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Anal Insights

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 2/23/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The scene selection screen.The Main Menu of Anal Insights


                Anissa Kate’s brilliantly spread gape takes the majority of this DVD’s cover shot. The other beautiful booty-babes hover about Annisa’s gaping ass in this artful design that is Anal Insights’ box cover. Tiffany Watson and Mandy Muse are the other girls that compliment Annissa’s open ass in this collage. At the bottom corner of the box, you get the full cast list written in matching red with the DVD’s plastic case.  The actual content of the disc contains multiple chapters per scene, cast list, and filmographies.  The Mike Adriano emblem is barely visible, only adorned on the spine of the DVD box itself and on the very bottom on the back of the DVD box next to the copyright information. Like all Evil Angel DVD box covers the director’s name is at the direct top so you definitely know what you’re getting into.  The Main Menu will guide with an animated menu of the various butt fuck scenes found on the disc as the background montage loops. The logo of the film sits in the middle of two glam shots of Anissa Kate and Mandy Muse surrounding the menu options of “Play Movie, “Scene Selection”, “Special Features”, and the EvilAngel.com previews.

Cast: Anissa Kate, Mandy Muse, Maria Jade, Tiffany Watson, and Mike Adriano
Directed By: Mike Adriano
Approx. Run Time: 3 hours and 31 minutes
Number of Scenes:  4
Photo Galleries: No
Behind The Scenes: No
Condoms: No


    Mike Adriano without a doubt is a recognized name in the production of anal films. How does one director command such quality in a crowded market? It’s the coupling of a certain formula for a director to really capture a centered style which is for Mike; the girl and the camera being married in perfect anal harmony. Yes, of course, the male talent is of great importance I’m of that mindset. But in Adriano’s line of butt fuck films the director is the male talent.  This allows for a polarization of focus between the girl’s natural beauties as the performer is fused with the keen eye of the camera work.  Inane criticism be damned to begin with you’ll almost always hear gripes from so-called “fans” about the male talent in a porn scene. The social media era has now unfortunately allowed that instant gratification disguised as a comment on an online forum. But for Mike things are different. It’s not even a matter of "if you love or hate Mike Adriano" it’s as if he’s only made legions of fans that are in love with his work. Even the girls who work with him sing the praises of Mike as a kindhearted individual while being fun to work with. Well, Mr. Adriano releases some of the hardest hitting anal scenes out there for the HD era to relish in. The camera may as well dive into the buttholes they film getting gaped open because these scenes are that visceral. 


     Any Annisa Kate fan should get excited during the opening interviews of her scenes. To hear this woman’s exotic accent is a testament as one of the premiere French models with a massive US fan base. Only the smartest content producers bring her stateside to film. She happens to be an exceptional anal performer with supermodel looks.  Well, it’s time to get some insight on this fantastic French booty as Mike Adriano starts to interview Anissa Kate for this scene. They celebrate her return to Mike’s compound to film his brilliant anal poundings in this reunion. As the discussion goes on some fan service occurs as Anissa is urged to speak French. Celebrating the magic of anal in her native tongue Mike Adriano sighs in sheer awe of her adorable accent. “I wish there were more French girls in the business...” Make laments. Then I immediately think Mike Adriano should work with the recently reactivated Liza Del Sierra but that’s another review hopefully. The tease progresses through the interview as Anissa lifts up her shirt to dazzles us with her jiggling tits.  Mike Adriano asks her to describe how “she loves a big dick between her boobs” in her romantic language. Fans I’m sure are delighted to hear her talk since Mike has a firm grip on what drives them to his product fetish or not. Next Anissa’s awesome ass is the focus of the tease as she arches in front of the camera to peel her daisy dukes down.  As she spreads herself open to reveal a dainty thong cutting between her butt cheeks. Eventually, they are peeled down so we can get a view of Anissa’s magical starfish which will eventually be fucked open in this scene.
Hell Yeah to Anissa getting her asshole eaten.
   Without a moment’s notice, Mike Adriano dives right into rimming and devouring Anissa’s ass as she wails in agreement.  Mike’s ass worshipping methods are another one of his draws he has with his loyal fan base. He fantastically licks and sucks the butt cheeks of these beautiful babes he casts in his asshole films.  The kind of voracious licking and sucking the fans fantasize about doing ourselves as we vicariously watch Mr. Adriano tear into these tushies.  Anissa backs off a little bit to allow Mike’s camera to ingest her beautiful full figure behind a backdrop of the phrase “Hell Yeah!” appropriately painted behind her.  Mike hones back in to reach and grab a handful of Anissa’s tit to suck on.  After a few more sucks of Anissa’s  tits, she gets legs-up on her back in position to show us her butthole.

