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My First Black Girlfriend

Studio: Filly Films » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 2/7/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The DJ that does it all. That is Darcie. Filly Films picked a very beautiful woman to become their vocal point when it came to new directors and visions from women who truly love women. Darcie is known in the industry as being a woman who truly loves what she does and also loves the flesh of females every bit as the fans do. This XBIZ Award nominated films stars the XBIZ Girl/Girl Performer of the year herself. The cast is something that fans will simply be drooling at with first glance. It is stacked from top to bottom with pussy lickers extraordinaire who also love what they do. The pairings are heavenly and carefully chosen I would imagine. I thought it simply the most scrumptious of fantasies that Darcie saved Chanell Heart all for herself. That gives you truly a look into the mind of the director, who you can tell is trying to make the fans hungry for the flesh. When you add in Ana Foxxx, Summer Day and Trillium, you get a recipe for something that on paper looks sweeter than any desert. Let’s find out if things are as sweet as the look.

Film Cover 

Film Duration: 2 Hours, 32 Minutes

Director: Darcie Dolce

Don Juan Phyla: Lesbian, Interracial, Toys, Younger Girls on Younger Girls, Shower Sex, Natural Looks and Environments, Fingering, Minor Tit  and Ass Play, Slower and Sensual Pussy Licking

Extras and Titbits: Eight minute photo slide show which features some of the most gorgeous edited and un edited photos you may ever see of these porn stars. Orgasm link that will send the impatient fan straight to scene climax and it is spot on. Truly something that is great for all style girl/girl fans.


Scene 1: “Sofa Sexercise” with Ana Foxxx and Summer Day

Scene Features: Sexy Sound Effects, Great Acting, and Performing, Teasing, Fingering, Ass Licking, Double Headed Dildo Action

Ana Foxxx and Summer Day 

The Reveal:

The camera work fades into two of the most gorgeous women on the planet. Ana Foxxx, need we say more. One of the sexiest bodies, one of the most beautiful faces and a wit for acting and performance that is almost unmatched and beyond under rated in adult films. Summer Day, she is the epitome of the “hot blond.” Sexy, natural body with these delicious curves that remind you of your first encounter with the most beautiful girl you met down the block. The exercise theme is great, skimpy clothes, sexy gear, the viewer's mind will be dreaming about the girls from second one. The camera work really takes center stage along with the models. You see Ana and her immaculate body pumping a little iron and showing off things that good lord every man and woman wish they could call their own. Her eyes speak volumes. That is Ana’s talent, she can act and bring a scene alive with just a glance. Darcie fades in and out of an impending seduction and I really think Darcie put us within her own imagination, showing us some true lesbian fantasies. Watching these babes work out is pretty fucking cool if I may say so myself. True to life fantasy that I know everyone has had. The line “if she is going to get some dick, I am going to get some pussy” sky rockets the scene into a very passionate ass licking start to the sex but before it happens, these two set things up perfectly. This is exactly what the reveal is meant to be, something that drives every fucking fan wild and gets them revved up for the action. A five star start to the film.

Ana Foxxx and Summer Day The Sex:


When you see Ana go in for a taste during your classic porn set up of the “sprained gluteus maxumis” you will definitely be excited to see these two play with your emotions. Summer’s smile could charm the sox off any red blooded human being on the planet and it is perfectly caught on film as Ana licks her pussy and asshole as the action begins. I really thought it amazing that Darcie could start out this scene with out one kiss between two sexual dynamos and create the heat that she did. The girls are frisky and having fun. When you see Ana’s yoga pants drop to her knees, yours might go the exact same direction. Her ass is perfect. I mean there is no visible blemishes, there is tone and roundness. She puts in that work truthfully at the gym and it shows with every gasp of air during orgasm and every movement of lust as Summer licks her slit from the backside. No up-close shots are needed when the chemistry, acting and heat is this good between two performers. As a matter of fact, you do not see a nipple or gorgeous breast until about seventeen minutes into the film. That is what you call a tease and that is what you call incredible performers. The sexy sound effects will be echoing in your brain for hours after you see the film. The camera work is a little shaky, but it does give some realism to the scene and does not take you out of the fantasy. The POV shot of Summer licking Ana’s kitty with wet strokes and thick glides is pure sexual brilliance. It instantly gets Ana hot to shed off her gear and get down to some tongue action.

