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Game, The

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/3/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 51 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Affairs and Love Triangles; Couples; Feature

Condoms: Yes   

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Writer/Director: Stormy Daniels

Cast: India Summer, Avi Love, Kimber Woods, Carmen Caliente, Ryan Driller, Seth Gamble, Robby Echo, Special Appearance by Michael Vegas

Bonus Scenes: Phoenix Marie and Maya Kendrick from A Little Help from My Friends; Asa Akira and Ryan Driller from Tell Me Something Dirty; India Summer and Ryan Driller from An Inconvenient Mistress

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Feature Trailer; Bonus Scenes; Promo Reel; Trailers for Takers, Jessica Drake is Wicked, Tell Me Something Dirty, Axel Braun’s Big Ass Anal Movie, Black to School, A Little Help from My Friends.


Writer, director Stormy Daniels pens and directs another fascinating sexual story, this time about Ryan Driller and his sexual escapades that ultimately uproot a family and ruin his relationship with his neighbor, Avi. It all starts in The Game when Ryan drives up to San Francisco to surprise his girlfriend, Carmen, only to find her fucking Robby. It’s all too much for him and he goes into a depression. His drinking buddies convince him to spring back and forget about Carmen. The guys soon start an ongoing bar game of who can get the most phone numbers from girls in the bar. Ryan is winning the game, not only by getting phone numbers but by taking those girls home and fucking them. His neighbor, Avi, has a secret crush on him and watches him bring home several girls in one week. As part of the game, Ryan unknowingly fucks Avi’s mom, India, who is visiting for the weekend. He eventually fuck’s Avi, too, after a drunken night out at the bar. The game is up when Avi invites Ryan to her parents’ house and he realizes that the hot MILF he recently fucked is Avi’s mom. I highly recommend this movie. The storyline keeps you intrigued the whole time and the five sex scenes are hot to watch, especially the sex between India and Ryan. She is one hot MILF who puts on a smoldering performance with lots of chemistry with her boy toy partner.

Scene 1:  Carmen Caliente and Robby Echo

The guys are playing a big game at the bar tonight. It’s all about seeing who can get the most phone numbers from girls in the bar. Seth, his friend, and Michael Vegas hang out at the drinking. Michael has just scored another girl’s phone number, pushing him up to four numbers for the night. Seth is busy watching the bartender’s ass when she bends over in her short shorts. His friend reminds him that he can’t fuck things up for them by hitting on the bartender, Kimber. “You don’t shit where you drink,” he tells Seth.The guys wonder about Ryan. He’s not at the bar, and he knows tonight is game night. They call him and find out that he’s driving to San Francisco to surprise his girlfriend, Carmen. “Well, at least someone’s getting screwed tonight,” Seth says. That’s true. Someone is getting screwed tonight, but it’s not who the guys or Ryan thinks it is. Caliente is already getting fucked and it’s not by her boyfriend, Ryan. She’s having fun in bed with Robby. She rolls around in bed naked as Robby spanks her ass. She positions herself doggy style and he eats her pussy from behind, making squeeze the pillow beneath her. She closes her eyes in total submission as Robby spreads her pussy one and tongues it.

Carmen jerks his hard cock then sucks it while Robby finger bangs her. She’s lying on her stomach, swallowing his cock. Robby pulls her hair back off her face then spanks her big ass cheeks while she deep throats him. The pair moves into 69 position with Carmen sitting her pussy on Robby’s face and bending over to suck his cock. She spits all over his dick, covering it from the head of his cock down to his balls then she lies on her back to begin a round of missionary fucking. Robby holds one of her feet up to his mouth and sucks her toes while drilling her pussy. “Oh, fuck, yes!” Carmen screams. After cumming, Carmen sits on Robby’s cock and rides it cowgirl style. She moans as she grinds all over his cock. “Yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she looks back at him and says as he pounds her pussy doggy style. “Oh, that’s some good fucking cock,” Carmen mumbles. He spanks her ass cheeks then picks up the pace, pumping her pussy faster and deeper. Carmen has a big smile on her face as she watches his cock disappear inside her. More doggy fucking climaxes near the edge of the bed as Robby pounds her pussy until he pops, pulling out and painting her ass cheeks in cum. As he shoots his load, in walks Ryan with balloons, a bottle of wine and a gift for his girlfriend Carmen. She screams, asking him what he’s doing here. Ryan is left speechless and completely hurt.

