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Slutty Girls Love Rocco 15

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/4/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 7 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Anal; European; Foreign; Gonzo

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD. 1080p HD

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Cast: Carolina Abril, Kiara Night, Jemma Valentine, Katie Montana, Kitana Lure, Leyla Bentho, Luna Corazon, Sharon Saint, Chris Diamond, Lutro, Vinny, Rocco Siffredi

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Cast List; Cumshot Recap; Trailers for Rocco’s Black Brothers, Rocco’s Intimate Castings 11, Slutty Girls Love Rocco 14; Filmography; Website Information


Slutty Girls Love Rocco 15 is the latest in international porn producer, director, and stud Rocco Siffredi’s hot, European series and he says it’s the last. This final installment runs hot in each scene and adds to the series’ collection of horny European starlets who aim to be as nasty as they can be. Starring Carolina Abril, Kiara Night, Jemma Valentina, Katie Montana, Kitana Lure, Leyla Bentho, Luna Corazon, and Sharon Saint, this flick is chock full of babes who push their sexual limits. Brazilian bombshell Luna Corazon and Hungarian starlet Sharon Saint have a girl/girl encounter that’s one of the hottest in this flick as Sharon lives out her fantasy of having sex with a woman for the first time. Luna’s boyfriend, Vinny, adds his hard cock to the girls’ party, stretching and pumping their pussies until they cum. The hottest scene of the flick is Leyla Bentho and Kitana Lure’s threesome with Rocco. It’s set in the gym where Rocco is taking personal training lessons from Leyla. His workout session spirals into a sex session on the ropes of the pull-up machine where we watch the girls’ ass holes get pumped. I highly recommend this movie. There’s not much in a Rocco Siffredi Gonzo flick that’s going to disappoint. It’s too bad that this is the end of the series, but fans have 15 flicks to enjoy, including this final installment.  

Scene 1:  Katie Montana, Kiara Night and Chris Diamond

Katie and Kiara are looking for somewhere to have a birthday party and Rocco’s place is the perfect spot. Rocco shows them around the property and Chris watches from the barracks. It’s Kiara’s birthday party and she tells Rocco she also needs somewhere to stay after the party because they are going to be drinking and they won’t be able to drive. Rocco tells her she can sleep in the barracks. He explains that it’s not a hotel, it’s like an army barracks. Kira says that’s OK. Chris offers to show the girls the barracks. Katie goes upstairs to meet him there while Kiara talks with Rocco. Chris shows her the place and calls her his little Barbie. Katie needs to see the bathroom and Chris follows her in there. While she freshens up at the mirror, Chris takes out his hard cock and starts jerking it. “Oh, very big,” Katie tells him as she walks up to him and starts jerking it. She drops to her knees and starts sucking his big dick. Chris fucks her throat, encouraging her to deep throat him. “Open, open; look at me,” he tells her while stuffing her mouth with his long pole. Katie stands and leans over the sink in standing doggy position. Chris eats her pussy from behind, making her moan, just as Kiara walks in on them and asks, “what the fuck?” She wants to know what’s going on, but she is also surprised by the size of Chris’ cock. She tells Katie to leave then she grips Chris’ dick, telling him, “I’ve never seen one this size.” Kiara gets on her knees and sucks his cock, gagging and groaning on it. He bangs her throat until tears roll down her face. Kiara fingers her pussy while eating Chris’ meat.

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She gets in standing doggy position and leans over the sink. Chris tongue fucks her cunt. Kiara screams out, “fuck my pussy!” He stands up and drills her hole in standing doggy, making Kiara scream. She leads him out of the bathroom and into the bedroom of the barracks where she opens her legs wide and fingers her clit. Chris jerks his dick as he watches her. She sucks him off some more then gets on all fours doggy style for more pussy slamming. She tastes his cock then does a short round of missionary before sitting on his hard prick in reverse cowgirl position. Chris drives every inch of his man meat deep inside Kiara, making her scream “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” some more. We get good close-ups of Kiara riding his dong and fingering her clit at the same time. A long and hot round of cowgirl style coupling follows as Kiara controls his cock. She bounces up and down on it, filling and stretching her pussy. Chris feeds her is cum load after pulling out and jerking off in her open mouth. He stuffs his dick down her cum-lined throat, telling her to look at him as she chokes on it. “You have a good dick,” she tells him. “Would you like to come to my party?”

