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Pandora's Box 2

Studio: Penthouse » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/15/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: All Sex, Anal, Storyline

Writer/Director: Rebecca Lord


Cast: Tina Kay, Sandra Luberc, Lola Taylor, Kai Taylor, Rico Simmons, Antonio Ross

Length: 1 hour 52 minutes

Date of Release: January 15, 2018

Extras: Photo Gallery

Bonus Scene: 'Explicit Sex' Antonia Sainz & George Uhl 16:52 minutes

Antonia Sainz

Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: Good to very good overall. Camera work is nice and smooth, with even a tiny bit of drone footage tossed in. The voices were a bit hard to understand for me as everyone hails from somewhere other than the US. Shot in Hi-Def, presented in anamorphic widescreen.

Overview: Storyline porn that pits one band of people against another band of people in their quest for something to put in, or let out of, Pandora's box. I think. Perhaps the story is continued from the first title in this series and I'm not aware of where the story progression is or it's just not totally fleshed out. It's couples-friendly action that even features some anal. It's worth a look.

Scene 1: Lola Taylor & Rico Simmons

Lola Taylor

Our duo have some time to kill and are parked at a scenic overlook. After a quick sip of water, they jump out of the car to enjoy the view and I'm not talking about the idyllic lake and mountains in the background, which they don't seem to notice. Lola's quick to hoist her breasts out of her top and go to her knees. Rico stands along the fence, softly moaning as the Russian wraps her mouth around his member. Simmons is soon behind his blonde partner, pumping into her as she takes over moaning patrol.

Lola Taylor

A series of crossfades changes up the banging positions and placements along the cliff bank, some high drone footage of the lake falling earthward to end up back on the sexual subject. Taylor's tits jiggle softly as she gets nailed while lying on a picnic table, her body warming in the afternoon sun. She makes occasional eye contact with her cocksman who is methodically pumping into her. A soundtrack kicks in all of a sudden and Rico's tempo increses, leading him to drop his love load on her patch as the two kiss and smile.

The mountains in the background are nicely exposed because of what I'm guessing is a graduated ND filter on the wide shot which adds a softness to our pair's faces while they stand together. It took me a moment to realize it was not my eyes.

Scene 2: Sandra Luberc & Antonio Ross

Sandra Luberc

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The soundtrack informs us that magic and mystery are now afoot as Antonio stand's at Sandra's bedside getting a blowie. His eyes burn with ferocity as he climbs onto the bed to finger her while getting sucked. The ferocity turns to a bit of crazy as he places his face in her ass. He licks from hole to hole, burying his thumb in her love tunnel. Spreading her legs wide, he starts pummeling his now condom-covered cock in her. She whimpers loudly as he shakes the bed with his muscle-driven thrusts. Her near bare box is displayed in closeup as they lie side by side.

Sandra Luberc

Her melons bounce, her large nipples pointing to the ceiling, Antonio's face covered in sweat as he pumps furiously while rolling on top of her. Sandra lies there as his animalistic insertions continue, finally rolling on top of him in reverse cowgirl. Antonio hold her legs up and continues his relentless driving, a crossfade bringing us to her oral work before she remounts Ross. The music cues back up, softly in the background, and Ross starts ramming harder, whipping his condom off to splash her crotch.

Scene 3: Tina Kay & Antonio Ross

Tina Kay

Antonio stops by Tina's dimly lit bar to do some business and has her get naked for old times' sake. She strips down to her garters and stockings as she steps out from behind the bar to give him a gurgling BJ. Even with the shadows, you can see Tina's fine form as she slobbers on his shaft. Her appetite for cock seems ravenous but Antonio wants to get balls deep inher bald beaver and props her on a lucite bar stool. Tina's brown tresses hand along her body, cascading over a breast as Antonio bangs into her.