 Ana Foxxx and Summer DayOnce again, the tongue action does not begin until almost twenty minutes into the film. Fans, that is a sign the director trusts her performers and an indicator she may have been playing with her kitty as well as she watched these girls get into creative positions and old school variations that takes viewers right into the middle of some amazing pussy licking. The up-close shots are wonderful. The angles what show off each model’s body is spot on. I simply must tell you that when you see Ana spread out on that great big exercise ball and Summer sneaks in the back door for a taste, you may not be able to walk for a few minutes because of the blood rushing to your head from such intense oral. This film pays homage to the classic erotica that built up the genre. The pink dildo is a perfect touch and I can think of no two better girls in the film to put it to use. I love how they tried new things in this film. Believe you me, this critic has seen a lot of girl/girl adult films and I have never seen to girls suck a double headed dildo like these two did. It was cool as hell and beyond provocative. Summer has some great moments of keeping the scene “themed” as she stays in character and the director shows her perfect natural body in so many wonderful angles that compliment that picture-perfect face of hers. This scene truly was planned out great beyond belief. The director did her homework and tried some cool innovative things that will have you more than drooling in chapter one. Let’s just say, when you see Ana “Banana” gagging on that luscious wet pink dildo and Summer moving in perfect sexual harmony with each thrust as Ana fucks her with her mouth basically you will see why this film received the nods it did in the award world. Holy shit, was does chapter two have in store then?


Scene 2: “Sex For Breakfast” Adriana Maya and Xandra Sixx

Scene Features: Younger Girl on Younger Girl, Fingering, Teasing, Light Foreplay, Slight Storyline, Face Sitting, Toys, Vibrator, Pussy Rubbing.

Xandra Xixx and Adriana Maya 

The Reveal:

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First off, Xandra Sixx’s make-up is spot fucking on. No matter if she showed up ready to go on set or that is the work of a master H&MUA, she looks absolutely stunning from the get go. As Adriana Maya shows of that amazing body of hers in the cutest short shorts and top, your mind will be a flutter and your ass better not be driving when you start to watch this scene on your phone. You will end with more than a fucking DUI! The lighting is good. I like the small location, once again, Darcie places you in a very realistic environment. The soft style beat that fills the scene with bounce just screams Darcie Dolce and it does add a very smooth, gentle tone to a scene that has two beautiful women just acting the part perfectly of two lovers hungry for something sweet during breakfast if you know what I mean. Xandra really does one hell of a job creating this fiery type of lust. You see her character move like a sexy minx moving gracefully to lick up a saucer of milk. The kissing is wet and divine. I think that when you see these two women jump up to have one another for their breakfast dish, you will see Wheaties don’t even come close to this breakfast of champions. Once again, the set-up is brilliant. It is fast, and it is very deep all that the same type. The performers create a vibe of the horny girlfriend who simply did not get enough the night before. I think as you watch, you see with each second that ticks by, especially when you see Adriana suck on Xandra’s tits with that wet tongue you know round two is going to be a doozy!

Xandra Xixx and Adriana Maya The Sex:

Once again, so much is left to the imagination. The girls not only have this playful way of teasing the other with their short shorts and panties on that will make any fan drool, the way that Adriana takes control like a pro in porn movie magic and something you do not see new starlets master as fast as she has in the business. I guess this means that little beauty does indeed like what she does. Xandra is simply as divine as a meal at a five-star restaurant. Her moaning, her dirty talk will have you floating. Her attire choice was not the most alluring but to be honest, this little cutie cums with ease so well, you ain’t even going to fucking remember what the hell you were wearing, let alone what she was after scenes end. The little things add up nicely in this chapter of the film. The side angle that shows booty for days, the way that Adriana Maya points her toes to give the scene some grace and extra ecstasy as she gets her kitty teased. This scene will have booty lovers losing their minds, that is for damn sure. The girls do manage to maneuver in a tight space and not make the scene mechanical. The kissing through out the scene in lovely and the camera work is far improved in chapter two.


