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She Loves Anal 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 2/14/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


  The box art has Kristen Scott’s glowing smile with her wearing nothing but a black choker-necklace and some stockings. The back drop on the cover shot is just as glowing as her smile which is what looks like shinning gold tiles in an almost scale like pattern.  Besides advertising Kristen’s beauty there is an emblem on the box advertising 4K support right under the cast list. A simplistic yet to the point design facet for this budding butt fuck series.  The main menu offers that streamlined approach. The glowing logo of the actual title “She Loves Anal 2” sits atop a rotating montage of various scenes from the feature itself as the background. Dark drum and bass accompanies the main menu as you browse the options located near the bottom of the screen where you have “Play Movie”, “Scene Selection”, “Special Features”, and an EvilAngel.com preview option which leads to a studio montage advertising Evil Angel’s scorching hot porno.  For one disc you get a meaty Special Features section with goodies like a cumshot recap and even trailers to other LeWood titles.  The filmographies section is a welcome addition if you have a favorite performer on the disc you further want to invest in.

Cast: Kristen Scott, Liv Revamped, Saya Song, Quinn Wilde, Mark Wood, Francesca Le
Directed By: Mark Wood and Francesca Le
Approx. Run Time: 2 hours and 34 minutes
Number of Scenes:  4
Photo Galleries: No
Behind The Scenes: Yes
Condoms: No

The main menu you see when you put the disc in your desired player.



  The LeWood  brand is synonymous with what quality anal porn is today. Sure there are other names out there that are associated with the glamour side of anal scenes but none are as dedicated to bringing that same level of work ethic as Mark Wood and Francesca Le. You have so many years of smut production between the two and STILL in 2018 they’re working together to bring a product they both have a passion for. Because of this passion you get that mom and pop vibe while still retaining a glamorous element that can compete with other studios in today’s ass-centric market.  It’s also present behind the scenes as they have chemistry with the girls they put in front of Francesca Le’s camera. There is a varied catalogue under the LeWood umbrella such as Anal Finishing School, Anal Verified, and She Loves Anal which is the series I’ll be covering in this review.  Only on the second entry, the “She Loves Anal” series has so far contained upcoming starlets combined with some established names among the rosters to keep things fresh. You’ll find Liv Revamped  a performer that rebranded herself as she lives up to her new stage name in” She Loves Anal 2”. The girl on the box if you’re not familiar with is Kristen Scott a newer model with tons of promise. Asian tart Saya Song  is also among the roster which is a name that has established loyal porn fans as she is now blossoming in this business. Keeping up with the formula of including fresh faces in the mix you have Quinn Wilde rounding out a varied cast for this LeWood effort. This may be an eclectic mix of performers on this DVD but they all share one thing in common: THEY LOVE ANAL.


Kristen greets her partner who just came back from a tiring day of work.
  Kristen is outstretched on a couch while talking on the phone at the start of this scene. The topic of discussion during her phone call is spicing things up for her partner that is currently at his job. She’s already one step ahead in the game as she’s dressed in a two piece ensemble of some sexy lingerie with some fish net stockings. Gleaming bracelets and earrings complete this “black and strappy” look that she is bragging about to her friend on the other side of the line. Eventually she hears Mark Wood’s car pull into the driveway and ends the call to greet her lucky partner with her sexy little surprise.  You hear Kristen Scott’s jewelry jingling festively as she rises from the couch to seductively glide towards the door.  Upon entering Mark dumps down on the couch in an obviously exhausted demeanor. He immediately recognizes Kristen Scott’s wardrobe choice in gleeful surprise. “I’ve never seen this in your closet before?!” , Mark Wood inquires in character. Kristen giggles as she shows off her tight package of a frame decorated in this very cute lingerie two-piece.  The discussion arises between the two about being ready to finally explore anal sex together as a couple as the excitement beings to heat up in this scene. 