Scene 2: India Summer and Ryan Driller

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We learn that Ryan has really taken this whole thing seriously. He hasn’t shown up to work, he hasn’t left the house and he’s not answering anyone’s phone calls. His friend finally goes over to his apartment and knocks on the door, telling Ryan to open him. Ryan urges him to leave, but he’s persistent. The neighbor, Avi, finally tells the guy that there’s a set of keys under the doormat. She’s glad somebody finally came over here because she can’t take another night of listening to Ryan cry his eyes out to the backdrop of sad music. His friend opens the door only to find Ryan camped out on the couch. He hasn’t showered in days and the living room is covered in opened pizza boxes. His friend encourages him to get up and get out of this stupor. He brought a few alcoholic beverages over to cure the depression Ryan’s suffering from. He fixes a drink and he has Ryan’s attention, but when Ryan reaches for the drink, his friend takes it and says no. Ryan’s got to go take a shower first if he wants a drink. The trick works. Ryan gets up for the first time in days and takes a shower.

Later at the club, Ryan shows up, joining the guys just like old times. He’s his old self again. The guys are playing the game and Ryan is convinced he’s going to win. Michael tries to get one girl’s phone number, but he strikes out. She dumps her drink on him, leaving Michael in defeat. Ryan is up next. He approaches India, using the lamest line she’s ever heard. When he tells her that he’s playing a dating game with the guys, she is slightly intrigued. A few minutes later, Ryan has won India over and the guys watch the pair leave the bar together. Ryan is in for a big treat. Back in the bedroom, India takes full control, walking up to Ryan in her sexy black lingerie. She pushes Ryan onto the bed, lying him on his back then she sits on him, kissing and undressing him while rubbing his cock. “Don’t move,” she tells him as she runs her hand all over his body. Ryan kisses her stomach then licks her pussy, making her scream and slap her own thighs. We watch Ryan’s tongue wag back and forth on India’s clit. She takes her turn on Ryan’s cock, slurping and sucking on it as she sends it further and further down her throat. This one-night stand is getting hotter and hotter as India sits on Ryan’s cock cowgirl style. He does all the work at first, slamming her pussy from underneath. India is so sexy in her black lingerie and high heel shoes getting fucked in bed. They transition to missionary with one of India’s legs up over Ryan’s shoulders. She tells him he’s hitting all the right spots.  “Fuck me!” she yells. “Right there.” Ryan has landed himself some MILF pussy that’s more than he ever imagined. Doggy style keeps India pleased and it’s working for Ryan too as he pulls out and splashes her ass with blasts of cum. She smiles and kisses him. “This is better than a phone number.” As they get dressed, Ryan wonders about exchanging phone numbers, but India tells him he’s off the hook. She lives hundreds of miles away and was only in town to visit friends. Ryan is free to go, no strings attached. He gets to take India’s panties as a trophy.

Scene 3: Kimber Woods and Seth Gamble

The next day, Ryan shows the guys the panties as proof. Ryan is unstoppable. Back at the bar, he picks up phone number after phone number of hot girls. He’s on the rebound, winning the game against the other guys. His neighbor Avi notices that Ryan has had many girls over at his place. She stops him one day, telling him that she never liked his girlfriend Carmen. These two talk for a few minutes and Avi tries subtly to tell Ryan that she is attracted to him, but it goes right over Ryan’s head. Ryan goes back to work at the hospital where he meets Kimber and her injured mother. Her mother broke her ankle after wrestling with an armadillo. Ryan thinks it’s the funniest thing ever and he tells the guys about it later that day at the bar. Up works Kimber the bartender, except she’s no longer the bartender. She quit, telling Seth you don’t shit where you drink. The two of them kiss and leave the bar let off some sexual steam. The sexual attraction between these two has been brewing for some time and it explodes as they please each other with oral sex. Seth eats Kimber’s cunt, tongue whipping her pussy until she squeals. She grabs hold of his cock and jerks and sucks it, gagging on it then deep throating it. “Yeah, suck that fucking cock,” he tells her.

Kimber goes for a cowgirl ride on Seth’s cock. “Oh fuck,” she yells out. Kimber grinds her big round ass on Seth’s hard pole, squeezing her tits and screaming, “I’m gonna cum!” She turns around into reverse cowgirl position and bounces up and down on his cock then she lies on her side for endless spoon banging. Kimber mumbles in ecstasy as Seth stretches her pussy. He drills her cunt missionary style as Kimber begs for his cum then he pulls out and blows his load all over her stomach and pussy.

Scene 4: Avi Love and Ryan Driller

One night as Ryan is coming home from work, he runs into his neighbor Avi’s dad, Marcus, knocking on her door. Ryan tells him that Avi won’t be home for a while and he invites Marcus upstairs to hang out and have a drink. The guys hang out and Marcus reveals that his daughter, Avi, talks about Ryan all the time. She talks about him so much so, that Marcus invites Ryan to come visit with them. Marcus says that he and his wife are getting back together now and things are looking up.Back at the bar, the guys are hanging out and having their usual rounds of drinks when Avi walks in. Ryan tells the guys to leave her to him. He talks to her and asks about her family. Avi is surprised that her parents are getting back together after everything that happened. As the night wears on, Avi has too much to drink. Ryan takes her home and puts her in bed. She’s too drunk to even know where she is, but Ryan promises her that they will make out tomorrow as long as she sobers up. That next day, Avi takes the initiative to knock on Ryan’s door, telling him that she can’t stop thinking about last night. They make out then make their way to the bedroom. Avi’s secret crush on Ryan is coming full circle now as he unsnaps her bra and sucks her nipples.