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   Now that she’s on her back Mike Adriano now has access to her pussy AND asshole to munch on comfortably.  He takes his liberties as he laps up her asshole with Annissa narrating the nastiness in her French tongue. They eventually trade places after Anissa jiggles her tits for a little tit-play segment where she also spits on them. Anissa starts going down on Mike Adriano rapidly as he is sitting down. The camera is a great angle so you can see Anissa Kate directly facing you as you see her inhale dick in this dynamic view. These types of in-your-face shots are commonplace in Adriano ventures especially during the action-packed anal and even during the ass eating segments.  Thankfully Anissa Kate is adorned with some rather large breasts entailing a nice titty fuck session for the viewers.
The final throat insemination of the scene.
   Now we have Anissa toying with another one of Mike Adriano’s signature segments: Enema play. Anissa’s beautiful brown butt cheeks take in a plastic injector to squeeze her full of lube. These filmed butt blastings are some of the most fun to watch out of Adriano’s smorgasbord of sleaze.  You’ll hear all kinds of gape-farting and other guttural sound effects as Mike pumps these girl’s butts.  Mike Adriano starts fucking Anissa Kate’s ass. He then decides to migrate to the pussy to get a few slides of dick fucking in there. Pussy to ass transfer continues as he starts pumping Anissa Kate’s ass again. All through the ass reaming Anissa is still babbling away in French.  He puts Anissa on her side after slapping some lube on her butthole before he starts to penetrate her again. He rails her repeatedly in this position as her asshole is caked in lube for ease of entry. Mike himself admits to cumming over three times in this scene already and this is right before the cowgirl anal. It starts off with the reverse version as Anissa gets pierced in her ass as she bounces up and down on Adriano’s lap. He then has her hop off reverse anal-cowgirl to jump on her knees for a throat insemination. Another common Mike Adriano move and a great way to end this French bombshell’s scene. 

Mandy's ready to get her pooper stretched.

  Mandy’s color schematic is a dreamy black ensemble polarizing her creamy white skin. Her massive booty pours out like an avalanche from the opening in her sexy get-up. Mandy frequents Mike’s line of butt stuff and is welcomed back for Anal Insights at the beginning of this interview.  She models her phenomenal booty as per Mike Adriano's instructions. This is pure build up as everyone is aware that Mandy Muse’s booty has upgraded in size as of late. Even the director himself realizes this. She claims it’s her recent diet which has honed in on her posterior in a precise manner due to genetics.  Her hypnotic sways of those large massive booty cheeks will proceed to fill up your screen as you watch this tease.  Mike then asks her to take a walk so we the viewers may see these bulbous butt cheeks in their natural state.  Some knee bending and twerking happens during this tease showcasing the magic of Mandy Muse’s ass. Throughout this elaborate tease, Mandy walks up to a black couch to engage in the classic porn star squat allowing massive cheek hang. A demonstration of further cheek hang occurs as she is now sitting on a chair with her ass facing out. Mike Adriano urges some supermodel like poses as her booty hangs brilliantly.  “Cute asshole and a big fat butt, great combination..” Mike states as the camera investigates Mandy’s winking butthole.
Oiled Orbs
  Mike Adriano finally goes in for the kill as he starts to kiss Mandy’s butt cheeks in an attempt to start the process of feasting on Mandy’s ass.  After some deep tonguing between Mandy’s cheeks, Mike is then returned the favor. Mandy’s head starts to bob up and down on Adriano’s girthy member.  This BJ from Mandy Muse was sloppy just as it was impressive.  She explosively bobs her head up and down during this bomb of a blowjob.  After this rapidly paced fellatio-fest is over Mandy Muse decides it’s time to have that dick in her butt.  She then starts to squat fuck on it rapidly in a variation of regular cowgirl. She lifts off a little bit from the humping to allow Mike Adriano to coat her ass with some oil. Nothing more mesmerizing then seeing Mandy Muse’s orb-like butt cheeks glistening and shaking while getting fucked.
“Do you like to have you pooper stretched out?” Mike Adriano inquires as he encourages dirty talk from Mandy to her fans watching. After more coatings of oil and some tease-poses, it’s time for Mandy Muse to ride Mike cowgirl. Some awesome ass-queefing takes place as Mandy pumps up and down on the hard dick. The slurping sounds of a butthole being pushed open by a hard dick will fill your headphones crisply during this ass fucking segment.  “Does it look pretty in there?” Mandy asks towards the camera as Mike Adriano pulls her asshole agape.

  The final poundings happen in doggy for this scene as Mandy’s shiny ass arches in doggy for Mike Adriano to puncture her pooper. This is another great position to see anal in when Adriano is at the helm. The camera angle sits in a great position to see cheeks get split by Mike’s piece in rapid anal doggy. Another good Adriano perk when you watch his type of porn; the camera angles. After a series of gaping from Mike railing Mandy’s rectum open we finally see her throat get an insemination form the ass commander himself.

Arching Insertion


   Tiffany starts off her interview with the acknowledgment that she is filming some dirty-talking-butt-banging-anal as Mike Adriano asks her anal related questions to reveal this.  While Tiffany’s asshole takes up the whole screen you’ll hear Mike ask “What’s going to happen to that gape today?", Tiffany Watson then lists off the various descriptive terms implicating severe sodomy. Tiffany Watson ties her hair back as she gets on her knees to get the sloppy head session going. Get ready, she’s a very loud and slimy head giver and this Anal Insights scene will show this to you. Super long stringers occur as Tiffany pulls away from Mike’s rigidly slimy phallus. She chirps and coos as her head bops deep down on Mike Adriano’s rock hard cock. “Do you like sucking my dick?” , Mike Adriano jokingly asks. Tiffany gives the most determined answer ever in the form of a simple yes as she devours dick in front of the camera.
Tiffany being choked during anal with her vibrator.