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  Mark Wood goes right in to toss Kristen’s salad after peeling off her thong-panties. You’ll see Mark smacking her supple butt cheeks as he feasts on her asshole. Then you hear “I’ve been waiting for this all day..”, As Kristen whispers to the tip of Mark’s penis as she rips it out of his boxers. She then starts enthusiastically sucking Mark Wood’s rigid boner. Some full-on face fucking occurs to summon some slimy stringers from Kristen Scott’s mouth.  After a few double-handed cock strokes Kristen is thrown on to the couch to get fucked in vaginal doggy. Hard intense pounding ensues in this position as Kristen Scott gets a thorough railing by Mark Wood.  Some more oral takes place as Mark Wood’s cock flies right back into Kristen’s mouth before she gets back on the couch on her back with her legs in the air. Mark’s arm enters frame brandishing a blue glass dildo with the purpose of stuffing it up Kristen’s asshole to get it nice and open. I liked how Mark Wood ate Kristen’s pussy out while he fucked her butthole open with the glass dildo. Kristen then starts getting pounded in anal missionary while on the couch.  Another toy (a Hitachi vibrator) is brought out to give her pussy a good work out while her ass is being reamed by Mark Wood. After the missionary anal Kristen hops onto Mark Wood’s lap for some reverse cow-girl also in anal. While Kristen Scott is hopping up and down on the hard penis of Mark Wood I noticed her really having some genuine “bust-a-nut” moments as Francesca Le’s lens revealed. It was extremely sexy seeing Kristen Scott having these intense orgasmic flurries.  Now it is Mark’s turn to get his rim job as Kristen gets a few kitten-licks down there before she leaps on to his hard cock once more for regular cow-girl anal. The standard anal cow-girl segments are where Francesca’s filming shines as she captures her husband splitting cheeks of as they arch on his dick with her pristine eye for this style of porn. The bouncy Kristen Scott cow-girl anal sequence is a good example of that very sense of professional camerawork.
Francesca Le's brilliant filming style in display during Cowgirl Anal.
  Mark whisks Kristen Scott on to the couch on her back once again to get some more missionary anal action going. This time she has her hands around her cheeks to spread for some great gaping. Another test of Francesca’s lens is how well the duo brings the magic of a gaping assholes to our screens.  “Turn over! Turn over!”, Mark Wood excitedly commands as he ushers Kristen to the ass-up-face-down position to drop some dick in her butt hole. If you’re wearing headphones you’ll hear a little bonus gape fart as Kristen arches her head down for the anal pounding she is about to receive.  And upon receiving this rectal reaming some glorious gaping is given to the camera as a result. I can’t stress Francesca’s quality camerawork enough. In my opinion it shines in these two sex positions: regular anal cowgirl and this position of down-anal-doggy with gaping. After a series of pumps in this position to Kristen’s beautifully gaped butthole Mark eventually has a load summoned to fire off in Kristen’s mouth.  This happens as the stream of white semen finds it’s runway that is Kristen Scott’s tongue.
An orgasmic flurry of fucking.



