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Bang Bros 18 V 21

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/30/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: 18+ Teens, Amateur, Gonzo, Squirting

Directors: Unknown


Cast: Adriana Chechik, Dillion Harper, Evelin Stone, Zoey Monroe, Kenzie Reeves, Aubrey Sinclair, Tyler Nixon, Robby Echo, Bruno, Tony
Non-Sex Roles: Evan Stone

Length: 3 hours 33 minutes

Date of Release: January 18, 2018

Extras: Photo Gallery

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Decent. There is an irritating watermark that floats across the screen during some scenes. Lighting quality varies wildly between scenes.

Overview: BangBros is back with another 3 1/2 hour collection of scenes from their website. This one's packed with hot starlets, some of which you'll know right away others which you may not have seen before but all the ladies are hot here. The scene with Adriana talking to her dad as she gets busy with her brother is a pretty funny, if implausible, scenario. Check that one out for sure, especially if you're a fan of Adriana's squirting.

Scene 1: Adriana Chechik, Tyler Nixon, Evan Stone

Adriana Chechik

Evan is having breakfast with his daughter and they are discussing the new family situation and he wants to make sure that she helps her new stepbrother integrate into the household. It's an almost thirteen minute setup that has Dad yelling at the maid on the phone while Tyler slips under the table to enjoy Chechik's cupcake and get a footie. Dad has to leave for work and shakes hands with Tyler, who has sticky fingers.

Adriana Chechik

Once he's out of the picture, Tyler's new sister is sucking his cock for all she's worth. She's topless but it's hard to see her erect nipples as she's in the shadow of the dining room table. That table becomes her platform for Tyler to lick her to a squirting orgasm. His tongue and fingers make it happen again a moment later, an irritating watermark logo running across the screen. Adriana gushes forth again, and again, as Nixon nails into her. He laughs out loud as she comes to another screaming squirt. He warms up her ass with his tongue and fingers and then puts his boner in her booty. By this time I've stopped counting how many times she has squirted but her, Tyler, and the entire surrounding area are totally soaked from the waist down. He performs some more oral on her, Adriana climbing aboard his face and then taking a ride on his rod. Tyler drills into her rear from below, Adriana spewing fluid everywhere while talking dirty. She squat fucks him, rubbing her squirt all over their bodies, her eyes wide like a cornered animal. She swaps his cock from hole to hole, her pubes trimmed into a perfect triangle. They hop off the table, Chechik kneeling and jerking Tyler to a finish on her face as Dad strolls back in.

Scene 2: Zoey Monroe, Dillion Harper, Robby Echo

Zoey & Dillion

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In a scene that clocks in at almost an hour, we find Zoey playing with herself in front of a big mirror and an almost-blonde Miss Harper peeking in on her. When Zoey spies the spy, she pulls her to her and starts playing with Dillion's boobs. Dillion's worried about Mom & Dad catching them but Zoey's pawing is relentless. They make their way to a massive ottoman where Zoey slips Dillion out of her clothes and plants her face in her crotch. Zoey puts Dillion's head on the floor and the two go at it crotch-to-crotch. They continue tribbing in a number of positions, Zoey paying some attention to Harper's feet. Some fingering and rubbing cause Dillion to squirt all over them while a dude whacks off in the background.

Zoey & Dillion

The dude turns out to be Robby Echo, Zoey's boyfriend,  who gets invited to join the fun, Dillion's mouth covering his cock as he walks up. The ladies share lick time, Dillion smiling brightly as she fingers her sister. Their breasts pressed together, the ladies lick Robby simultaneously. The trio form a love train, Dillion in front and Robby playing caboose. Dillion's boobs bounce as she grinds her crotch on Zoey's face, Robby pumping away. Dillion rubs herself to a squirting orgasm on Zoey's face and they share some more oral duties on Robby. Echo takes a turn in Dillion while eating Zoey's box, Dillion covering herself with another gushing orgasm which the others start to lick up. It happens again and Zoey squats on Dillion's face to release her own gush. One after the other, the ladies squirt all over the place, Robby getting more time inside each of them, the leather ottoman becoming a slippery platform. Everyone's soaked from head to toe, Robby pummeling into Dillion in doggie. That brings him to a finish, Zoey's mouth eagerly waiting over Dillion's ass to catch it and share it with her.

Scene 3: Kenzie Reeves, Masked Dude "Bruno"

Kenzie Reeves

Tiny Kenzie is being stalked by a masked guy in a parking lot. She's on the phone and he's choking his chicken to her. She sees him and tries to get in the car but he grabs her and identifies himself as her boyfriend. She's both relieved and excited that he's acting out her fantasy. Pinning her to the hood of her car, he fingers her and then has her kneel for a throat fucking.