Scene 2: Luna Corazon, Sharon Saint, and Vinny

This second scene is a hot girl/girl/boy threesome with Luna, Sharon, and Vinny. It starts with Luna and Sharon enjoying lunch, talking about the fun they had today. Sharon admires Luna soft skin and Luna thinks Sharon’s is nice as well. Sharon hesitates, telling Luna that she’s never been with a girl before. Just then, Vinny texts Luna. He’s her date for tonight. Luna shows Sharon pictures of Vinny on her phone, and Sharon likes them. When Vinny shows up to take Luna on her date, Sharon decides she doesn’t want Luna to leave. She tells Luna she’s ready to try sex with a woman and a man at the same time. Luna is excited about Sharon’s desire and takes her to the living room and makes out with her while Vinny watches. Luna strips Sharon out of her clothes, admiring her sweet ass. Sharon gets on all fours on the couch doggy style with her sexy lingerie on. Luna spanks Sharon’s big round ass then spreads her ass cheeks open and tongues her pussy. Sharon moans in ecstasy, squeezing her eyes shut and grinding her teeth. Luna strips down to her lingerie and sits on the couch, spreading her legs open and inviting Sharon to eat her pussy. Sharon sucks Luna’s clit, driving her crazy. Luna cums in Sharon’s mouth as Vinny gets in on the action. He fingers Luna’s cunt while Sharon licks it. Luna tells Sharon to use her fingers and finger bang her. While Sharon stuffs two fingers inside Luna’s pussy, Vinny puts his hard cock inside Luna’s mouth. She jerks and sucks it until Vinny pulls it out and joins Sharon in eating Luna’s cunt. Vinny and Sharon finger bang Luna’s pussy at the same time, making her wet. She cums again.

The girls turn their attention to Vinny’s cock. They both suck it at the same time, licking and kissing up and down the sides of his shaft. They continue to share his meat until Sharon starts to gag on it once he starts fucking her throat. Luna takes over, covering his cock and balls with spit while deep throating him. She sits on his dick reverse cowgirl style while Sharon sits on his face. Luna bounces up and down on his cock then climbs off and makes Sharon taste her pussy off his dick. Luna rides some more then gets in doggy position. Vinny bangs her pussy from behind and pulls out so Sharon can suck his cock. He drills Luna’s pussy some more then sits so Sharon can ride him cowgirl style. Her bouncing and grinding on his dick makes her cum. Vinny stuffs her hole balls deep making her cream all over his prick. Luna licks Sharon’s ass hole. While Sharon gets fucked doggy style, Luna sits and fingers herself until she squirts everywhere. Share licks Luna’s wet pussy then watches as Vinny fucks Luna missionary style. Luna is cumming again. Vinny pulls out of Luna’s pussy and pops in Sharon’s mouth. She swallows his load then sucks his cock. “Eat the whole cock,” Luna orders her.

Scene 3: Kitana Lure, Leyla Bentho, and Rocco Siffredi


This third scene with Kitana, Leyla, and Rocco is the hottest one of the flick. Kitana and Leyla sport their sexy workout clothes with tiny green fluorescent shorts and bra tops. Kitana is a tall bombshell and she’s a sexy turn on as she does her squats in the gym. Rocco shows up for his personal training session with Leyla. She scolds him for not coming prepared for his workout then she shows him what to do on the machine to work his biceps. Rocco is distracted by her ass. Leyla tells him she’s not his girlfriend and that he needs to pay attention to the workout. Kitana comes over to help out, telling Rocco he should be lifting way more weight than he is. Next are the pull-ups, but Rocco can’t get through them. Kitana steps up to show him. She does an amazing routine on the ropes then climbs down and rubs Rocco’s thighs, telling him he has to be flexible. She does splits on the floor, showing Rocco that he has to stretch. He tries to do it and hurts himself. The girls surround him, attending to his pain. Soon, Rocco succumbs to Leyla’s sexy body. He pulls down her shorts and eats her pussy from behind. Kitana wants some too, and she eats Leyla’s cunt. Rocco takes out his big dick and Kitana gorges on it while he sucks Leyla’s tits.

Both girls are on their knees now sucks Rocco’s cock. “Yeah, suck this dick,” he tells them. Leyla eats his meat while Kitana eats Rocco’s ass. He titty fucks Kitana then turns to eat both girls’ pussies as they bend in standing doggy position against the pull-up bars.