Tina Kay

She does a bit of dirty talking, her grapefruit globes catching the light nicely. Random geometry is displayed on a nearby monitor as the duo switch into doggie, their tan bodies bumping together. Lying on a lit, lucite table, Tina agrees to give up her ass and fingers herself as Ross pounds into her back door. Keep your volume handy here ladies and gents, Miss Kay is a bit of a screamer. She climbs into a reverse cowgirl and buries her fingers inside of her as Antonio buries himself in her booty. Ross moves into her front hole as our brunette beauty continues her bouncing and dirty banter. She coaxes him on and he cums deep inside of her.

Scene 4: Tina Kay & Rico Simmons

Tina Kay

Tina has Rico strip down to his skivvies and blindfolds him, making him lick her stockinged foot. She drops her form-fitting leather skirt to the floor, her ass looking wondrous in the filtered light of the living room. She rubs her foot on his face as she rubs herself through her red panties. Those panties get removed, rubbed under his nose, and placed in his mouth. Tina lies on the couch, playing with herself as her new slave lies motionless on the floor as instructed. After a few quick snapshots she sits on his chest, an erection growing under his briefs. She teases him with a handjob, licking at the tip of his stick. Soon, she's slobbering and gurgling all over his engorgement., a stiletto heel placed in the foreground of some shots as she maneuvers into a 69.

Tina Kay

With his cock good and wet, she slides it inside of her, bouncing her bald box up and down. She promises to give him the ride of his life and starts grinding and bouncing all around. Rico remains motionless as she has her way with him in reverse and then forward cowgirl. She does some dirty talk teasing as her tight body continues its workout on his wand and then moves to fuck his face as she twirls back into a spread-legged 69. She smacks her slave into a sitting position for another ride. She rides him in position after position, her body gleaming with sweat, even taking time to give him a footie before bouncing back into him in doggie. She goes back to the footjob to finally allow her slave to shoot his juice onto her stocking.

Definitely the best sex in the flick!

Scene 5: Lola Taylor & Kai Taylor

Lola Taylor

Lola's wearing a tight, metallic, "clubbing" dress and Kai is decked out in a black suit which she helps him out of. He peels her dress down to get a look, feel, and taste of her pert boobs ans then she gets his a taste of his meat. Her smile is bright, her eye contact good as she does the ol' slurp and jerk. Kai has her concentrate on a ball to tip licking technique which he seems to be really into and then he stands so she can make like a circus seal. They move to a chair where she shows off her rodeo skills as he smacks her ass and grips her globes.

Lola Taylor

Her blonde locks bounce as she slams up and down, high and hard. Her trimmed bush is front and center when she rides reverse, Kai slamming into her, their bodies slapping. A quick bout of oral from her and she's ready to host a backdoor party. That party starts in reverse cowgirl and then she gets turned sideways on his lap so they can kiss as he crams his cock into her rear. The kissing continues as she gets a good throat fucking and then a backdoor banging from behind. Her legs are long and taut, one foot on the chair showing them off well as the porno soundtrack kicks back in and his rhythm switches ash he pops in her ass which is shown in split screen: one wide shot and one closeup.

Final Thoughts: There's a plot to follow but it isn't really well fleshed out, it's more of a reason to get these performers together to get banging. Lola is a cutie from Russia and the plot basically revolves around her and Rico but it is really Tina Kay that steals the spotlight when she goes to town on Rico. Her time with Antonio Ross is also hot but a bit dark. Due to the nature of the plot setups there is almost no chemistry between any of the performers, Lola and Rico seem to be banging just to kill some time on the mountain and that's okay.

For me, Tina is the reason to watch this, the plot is disposable which sadly renders Lola's large part in it kind of useless alhough I admit I did not see the first Pandora's Box and this one appears to be part of a larger storyline. If you are following the story then you might want to pick this up but I think most viewers will want to Watch On Demand just for Tina's hard ride. The Bonus Scene is straight-to-the-action sex where Antonio Sainz plays to the viewer during the romp.

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