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Dredd's Devastation

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 2/2/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes

Cast: Aidra Fox, Riley Reid, Jaye Summers, Honey Gold, and Dredd

Directed by: Jules Jordan

Genres: All Sex, Big Cock, Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Behind the scenes footage, photo gallery, and cumshot recap

Overview: Jules Jordan continues to expand their franchise that belongs to the eminently charismatic male porn-star. Dredd gets enough spin-off after taking on four gorgeous MILFs in Dredd vs. MILF, he unleashes his "devastating" impact on four more illustrious beauties in Dredd's Devastation, which includes an extended anal scene with Riley Reid and a sensational sequence with Honey Gold.

Scene 1: Aidra Fox and Dredd

Director Jules Jordan stylizes Aidra Fox's opening solo by casting her and the scene in grayscale while a baroque pop instrumental drives home the ambiance. Aidra is in thin, see-though black lingerie, thin enough to see her body clearly; she's kept modest, if ever so briefly, by black panties that conceal her bottom-half as she dances and flaunts her physique. Color slow bleeds through as she goes topless.

Upon his arrival, Dredd instantly knows how lucky he is, half-hard and ready to go upon having his eyes feast on the skinny Aidra. She says "hello" with a romantic blowjob, one that intensifies in increments by Dredd's thrusts to put her oral skills to the test. Meanwhile, having her pussy twiddled, her nipples sucked, and her ass eaten gets Aidra ready for sex, which begins with Dredd inserting himself into her pussy from the back. His massive cock pushes her cheeks apart and Dredd doesn't hold back. At this point, any modesty moments ago is discarded in favor of a sexually raucous rendezvous.

Aidra cleans up the mess she made on Dredd's cock, at one point even crawling on all fours towards him to suck his cock while he lounges. Her technique shows more versatility this time around; sometimes it's rowdier, sometimes it's more graceful and delicate. What follows is a great moment when Aidra fingers her ass while creaming down his penis in the midst of going off in missionary. "My pussy tastes so fucking good on that cock," she confirms as she repeats her process of tidying up our titular star's lap in between positions.

Reverse cowgirl lets us see Aidra's sexy figure while she rides, as well as allows her the freedom to enhance the experience by rubbing her clit. The two eventually collapse into a spoon and Dredd adopts even thrusts inside of her just before dropping a load all over her lips and mouth. Just when Dredd thinks he's seen and felt it all, along comes an untamed minx like Aidra to take him for a ride; a memorable one, I might add. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 2: Riley Reid and Dredd

Riley Reid has taken some of the biggest cocks in porn, even anally, but she might be in for her biggest challenge yet with Dredd. Jordan's camera starts things off by capturing Riley prowling around a patio in search of her man's fabled penis, his camera ogling her bubble-butt among other lovely features. The two find Dredd relaxing in a Jacuzzi. At this point, Riley knows she's being teased; she responds by teasing him back, dancing and rubbing her body on the deck to entice Dredd.

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"That's my favorite kind of sea monster," she exclaims through a giggle when Dredd's breaks free from underneath the water. She tries to fellate Dredd's giant cock from the edge of the pool, but gets a better hold on it when she takes a dip with him. "Have you ever popped a girl's jaw out of place?," she asks him, only somewhat joking, while struggling to wrap her mouth around his girth. She performs a few nifty poolside tricks for him before having him slide inside her for a few quick thrusts. The two move inside, barely past the door when Dredd bends the sultry Riley over the countertop to continue to see how her pussy grips his dick. She lets loose with a sloppy squirt when he picks her up and hoists her in midair by her legs.

Riley has risen to and sustained great success in porn for a lot of reasons beyond her filmography gradually becoming riskier. She has an innocent charm that could aptly be described as girly, conveyed through a sunny disposition and a stunning ability to look adorable even as she does some of the nastiest things you can imagine. Her moment of truth in this scene arrives when her and Dredd spoon, Riley gripping Dredd's cock in her hand while rubbing it against her asshole to assure he eases in gently but firmly. He sinks deep in her ass, capping it off with rhythmic strokes that bring out looks of pleasure in Riley's hungry eyes.

In missionary, it's a little harder for Riley's ass to accept all of Dredd, but after popping out a couple of times, he makes himself at home inside of her. Riley smoothly glides herself atop his lap, and there's an equitable give/take that comes about when Dredd takes over in reverse cowgirl and becomes the dominant one the moment he pulls her legs apart while drilling her. The two work off of one another so well and charm even themselves with how sexually advanced they are.

