:  Mona Wales and Lucas Frost


DVD featured starlet Mona Wales stops her stepson, Lucas, in the hallway, pins him up against the wall and kisses him. This catches Lucas off guard and he walks away, telling his stepmom that he can’t. Mona is determined to reel in her catch. Next, we see Mona Lucas making out in bed. She sits her pussy on his face and before Lucas can do anything about it, he’s tonguing her pussy. The doorbell rings, startling him. She climbs off his face and tells him they’re going to finish what they started. Mona goes off to answer the door. Later that afternoon, she’s in the shower as Lucas walks into the bathroom and watches the water pour off her sexy body. She turns around and sees him watching her. Mona is more determined than ever to have her way with her stepson. She asks him what made him change his mind. “I just can’t say no to you,” he tells her. Mona guides him down to her pussy, so he can eat it. “You’re getting so good at that,” she says. He grips her ass and tongues her cunt, making her cum in the shower. The action continues into the bedroom. Mona lies on her back, encouraging Lucas to lick her pussy and her ass hole. “I want you to fuck me now,” she explains.

Lucas stands up and penetrates her pussy, keeping his strokes slow and deep. The pent-up desires and sexual tension between this stepmom and stepson are coming to a head and Mona wants more of it. She wants to come on his cock.  He pulls out and finger bangs her until she cums then he plugs her pussy again with his dick, drilling her wet hole. More finger banging makes Mona squirt. She sucks his hard dick, spitting and slurping all over it and deep throating it until she gags. She sets her focus on his balls next, licking and swallowing them. Mona sits on Lucas’ cock cowgirl style and goes on a deep penetrating ride on his pole. She turns around into reverse cowgirl position and cums again as she grinds around and around on his prick. After sucking him off, she gets on all fours for doggy style pumping that sends her down orgasm road again. “I want to be coated in your cum,” she tells him. She lies on her back on the bed while he stands at the edge of the bed and blasts her face and chest with jizz. Mona licks his cock and balls telling him his cum is so much sweeter than his father’s.

Scene 3:   Cory Chase and Damon Dice

Cory is busy putting on her makeup, selecting her colors carefully and getting dressed. Damon walks up and asks her what’s taking so long. “Beauty takes time,” she tells him. He can’t wait any longer. Finally, he has a weekend alone with his stepmom and he’s horny. “Give me five more minutes,” Cory promises.  She tells him that they’re going to have an amazing weekend together. Cory takes her time and walks out of the bathroom only to be pinned up against the wall by Damon. He has waited incredibly long and time is up. It’s time to fuck his stepmom. He takes her big tits out of her negligee. Cory tells him if he’s not going to take her out to dinner, then he can eat her pussy inside. She pushes him down to her bushy puss and Damon gobbles it up like a starved man. He fingers her pussy and clit, making her wet and getting her moaning. They take the action back to the bed where Cory promises to get something to eat too. She rubs his cock while he chokes her and squeezes her tits. Cory satisfies her hunger by eating Damon’s dick. She puts it in her mouth while stripping him out of his clothes. She deep throats her stepson’s cock, getting it wet all over. “The wait is over,” he tells her as he quickly turns her over onto her back, spreads her legs open and pierces her pussy with his hard prick.

Damon drills Cory’s cunt missionary style, holding one of her legs over his shoulder. Cory begs him to stick it all the way in and spreads her pussy out. They transition into spoon fucking and Cory wants to be choked while he bangs her out. He squeezes her around her neck, turning her on. She moves into dobby position and experiences her stepson’s dick from behind. She takes control of the fucking, slamming her pussy back and forth into his hard pole. A round of reverse cowgirl is followed by cowgirl then Cory tastes her pussy juices off Hiscock, sucking it clean. More cowgirl, missionary, and doggy keep a smile on Cory’s face. “I want you to paint me, baby,” Cory tells Damon when he starts fucking her missionary style again. He drills her pussy then pulls out and shoots his load into her open mouth and on her chin. She sucks his dick, swallowing any cum that was dripping from it. “That’s a pretty good dinner,” she tells him.

Scene 4:  Claudia Valentine and Logan Pierce

Logan is stressed out, working on a job application on his computer. His stepmom, Claudia, shows up and tries to relieve some of his stress. She helps him, typing in a few bullet points for him. When she leans over him, Logan notices her big boobs. She tells him she’ll be in her bedroom taking a meeting, but if he needs her, he can come in. Once in her bedroom, Claudia gets to the business of pleasing herself. She strips out of her clothes and fingers her pussy, getting herself off. She falls deep into her own fantasy, imaging that Logan is in bed with her. In her fantasy, Logan is naked and kissing her big tits. She tells him to get those nipples nice and hard. He spanks her pussy, making it wet. Claudia leans over and sucks his cock. “Feed that dick to me,” she tells her stepson. Logan fucks her throat, making her gag. She lies on her back and Logan tongues her pussy, spitting all over it and making her wet. She screams out about how good it feels.

Claudia lies on her side and tells him to bang that hole. Logan spoon fucks her, burying his cock deep inside her pussy. His balls slap up against her and she loves it. “I love watching your dick bounce in my fucking pussy,” she says. “Your cock is so good.” She sucks him off then rides him cowgirl style. Logan squeezes his stepmom’s big ass while stretching her pussy open. “Make me your slut,” she moans. She gets creative with her reverse cowgirl ride, using her pussy to swallow his cock up. A long round of doggy style fucking is followed by missionary and a popshot. Logan shoots off in Claudia’s mouth. “That’s a good son,” she says. That’s when she starts to come out of her fantasy, only to hear a knock at the bedroom door. It’s Logan. “Mom?” he asks quizzically.

Final Thoughts:

My Mother is Sexy is a flick that couples horny, sex-starved stepmoms with their just-as-horny stepsons. We watch these MILFs put out the burning fire they’ve developed for their stepsons by sucking and fucking their hard dicks until they pop with loads of spunk. Mona Wales is the featured starlet, fucking Lucas Frost in a taboo family affair. Blake Morgan and Xander Corvus only have a few hours before Xander’s dad and Blake’s husband gets home.  He stretches her pussy in ways his dad never could, making Blake cum again and again.  Cory is pinned up against the wall by a sex-hungry stepson, Damon, who has waited too long to fuck his stepmom. He’s ready now and so is she. Claudia helps her stepson Logan with his resume then goes to the bedroom and fantasizes about fucking him. Her loud screams and moans get Logan’s attention and he knocks on the bedroom door to find out what she’s doing. Overall, I highly recommend this movie. Director Paul Woodcrest has created lots of sexual tension and energy in this flick with great lighting, tight camera shots, great angles, and great storylines. The chemistry builds between the pairs, making the sex enjoyable to watch.

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