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Gamer Girls

Studio: TRENCHCOATx » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/16/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Cosplay

Director: Kayden Kross


Chapters Menu

Cast: Katrina Jade, Jenna Sativa, April O'Neil, Carmen Caliente, Ayumi Anime, Jiz Lee, Manuel Ferrara, Stallion Strong

Length: 1 hour 46 minutes

Date of Release: January 29, 2018

Extras: Feature Trailer, TRENCHCOATx Promo Trailer, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Website

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Great on both fronts. Excellent dialog capture with good soundtrack overlays. Shot in 4k, presented in anamorphic widescreen. A couple fo autofocus issues present themselves but they only last a second, maybe less so nobody will care.

Overview: Kayden Kross and TRENCHCOATx explore the "gaming" theme in this latest release that has gathered together eight great performers. Each episode is self-contained and features a different aspect or possibility in the world of video gaming. Whether it is reality-based player vs. player that becomes player on player, or gaming show host getting smitten with a guest, a player discovering an Easter egg that brings their in-game player to life, or a girlfriend resorting to cosplay to catch her man's eye, it's all here. You'll want to check this out if you hold a place in your heart for hot girls and video games.

Scene 1: April O'Neil & Jiz Lee

April's hangin' at home, making some pizza and gaming. After she pops the pie out of the toaster oven, the camera showcases her comfort-clad body from heel to head as she makes her way back to the bedroom. Back on the bed, she picks up her game where she left off, controlling Jiz Lee in a combat game. There's a lot of attention to detail, with the game screen showing the TRENCHCOATx logo along with April's actual Twitter and Instagram monikers at the screen's bottom. During the firefight, April has them pick up a rifle and start blasting away as she snacks on the pizza. April's in-game character takes on a mind of their own and heads off-screen much to April's chagrin. After they disappear from the screen, they end up climbing in April's window and joining her on the bed. After some awkward introductions, the two latch lips together passionately.

Jiz Lee & April O'Neil

Lee is soon licking at April's world-famous breasts and placing their face between O'Neil's thighs, pulling off her panties to do some muff diving. April is squirming and clawing the sheets as she gets her love hole licked and fingered by the dirty combatant who looks up at her with a knowing smile in their eyes. Jiz doesn't know long they will be outside of the gaming world and munches April's box with abandon, fingering it nice and thoroughly, the camera moving about rapidly to showcase the intensity of it. The pair shows true passion as they lock lips again, staring into each other's eyes. April rolls over and Jiz deftly follows suit with O'Neil landing her crotch atop Lee's face.

Jiz Lee & April O'Neil

Reaching behind her, April manages to get Jiz out of their pants and takes a moment to enjoy a different kind of pie than what she was munching on before. Her eyes are piercing as she looks up from between Lee's legs. Lee's face shows a deep appreciation of what's going on between their legs, April working her mouth up Lee's body as Jiz rubs themself furiously. Groin grinding and passionate kisses lead to the cut to black.

Scene 2: Ayumi Anime & Jenna Sativa

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Our lovely ladies are hanging out in their comfy undies, hell-bent on beating at each other in some game as a guitar and drum-fueled track drives a montage sequence that goes from angle-to-angle, hazy-to-bright, and back again. Ayumi seems to be kicking Jenna's ass as she keeps jumping around and pumping her crotch into Jenna's face with a look of absolute glee. Jenna takes it all in stride, playing the losing person well until some totally victorious move has Anime running back and forth to the bedroom reappearing in different cosplay attire each time. It's a fun-filled montage that is totally believable as a setup and did I mention that the starlets look stunning in it? Well, they do.

Ayumi Anime & Jenna Sativa

Jenna seems to like the Chun Li outfit and they settle in for some couch cuddling and kissing. The cosplay gets ditched pretty quickly as the ladies strip down, Ayumi ripping open Jenna's fishnet pantyhose for some cunnilingus. Even this early in their lady love time, both ladies have left their lipstick trailing across the other's body. Keep your volume control handy when Jenna goes down on Ayumi, there's a couple of really loud shrieks.

Ayumi Anime & Jenna Sativa

There are some odd screen wipes that bring us to different times in the ladies' playdate, showcasing the action in wide and close shots. Jenna gets bent over the couch and roughly rubbed, driving her wild, Ayumi's eyes staying focused on Sativa's ass as she aims for another spank target. Both starlets are panting and grunting as they do the groin grind, their bodies melding into each other. The camera explores their intertwined flesh, focusing on their faces as they both near orgasm, seemingly achieving it simultaneously. Ayumi's tiny, V-shaped bush is prominently displayed as Jenna goes back for a snack, grabbing a teddy bear on her way back up to do some final cuddling. Cut to black.