Rocco starts fucking the girls in standing doggy position, one after the other as they sandwich him in. The flexible Kitana gets a hard banging as Rocco stuffs her pussy while she holds one leg up in the air. He pulls out and eats her wet pussy then keeps fucking it standing doggy style. Kitana kneels in a harness hanging from the pull-up bars and Rocco aims his cock for her ass hole. He fucks her ass hole, stretching it open with his big long pole. “You love to get fucked in your ass,” Rocco says as she screams out in pleasure. It’s Leyla’s turn to get into the harness next. She sits with her legs spread open against the bars as Rocco eats then drills her wet pussy. Kitana chokes Leyla around her neck while she gets fucked. When he pulls out of Leyla’s pussy, Kitana sucks his dick then eats Leyla’s cunt, getting a double helping of the taste of Layla’s pussy. Kitana gets more anal love when she does the splits over Rocco’s cock, nestling her ass hole on his prick. Then she eats Rocco’s ass hole and turns his cock over to Leyla who rides it cowgirl style on the bench. She sits on his face before sitting on his cock reverse cowgirl style. Rocco fucks her doggy style with long, slow strokes then cums in her mouth. She tries deep throating him as the jizz spills off her tongue. Rocco calls her his best trainer ever.

Scene 4: Carolina Abril, Jemma Valentine, and Lutro

Carolina and Jemma are a ball of fun and they have fun in front of the camera while talking to Rocco. Carolina is from Spain and Jemma is from Canada and they talk about which girl is going to be the nastiest. These girls have great chemistry together. They’re having so much fun that Jemma accidentally calls Rocco Nacho. Carolina corrects her, telling her that’s a different dick. The girls focus on each other’s body. Jemma pulls off Carolina’s shorts and spanks her bouncy ass cheeks. The girls make their way to the couch where Carolina eats Jemma’s pussy. “I love the way she’s rubbing my pussy and getting it so wet,” Jemma says. Carolina tells her she has a beautiful pussy as she tongues and spanks it. They move into 69 position with Carolina on top, sitting her pussy on Jemma’s face. The girls eat each other’s cunts, moaning in unison.

Lutro shows up, disrupting their pussy party. He has been watching them. The girls insist he stay and join them and they promise to take over if he’s too shy. Once they sit him on the couch, the girls unbutton his shirt and unzip his pants. “He feels big,” Jemma says while rubbing her hand on his cock. She pulls his dick out and feeds it to Carolina first, then she takes her turn sucking it. The girls share in cock sucking duty, swallowing his pole whole. The action develops as Jemma gets on her knees to suck his dick while Carolina eats Jemma’s pussy. Jemma continues to suck Lutro’s cock as Carolina sits on his face. Carolina moves from his face to his cock, sitting on it cowgirl style. Lutro bangs her pussy hard, going into overdrive mode to stuff her cunt. Carolina screams out in pleasure while Jemma tongues her ass hole as Lutro’s cock pounds in and out of Carolina’s pussy. Jemma waits to taste Lutro’s cock right out of Carolina’s pussy and it’s worth the wait. Carolina goes on a reverse cowgirl ride next that’s just as hot as her cowgirl. Then she sucks his dick while Jemma tongues his ass hole. Lutro throat bangs Jemma then bends over doggy style to host his cock deep inside her pussy. He slams her wet box and Carolina spanks Jemma’s ass cheeks. Sex through the back door is next when Lutro penetrates Jemma’s tight ass hole with this prick. Carolina gets in close to finger Jemma’s pussy and lick Lutro’s ass hole. Jemma rides him cowgirl style and the girls share in sucking his cock again. Carolina gets fucked some then it’s Jemma’s turn to take more cock in the ass. He pumps her ass doggy style then fucks stretches Carolina’s pussy in missionary position. The girls sit on the floor for a round of throat banging until Lutro blows his load, cumming in Carolina’s mouth. She shares her cum load with Jemma, kissing and cum swapping with her. Lutro fucks Jemma’s throat, feeding her the last of his load.

Final Thoughts:

The legendary porn producer, director, and actor Rocco Siffredi presents his final installment in the Slutty Girls Love Rocco series in his flick Slutty Girls Love Rocco 15. The latest and the last in the series reminds us of how hot these flicks have been all along. This one carries the no-limit, Euro-style of porn that Rocco, anal, and Gonzo fans all enjoy. Rocco has assembled another hot cast including Carolina Abril, Kiara Night, Jemma Valentina, Katie Montana, Kitana Lure, Leyla Bentho, Luna Corazon, and Sharon Saint. There is hot girl/girl action, threesome turn-ons and the girls take it up the ass and beg for more. Three of the scenes are girl/girl/boy threesomes with a mix of lesbian and anal action. I highly recommend this movie. Rocco’s flicks rarely disappoint and fans won’t be disappointed with this one. It’s too bad that Slutty Girls Love Rocco 15 flags the official end of the series, but Rocco has given us fans lots of scenes over these 15 flicks to be turned on by and to enjoy.

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