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Anal Beauty Vol. 8

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 2/14/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Content: 4/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 46 minutes

Cast: Nicole Aniston, Megan Rain, Alex Grey, Jillian Janson, Mick Blue, Chris Diamond, and Jean Val Jean

Directed by: Greg Lansky

Genres: All Sex, Anal, Big Cock

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in 4K

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Photo gallery, cumshot recap

Overview: Anal Beauty Vol. 8 serves as my long-delayed introduction to Greg Lansky's Tushy, his sophomore venture after Blacked.com manifested itself into an enormous success. After catapulting interracial pornography into the mainstream, Lansky couldn't necessarily do the same with anal sex due to its rise in popularity since the 2000's. He found, however, that he could bring an artistic and even romantic new angle to the often rough genre, and as a result, Tushy and its birth has the massively successful, award-winning director subverting the conventions of another pornographic category. If the quality of this particular release echoes that of Tushy's preceding scenes, the eighth volume in its flagship series should be one of many victory laps going forward.

Scene 1: Nicole Aniston and Mick Blue

The gorgeous Nicole Aniston, in a lifeguard outfit on the beach, looks like a Baywatch girl as she recounts her botched hookup with her boss via narration while we watch a montage of her patrolling her end of the sand. She tries to make good after her nerves get the best of her by stopping by his place to pick up where they left off the night before. Her boss, Mick Blue, is visibly arrested by her curvaceous figure, accentuated by a revealing red onesie and jean-shorts, both of which are on the floor not long after she arrives.

Nicole loves how Mick makes it all about her plump ass right away. He bends her over and buries his face between her cheeks, to which she responds by shifting a bit to squat over his mouth and initiate a 69. After repositioning herself to face him, Nicole is able to give a succulent blowjob and maintain arousing eye-contact with her beau. "I wanted to fuck you last night," she tells him as her mouth forms a tight grip on the head of his cock. The sex commences with Nicole gently inserting Mick into her pussy in missionary, quickly handling him by riding him seductively, her ass bobbing and swaying in rhythm. Mick drills inside of her when he can, and after a few minutes, he slips inside her asshole, with Lansky's camera capturing it from beneath Mick's balls.

Upon being introduced to anal — as this is Aniston's first anal scene — Nicole is in disbelief. "I can't believe I'm letting you fuck my ass," she softly wails while clutching both Mick and the bedsheets. She's careful at first about how far she wants to sink her butt down onto him, but becomes firmer with her ride overtime. After several pumps, she rinses Mick's dick off with her saliva, then initiates an anal reverse cowgirl, allowing the audience an unobstructed look at her angelic complexion and porcelain figure while Mick sinks deeper into her ass. Her decision to plant both of her feet on Mick's legs is quickly hindered by her legs shooting up for the sky, a self-motivated move that has her wearing her O-face the entire time.

It's confirmed when Nicole gets on all fours for doggy that the blonde beauty looks amazing in every position. Mick goes deep in her butthole after glazing it with spit, and she moans loudly as she looks back to watch him disappear between her cheeks. Nicole gives up her asshole to Mick one last time by outstretching her legs behind her head. This makes her lower-half protrude upwards for Mick to pummel deep or take advantage of the cushion she's provided for them both. He makes his rounds efficiently, to which Nicole remains in awe at her choice to let her boss indulge in her anally. She deters a potential anal creampie by egging him on to cum on her face. Mick obliges with a thick load on Nicole's lips and mouth.

This is the kind of scene Lansky was born to direct and contemporary porn exists to make. There's vision, creativity, passion, and beautiful romance throughout, and Nicole Aniston comes through in yet another brave and challenging scene. 4/5 stars.

Scene 2: Megan Rain and Chris Diamond

Megan Rain made quite the impression on Chris Diamond, a popular DJ who just performed in concert, by dancing and drinking to the point where another rendezvous at his house at a later time was inevitable. The two barely enter his lavish mansion before Megan is on her knees, wolfing down Chris's penis by recklessly deepthroating him. Spit runs down her chin when Chris forces himself down her throat. Megan tries every oral move you can think of on her crush with the exception of letting up, even when the two work together to remove her skimpy dress.