Kenzie Reeves

Next, the little spinner gets a standing dicking as she leans against the vehicle. She grimaces at his girth and gets pulled into a wheelbarrow position that has her climbing up the tire. Horizontal and in mid-air she gets her pussy pounded. They bang in some variations on this position and then move inside the SUV where she gets folded in half and fucked. Her panties get tucked into her mouth, Bruno's hand covering her entire face. A three finger fucking, has her squirting out the back of the SUV, her screams muffled by the gag. She rides him in reverse cowgirl, the car bouncing with the action. Moving back to a standing position, with one leg over his shoulder, her banging continues. He thrusts faster and faster and then presses her to the ground for a facial.

Kenzie just never looks comfortable in this scene. Whether that was due to her playing a role of an abductee, or whether she really was uncomfortable I don't know but it really killed the scene for me.

Scene 4: Evelin Stone, Tony

Evelin Stone

Evelin is dropping off some misdelivered mail and can't resist sucking her neighbor's huge morning wood that is sticking out of his underwear. Evelin's a cute, athletic brunette that has been in the industry about a year, most of her 45 current credits being web scenes. Here, she demonstrates that she's ready for prime time, her nipples pert and erect atop her C-cups. Her ass is firm and round, showing nicely to the camera as her neighbor bends her over to bang her in a standing doggie. Evelin's ponytail bounces around as her tanned body gets boned.

Evelin Stone

She twerks her ass on Tony's rod, sweat starting to bead on the both of them. Tony needs a rest and sits on the couch, Stone climbing onto his manhood, an irritating watermark scrolling across the screen. She bounces like a true professional, taking Tony deeply. When she isn't bouncing, she's grinding. Her face is covered in sweat as she gets laid backward onto the floor and piledriven into. She holds her leg out for balance but it shakes uncontrollably as Tony taps her. Her whole body shines with well-deserved sweat as she sits up to suck her neighbor some more, Tony taking another turn in her after propping her back on the couch. He taps her face lightly, placing his fingers in her mouth. A bit of clit rubbing seems to have her cumming and then a quick slide to the floor has her mouth being filled.

This is the first time I've seen Evelin but I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of her! Keep your eyes on this one ladies and gents!

Scene 5: Aubrey Sinclair, Unidentified Guy

Aubrey Sinclair

Aubrey has a flat bike tire and her neighbor lends her a pump. He's pumping her tire, his face next to her ass. She feels indebted to him and wants to give him a BJ right in the front yard. He decides behind his truck would be a better idea and soon he's pumping away not only in her mouth but her pussy as she bends over the bike. He realizes they're in public and they head inside where Aubrey continues her slurp and jerk.

Aubrey Sinclair

The pair move to an oversized chair, Aubrey's ass looking good as the guy drills her in doggie. She maintains good eye contact as their romp goes along, her ass shaking on his cock. She half laughs and half screams as she cums all over his cock. The transition to a wheelbarrow banging and the dreaded watermark makes its appearance. The guy lifts her into the air, banging into her, as a truck drives by the window. He's expecting his girlfriend and looks around in a paranoid manner, Aubrey's boobs bouncing as they continue their tryst on the chair. More aerial acrobatics follow this time they are hard and fast. The duo goes back to the chair for a few position variations, Aubrey cumming loudly and then getting a blast to the face and giving him a wave as she runs out the front door, jizz dripping down her chin.

Final Thoughts: BangBros have about a zillion titles on the market, going back a decade or more. Many people think of them as producing porn in the amateur genre, which is why I listed it that way at the top of this review. However, after thousands of titles and years of production, there's really nothing amateur about the company. These titles are all compiled from their vast catalog of web scenes so the quality varies from scene to scene. Sometimes the setups are long, sometimes they aren't. Sometimes the girls are fairly new, other times they are industry powerhouses. You'll find all of that on this disc but I would say watch this on demand because of that annoying logo that occasionally scrolls through the scene. Look, I get it. Piracy is a thing but can't you go back to the original master when you produce a DVD rather than using the same watermarked version that's on the website? It's just annoying. It's like mainstream movies that won't allow you to skip the trailers on a DVD you own. Which brings me to another point that should be made, the menu system on this disc drove me crazy. While playing on my computer, using VLC, there's no efficient way to go back to the menu...it just starts replaying the movie, or a scene of it, or a trailer...which is why I say this is best viewed online. It's not bad porn. It's not great porn, nor does it pretend to be.

Fans will love the squirting from Adriana, Zoey, and Dillion, all of which are favorites of mine. Aubrey's scene ends with a great "exit stage left" moment and Evelin is a stunner who was entirely new to me. It's worth a look for sure.

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