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Blacked Raw V2

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/11/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 28 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Interracial; All Sex; Big Cock

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Natalia Starr, Karlee Grey, Alina Lopez, Valerie Kay, Jason Luv, Dredd, Cash

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Information


Fresh off a three-peat win as AVN’s 2016, 2017, and 2018 Director of the Year, Greg Lansky knows how to build sexual tension in his movies, teasing and tantalizing us with what’s to come. What follows are scorching scenes of great sex you can’t take your eyes off of. In Blacked Raw V2, and in the series in general, that same tension is evident in the opening minutes of the flick as sexy white starlets make their way through busy nighttime streets to a hotel room where their tight pussies get banged and stretched by big black monster cocks. This second installment in the series carries the same intense rounds of interracial fucking as the first, this time putting Natalia Starr, Karlee Grey, Alina Lopez, and Valerie Kay in the black cock bullseye. I highly recommend this movie. It’s a flick that keeps you glued to every stroke as each starlet’s pussy gets stretched. A relative newcomer, Alina Lopez, is so turned on by her night with a BBC that her pussy covers Jason Luv’s cock in cream. This movie is a pleaser all around and one I highly recommend you watch.

Scene 1:  Natalia Starr and Jason Luv

Natalia Starr makes her way to the hotel room for the interracial experience of a lifetime. She’s dressed in red and is a sexy siren as we watch her get ready for sex. Once her black beau lets her into the hotel room, she goes into the bathroom to freshen up. She’s filming herself with her phone and we’re getting the selfie view. She strips out of her red dress and makes her pussy wet by fingering it as she looks at herself in the mirror. Jason has given her sexy lingerie to put on for him. Once she has it on, she puts on her red lipstick then walks out to the bedroom where Jason is waiting. These two are attracted to each other like magnets, wasting no time before making out. Natalia drops to her knees and starts sucking Jason’s hard cock. “I can barely fit it in my mouth,” she tells him while trying to deep throat. She makes his cock wet with her spit and eats his meat like a cock-starved slut. “I like that big black cock in my mouth,” she garbles. “You like when I fuck your mouth like that,” Jason asks her. There’s no question that Natalia has waited a long time for her Jason’s dick and it shows in how greedy she as with it. He continues to feed her face with his prick, then he picks her up, lies her on the bed and eats her pussy missionary style. Natalia is left melting under the sensation of his tongue lapping against her clit. She closes her eyes and grips the sheets in pleasure.

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Natalia tells him she’s ready for his huge cock. “I’m gonna cum,” she screams, reaching her orgasm from his tongue lashing. Jason penetrates her wet pussy missionary style, pumping her cunt like a well-oiled piston. Natalia’s legs are over his shoulders as he drills her pussy open. “That fucking pussy is so tight,” he tells her as he stretches it. He pulls out and fucks her throat. Natalia wants her pussy stretched some more so she sits on his cock and rides it cowgirl style. Jason slaps her ass cheeks and pumps her pussy hard, fast and deep, keeping Natalia screaming. “Right there, right there, right there,” she yells out. He sucks her nipples as she bounces up and down on his pole. Her wet stretched pussy takes another round of tonguing as Jason smacks on it. She cums again while he’s eating her then he invites her to sit on his dick in reverse cowgirl position. After a few strokes, she’s cumming. Natalia is in ecstasy. “I love it when you take control,” she tells him. After drooling all over his cock, she gets on all fours for a long round of doggy style banging. The action develops into downward doggy and Jason pounds her pussy. “Give me that fucking cream,” she screams. Jason pumps her cunt until he cums in it, filling it with spunk. Natalia cums as he cums, making for a hot climax to this late-night coupling. Jason fingers her pussy until his cum drains out. He spanks her ass while she admires her creampie.

Scene 2: Karlee Grey and Dredd

Karlee Grey gets banged in the second scene of the flick from mega cocksman Dredd. We get that hustle and bustle of nightlife in the beginning of the scene, then see and excited and busty Karlee walking toward her Uber. She is recording a selfie with her phone and making us a part of it. “I’m so glad me and my boyfriend are taking this break so I can get dicked down the way I want to,” she says. Karlee is getting so wet just thinking about the fucking she’s about to get in the hotel room. She says her boyfriend has been doing a really bad job at fucking her and she deserves to be fucked right. Karlee is getting wet just thinking about what’s to come and she fingers her pussy in the back seat of her Uber. She licks her wet fingers and smiles then squeezes her big tits. The driver tells her that she has arrived. Karlee is so nervous and so horny at the same time. She walks through the hotel lobby, gets on the elevator, and walks to Dredd’s room. She preps in the bathroom by gets naked, continuing her selfie experience. “My boyfriend doesn’t do justice at all,” Karlee says. “He doesn’t fuck me like I want him to,” she adds. Her pussy is wet again as she fingers it while watching herself in the mirror. It’s time. Karlee walks out of the bathroom and greets Dredd by kissing him and telling him how long she’s been waiting for this moment. His hard cock is bulging in his underwear and she pulls it down, revealing his monster meat.

Karlee is a happy girl now, smiling and choking on Dredd’s dick. She strokes his big, hard cock in and out of her mouth, watching her spit drain down his shaft. She licks his dick like an ice cream cone then puts it in her mouth and gags on it, making Dredd moan. She tries desperately to fit as much of his pole down her throat as possible but it’s too big. Dredd stands up and fucks her mouth, making her drool splash out. Karlee gets nasty, licking his ass hole as he stands over her. She leads him to the bed where he sticks his big black cock in her pussy cowgirl style and starts pumping it. He spanks her ass cheeks and Karlee screams out in total submission to the pleasure of his prick. Her wet pussy is creaming all over his cock and he makes her suck it. Karlee swallows the taste of her pussy off his cock then rides it reverse cowgirl style, screaming out even louder than before. Dredd pulls out and spanks her pussy with his dick then drills her hole some more. A hot and sweaty round of doggy and downward doggy leaves Karlee’s pink snatch stretched all the way out. “Keep fucking me like that,” she tells him as she cums on his dick. Balls-deep pounding ensues missionary style until Dredd orders Karlee to get on her knees. He blows his load directly in her mouth, coating her tongue in cum. She plays with his jizz in her mouth then swallows it.

