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Schoolgrlz 2

Studio: New Sensations » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/21/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: !8+ Teens, 18+ Schoolgirls, All Sex, Older Men

Director: Eddie Powell


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Cast: Carolina Sweets, Avi Love, Aubrey Sinclair, Keegan Kade, Chad White, Jessy Jones, Lucas Frost, Small Hands

Length: 1 hour 56 minutes

Date of Release: October 30, 2017

Extras: Pick Your Pleasure, Photo Gallery, Non-Selectable Trailers, Fantasy Lingerie, Company Info, BTS 23:29 minutes

Bonus Scene 1: Cadey Mercury, Roman Nomar "Dirty Little Schoolgirl Stories 6" 30:19 minutes

Cadey Mercury

Bonus Scene 2: Karlie Brooks, Mick Blue "Schoolgrlz" 24:40 minutes

Karlie brooks

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent on both fronts. HD Capture with an anamorphic widescreen presentation.

Overview: Eddie Powell helms another title for New Sensations. This one covers the genre of schoolgirls, one of the niche markets that make up a good portion of their catalog. Each scene is self-contained, with a minimal setup to appease those fans that clamor for some type of story to set up the sex that follows. For those readers that may be unfamiliar with New Sensations (where have you been?), I'll give you some insight. The studio produces high-quality, formulaic adult material. While other studios might be considered the art department of a school, or the creative writing department, NS is the math department. They take a "problem" and solve it. This allows them to reuse the formula over and over, which produces the ability to Pick Your Pleasure. You can jump right to your favorite position for each scene without having to watch positions you aren't interested in at the moment. The only variables in each equation are the performers, which inevitably lean toward hot, young starlets paired with top-tier male talent. There's a huge amount of care put into the productions and that leads to a highly polished product. You really can't go wrong with this studio.

Scene 1: Aubrey Sinclair, Chad White

Aubrey Sinclair

Aubrey is on the phone describing some guy's cock. That guy is her professor we find out as she narrates how it all came to be; an artsy shot of a droplet running down her inner thigh. As one would expect, the scene starts off with her in a plaid skirt with a pretty bra that Chad claws at softly, his lips seeking her tender pink nipples. Her breathing gets wheezy as White's hands slide into her panties, her eyes alight with a passion as she unzips his pants, their gazes locked onto one another. Chad's focus remains on her head as she fellates him from the side and then standing in front of him, her mouth forming the third leg of a tripod. Chad takes her onto his lap, smacking her ass a bit and diddling her. The narration has informed us that those are the things that have happened for about a month but today it will be different, and Aubrey climbs onto his rod, her ass highlighted in the sun-filled room.

Aubrey Sinclair

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You can feel that Chad has been wanting into this tart's tunnel for a while now, and pistons in and out of it, their faces pressed together as she falls into a layback reverse cowgirl. Chad pulls her up into a half nelson and similar to a snowboarder at the Olympics, goes for a mute grab on her crotch as she rides. Aubrey jockeys for a new position, laying astride him, her boobs bouncing as Chad bangs away, the sunlight striking the lens in a not unpleasing fashion. With a hand gripping her throat, White powers into her as she exclaims she's cumming. The pair pause to catch their breath, Chad again performing a grab between her thighs. Sinclair is in danger of falling from the couch, her hand on the floor, which is a perfect time to get on the floor and perform some oral. The professor isn't going to waste any of this afternoon, taking his little tart in doggie, making her orgasm again. He pulls her hair into a handhold, yanking her back onto his boner. She smiles, her tongue licking at her top lip, as his thrusting continues and he manhandles her into missionary. Aubrey does a bit of calling to her diety along with a bit of dirty encouragement for him to cum on her face. Her eyes gleam as his streams hit from her forehead to her chest and the scene fades.

Scene 2: Carolina Sweets, Jessy Jones

Carolina Sweets

Jessy is in the washroom, Carolina impatiently calling to him from the couch to come back and finish studying for a test. She proposes a study aid. For every question he answers right, she'll remove an article of clothing. "Strip studying", if you will. He quickly answers the last five questions, leaving only her knee high socks and her skirt, which allows him plenty of access to her shaven slit. Her body tenses, she bites at her finger as his fingers and tongue explore the valley between her thighs. She returns the oral favor, Jessy pulling her hair from her face and inviting her to sit on his cock. Her hair waves as she pumps on his peter.