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Despite shifting to the bed after ten minutes, Megan still just wants to suck her favorite DJ's cock. She lets him take more control while she lies on her stomach, led by his forceful hands and girth. "I love the way you fuck my face," she tells him just before missionary finally starts. Megan's initial rides on Chris's cock are intoxicating as she slowly laps her pussy along his penis, going from the tip, down to the balls in one fluid, repetitious motion. This descends into faster penetration thanks to the confident hands of Chris.

Chris can't help but give an eager smile when Megan claims to want his cock in her ass. He goes to fulfill her request of being stretched out by putting his cock in her ass in reverse cowgirl. She takes him all the way, right away, purring sweet nothings to her DJ friend as her asshole is rocked. Megan gets an eyeful of herself being anally fucked and gives herself an added burst of energy. With that, she finds herself in sexual bliss when dominated in doggy. Chris pulls her cheeks apart and plummets deep inside of her, making her gape.

While on her back, a few beats later, Megan is given more manageable strokes. She instructs Chris to adjust his speed at her command, slowing him down to catch her breath and speeding him up when she's feeling a climax coming. Chris, however, reassumes control by hopping on the bed and pushing Megan's legs back to fuck at his speed. By then, she's pretzeled into a petite contortion, her pussy and ass still very much free for Chris, who gradually increases his speed by the second. No matter who is the dominating one in this scene, the sex is still romantic and both parties are getting a lot out of switching off the respective role.

Megan has one final request for her favorite DJ, and that's for him to cum inside her ass. Chris gets the request while sliding in and out of her ass at a consistent speed, slowing to a stop moments later to drop a large load of semen inside of her butt. It flows out as soon as he exits her, but the two remain captivated by one another enough to use their last breaths of energy for a few more thrusts. What began as a scene I could've sworn belonged to Lansky's yet-to-exist studio dedicated to romantic and sloppy blowjobs turned into a pleasant and thoroughly entertaining showcase of porn-stars and their unbeatable energy levels. Megan Rain thrills yet again, but one can't leave Chris Diamond out of the praise of this scene. 4/5 stars.

Scene 3: Alex Grey and Jean Val Jean

Alex Grey has made a comfortable side-job out of housesitting for a wealthy couple. While watering the plants one day, she reflects on the time she treated herself to a shower in the master bathroom of the house and what unforgettable experience transpired. We flash back and see Jean Val Jean returning home and seeing her drying off with a towel. Alex is mortified but Jean, on the other hand, is too taken by her petite self to care. She loses the towel as they start to kiss.

Alex drops to her knees rather promptly to suck Jean's cock. She forgoes her hands at first to let her mouth do all the work, but incorporates them when she desires to drive Jean down her throat. "I always wanted to fuck that mouth," he confesses to her while swirling his penis in her mouth. Though she's a bit nervous, she learns to lose all apprehensions and inhibitions as she's guided by Jean's sure hands. The two move downstairs and she continues to suck him dry. Amidst deepthroating on her stomach, Alex's legs shoot up and a tattoo on her left calf saving "BAD" is then visible. So fitting. So nuanced.

A while later, Alex climbs atop Jean is missionary, with him pulling her cheeks apart as if to remind us, the viewer, what lies ahead. Alex cutely moans during his deep, consistent strokes, and once she's into the sex, which doesn't take long, she helps guide her man's fingers to her butthole, where he then sticks multiple inside of her while continuing to pound her vagina. Alex soon turns around and lets Jean get acquainted with her asshole. She parts her legs into a V upon entry, forfeiting herself to his sexual prowess. He stuffs her for a few minutes, long enough for her to develop a small gape in her backside and achieve an orgasm.

Rather than seeing how flexible Alex can be, Jean returns to this same position after an intermittent blowjob; a bit exhausting seeing as, by this point, we've spent roughly ten minutes on this same position. During this time, Jean continues to extend his control to be the one to help increase the size of Alex's gape, shown by regularly spreading her cheeks about. Alex is adorable, and she's clearly into the anal, but the fun of this wains considerably as time marches forward. The two finally shift and regroup in doggystyle, where Alex's newly gaped asshole is worked out yet again by Jean as he impales her from a new angle. He gets her hole as wide as he wants it and moves to sink his tongue into it.

"You like when I gape for you," Alex tells him with inflections in her voice that come from trying to handle Jean in her ass while lying on her back. Excess spit runs between her ass-cheeks while she remains spread for a busy Jean, working overtime in the home-stretch. A good straight-on shot from Lansky comes in clutch towards the end, so we can not only see the aforementioned instance, but also get an idea of the stark size contrast Jean's penis has with Alex's petite figure. Alex requests an anal creampie, but for the first time in memory, Lansky's camera fails by capturing it from the side and obscuring her expulsion of his cum. This scene is a bit too extra for its own good. 3/5 stars.