Scene 3: Carmen Caliente & Manuel Ferrara

Our third story has Manuel as the host of a podcast/radio show that is set up in a home studio/awesome gaming room which might be Manuel's personal setup judging from the fact that his gaming chair has his name embroidered on it. Carmen is the guest star on the show and she immediately seems smitten with her interviewer, her nipples poking out of her tight tee as she paws at his crotch. Ferrara nervously and quickly signs off the broadcast and his guest goes down on him. He sits casually, tossing his Sennheisers aside as she slobs his knob. His pants get removed, as do her clothes and her oral assault intensifies.

Carmen Caliente

Manuel soon finds himself snacking at the bottom of her landing strip, Carmen's Cons draped around his neck. With an LED strip chasing in the background, Manuel kneels before her on the couch and starts giving her some cock. Again, the camera moves rapidly from one shot to another which would normally drive me crazy but here it works to show the rapid-fire pace progression. In a seemingly trademarked move, Manuel holds her face skyward, laying his chin on her forehead as he drills her in doggie. Caliente is hot, her eyes big and bright as they meet Manuel's. Ferrara kicks it up a notch by ramming a finger in and out of her backside as he bangs away.

Carmen Caliente

Carmen shows off her cowgirl moves, her ass pumping and flexing as she sits on Manuel's lap. Her mouth agape, compliments spill from it as Manuel pulls her tightly to him and she switches into bump and grind mode. They share passionate kisses as they move to a spooning, Caliente rubbing her clit softly. Manuel whispers to his guest, sweat dripping from his neck as they banter softly. Lying on her stomach, she performs more oral while Manuel reams her with two digits before allowing her to twerk on his totem. He enjoys another snack and then gets four fingers deep into her. She seems pleased with that and crawls to him as he stands, licking at his lolli. Ferrara moves behind her for a final fuck round before finishing on her eagerly awaiting face.

Scene 4: Katrina Jade & Stallion

Stallion's engrossed in a game on the couch, the gaming soundtrack sounding incredibly good even with the 2.1 channel that I'm currently listening through. Katrina strolls in, hot beverage in hand, wearing mismatched socks and a fuzzy robe. She gets brushed aside as he concentrates on the screen action. She tries modeling different lingerie to grab his attention to no avail. She seems appalled at the thought of going unnoticed and heads off to her closet once again, coming back in full Lara Croft attire. That seems to grab his attention and an slo-mo tease montage begins with a full-featured soundtrack accompanying it. Pulling her close, he finally acknowledges her hotness as she grasps at his hardness.

Katrina Jade

His tongue flicks at her nipple piercings, their tongues meeting as his tent grows. She leers up at him quickly as she releases his pole from its bindings and places her mouth on it. Her eyes are unwavering as she makes love to his manhood with her mouth, her breathing heavy as her Croft shorts get pulled aside and she gets hammered in doggie, guns strapped to her side. Stallion tosses the guns aside to get a firm grip on her as he drills, Jade's body and head flopping about as he rams harder and harder. Stallion pulls out, fluids dripping from his dong as Jade flips over to enjoy his tongue and then his manhood again as he plows back in while gripping her utility belt.

Katrina Jade

The belt gets dropped to show off her navel jewel and the shoulder holsters follow suit as he grips her neck for leverage while continuing his pussy plowing. She giggles as he peels off her shorts to once again take her from behind, their rears reflected in the background window. After a good drilling, Stallion gets some more oral work done on him and then lets our starlet straddle his lap and take him for a spin. He tosses some couch pillows aside and lays her down so he can lay some pipe into her in spoon as he grasps her globes. Their gazes lock as he pumps faster and deeper, Katrina moaning nicely as he pulls out to coat her bare tummy and go back into "Lara's" love tunnel for a few more moments of enjoyment.

Final Thoughts: Kayden Kross brings us her latest endeavour, Gamer Girls. I'm really liking what I see from this studio, TRENCHOCATx, they are all over the map when it comes to content production. Sometimes it's soft and light, other times it delves into deep, dark territory, and times like this it takes on territory that is probably very familiar to much, if not all, of their audience. Even if you aren't a gamer yourself, you know someone who is, or are at least familiar with the often iconic roles portrayed or the over-the-top accomplishment dance moves that are often performed by players.

This is a fun take on the gaming theme and I have to say Katrina Fuckin' Jade looks fabulous as Lara Croft! Ayumi and Jenna play their roles really well, each looking really hot with their way-over-the-top makeup for just "hanging out at home" and eating 'za. Speaking of 'za, April looks right at home making her own and munching it in bed while wearing comfy clothes right up until her in-game character (Jiz) joins her in real life and the two great performers get busy with one another! Carmen shows lust in her eyes from the moment she walks into Manuel's room and he ditches his radio broadcast to bone the cutie. Everyone seems to bring passion and fire to their scenes and that always portrays well on film. Kayden and company capture it nicely other than a couple of weird auto-focus moments that nobody will care about. The sound is also nicely captured and I think fans will like this one! Highly Recommended.

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