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Studio: Digital Playground » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/6/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Feature

Writer/Director: Dick Bush Producer: Danny D
Edited By: Margot Misandry


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Cast: Natalia Starr, Liza Del Sierra, Alyssa Divine, Carla Pryce, Nacho Vidal, Danny D, Luke Hardy, Felix Jones, Ricky Stone

Length: 2 hours 35 minutes

Date of Release: January 17, 2018

Extras: Photo Gallery, Web Info

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Great on both fronts. Artistic lighting that keeps flesh tones accurate.

Overview: A door to the Nevermore was ripped open years ago from the mortal realm and Jessica Chase (Starr) is determined to close it to stop all the demons, vampires and werewolves from coming through. She works for a leader of the Nevermore (Divine) as a tracker but does some freelance work of her own, aided by a magical, invisible, buxom latex bunny (Pryce). When she needs questions answered, she turns to a scientist of sorts (Danny D). The trio's adventures will have them coming face to face with evil ritualists, a virgin vampire (Jones), a succubus (Del Sierra), a murderous wife and spirit husband (Stone), a power-crazed ex-boyfriend, and more. It's a fun, supernatural tale that will appeal to couples as well as fans of Natalia.

Scene 1: Natalia Starr & Felix Jones

Natalia Starr

Felix is brand new to the industry and here he gets to play with a super starlet, Natalia Starr. She ravishes his rod with her red lips and gets her mesh pantyhose ripped open in return. With the mesh barrier gone, Jones can start banging our blonde vixen from behind. Natalia's lips let naughty words spill from them as she tries to find a secure handhold, the task harder than it might sound considering they are in some sort of disheveled office storage area. His red-contacted eyes shine with enthusiasm as she orders him to the ground, his smile showing his absolute appreciation for being given an opportunity to bang the lovely Natalia who is riding his thick cock like there's no tomorrow.

Natalia Starr

She flips around, tossing her two-toned locks out of her face as she climbs into a 69 and then transitions into a reverse cowgirl that has their groins featured in some very specific lighting. Her tan body looks very nice in the warm light, her boobs jiggling as Jones jams into her from below and then from the side. She places his hand around her neck, as much for her benefit as his leverage. Felix looks to be having a ton of fun as she grabs his hand and slaps her ass and tits with it. She's like a crazed animal, slamming her ass back onto his boner and then sucking her juices off it and then flipping back over so he can plug back in. Felix plugs away at Starr's snatch with gusto, Natalia moaning dirty words. Her eyes are bright and shiny as he blasts one of the healthiest loads I've seen in quite a while, filling her mouth as she lets it gush back out.

Scene 2: Liza Del Sierra & Danny D

Liza Del Sierra

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Englishman, Danny gets paired up with French bombshell Liza in this scene that goes down in his laboratory. Our chainmailed starlet's eyes are big and bright as Danny mouth fucks his busty horned demon. She mutters some appreciation in French as he rubs at her clit and then tongues her love hole. Bending over a bench, Liza gets Danny's D. He unbuckles her armor to access her D-cups which sway with each stroke. Her chains rattle as she squats in her rope-laced boots to get a pounding from beneath. She screams as her body quivers in ecstasy, tossing the heavy metal top off of her as the action gains steam.

Liza Del Sierra

Her plump ass slams up and down on Danny's cock as he lies on the floor, her hands and mouth working furiously on it during position changes. He grips her throat with both hands as she brings herself to orgasm during cowgirl. Her lace boots start to unravel as they fall into a spoon, her patch contrasting well with her bikini tan line. Danny rubs her clit with one hand while gripping one of her big boobs with the other, holding her leg in the air as he pummels into her. He stands for a bit of a BJ and then takes off his shirt to nail the French succubus in a legs-to-the-sky missionary that has her screaming to the heavens. Tired of the floor, he puts her back on the bench for some determined drilling that has her cumming and moaning as she stares into his face. She bites at the finger to keep from screaming and Danny takes some cock time between her massive tits. A final few strokes inside of her, their tongues touching, leads him to the splashdown that plasters her face.

Scene 3: Carla Pryce, Natalia Starr, Ricky Stone

Natalia Starr & Carla Pryce

Carla and Natalia are dolled up in skimpy lace lingerie as they work Stone to hardness with their hands and mouths. The ladies work in tandem on the Hungarian's hot dog, Carla moving up for some kisses, her breasts falling out of her top. The ladies' blonde locks cascade down their backs, Natalia stripping out of her lingerie for a quick lick from her sidekick and Ricky's rod ramming into her. Miss Pryce also strips down, the fabulous body that has been showcased in pink latex for the first hour, finally revealed as Stone slams into her from behind.