Scene 4: Jillian Janson and Chris Diamond

Jillian Janson has consistently impressed me in a wide-variety of movies recently, be them strictly oral scenes, interracial scenes, or showcases that show off her enthusiastic personality above all. Leaving her Tushy scene till the end of this compilation was practically an assurance that this disc would end strong, but even better than that, we have the best for last. Jillian is a flight attendant, who arrives in the opening moments to a familiar mansion. It's Chris Diamond's, the same DJ Megan Rain had her way with, and Jillian comes with a very similar proposition. She's on a layover, with just enough time to kill that she can indulge in a fling before having to catch a plane. "I'm in a hurry," she tells Chris as they sit by the pool. Chris, who doesn't speak much English, subsequently stands up and lets his cock fall out of his pants to land right on Jillian's lips. Let the fling begin.

On her knees, now in a teeny string bikini, Jillian wraps her mouth around her star crush, completely submitting herself to him. "I want to fuck you," she plainly tells him while forcing inch after inch of his lanky dick into her mouth. While he might not understand English very well, he receives that memo loud and clear. The two then move inside where Jillian continues to warm him up with her hands and mouth as a dual-threat combination. After propping herself on his countertop and lounging on her side, Jillian pleads to Chris for him to slip inside her pussy until he reveals he has a different plan. From the moment Chris makes room for his dick in Jillian's asshole, her mouth is agape, shocked by his alternate way to please as much as she is smitten by the consuming euphoria she experiences.

Now that the two are on the same page, in the bedroom, their lovemaking intensifies. Chris steps back from the anal for a few minutes to slip inside Jillian's twat in missionary, to which she responds by letting him stretch her out in a whole different way. He slaps an squeezes her ass as she shifts on his lap, gliding herself to a healthy squirt all over his stomach. She soon turns around to ride in reverse cowgirl, now with Chris's cock planted back in her ass. It's a tight fit, which makes Jillian's path to a few more squirts upon entry that much easier. Chris follows up her third squirt in five minutes by quickly inserting himself inside her asshole and thrusting her up and down his shaft. He gets her in a headlock, and soon creates a trifecta of sensations by having Jillian be anally penetrated, in a physical bind, and in the middle of rubbing her clit. Her multitasking skills must be recognized.

We're not done yet. The sex shifts to doggy in due time, with Jillian's ass gaping and her pussy soaking wet. Chris spreads her so wide, his dick basically falls into her pussy. Keeping with the pattern, she pets her pussy frequently as her favorite DJ hits every tender spot inside her asshole, making her shimmy and flaunt her spirit. Jillian gives Chris not only her asshole but a lovely view while she is on her back, allowing him to eye everything about her perfect body as she restrains her ankles with her hands so that they're pointed to the sky and not interrupting the sex. She soon finds herself in the middle of another flurry of squirts that bathe both her and Chris, at least until he shows he's good with his hands too, rubbing her pussy sore while plunging inside her butt.

Chris then hops on the bed to hold Jillian's legs back himself, instigating more rigorous thrusts that will bring him to unload his cum into her mouth. She swallows happily, now with a glow on her face. "You're the dirtiest DJ I know," she exclaims with a sweet smile on her face. Jillian Janson does it again, absolutely aided by Lansky's guiding hand, and Chris Diamond's terrific sexual charm, but she's still a one-woman show even when everything is helping her succeed. She's that good and so is this scene. 4.5/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Anal Beauty Vol. 8 is an invariably entertaining compilation of some of the most recent and memorable scenes from Tushy, so much so that even its more redundant moments still provide good fun. Greg Lansky's production knows how to bring the best and most flavorful performances out of its actors, both male and female, and this really shows given Nicole Aniston's laidback but charmed aura in her first anal in addition to Jillian Janson's raucous encounter with her favorite DJ. Having said that, Chris Diamond also proves himself to be a strong male talent, oozing sex appeal while driving home both scenes in which he's involved here with exceptional poise. Anal sex is obviously here to stay and nothing was going to change that, but Lansky has very well proven that there is a different and even more affectionate way to depict the popular act.

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