Xandra Sixx, this woman knows what she is doing. Her nails are gorgeous as can be and looking just as flawless as her make-up. Ass she spreads that gorgeous ass apart for Adriana to lap up all her juices, you see those lovely nails and her sexy tan lines. It is once again something grand to see a model look so beautiful and striking in a scene from head to two. It adds so much to this fantasy. As the scene goes on, the action fades a little. The vibrator is a nice touch, but you don’t get to see it used to it’s full potential when Adriana gets the electricity flowing. It would have been nice to see a little bit of the fruit play when she says she “wants to eat some fruit out of her pussy.” The single camera following the action around might have been better by just stopping and starting at another angle and editing during the toy play but the distance shots of watching Adriana’s booty is enough to slightly make up for things. As Adriana gets her turn the action once again goes to a standstill. I think these two performers truly shine brightest when they get a true “hands on” experience. The face sitting at scenes end is captivating indeed and gets the temperature rising in the room again. Then the camera focuses on one of the most stunning shots in the entire film, watching Xandra on all fours, showing off everything and I do mean everything. Her breasts look amazing at the end climax, her booty, her legs. It was one hell of a call for the director to place the performers where she did. It adds a second wind to this scene. I truly mean that. The last ten minutes of this scene are pure gold. Adriana’s cute moans and squeals added in with a close up shot that is to die for as Adriana now sits on Xandra’s face is pussy licking at it’s best. Miss Sixx’s long tongue will leave you panting and wheezing. I don’t know how the girls did it, but they bring the toy play back to life at the end. The casual dirty talk is wonderful, the fact that this scene levels out and ends on such a high note with gorgeous angles and hot action is something I don’t think I have ever seen done. Once momentum dies it hardly ever can be returned to that same tempo. Not with these amazing ladies. The scene simply is one of a kind and is a must see in the realm of adult film.

Xandra Xixx and Adriana Maya 

Scene 3: “Shower Therapy” Maya Bijou and Trillium

Scene Features: Great Pussy Munching and Sucking, Great Chemistry and Hunger, Sweaty Sex, Up Close Clit Sucking, Toys, Vibrators

Maya Bijou and Trillium The Reveal:

First off, let us state the obvious for the rookie XXX viewers who may not know these two ladies being paired. They are two of the most unique of performers and almost perfectly paired. Maya has been known in her short time in the business as a woman who truly gets down to business in her scenes. The sex is always phenomenal as is the case with Trillium, especially in the girl/girl realm. Maya’s body is in full focus as we see her relaxing for a bath. Her acting skills and tone are a tad blunt for the set-up but when Trillium comes into the room, the focus to her playing the role of scorn lover being dumped is great. Trillium is turning into one of the best actors in the game and she simply creates the world the director wants to portray. That is what is all about porn fans because that is what sweeps you out of our normal reality and takes you to the land of fantasy. Maya is growing in this area and she does have down the body language that is the true bread and butter of this business. As we see Maya begin to try and console her friend, we begin to see her flashes of brilliance come into play with her dialogue and want for the flesh of Trillium. As you see Trillium shed her clothes to reveal her model perfect figure, Maya grabs the reigns and starts to put the scene in motion with eye contact, kissing and more. The over head shot is cool as hell when each lover moves into the arms of the other.