   Tiffany is now on her back with a vibrator wand on the hood of her vagina as Mike approaches her for the slow methodic insertion of his dick into Tiffany’s ass. Tiffany Watson invites this with more descriptive terms of her pooper-hole getting stretched out by Mike Adriano’s fat dick. The views are dynamic still following the action of Tiffany’s asshole being filled very well. Deep penetrations continually occur as Tiffany Watson lets us know she’s is cumming over and over again during her butt blasts. Still,  she is on her back for this angle we get a very close-up shot as Tiffany describes “her pink little asshole gripping onto Mike’s fat hard cock,” as Mike continually crushes her colon in a piston-like pattern of ass-fucking.  She orders Mike to not stop pounding her ass as she’s drunk with orgasmic-pleasure from these poundings. She’s keeping count and she reaches number four as Mike wails away on that ass in anal missionary.
Enjoying a gag.
   Tiffany Watson is now on her side with her ass being licked by Mike Adriano like a starving man eating a feast after a famine. As she is on her side we get that slow anal insertion style that usually starts off Mike’s repeated poop-chute stretching pumps. Tiffany’s ass is stretched out nicely during this humping segment.  Cowgirl gets started after Mike plays with Tiffany’s gape for a little bit. She hops onto Mike’s phallus to get her shithole pumped in this excellently filmed position of anal cowgirl. Watching Tiffany Watson’s asshole get drilled in this position is extremely hot and I don’t blame Mike Adriano for cumming pre-maturely into Tiffany’s adorable smile before she remounts him in cowgirl anal. The thrusts in this anal-cowgirl sequence allow for some great gaping of Tiffany’s asshole. The camera thankfully gets up close and personal for these glorious gapes as per standard in Anal Insights.  Tiffany Watsons sensually spits down Mike’s mouth as she’s on top of him getting pumped open in anal cowgirl.  Mike jumps into Tiffany’s pussy for some proper pumping of that orifice to switch it up a bit.  Mike reasons with Tiffany that he can’t hold his cum in much longer. It’s time to finish her off in doggy, Tiffany agrees while boasting about her orgasm count in this scorching hot scene.
 The gape gloves get thrown on in this final doggy-anal filling with gape farting as Tiffany Watson is face-down with her ass in the air. Turn up the volume as her gape farting gets loud during this process. Finally, it’s time to coat Tiffany’s throat with Mike’s seed in the finale with a throat insemination.


  I love seeing Mike Adriano work with local girls and by local girls I mean ones from Florida because that’s where I’m from. Maria Jade is a Tampa tart which is a city around the central Florida region. It’s a perfect fit for Maria as there is an adult film scene in that area which is fortunately close to home. It’s natural to have a booty that’s a product of that strip club scene in one of Mikes ass-centered features. I’m honored to see Mike ream girls from the FL area in his insightful anal features. Maria Jade is onboard for the butt fucking as she celebrates what is about to happen today during her interview with Mike Adriano. Soon enough Maria Jade is on her knees inhaling the cock of Mike Adriano viciously.  Good oral sessions break up the position breaks in Mike’s scenes. In this particular intro, Maria does a lot of cock sucking.
Maria smiling during Doggy.
   After this prolonged oral segment, it’s time for Maria’s ass to get properly filled up by Mike Adriano’s phallus. This happens a lot in doggy-anal thankfully as Mike Adriano recognizes Maria’s awesome ass arch as it is the focus of the anal sex.  He gets her reverse cowgirl where she is sitting on his dick as the camera is over his shoulder. This allows for Maria to gape properly for the camera. Mike squeezes out some lingering lube out of an obviously empty bottle (he was hard at work today) as Maria Jade’s ass is inhaling his penis. She leaps onto him in cowgirl to get the ass pumping really flowing for her in this scene. Again Mike is spurting semen left and right ass her creamy white ass conquers his cock. Finally, the proper pop in the style of the throat insemination that happened in all the other Anal Insights scenes occurs. Maria’s scene contained lots of anal doggy which is palatable being she’s a new ass you want to discover.
Throat insemination


 This is a recommended anal feature for any collector out there with a few stacks of DVDs containing good butt stuff. You’re going to get a fair share of starlets who are prime examples of butts you want to see get fucked. The average Joe of the porn world is most likely an ass-man so he’ll notice Mandy Muse’s orbs gleaming on this DVD’s box in some form. Average consumers will also see that there may be one or two other starlets worth discovering after you’ve watched Mandy Muse’s scene for the 100th time. This is an all-out Adriano flick with the greatness of the gapes he brings and the hilarious dirty talk he urges.

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