She pulls his shirt off and pulls him toward her, kissing him. Ryan kisses his way down her stomach and to her pussy, tonguing it and turning her on. He spreads her legs open and wags his tongue up and down her cunt. He fingers her pussy while tonguing her clit, keeping her moaning in pleasure. Avi sets her sights on Ryan’s cock next, sucking it and covering it in her spit. She jerks it in and out of her mouth, deep throating it to Ryan’s satisfaction. Avi is finally fucking her neighbor and it begins with a hard-slamming spoon fuck. Ryan strums her clit while pumping her pussy, making her mouth gape open in pleasure. We get a great close-up shot of Avi’s pussy getting fucked. She rides Ryan’s cock cowgirl style then gets on her back for a leg up. He slams her pussy missionary style while holding one of her legs up over his shoulder. “It feels so good,” Avi tells him. “Pound that pussy,” she says. Ryan pounds her pussy even more then pulls out and coats her stomach and bushy pussy in cum.

Scene 5: India Summer and Marcus London

Two of the guys are back at the bar talking about how Seth and Ryan have abandoned them. Seth and Ryan have been spending all their time with Avi and Kimber. Avi takes Ryan with her back to her parents’ house. Marcus lets them in and invites them to have a seat. Avi’s mom comes out of the bedroom to meet Ryan, but it turns out that these two have met before. It’s India and both she and Ryan are shocked to see each other. India drops her drink, breaking her glass on the floor. Dinner is uncomfortable as Ryan tries to pretend like he’s never met India, but she plays footsie with him under the table. Ryan escapes to the bathroom but is confronted by India who asks him what the hell he’s doing here. Ryan explains that India’s daughter, Avi, brought him alone. India attempts to pay him off for his silence with a $5000 check, but Avi interrupts and Ryan trots off behind her. Later that night, Marcus and India make love. This husband and wife duo has been on the rocks, but they’ve reconciled and are back together again.

Passionate kissing is followed by stripping. Marcus sucks India’s nipples, making her go crazy. He fingers her pussy then enjoys a sloppy blowjob. Marcus gets India on her back, opens her legs and finger-bangs her cunt, making India cum. He fucks her in missionary position as India begs for more cock. The husband and wife spoon fuck then do anal missionary style until India cums. Marcus pops all over India’s pussy. She jerks his cock, squeezing out every drop of cum. The next morning as Avi is cleaning up the bedroom, she finds the $5,000 check her mom gave Ryan. She asks him about it, and he convinces her that the check is for charity. Avi is so smitten by Ryan that she believes the story. As soon as Avi leaves the room, Ryan rushes off to India’s bedroom to tell her that Avi found the check, but India is so horny, she thinks Ryan is there to fuck her. She throws herself at him, just as Avi and Marcus walk in, wondering what all the noise is about. The game’s up. Avi and Marcus have figured out that Ryan and India have been fucking. This time, the marriage is over. Later, Ryan explains the whole sordid story to the guys at the bar. They can’t believe that he fucked Avi and her mom. The whole thing is too much for Avi to take. She decides to move out of the apartment and when she sees Ryan she explains that this whole thing is her fault. If only she had told Ryan how she felt about him months ago, he never would have met and fucked her mom.

Final Thoughts:

Stormy Daniels writes and directs a fascinating flick called The Game that weaves a tawdry tale of sexual escapades by the lead character played by Ryan Driller. He and his drinking buddies play a game that’s all about who can get the most girls’ phone numbers at the bar. That game leads to lots of one-night stands for Ryan, including one hot MILF, India. As the movie develops, the game gets more complicated once Ryan fucks his neighbor Avi. Ryan’s not the only one to score in this flick. Seth bangs the bartender Kimber in a hot scene that leaves those two in love. Avi invites Ryan to her parents’ house and that’s when the game is up. It turns out that India is Avi’s mom and once Ryan sees India, he’s trapped in his own game. Avi and India’s husband, Marcus, soon figure out the truth, ending the marriage and devastating Avi. I highly recommend this movie. Stormy pens an intriguing flick with hot, sexual peaks that make it worth watching. The sexual and acting performances are noteworthy and the movie has a sense of humor you’ll enjoy.

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