Scene 3: Alina Lopez and Jason Luv

Alina is new to the biz, racking up roughly 12 scenes since debuting in 2017. In this scene, she is about to be a bad girl. She is in her Uber filming herself in a selfie. She has had a great night, but she doesn’t want it to end now. She’s been talking to Jason for a while and decides she wants to see him in order to top off her night. He opens the hotel room door for her and she can’t believe how ripped his body is. Alina gets ready for him, freshening up in the bathroom. She is ready to get down and dirty with him. She walks up to him in the kitchen and starts kissing his tattooed body. She wants to taste his dick and begs for it until he drops his pants. Out pops his big prick. Alina puts it in her mouth right away and starts sucking it. “You taste good baby,” she tells him as his big cock stretches her cheeks. She’s sucking him off in the kitchen and starts a round of fucking there too. Jason strips her out of her clothes and kisses her perky nipples. He pins her against the wall then picks her up into standing cowgirl and drills her tight wet cunt against the wall. “Your pussy is so wet,” he tells her. Alina’s mouth gapes open and she closes her eyes as Jason bangs her hole. “Fuck me good,” she moans.

He walks her to the kitchen island, keeping her pussy stretched with his cock. After lying her on the countertop, he continues his pussy assault, pumping her creamy cunt. Alina’s wet pussy is dripping with cream and covers Jason’s dick in natural lube. “Pound that pussy,” she orders him. He picks her up again and lies her on the bed missionary style and fucks her. We watch his black pole thrust faster and deeper inside Alina as she tells him he’s doing it just the way she likes it. Alina likes it deep. After a round of doggy style fucking, Alina gets into ball sucking. She licks and sucks his balls then tongues his ass hole before taking more cock doggy style. Her downward doggy flogging is hot to watch. She sits her wet pussy on his cock again in cowgirl position and melts away as his pleasure pole sends her toward orgasm. Her reverse cowgirl drill is just as intense, keeping Alina wet. She sucks his cock, swallowing the taste of her pussy, then she swallows his cum as he pops in her mouth. She licks up the spunk that splashes on his leg, telling him that he tastes so good. These two still can’t get enough of each other. They take their passion to the shower where Alina gets on her knees again for more cock sucking. She leans against the shower wall for an ass slapping round of standing doggy sex. This night has turned out just as Alina had hoped.

Scene 4: Valerie Kay and Cash

Cuban cutie Valerie Kay is our final starlet of the flick. She’s a busty brunette with a big ass you can’t keep your eyes off of. She walks into the hotel and up to the room, documenting everything on her selfie recording. She puts on her sexy lingerie in the bathroom and says she’s ready for some action. Valerie walks up to Cash who is ready for action, too. “Suck daddy’s dick, baby,” he tells her. She puts her hungry mouth on his cock and eats his meat. She jerks his dick in and out of her mouth, swallowing it in long strokes. Cash wants to fuck her, so he invites her into the bedroom. He lies on his back on the bed and Valerie shows him more of her cock sucking and dick slurping skills, leaving his shaft and balls dripping in spit. She sits on his ready rod cowgirl style. “This dick feels so good,” she mumbles. “Hay Que Rico,” she tells him as he spanks her big round ass cheeks.

Valerie’s pussy swallows every inch of Cash’s cock in a hot-to-watch cowgirl bang. “Stretch out this pussy, baby,” she screams in pleasure. Cash is determined to satisfy her, and he doesn’t stop giving her his dick the way that she wants. When he goes into overdrive, pumping her hole, she screams out even louder and starts fingering her ass hole, enjoying the dick drill. She begs for his “big fucking dick” and she gets it until it makes her cum. “I want to taste my cum off your fucking dick,” she tells him as she climbs off it. Valerie bends over doggy style, ordering him to fuck her pussy. She slams her big ass cheeks back and forth onto his body, and he slams back into her. Valerie cums again. There’s a hot shot of the balls-deep action as the camera zooms in close on Valerie’s cunt from behind as Cash’s balls slam up against it. They kiss passionately in downward doggy as she grips the bed sheets. “I’m not done with this pussy yet,” he tells her. She turns over into missionary position and gets her snatch stretched even further. She grips his ass as he drills her pussy in long strokes. Cash pounds her pussy until he pops inside it, filling it with spunk and leaving it dripping in a hot creampie. Valerie fingers her pussy, forcing his sperm to drain out. She runs her fingers through his cum and sucks the cum off her fingers. “It’s all cleaned up, daddy,” she tells him.

Final Thoughts:

When decorated adult industry director Greg Lansky launched his Blacked Raw series, it was about embracing new cultures and filming passionate sex with real women. That focus can be seen throughout the series and especially in Blacked Raw V2. The movie opens with its trailer theme of fast-paced nightlife where horny white starlets meet their big black cock fantasies in hotel rooms. The scenery is dark and the sex is hot and sweaty as Natalia Starr, Karlee Grey, Alina Lopez, and Valerie Kay get their pussies satisfied in round after round of hard sex. With meat monsters the likes of Dredd banging the tiny cunts of girls like Karlee, the action is bound to be satisfyingly hot. I highly recommend this interracial flick. Lansky sets a mysterious mood in his dimly lit scenes that focus on the total sexual satisfaction of each starving pussy.

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