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Blacked Raw V3

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/19/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 25 minutes

Date of Production:  2018

Genre: Interracial; Big Cock; All Sex

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Lana Rhoades, Vicki Chase, Hannah Hays, Moka Mora, Jason Luv, Jax Slayher, Dredd, James Jagger

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Information


Greg Lansky’s Blacked Raw series continues to earn high marks. The famed director is up to his third installment and it’s another sizzler. This time in Blacked Raw V3, the sexy and sultry Lana Rhoades takes on studs Jason Luv and Jax Slayher in an opening threesome that’s the hottest scene of the flick. Lana’s piercing blue eyes are a turn on as she looks up at the guys while sucking their big dicks. She finds herself at the center of a BBC sandwich that stretches her pussy and stuffs her mouth. The hottest part of the scene is the doggy style anal that leaves her ass hole gaping and creaming. Vicki Chase, Hannah Hays, and Moka Mora also star in the flick, taking their cock black and their sex raw in scenes with Dredd and James Jagger. I highly recommend this movie. You can’t go wrong with a Greg Lansky flick and he has started a theme of edgy, raw, unfiltered interracial sex in his Blacked Raw series that you can’t get enough of.

Scene 1:  Lana Rhoades, Jason Luv, and Jax Slayher

This opening scene with Lana Rhoades in a BBC threesome has got to be the hottest scene of the flick. Lana takes on Jason Luv and Jax Slayher in a tantalizing scene full of great chemistry, lots of anal, and Lana’s insatiable need for cock. It starts with Lana and the guys leaving the club. She had a great time tonight. Her boyfriend texts her to find out what time she’s coming home. She tells him she’s hanging out with the girls a bit longer, but she’s really planning to hang out with Jason and Jax. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of them,” she says into her selfie cam. She strips down to her body-hugging lingerie then joins the guys in a dark hotel room. She’s very playful at first, kissing and making out with each guy while filming the whole thing on her cam. “What are you guys going to do with me?” she asks them. Her guys drop their points, aiming their hard cocks toward her. It’s clear what they plan to do with her. With that, Lana’s hot threesome has begun. They sit her on the couch and start feeding her cock. It’s more than enough to satisfy Lana’s greedy mouth. “Use me as your personal blow-up doll,” Lana tells them as she starts sucking their big black cocks. She spits all over their dicks, keeping them lubed then she gets in doggy position on the couch with Jason stuffing her cunt from behind and Jax stuffing her mouth. She’s wet and drooling on both ends as the guys put her in the middle of a big dick sandwich. Jason plugs her ass with his thumb while slamming her pussy.

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“Give me that dick,” Leah screams. “Stretch out my pussy!” Jason bangs her harder and deeper, making Leah moan out in ecstasy. Jax keeps his cock wedged down her throat. She tells Jax to use her pussy. The guys trade places now with Jax drilling Leah’s pussy and Jason making Leah taste her own pussy off his dick. “Use that dick,” Jax orders her as he pumps her pussy, making her cum. The hot, sweaty threesome continues in the bedroom where the guys put the focus on her nipples, kissing and sucking them. They finger her pussy and ass hole then lie on their backs to offer their BBCs to her. Leah has something else in mind: ass eating. She spreads Jax’ legs open and tongues his ass hole, licking all the way up to his balls then swallowing them. The guys love how nasty she is. She gets in doggy position to suck Jason’s prick and opens her ass hole up to host Jax’ dick. He fills and stretches her ass hole, banging it from behind. “Throw that ass back,” Jax tells her. He makes her ass hole gape, getting it ready for Jason who drives deep through her backdoor. Leah’s anal doggy gets hotter and hotter as we get close-up shots of her ass hole getting annihilated by Jason’s balls-deep dredging. “I love that dick in my fucking ass,” Leah looks back at Jason and tells him.  She goes from doggy to cowgirl, getting her pink ass hole stretched by Jax’ dick. Her rectum is still target number one for the guys’ monster cocks. Jason fucks it reverse cowgirl style then Jax slams it in missionary position while Jason holds her legs open. Leah screams out in ecstasy until Jason sits on her face, making her tongue his ass hole. Jason takes the last round, fucking her ass hole missionary style while Jax splashes her face with spunk. “Come on, use my ass as your personal jerk off hole,” Leah invites Jason. He thrusts in and out of her sphincter until he fills her ass hole with cum, leaving her with a flowing anal creampie. Jax tells her he’s not done with her. He goes in for sloppy seconds, fucking her ass hole on the couch while she feeds on Jason’s cock.

Scene 2: Vicki Chase and Dredd

Vicki takes a ride to Dredd’s house and she is beside herself, thinking about what’s to come. We watch her get dressed in the bathroom as she films herself and talks about taking Dredd’s giant dong in her ass. She puts on black and pink lingerie and meets Dredd on the rooftop deck, kissing him in excitement and anticipation. Dredd pulls out his big hard cock and Vicki can’t believe how big it is. She imagines all the things she’s about to do to his cock. Vicki licks up and down his shaft, starting at his balls and working her way to the top. She sucks his big black cock slowly, working her lips around the head of it then licking the tip. Dredd encourages her to keep doing it just like that, then he stands up, so she can eat more of his meat. She sucks his balls some more then puts on a strip tease for him, showing her ass and tits off.