The Sex:

As the two lovely ladies simply go at it, the side few is a grand entrance into this bathtub fantasy. The thing I like about this scene and in all honesty the three before it was well, there is none of the phony fluff. Anyone who has every slept with two women knows not always is each girl playing with their pussy as they taste that sweet nectar of passion from the other. This scene does not have that I love that because it would take away so much from the flow of two hot and horny women just looking to play. The angles that move from Maya’s mouth planted firmly on Trillium’s lovely kitty and then move up to see her gorgeous perky nipples is just jaw dropping. I think Maya is able to focus so much on tongue fucking Trillium you start to see the passion come out, literally. As the roles reverse, the most lustful slit licking comes out. Look carefully as you will see Trillium look into Maya’s eyes as she sucks her pussy. The camera once again does a pristine job of showing Trillium chowing down and Maya cumming with satisfaction. The performers speak to each other with their eyes and it is as sexy as it can fucking get in lesbian erotica. Maya’s sexual force just creates something wonderful. You will be sweating as much as she is from the steam emitting from your viewing screen. The angles are longer than last scene, which means once again, Darcie put thought into what she was creating.

Maya Bijou and Trillium The Natural look that these beauties can pull off is one of the most delightful things of this scene. It shows nasty girls getting down who create that look of wholesomeness that a scene like this demands to look real and sexy. It is a breath of fresh air to not see mascara running down their cheeks or their foundation looking caked due to the environment. When Trillium gets her second round on the “hot seat” the beads of sweat added on with Maya’s sound effects of slurping up every drop of cum from her kitty is enough to send any man or woman into orbit after watching. The camera work is a little shaky and there are some aspects where the lighting is not perfect, but I think to create this kind of natural scene in a small setting, some exceptions needed to be made and I think Darcie fucking killed it! The other very realistic part of this fantasy is watching the girls stay warm. When you see them turn on the shower, begin to play with each other’s pussy, it is something that once again, everyone has done with their girl when it comes to shower sex. When the girls kiss and Maya looks just like your lady would in the same scenario it is exactly the icing on the cake for those fans looking for true sexual situations come to life on screen. As the scene gets into some up-close shots of Trillium tongue fucking Maya as she watches with more than lust in her eyes, you start to see that this film is one of the most complete lesbian films of 2017. Everything is in this film and this scene gives its contribution with some serious rug munching. These gals indeed love what they do. I think the way that Darcie brings some of the shots of old into play like the up-close shot of the clit licking, the slow pan north and south that shows the firm strokes of Trillium bringing smiles and more to the cute kisser of Maya’s. I was beyond hot under the collar watching this scene and it is simply due to the fact that the girls create such a realistic fantasy together. Darcie also once again accentuates each girl’s draw power and money maker no matte what that is. Some things simply must be seen in this world to believe and seeing Trilliums gorgeous kitty get licked and sucked as she is arched perfectly is one of most dazzling views in all of porn. The toys are done well in this scene. It is very cute to watch the girls play with the speed levels of the vibrator. I get the vibe the woman got to choose their instruments of destruction in this scene because they simply annihilate each other’s pussy till the other cums with it. Excellent, excellent scene.

Maya Bijou and Trillium 

Scene 4: “Desert in Bed” Darcie Dolce and Chanell Heart

Scene Features: Wonderful Breast Play, Soft and Sensual Action, Amazing Hair and Make-Up, Ass Licking


The Reveal:

Now, we que the music. The grand finale, the ultimate climax has arrived and to be honest, when it is Chanell Heart and the XBIZ Girl/Girl Performer of the Year you know this is going to be something that melts an iceberg. Chanell, a woman who can fit into any role. Darcie, one thing you can always count on with this beauty is her dedication to women. That and for her to always have the most stunning make-up and look for every scene. As Chanell arrives to hang out with a homie, Darcie answers the door looking as gorgeous as can be. Darcie is woman who can become the most adorable, hot, sext character for any girl/girl role. The playful nature of this scene intro that once again has a burned lover jumping sides to “play” for the other team is very well played out. The acting is very good, well perhaps not that much acting because Darcie’s smile upon first kiss speaks a thousand words and all of them are dirty. The kissing is just wonderful, as each smooch is followed with this big grin on each girl’s face as if they are about to sit down for a romantic dinner. Well, they are going to be tasting some delicious “dishes” that is for damn sure. Chanell looks amazing as well. The fact that she has these cute short shorts that are not too revealing add some mystery to the mix. Once you see Chanell start to flick and lick Darcie’s hard nipples with the tip of her tongue the scene just flows like wine and the panties come off before a blink of an eye. This final chapter has that feeling that everything you previously missed in the last few scenes will indeed be put on full display with such yummy tit sucking action to warm things up.