We get the sense of Dredd's size when he rests his dick on Riley's ass when she arches it in the air. He slides in to indulge in some last minute penetration, which amounts to a wide open gape for Riley to boast. Dredd concludes by shooting his load directly into her mouth. Obviously designed to be the primary scene of the disc (the scene is 44 minutes long, while the other scenes flirt with 30 minutes), Dredd and Riley Reid's scene does its part to remind porn-fans how important good sex is to even the most average scene. There's no flash, no gimmicks, and no narrative contrivances abound here; just two great performances engaging in a variety of positions with great results. 4/5 stars.

Scene 3: Jaye Summers and Dredd

The ravishing Jaye Summers arrives in cutoff jean-shorts and an eye-catching white top, both articles of clothing doing their part to accentuate her fine figure. She's already well-acquainted with Dredd having shot a scene with him a while back, but nonetheless, a look of shock still manages to wash over her face when she sees his monster cock. Jaye presses both of her hands on it, stroking with both while lapping him up with her mouth, effectively bathing it in spit.

Naked, both her and Dredd find their way to the den where Jaye gets another mouthful of Dredd's penis. She strokes his cock and lathers his balls with saliva, assuring he's extra slippery so he can slide into her with ease. Jaye takes a seat on his lubed member, her ass facing the camera, an angle that shows us how well she can ride with no reservations. She's rough with her riding as she creams all over his penis, but reverse cowgirl winds up being her best position. Not only can we see her gorgeous body and adorable bird tattoos, but also her landing strip that serves as our focal point during penetration. The latter doesn't disappoint as Jaye's pussy swallows Dredd entirely, her prowess and his combining to get her to cum once she pulls her legs back while rigorously rubbing her clit.

Jaye deservedly commends herself for taking Dredd's cock better than the last time while she lies on her back watching him sink inside of her while he lies on his side. Her talents are cycling through a variety of positions briskly and sexily whether she lets her pierced pussy absorb him in doggystyle or reverse cowgirl; she brings insatiable energy regardless. Dredd rewards her by spilling a sticky load on her tongue and chin. This is a quickie of a scene but a favorable one that isn't short on energy or arousal. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 4: Honey Gold and Dredd

Honey Gold is a shapely heart-stopper. Tatted from neck to waist, with a curvaceous booty and luscious legs, she exercises her power to stun with a simple solo that lets her most eye-catching features speak for themselves. She eagerly waits her dark treat on an outdoor bed, when Dredd makes his presence, and his bulge, known after a few minutes.

"Oh, crap, it's huge," Honey screams just grabbing the shape in his jeans. As soon as the look of shock passes once his pants are down, Honey kisses, tongues, and sucks Dredd's penis, marking sure even the inches she can't reach with her mouth are covered in spit. Dredd loans a little help, forcing himself deeper inside Honey's mouth than she can get on her own, confirming her solid oral skills.

After slithering out of her skimpy outfit and offering a few more laps of her tongue to keep him covered with her saliva, Honey slides his massive cock into her pussy. The first dose of penetration is a slightly hesitant bout of missionary where Honey remains cautious of how much of Dredd she can take. She grips his legs while riding but later permits herself to take a firm seat on his lap. She's extremely vocal the entire time, loudly belting out exclamations and imperatives in order to accommodate all of her lucky man.

Honey's boisterous side stays alive in reverse cowgirl, where she rides Dredd till she's out of breath and her eyes can barely stare open. She limply falls on her side, hiking her leg in the air to challenge Dredd to another position, to which he accepts by continuing to tunnel deep inside of her and make her wail. Honey throws us all for a curveball when she lies on her back and pulls her heel-clad feet to the side of her head, giving Dredd unrestricted access to her most private area. She looks so physically filled up by Dredd's impeccable size.

While on all fours, Honey fingers her butthole while Dredd tries to bottom out in her vagina one last time, effort that results in her legs shaking and her knees nearly collapsing when all is done. In a dash of excitement, Dredd pulls out to haphazardly spray his load all over her face, covering an ecstatic Honey in cum that she most certainly earned. 3.5/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Whether it's Riley Reid's uncompromising sexual energy, Aidra Fox's deceptively strong ability to take an enormous cock, Honey Gold's wild moans of pleasure, or Jaye Summers' enticing body, Dredd's Devastation offers a plethora of quality moments and not a single average scene over the course of a concise 135 minutes. Like they did with Dredd vs. MILF, Jordan and Dredd cut out the excess that is more fit for the numbered series of showcases for their titular man. They make sure these efforts are about the sex, and while lean, still do their part to show the most enticing skills of the talented female cast they've assembled. Dredd has yet to disappoint under the umbrella of Jules Jordan; his Devastation is another winner.

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