  Liv’s scene starts off with a typical gonzo interview forgoing the scripted role-playing found in Kristen Scott’s scene.  The pressing question is; “Why the name change?” Francesca inquires.  You see Liv Revamped was formerly known as Liv Aguilera but she took some time off the industry to reassess her life she explained during the interview. The alteration to her stage name represents this refresh period in her life. Why did Liv return to the jizz biz? She was hungry for cock of course and wants to be a filthier girl this time around! She models a simplified yet adorably hot white-fishnet  bikini.  Suddenly she swipes down her bottoms to reveal her naked ass with a butt plug in it. Francesca Le regales at the sight of the toy inserted into Liv’s rectum. Finally Mark’s cock flops out as it’s reunited with the artist formerly known as Liv Aguilera. Her deep throat skills remained intact as she inhales Mark’s piece with sloppy fervor. As she prowls up on the couch you notice that her butt plug is still embedded between her butt cheeks. Mark Wood politely asks, “Can I leave it in there?’ Liv Revamped is arched ready for Mark to take her doggy at this point  as he steadily starts to hump. The bedazzled butt plug still in Liv’s butt as they both start to bounce back and forth, now the butt plug is then  popped out and put in Liv’s mouth like a pacifier. The fucking between the two has really sky rocketed in an already escalating scene.  After Mark vacates Liv Revamped’s vag he then pokes her face a few times with his hard penis. Liv’s perfectly petite frame fits snugly on the arm rest of this couch as she raises her legs for Mark Wood to trade off on her holes a little bit.
He leaves in the butt plug
  Liv has an idea, it has something to do with what she calls her “little second pussy” and it’s winking right in front of Mark Wood’s face. Yes, you can bet that Liv Revamped’s tight little butthole is on the menu for Mark Wood as he ravages her rectum in a rim job session.  In true LeWood fashion Liv Revamped’s ass is pounded to gaping for the viewer’s pleasure.  As Liv is turned over back into arching doggy her ass is repeatedly smacked by an excited Mark Wood.  The anal insertion during Liv’s arch is a sexy sight as Mark towers over her petite body. He then progressively pumps her asshole in doggy anal. After a series of cheek splitter thrusts Mark Wood pulls out his fat tip slowly to allow a little gaping from Liv Revamped. Next some ball-licking before Liv’s tiny little body squats on Mark Wood’s boner to get some anal cowgirl activated.  After some boisterous blasts to Liv Revamped’s ass you can bet they flip her over for some reverse cowgirl anal keeping things formulaic yet concise.  They put the term spinner into practice as Liv turns on that dick to get back into more thumping regular cowgirl-anal. The flip-flops continue for a series of more fucking. They also do a lot of pussy-to-ass transferring in this super sleazy scene.
Point blank with Liv's second pussy.
 This scene gets slippery since Liv just got a nice coating of oil on that tight tushy of hers. As she’s face-down-ass-up Mark Wood continually drops more man-meat in her open asshole. Gapes galore as Mark is almost there after even more ass pumping to unleash his sperm. Eventually it’s agreed upon to leave his seed upon Liv Revamped’s smiling lips. With her mouth open this is exactly what happens as Mark’s thick goop dribbles down a satisfied mouth.

Quinn speaking to Mark Wood about her sex toy party.
  Mark Wood checks up on Quinn Wilde who is sitting on the floor surrounded by sex toys.  It seems she just got done having a party with a bunch of her friends. Mark points out that her outfit is a little slutty for just another dildo-party with the girls. It’s pretty apparent as you can see Quinn’s hard nipples piercing through her tight fishnet mini skirt designed with a peppermint pattern overlay.  She playfully  convinces  Mark Wood that the outfit was necessary to help sell some toys to the girls. A horny Quinn Wilde then casually starts demonstrating the capabilities of one of the toys as she explains the importance of exploring sexuality. Mark Wood notices that there are some anal toys scattered among Quinn’s collection as well.  Causing more intrigue from Mark Wood which is of course rewarded with Quinn unzipping his jeans to suck his cock.

  Now we’re in business since we are now seeing Quinn Wilde go right for that dick after a few slight licks she starts really going down on it.  Quinn hikes up her skirt as she is arched down giving head to Mark Wood. This gives access to her delicious pussy and booty for Mark to fondle as he’s getting fellated. Quinn Wilde is now on the couch in the stance of “porn star arch” to allow mark to enter her vagina in some doggy humping. Mark hops out of this doggy position to stuff his face in Quinn’s ass for a quick snack. Some bright orange anal beads of considerable size are brought into play. Mark Wood accordingly inserts them into Quinn’s sphincter. After all three balls are stuffed tightly within Quinn it’s time to see them file out as Mark Woods tugs them out slowly. After the butt play ends with these toys some hot doggy pummeling into Quinn’s preparedly open asshole begins.  She spreads her cheeks open allowing Mark Wood to barrage his way through her butt. Back to the couch you can see more toys scattered everywhere but now  it’s time to see Mark Wood take Quinn’s ass in missionary anal with her legs shaking up in the air. She plays with her pussy as she’s hanging off the side of the couch getting fucked in her butt by Mark Wood.
Mark Wood getting a solid taste of Quinn's ass.
Quinn Wilde is now mounted in standard cowgirl-anal to give us those bouncy angles that Francesca Le is so good at capturing. We get front row seats to cheek splitting -scenes, all thanks to Fran’s filming. Quinn is continuously bucking up and down on Mark’s cock like a good cowgirl in this sizzling segment. More spinning on this DVD as Quinn spins to reverse cowgirl-anal in this display of anal acrobatics. As Mark Wood voraciously sucks on the tits of Quinn she’s now in spooning anal with him on the couch. Her leg erected accordingly to have a nice view of the rapid penetration.  After all of this it’s time for Quinn to get down on her knees and suck on Mark until he blows his load. She eagerly snatches at his cock to drain his balls.  After a series of stroking and sucking Mark Wood reaches climax with solid drops of gooey cum in Quinn’s open mouth.

