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Coven Wives, The

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 2/13/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

The Coven Wives. Never have I seen a girl/girl film receive such hype. This film is one that brings together quite possibly the three top girl/girl performers on the planet. Fuck the MILF title, these women can sell a scene, to any man, woman, and pervert and they simply know how to create sparks in any role. Brandi Love, Alexis Fawx and Cherie DeVille together under one roof, all in one scene? My goodness, these are the things that porn legends are made of. When you combine a supporting cast that features a female performer of the year and a starlet who will one day, grab her own FPOTY trophy in this critic’s opinion in the unstoppable force of nature that is Elsa Jean, I simply do not see this film being anything less than perfection.

The Coven Wives 

Film Duration: 1 Hour 49 Minutes

Director: Dana Vespoli

Release Date: February 7th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, MILF, Older/Younger, Rich Story/Feature, Aggressive Sex, No Toys, Threesome

Cherie DeVille Scene 1: Katrina Jade and Cherie DeVille

Scene Features: Great Story, Amazing Camera Angles, Aggressive Lesbian Sex, Kinky, Wet Kissing, Sweaty Sex, Spitting, Pussy Rubbing, Pussy Grinding


The Reveal:

This film starts with mesmerizing dailies, artistic shots of ocean tides, long California roads that dare to rival anything that so-called “mainstream” Hollywood could create. The premise of this film seems to be of a divorce-a trying to start a new by doing something we all wish to, by getting the fuck out of town, saying fuck people and moving out to the middle of nowhere. The narration is wonderful, the musical score is very dramatic and fitting for such a film. You simply do not know what you are getting into, or what is coming next. The horror/mind-bending thriller comes to mind when watching the story unfold. Katrina Jade, quite possibly the sexiest woman to ever walk the planet, will have your skin crawling in her opening entrance into the world of The Coven Wives. She is creepy, sexy and mysterious. I simply could not believe it was Katrina. Bravo to her. As the story roles along we meet the trifectas completion when Alexis and Brandi come over to welcome Cherie to the neighborhood. I can not tell you how good an opening this is to this film, any film. I don’t give a shit if you hate adult films or not, if you were to screen the opening five minutes of this film and put it against any other thrillers opening song and dance, this film would rank right up there, and would have your attention from the get-go. I shit you not, I almost did not want the sex to begin. The story sucked me in that much. As things start to get a bit dark, we see Katrina enter the bedroom of our unsuspecting lead beauty. This much is for sure, the viewer has no clue what is going on and they are loving every minute of it.

Cherie DeVille The Sex:

Katrina and Cherie, what a fantasy come true for any porn fan. The ladies all from the start of the film have this very natural look with a very standard amount of make-up. Nothing too much. Katrina looks sensational. The women truly make this dark sexual encounter truly something to look forward to with just he beauty of their nails and color of their lips. Fans, let me just say this. From first kiss, this is everything you were hoping for when Cherie DeVille met Katrina Jade. The kissing is enough to fucking make your mind explode, that is how passionate, sexy and aggressive the sex is. The lighting is no hindrance, especially when you add in just how sexy it is to watch Cherie tug and everything Katrina from her kitty to her nipples with this amazing intensity. I don’t think fans truly know what they are in store for with two of the most passionate pussy lickers paired up in one scene. It is simply a furious round of bent legs, contorted bodies and sexy shots of the ladies making each other purr. Some of the sexy highlights are watching Cherie's gorgeous feet point firmly like a ballerina as she is cumming. Dana let everything happen as it may and that plays right into the audience’s hands. The shadows covering up the pussy licking view, the sweat on Cherie’s inner thigh, the wetness on Katrina’s mouth, it is spectacular, and the high octane sexual encounter never lets its foot off the gas. You will have fun in the blink of an eye with this sexual encounter on film. It is one of the steamiest girl/girl encounters I have ever seen both ladies be apart of. You want to talk about moments you will never forget, when you see the camera pan to a tight zoom of Cherie pussy dripping with cum, literally dripping only to KJ devour ever simply drop with her wicked tongue, you may be sweating just as much as the girls with this intro to the film. This is the hottest scene of the film and right now, flat out the lead for 2018 girl/girl scene of the year.