Carolina Sweets

Jessy's hands roam over her ass as she rides, her pumping getting ever more determined. A quick clean off with her lips and she moves into a reverse ride, hiking her skirt up for the camera. The couch squeaks each time she slams down on his cock. She looks back at Jessy as he pummels into her as they move to doggie, her hips thrusting back at him. Jessy leans forward, holding her tightly, Sweets rubbing herself to help her cum. She praises his technique as they fall into spoon, Jessy jamming away while diddling her. Their faces show intensity as the hammering continues, Jessy moving into a more traditional missionary, Carolina clawing at the couch arm. A final few thrusts bring him to the boiling point and Sweets kneels just in time to get her face blasted.

Scene 3: Avi Love, Lucas Frost

Avi Love

Avi can't believe they have to watch a zombie movie yet again. She suspects that the real reason Lucas loves the movie is due to the schoolgirls in it and heads off to her closet to don her old schoolgirl outfit. It takes him a moment upon her return to notice that she changed but upon doing so, he immediately attacks her. In a New York minute, her panties are off and he's lapping her kitty much to her enjoyment. Her hips buck, her body quivers as she cums with his face between her legs. For his efforts, Frost gets fellated. Love's lips meeting his nuts with each bob of her head.

Avi Love

She grabs at her own ass as she rides in cowgirl, Lucas replacing her hand with his as he pounds up into her. She squeaks and whimpers as she rides, Frost slapping at her butt cheeks. She displays her hairy muff as she moves into a reverse ride, her tiny tits sporting erect nipples. Her pink nails rub furiously at her clit which brings her to a panting orgasm. Frost wraps her hair around her chin, using it like a rein as he takes her from behind. That rein is again used as he face fucks her before moving into a modified spoon that has her whimpering some more. Her face beams with delight as her gaze flicks from his face to her crotch. he rolls on top of her, pounding harder and faster as she screams "yes yes yes". She encourages him to cum and he crawls to her head, splattering her chest and chin along the way.

Scene 4: Keegan Kade, Small Hands

Keegan Kade

Keegan has a thing for bad boys and Small Hands fits that bill perfectly. With twenty minutes to spare, she sneaks into a storage room to meet him clandestinely. With time pressing, she immediately kneels and bobs, Hands encouraging her to take it all the way. Propping her on a chair, he starts drilling into her. He stops for a quick box lunch, motorboating her muffin. Her teal nails hold her ass cheeks as he drills her in doggie, pulling the chair closer to him as he does. The duo moves to the floor, where Kade climbs into a reverse cowgirl.

Keegan Kade

The floor show continues in a spooning, the pair panting and kissing, Keegan spewing a few naughty words. Small Hands alternates between ramming his cock into her and licking her bare love hole. He decides he wants to go back to the chair, his face intense as he rams his schoolgirl from behind. Jackrabbiting into her, he wraps his arms around her and then lifts her and spins her in an aerial acrobatic move. Her voice quavers as he slams back into her on the chair, again alternating between pumping into her and licking her kitty. Back on the floor, she moans loudly as he pumps her to an orgasm. Their lips lock as he buries his boner deep inside of her. His fierce look changes to a soft smile as she begs for his cum and he leaps up to cover her lips.

Final Thoughts: New Sensations is back with four budding young starlets paired with highly capable male talent. As you would expect from the title, each girl is clad in a plaid skirt. There's a setup of about a minute and then the action starts. The camera coverage is excellent, the audio crystal clear. The sex is hot and each duo seems to have chemistry with one another. The only real surprise here, for regular New Sensations viewers, is the appearance of Small Hands. As far as I know, this is the only time he has performed for the studio and he brings his usual intensity to his scene with Keegan Kade, which goes down in a schoolhouse supply room. Carolina Sweets graces the cover and the "strip studying" setup is a cute idea. Avi Love dons an old schoolgirl outfit to pry Lucas' eyes off a zombie film he's watched a thousand times and Aubrey Sinclair recounts her tryst with her professor over the phone. It's a genre that this studio knows very well and if you have a thing for schoolgirls, you can't go wrong here. Counting the bonus scenes, you have almost 3 hours of highly polished porno. Check it out. I recommend it!

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