Darcie Dolce and Chanell Heart The Sex:

The camera works gets a bit foggy as the actions starts but the method to which keeping one camera going from one angle to the next is edited very well. The opening of the sexual encounter has Darcie on almost full three hundred and sixty display. It is stunning. As we see some of the most lovely foreplay we see that Chanell is eager as every to really please Darcie. The breast play goes back and forth and really creates a sensuality in this scene. I think the mixture of having two of the most aggressive girl/girl performers spend time sensually discovering each other’s body was something that simply was not expected and that adds so much to the finale of a film like this. The camera work truly has it’s finest showing in this scene. The shot of watching Darcie purr and pull as Chanell likes her from the backside has so many gorgeous views and thoughts there are just too many to list. The combination of the lashes, the hair styles and looks on each performer’s face, this is what glamour porn should be. That perfect ass, those perfect natural tits, after you see the camera pan all the way around you will have nothing but dirty thoughts swimming through your head. This is simply why Darcie won that award. The movements, the gyrations, they are exactly what you hope to see you dream girl convey when she is getting ravaged by another lady of fantasy. I do not think there are many gals that can give and receive as well as Chanell Heart can. When you Darcie jump on the other side of the fence and begin to tongue lash her gorgeous kitty the sounds of Chanells’s pleasure will ring through the screen into those thoughts in your mind that create that hunger for sex and sexuality in the best of ways. It is erotica and some. I was expecting this scene to really get out of hand and be something over the top once again and my goodness, I feel the greatest pleasure in Darcie proving me wrong and showing a type of fantasy you just do see but maybe twice a year in girl/girl films. The face sitting at the end will truly be what you wanted to see in this scenes climax. After the you see both women get in their last little tastes of the other, you simply feel satisfied. Hats off to Chanell Heart. She is a performer who know the ropes of any scene. Her fans will tell you that she can hang with anyone but what this performance told this critic, was that she truly knows what performance is and that true fantasy is each woman coming to that agreement to have the other shine in certain spots and simply compromise to make the fans happy. She does it so well and she honestly brings out another side of performance I didn’t know she had.

Darcie Dolce and Chanell Heart 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Don Juan DeMarko

The is film one was centimeter away from being an XCritic pick. Now, that does not mean you the fan does not get your ass out of your seat and not buy this film. Oh hell no. This film is worth every penny of purchase and its only flaw is the camera work. The pluses far outweigh the minuses. I thought that Darcie showed something in a first-year director that I hardly ever see. Guts! The location of this film was an apartment and shot within the confines of each room. That is a no brainer for any fan or critic to see. What is not seen unless viewed in its entirety, is a film that makes the location come alive and become a part of the film. It gives the fantasy reality. It also shows that if you have vision and passion, you can make any damn backdrop work. The way that Darcie makes you believe you are going to see one thing then get another is beyond fantastic. Fans will see their favorite stars do things they normally do not, and they will enjoy it. The casting was perfect. Each girl’s passion for the other is alive and an animal all unto itself. The heat is real, the way the girls look changes with each scene and that simply keeps the fan’s minds cranking with joy and mystery as to what comes next. I tell you what, one thing is for fucking sure. I think everyone is going to be drooling to see what comes next from the one and only Darcie Dolce. I think this has truly solidified her in the realm of the performer who truly has “it” who truly has something you just can’t learn. My goodness, the words escape for such a description of this woman. The only thing I can say is, and she is only getting started people!





"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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