Scene 2: Alexis Fawx and Elsa Jean

Scene Features: Incredible Breast Play, Short Story Set-Up, Intense Fingering, Ass Licking, Pussy Grinding, Face Sitting

Elsa Jean and Alexis Fawx 

The Reveal:

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The plot gets more mysterious as the haunting score takes you through a very sinister themed journey to find the “Cove Estates.” As with the scene before we are treated to some more gorgeous aerial shots of Cherie madly dashing around her northern California neighborhood to try and make sense of these surprise visits that keep occurring. The next two sexual encounters are set up beautifully as we get to see some breathtaking shots of one of, if not the hardest body in the business with miss Fawx.  As she gets prepared for her spa day, we get to see just how much Alexis puts into her work. Alexis does not have one blemish on that perfect body of hers and I have said it once before, and I will say it again, you see exactly why this woman is not just chased by men, by women, by fans and critics alike, but she is also the woman that every performer in the business just wants to take home and call her theirs after each shoot. Her bubbly character and charming acting just go hand in hand with a sexual romp with Elsa Jean. The action gets steamy in a flash and seeing how well these two performers just start with the foreplay tells a story that I think few performers can tell together. The kissing is dreamy, the nipple sucking is as erotic as it gets and when you see Elsa’s pants start to come up, you will be at attention just as fast as the amazing miss Jean’s nipples are after an encounter with Alexis Fawx.

Elsa Jean The Sex:

This is one fucking sexy scene. I think no other performer can grab a fan like Alexis can and leave their head spinning in a matter of moments. The groping is sexy, the eye contact is even sexier but the thing that comes to mind right away is the thought of two dreamy blonds having their way with each other. The teen and the MILF. Both who are simply a pair of the best at what they do in the business. The camera is sharp as can be and I implore you to take the extra time and buy or invest in this film time and money wise to watch it in full high definition. The room and lighting are alive in this scene. By no means is there too much white, and the lighting adjustment to keep things nice and smooth really makes the scene become some artistic, sexy and amazing. I can not tell you how many performers have told me that Elsa Jean has the most perfect pussy in the business. When you see Alexis begin to lick and suck, the passion that each performer who has stated such things comes to life. The close-ups are perfectly timed and beyond incredible to watch. Oh, how marvelous it is to see a camera crew who truly knows how to use the equipment. Everything in this scene is in focus, from the quick shots of Elsa arched on her back getting fingered fast and deep, to the look of Elsa purring with her gorgeous breasts making an appearance in the bottom right corner of the shot, this is just as good as it gets porn fans, blow by blow. You could not have better coverage of this erotic escapade. If there is one thing you can say about the amazing Elsa Jean, it is that she does everything right. She simply showcases pussy licking skills that are second to none among the girls in this business with such a bright future ahead of them. What a view it is to see the gaze of those baby blues looking directly at Alexis as she slurps, sucks and fucks with her with her tongue. Just to touch base on how delicious this end climax is, Elsa simply shows the enthusiasm as if she is licking up a vanilla ice-cream cone as she slithers her tongue up and down and all-around Alexis’s asshole. Oh my, this is simply a heart attack in a bottle, a scene that requires a surgeon general warning when it comes to the sex. It keeps you “up” and vibrant as the story kicks back into play.