Vicki is ready to sit on his cock and she starts in cowgirl position. Dredd’s dick is so big, it has her crying out, “fuck!” Dredd squeezes her ass cheeks and guides her up and down on his hard pole. Vicki can’t stop screaming out how big his cock is. “You’re stretching my pussy out,” she tells him. He picks her up and takes her to the bedroom to finish what they started. Vicki sits on him in reverse cowgirl position and he pounds her pussy, making it wet and creamy. “Fuck me!” she screams out, telling him how deep his cock is inside her. Dredd starts the second round of hard pounding of her snatch until she cums. Vicki climbs off his tower of a cock and sucks the taste of her pussy off it then she tongues his ass hole. After eating his ass, Vicki decides she wants his cock deep in her ass. Dredd gives it to her in missionary position once Vicki holds opens her legs, revealing a pink, gaping ass hole. Vicki’s mouth gapes open and she closes her eyes in ecstasy while Dredd drills her shit hole. She’s a flexible babe who holds both legs open and all the way back. Dredd shows her rectum no mercy, completely stretching it out. He spoon fucks her pussy next as Vicki begs him for his fucking load. “I want to drink it,” she tells him as she turns over and sucks his dick and balls. Vicki sucks him off until he shoots his spunk down her throat. They take a shower together and Vicki is still insatiable, sucking his cock then kissing him.

Scene 3: Hannah Hays and James Jagger

Nineteen-year-old Hannah Hays is so nervous as she gets off the elevator, making her way to the hotel room of the guy she has been talking to for the last week. If her boyfriend knew what she was about to do, he would go crazy. She walks into the hotel room and goes into the bathroom to get ready. She puts on her sexy black lingerie and walks into the bedroom toward James. He is waiting patiently for her and he tells her she looks sexy. Both Hannah and James are relatively new to the biz. They’ve been in since 2017. Hannah has roughly 22 scenes to her credit. James has about 12. They get to know each other better with passionate kissing then James lies on the couch, positioning his cock for the taking. Hannah pulls off his underwear and grabs hold of his dong. She lies on her stomach and runs her lips up and down this cock, making it wet. She licks his balls then has him stand up and turn around so she can lick his ass hole. She jerks his big black cock with one hand while tonguing his ass. She sucks his dick one more time before getting on her hands and knees on the bed and hosting James’ BBC from behind in doggy position.

Hannah’s pussy starts creaming all over his cock instantly. He drills her wet pussy in long strokes, thrusting every inch of his man meat inside her tight hole. Hannah screams and grips onto the bed sheets, closing her eyes as James fills her up. She fingers her clit while he fills her pussy up with hard cock. Hannah sits on it in reverse cowgirl position, enjoying every inch of James’ pleasure pole. She lies on her back and takes an old-fashioned missionary bang that leaves her pussy full of cum. When James pulls out, his jizz oozes out of Hannah’s cunt. She runs her fingers through it then tastes it.

Scene 4: Moka Mora and Dredd

The soft-spoken Moka Mora is very excited to be on her way to meet Dredd. She has convinced her boyfriend that she’s going somewhere else, but she’s really on her way to get fucked. It’s big black cock that she wants and it’s big black cock she’ll get. She films herself using a selfie stick as she walks across the room in her black lingerie. Dredd greets her with a long kiss then with his long dick, dropping his pants and putting it in her face. She kisses the head of it then sucks his balls. Moka can barely get her mouth around it, but she keeps pushing herself. Her mouth is stretched open as she tries to stuff his dick down her throat. It’s not long before Moka is using her tongue to explore Dredd’s ass hole. He sits on the couch with his legs wide open as Moka tongue fucks his hole. She puts her focus back on sucking his dick until Dredd stands up, so she can lick his ass hole some more. She spits in his hole then tongues it while jerking his dick. Dredd tells her to get nasty then he moves her over to the pool table and fucks her in standing doggy as she leans over the billiards board.

Moka fingers her cunt and mumbles out how much Dredd is stretching her pussy. The pair goes to the bedroom next where Moka rides his big hard dick. Moka screams out in submission to Dredd’s big dick as he stuffs her hard and deep. She sucks her cream off his cock then takes another round of pussy pummeling cowgirl style. She’s on fours next for doggy style drilling that makes her squeal in bursts of pleasure. Downward doggy fills Moka up as Dredd bangs her tight pussy. The fucking continues missionary style and Moka watches Dredd’s dick dig deeper and deeper inside her. He pulls out and cums in her wide-open mouth. After swallowing his load, she joins him in the shower where she sucks his cock some more.

Final Thoughts:

By now, fans of Greg Lansky’s Blacked Raw series know they’re going to get sexy girls and hot interracial sex when they watch his flick. In the series, the sex is raw, the scenes are unfiltered, and each edgy scene is a turn on to watch. Blacked Raw V3 does all that and more with starlets Lana Rhoades, Vicki Chase, Hannah Hays, and Moka Mora. Every scene is a mega turn on, but Lana Rhoades’ opening threesome with Jason Luv and Jax Slayher is a stunner. You won’t forget the great visuals and close-ups of Lana’s tight pink ass hole getting pumped doggy style by Jason’s prick. Lana is in the middle of a big black cock sandwich and she creams all over the cocks inside her. I highly recommend this movie. Greg Lansky seems to tap into the interracial fantasies of his fans in his films, bringing those fantasies to life with gorgeous girls, tight pink pussies, and big black dicks.

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