Saya in throes of anal orgasms.
   The scene starts with Saya Song putting on some knee high blood-red stockings on. Smooth sounding hip hop serenades this sensual intro of Saya Song dressing herself in a crimson colored bikini. An appropriately adorned choker necklace with the words “meow” accessorizes her look. Then come on the heels to top it all off. Mark eventually sneaks into view to express his appreciation of Saya’s sexy theme. Saya Song returns the favor by strategically suggesting to stay in tonight instead of going out. In an outfit as hot as the one she is wearing in this scene I don’t think anyone would disagree with her.  The swinger party Mark Wood is proposing to Saya is of no interest to her as she’d rather stay in and offer all her holes to her seemingly reluctant partner. It doesn’t take long for Mark to agree as he starts sucking on Saya Song’s tits and tongue.  Now it’s time for the BJ as Saya instantaneously snatches Mark’s cock out of his pants.  I loved the little touches during Saya’s  oral segment as I noticed her rubbing the top of Mark Wood’s balls  briefly during her meticulous blowjob.  After Mark’s done getting his sucking he masterfully peels off Saya’s thong to reveal her tasty pussy and butthole. Her lovely frame arches beautifully as her ass is in Mark Wood’s face. Mark Wood jumps right into vaginal doggy to hump the living hell out of Saya Song.  
Thong peel of Saya.

  Some rock solid cock gobbling takes place after her harrowing doggy humping from Mark Wood. During the cock devouring Saya indicates it is time for some anal. This institutes a slow insertion of Mark’s massive phallus into Saya’s relaxed ass while she’s on her back on the couch.  He routinely pumps her open rectum as she wails in orgasmic dirty talk. Saya is then turned around to get speared in doggy which of course leads to great angles of her gaping.  The anal missionary position is revisited as Mark Wood trades off between her ass and pussy. Saya at this point is living up to her stage name and is howling in a song of orgasm-filled cooing. Now onto my favorite position to be filmed by LeWood and that is anal-cowgirl. It’s even more brilliant when you have a tiny thing like Saya Song getting her cheeks rampantly fucked open in this arching glory. Some more spinner treatment for  Saya as she is flipped to face Mark Wood while he longs strokes into her ass. Eventually after tons of more butt fucking the cum finally lets off in sweet Saya’s mouth. “Wasn’t fucking my asshole better than going to that stupid party?” Saya Song concludes as she wipes cum into her mouth.




  When I look for DVDs that belong to my criteria of collecting the studio and performer come first in a marriage of logistical decision making. I need to know if I have any other DVDs around me that I can procure with the same starlet performing in the same sex act but maybe for a different studio. There are a collective of studios out there that focus on butt stuff. So to further elaborate if I want to look for a Kristen Scott anal scene to watch I’d most definitely pick up a DVD with her on the cover saying “She Loves Anal". More importantly I’m instantly on board because of the LeWood moniker. I know what I’m getting when I see that name on the DVD box. As for the casual viewer they will probably pick this up based on the healthy list of newer girls on the DVD. Save for Saya Song and Liv Revamped who I personally consider on the way to veteran status one day. This could easily be grouped in the teen market if not tagged properly because in my eyes it’s the perfect vignette of straight forward butt stuff with the LeWood stamp of approval.

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