Scene 3: Brandi Love and Haley Reed

Scene Features: Amazing Pussy Sucking, Fast Paced Action, Gorgeous Lighting, and Angles, Face Sitting, Fingering, Stunning Up Close Shots, 69

Haley Reed The Reveal:


The previous scene ends in such a strange manor. It leaves you back to wondering what the fuck is going on in the best of ways. The look on Elsa’s face is as good as it gets in the realm of acting. To speak with an expression and no words, is beyond difficult and she does one amazing job. Speaking of expressions. When you see Brandi Love peering into the family room area where Haley Reed is relaxing the look on her face is dark and sinister. I absolutely was taken back, I really was. You simply see something scary and that is not easily done with the beauty of Brandi Love. As she poses as the infamous Jehovah witness to gain entrance, you are ready for the story to begin. Wait, this is Brandi Love, paired up with one of the hottest new stars in the business. Let’s get straight to the sex and that is exactly where Dana takes you. It is instant action and you do not feel burned when this encounter gets going.


The Sex:


The greatest kisser in the history of the business does what she does best. When you see Brandi Love go, it does not matter how many times you have seen her do this, it is always new, and it is always fresh. Haley simply lays back and prepares for the time of her life. I have to say, for years I have tried to decipher where the performance is and where the pure pleasure begins. You can not tell. Trying to figure out how Brandi Love does what she does is like trying to figure out Payton Manning’s offense works in a game. It simply can not be done. All you can do is sit back and enjoy the entertainment. The pussy licking is scrumptious. Hot fucking damn, when you see Brandi pulling on those pussy lips you will be trying to get your fucking clothes off faster than Brandi took off Haley’s.

Brandi Love

This is glamour, this is nastiness all wrapped up into one. Haley is gorgeous, the perfect counterpart for Brandi. She has fashion model beauty, mixed with the body of an angel. I simply love how her hair and make-up where done, they simply make something amazing in this scene. The panting, the moaning, it is all vintage Brandi Love. It is something that is a phenomenon because no matter if this is your first scene with Brandi or your fiftieth, you know damn well it is just something to be raved about for days after. Dana gives the fans what they want as well. In what may become as the greatest ass the industry has ever seen, Brandi is put with her amazing derriere up in the air and showcased for the audience to marvel at so many times. Haley’s red nail polish stands out so artistically and gives the scene that extra sexiness no one usually sees except sub consciously. Brandi’s body itself is a sculpted work of art, and to rob the fans of every angle of that would be a travesty. Dana knows this and my God, thank goodness for the amazing knowledge that woman possesses. This scene has some of the hottest pussy slurping you will ever bare witness to. Brandi simply out does herself and Haley does exactly what we would do if we were lucky enough to be in her position as she sits on Brandi’s face. Then, when you see Brandi making Haley squirm and moan, all while she grinds on her face, you know that Haley is also enjoying every second of the action as well. You can not duplicate this kind of sex on film period. I simply can not say anymore. You must see this for yourself. This is a testament to what porn should be and what created a passion for this entertainment in the beginning, all those years ago when the first peep show booth crossed the seas and made its way to the states. Classic fucking scene, five stars and some and when you add in the little touches like the dirty talk and the cum on Brandi’s chin, this scene simply becomes everything you wanted it to be and more. All with one more scene left to go.

Brandi Love & Haley Reed 

Scene 4: Cherie DeVille, Alexis Fawx & Brandi Love.

Scene Features: MILF Threesome, Face Sitting, Gorgeous Close Up Shots, Acrobatic Positions, Intense Fingering, Pussy Grinding


The Reveal:

Brandi Love, Alexis Fawx and Cherie DeVille It is ever-present at previous scenes end, that something more than we know is going on. Haley’s look is classic and if you have this mofo turned up full blast and are listening to the sound effects as they were meant to be heard, you will get a chill. I sure did. The film begins its conclusion with Cherie Finding out that the “Cove Estates” does not even exist. Some of the most breathtaking visuals fill the screen as you are taken across so many California landscapes and skies. The piano is haunting and beautiful and as Cherie awakens to a dream of beautiful naked woman at every turn, this spell bound chorus stops, and you become overwhelmed with the beauty that is before you. Brandi Love, Cherie DeVille, and Alexis Fawx. Call it what you will, perfect timing, the most amazing casting scenario ever conceived. The truth is, the build-up to this is simply superb. You do not even know it is happening, it is so grand. I was simply sitting there in front of the computer with my jaw on the floor. Then when you see the sexy additions of belly chains, hair done up as perfect as can be, and skin that is kept up to perfection by all three ladies, you know you are in for a wicked good time.


