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Allowance, The

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 2/11/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Drama Double-feature

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Cast: Elena Koshka, Cadey Mercury, Derrick Pierce, Mick Blue, A.J. Bucks (non-sex)

Directors: Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead

Writer: Bree Mills

Release Date: Dec. 18, 2017

Length: 2 hours

Condoms: None

Extras: A slideshow and two trailers


Overview: The multi-award winning team behind the great ground breaking classic Half His Age bring us two very kinky and perverted tales from what has become my favorite adult website PureTaboo.com. This great double feature gives us an example of the wonderfully pulpy, gritty storytelling that has become synonymous with the site that is punctuated with great acting surrounding terrific sex scenes.


THE ALLOWANCE starring Elena Koshka and Derrick Pierce (feat. A.J. Bucks)


Elena Koshka is persuaded by her sleazy boyfriend A.J. Bucks to pose for a website that matches young girls up with older sugar daddies, when she gets a response from a wealthy pursuer, played very menacingly by the talented Derrick Pierce. She gets all prettied up for him and once at his house he makes it clear of his intentions. First he wants her to call her daddy and second he wants a private for $25,000. “What's a private?”, Elena nervously asks. To which Derrick replies with an evil stare, “It means I get to do whatever the fuck I want to you.” Elena excuses herself to the bathroom and calls A.J. to tell him. The sleazy A.J. tells her to do it, and the very frightened Elena walks back to the living room and says yes. “Yes what?” “Yes daddy.”


Derrick starts undressing Elena to see the lingerie he bought her. He rubs her pussy and kisses her before going down to her tits and biting her nipples. He tells her to take off her panties and he eats and rubs her pussy some more making her cum with his tongue and fingers. He fingerbangs her some more getting her pussy wetter before she starts sucking on his cock. With a firm grasp of her hair he forces his cock to the back of her throat making her gag on it while fucking her face. He then makes her get on all fours and fucks her doggy on the couch, pounding his meat in and out of her until she cums again. He then grabs her head and with one head around her throat makes her clean his cock with her mouth, sucking her juices off and gagging on his cock.


She then climbs up and lowers her pussy down on his dick, Derrick slamming her pussy from underneath until she cums, squirting her juice on his cock and balls. He sticks it back in and she slowly rides him, gliding her sweet pussy up and down on his cock until he starts pounding her again and making her squirt once more. She sucks him off again and climbs back up and rides him cowgirl. With her ass glowing red from Derrick smacking it Elena grinds down on his cock taking it all the way to the hilt before he spins her around and fucks her reverse cowgirl again making her shower his cock with her juices. He then lays her down and fucks her missionary, at one point wrapping his hand around her throat and choking her. She keeps calling him “daddy” all the way through up until he shoot his load up inside her pussy. After he creampies her he tells her to go clean up. “Yes daddy,” she says as she crawls away. She gives the walk of shame back out to the car where her once boyfriend, now pimp A.J. is waiting for her. The look of a truly broken spirit on Elena's face is heartbreaking as A.J. tells her they have another prospect to meet.


THE BABYSITTING JOB starring Cadey Mercury and Mick Blue


Sweet little short haired teen Cadey Mercury finds a flyer in the mail for a babysitting job. Strapped for cash she answers the ad and sets up an interview with the client Mick Blue at his house. Once there he shows her around pointing to the child's bedroom, the kitchen, the restroom. She asks about the Missus and the baby. Mick comes up with an excuse saying she's gone for the day and the baby's asleep. I have to say Mick Blue gives a terrific, VERY creepy performance, almost like a vampire luring his prey. He hands her her pay and she's shocked at the staggering amount he's giving her. He then excuses himself to pick up his wife, leaving Cadey alone in the house. We then get a long but still very interestingly engaging sequence of Cadey sitting on the couch texting, going to the bathroom, and actually getting bored. She starts wandering around the house when she begins to hear strange noises from the baby's room, like heavy breathing. She goes to investigate, slowly opening the door and looking around the corner to find Mick Blue naked and masturbating. He tells her he's been watching her all day and that he thinks she's truly beautiful. It's dawns on her there really is no baby or wife, and that if she wants the job she is going to have to fuck him. Cadey tells him she's a virgin, which gives Mick a wonderfully evil grin as he tells her he'll triple her rate.


He tells her to come closer and to touch his hard cock. She gently starts stroking it when he tells her to take her shirt off. He feels her little titties and pinches her nipples making her eyes roll back while she keeps rubbing his cock. They kiss and feel each other and Cadey's resistance starts to whither away as Mick tells her to get on her knees and open her mouth. His cock then enters her gaping hole as he pushes it all the way to the back of her throat making her choke on it. He fucks her face and then tells her to suck on his balls while stroking his cock. He then stands her up and places her over his lap, pulling down her shorts and spanking her before wetting his fingers and fingering her pussy getting it nice and wet.


Then at Mick's command she sits next to him, legs spread and masturbates, rubbing her pussy and clit. He nuzzles her neck sending all kinds of new sensations she never felt before to her pussy making her climax on her hand. He then takes her to the bed and make her open her pussy to him, making him remark how beautiful she looks. He climbs on top of her and tells her not to be afraid. The very anxious Cadey is ready to lose her virginity and nervously takes Mick's cock in her pussy, just a little at first, but before long he all the way inside of her, Cadey crying out from feelings she's been longing to experience. Mick fucks Cadey's tight young pussy, pounding away at it and giving her multiple screaming orgasms.


Cadey looks up at Mick in disbelief at how good his cock feels as it plunges away at her pussy. After making her cum over and over Mick pulls out and Cadey licks and sucks all of her juices off of his cock. With her eyes locked with his she gives Mick great head, fucking his cock with her mouth. The very horny Cadey then climbs up onto Mick's cock and lets mick fuck her from underneath. He pistons his cock in and out of her giving her several convulsive orgasms and she begs Mick for more as he pulls her off of the bed and fucks her mouth again. He then stands her up and fucks her against the wall first from behind and then ballerina style before bringing her back to the bed and making her clean his cock again. She then climbs back up on his cock and rides him cowgirl, grinding her pussy down on him while he fucks her from underneath. They then go into a doggy where he furiously fucks her, pulling her arms and making her back arch, giving her several more orgasms before throwing her back on to the wall and jacking off on her face. Like the gentleman Mick Blue is he goes and gets a towel and wipes his jizz off of Cadey's face as he tells her she has the job.


Final Thoughts: These two stories are shining examples of why Pure Taboo is truly a force to be reckoned with. It's an amazingly ground breaking site where performance and storytelling are the main ingredients. In both stories the performances are amazing. Derrick Pierce is truly proving to the world what a great actor he is. The Allowance as well as the other terrific episodes on the Pure Taboo site will attest to that. Elena Koshka is wonderful as the naive girl who only wants to please her man, even if it means prostituting herself. Now, Mick Blue has always proven how talented a performer he is, but The Babysitting Job takes it to a new level. Unlike Derrick Pierce's character, he isn't flat out evil, just a dirty pervert who wants to fuck virginal Cadey Mercury (someone we can all relate to I'm sure). I also have to give it up to Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead. The shakey camera effect on Allowance gives us a violent voyeuristic feel, while the wonderful camera work with Babysitting puts us right up into the action. This is gritty throwback to the grindhouse/roughie type of films that once dominated adult cinema. And I always look forward to every title Pure Taboo releases. I definitely Highly Recommend it.

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