Natalia Starr & Carla Pryce

The trio stand in the doorway, their bodies banging, Starr spouting dirty words and lying back on the bed so Carla's tongue can explore her slit while she takes it from Ricky. Carla moves into a 69 and Ricky joins her for some tag team cunnilingus. Natalia is folded in half as her cohorts work her over, unfortunately, she's in a deep shadow. The shadow problem is lessened a tiny bit when Ricky starts ramming into her. Luckily, Carla's form is lit nicely as she sits atop Starr, moaning 'oh jesss-see-kah' in an adorable fashion. Carla manages to find a bit better light as Ricky takes a turn in her and then she shows off her rodeo skills, her barren box exposed as nicely as her globes. She shows off impressive oral skills as Ricky stands to do some slamming in Starr, Natalia's form lit nicely this time as she gets banged from behind and licked from the front. Carla's jeweled pussy glistens as she becomes the filling in a sex sandwich, Stone using their holes at will. Carla's smile is radiant, dirty words spilling from it until Stone unloads on their faces.

Scene 4: Alyssa Divine, Danny D, Nacho Vidal

Alyssa Divine

Alyssa wants some cocks right now. Her platinum blonde hair shines in the light as she kneels before her throne, her head pivoting from dick to dick. While the leather-clad Divine is concentrating on Nacho, Danny takes her from behind. The men quickly swap spitroast duties, with Vidal pumping into her feverishly as she sucks Danny's D. Sitting on the throne, Danny gets ridden while Nacho gets stroked by Alyssa's hand which is sporting a massive stone.

Alyssa Divine

Vidal also gets some throne time while Danny gets some throat time. The trio moves back to a spitroast, Alyssa balancing on one foot as Danny hammers into her. The guys manhandle her down onto the throne, Danny plunging away at her. Come Nacho's turn, Danny gets busy stuffing her mouth with his sac, the throne shaking with each thrust. The guys continue to trade hole time until they both have worked up a good sweat shine and finish themselves off on Divine's melons.

Scene 5: Natalia Starr & Luke Hardy

Natalia Starr

The final sex scene features another English swordsman, Luke  Hardy, that's ready and willing to lick Natasha's ass. Starr uses a two-handed twist during her fellation and tosses a shiny chain over her shoulder as she leans against a rack while Luke lumbers into her. Shoe fans will appreciate the boots she's wearing that are prominently displayed as she lifts her leg during Hardy's hammering. She wraps her legs around his waist, hoisting herself up and down on his shaft and then dropping for some more oral work.

Natalia Starr

Face on the floor and ass in the air is a great look for her as she gets taken from behind once again, only this time Luke's cock is in her ass. She prompts him on with dirty talk as he pumps her pooper. After a bit of eager ass-to-mouth, she does the anal rodeo romp. Hanging on to a chain for balance, she bounces high and hard, her usual dirty banter accompanying the ride. More oral work is followed by a deep fingering and a thorough missionary romp that has Luke going from hole to hole after he wraps the chain around Starr's neck, Natalia calling him a "fucking freak" but not seeming to mind. She does ditch the chain before strangling herself as she rolls into doggie and then climbs back on for more rodeo anal antics, her tits bouncing wildly. One more round of puppy style in the pooper has Hardy ready to blast right over her gaping hole.

Final Thoughts: Natalia Starr takes the lead role here as Jessica Chase and does a good job with it, showing she has growing acting abilities as well as serious sexual skills. She's joined by her sidekick, Carla Pryce in her quest to save the world and that is a huge bonus. Carla has a stunning figure and the voice and enthusiasm she uses to portray her magical character are magnificent! Danny D aids the ladies during their missions and gets to nail a couple of hot demons in the process, Alyssa Divine and Liza Del Sierra. Nacho Vidal shows up to the party to give some great dicking. Felix Jones and Ricky Stone may be new to the industry which works out well for them because their enthusiasm and appreciation of getting to nail top-tier talent are readily apparent and they give it their all.

The camera work is solid, the lighting is artistic and for 99% of the movie on point. The audio is captured really well. Overall, It's a fun two and a half hours that covers 5 hardcore sexual romps that I think most viewers will enjoy. I really wish it had a BTS segment so we maybe could have gotten to know the newbie Pryce a bit more out of character. I think it will definitely see a lot of replay in many households and therefore I recommend it!

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