The Sex:


The passion is wonderful. Every woman showcases their skills to arouse you from the get-go. The kissing, the body movement, it is hypnotic. I simply dare you to attempt to walk out on this scene. It is something too good to be true. As you see each woman go from pussy licking, to ass licking, to sitting on the others face, all while the camera is kept at this angle to always show the pleasure in at least one of the ladies faces at all times. Once again, perfection in editing and camera work is how go from one gorgeous kitty getting tongue lashed by Cherie to the other with ease and high tempo. When you hear the moto begin to play at the beginning of each Sweetheart Video, you always hear that aspect of “Real Sex.” Never have I seen it ring so true in a scene than in this one. The girls never stop, from start to finish. The sex is nasty, kinky, alluring and provocative. Truly when this scene was thought up, I simply can not imagine things going as smoothly as they did. These women showcase how gifted of performers they are. This scene is simply a culmination of what fans want to see, and Sweetheart Video is giving it to them. It is literally like the NBA Playoffs and the World Series wrapped up into one. This is legendary pairings, legendary girl/girl, and legendary cinema.

Brandi Love, Alexis Fawx and Cherie DeVille This epic cinematic encounter has everything lesbian fans. Spitting, positions that dazzle the mind, and imagination, screaming orgasms and passion beyond belief. This is nasty sex, yet it is elegant and glamorous. I have never seen these ladies look so good, getting this kinky. You could not hope for anything better than what you get delivered in this scene. Your eyes loose focus on what to watch, pleasure over load is a real factor in this closing chapter, yet, Dana manages to really keep your mind enamored with something that is not overwhelming. You will be able to either rewind, or watch this scene repeatedly so that you get to see what you missed last viewing, there is that much going on. The fingering action is something that must be seen with your own eyes and it is something every red-blooded porn fan must see. Watching the beads of sweat roll down Cherie’s leg. Watching two sets of fingers get stuffed in Alexis’s slippery slit, it is wicked, it is kinky, and it is real. How do you end the perfect girl/girl film? With Brandi and Alexis tongue fucking Cherie, or with her spread eagle in one of the most gorgeous artistic shots I have ever seen? No, you end it the same way you started, with a writer looking to be inspired and something that has you scratching your head in the best of ways. Are they ghosts? Are they demons? Are they something that becomes apart of the light once they have embraced something sexual and carnal. I loved how Dana makes the appearance of yet another writer who is greeted by the three sirens of passion and pleasure. I simply had to say bravo at films end and I hope Dana has second installment planned.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Don Juan DeMarko

The story, the daily shots of everything that is a passer by in a film. It is brilliant. This film has a creepiness factor that is beyond marvelous. Cherie Deville shines brighter and stronger than any role I have ever seen her in. This says a lot to your true adult film fan coming from a woman who simply gets better with each film she takes on. This film will capture you and leave you breathless. I thought the story could have gone on much further. Dana wrote and pieced together film work that make a story come alive. I could not look away and neither will you be able to. The sex is second to none in this business. The kink, the lust, the magic of chemistry. It is all there. As many stars that are under one roof, every ego must be happy with this film. I say to myself at films end, what happened? It is a roller coaster ride feeling. It is that pit of your stomach emotion that tells you that you just have experienced something brilliant, yet your memory lapses because of the pleasure of the encounter. Just like a lucid dream. This is must-see cinema. You get a taste of what makes each girl the bad asses that they are then you get to see them join forces for something you may never see again. I was blown away. Buy this fucking film by any means necessary. You must add this to your collection of gems tucked under your bed, for this film will get watched over and over. It is something for couples, something for the ladies, it is something for those who appreciate film and it is definitely for those old-fashioned fans who just want to see nasty, kinky, delicious sex done right. This is my firs nominee for girl/girl film of the year. It is that fucking perfect!

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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