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Cum On My Tattoo Eight

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/23/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: All Sex, Alt Girls, Cumshots, Tattoo

Director: Joanna Angel



Cast: Taurus, Cali Carter, Lily Lane, Tank, Ivy Brooks, Owen Grey, Will Havoc, Isiah Maxwell, Donny Sins

Length: 1 hour 51 minutes

Date of Release: December 4, 2017

Extras: 5 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Gallery, Internet Info

Trailers Menu

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Very good capture and anamorphic widescreen presentation. Small Hands performs the musical accompaniment and handles the editing. Camera by Mike Quasar.

Overview: Joanna and company are back with the 8th installment of this series which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Hot, inked angels get banged by studs who unload on a prominent tat. Each scene varies in how it gets set up, sometimes it's a tease, other times there's a bit of a script but it all moves right to the action quickly.

Scene 1: Cali Carter & Will Havoc

Will Havoc is a guy that seems to bounce from the Burning Angel studio to the dungeons at Kink.com and then back again. Outside of those titles, I almost never see him and I'm not sure why. He has some comedic timing, a nice physique, and sexual skills. Here though, it's hard to pay attention to his physique when his screenmate has one of the hardest bodies in porn. Yes, I'm speaking of Cali Carter, native California Girl and all around stunner. She shows that rock hard body off in a short, rock-fueled montage tease that has Will near drooling as he witnesses it close up.

Cali Carter

Following the tease, we find the pair on the couch, Havoc nipping at Cali's nipple. She stands to remove her panties as Will drops his drawers. Her lips start on his sac and she effortlessly inhales his entire cock while taking off her heels. She works up a load of slobber and shares it via a kiss on her way to perch on Will's face. Sliding down him, she jockeys for position on his jimmy, twerking and working her muscular ass on his manhood.

Cali Carter

The pair share thrusting time in doggie, Cali stretching her tan leg forward as she leans back, her large boobs outlined on top by the mesh top many fans seem to love. Those boobs rock as she gets her boots knocked while lying on her back, a leg over Will's shoulder. She moans "oh fuck yes" as his hands wrap around her throat and he powers into her, Cali deliberately letting her head fall to the floor so he can enjoy her little whore pussy from above. In a male version of the "bend and snap" he lifts her back upright and she enjoys her juices off of his cock before bouncing on it. They pause to catch their breath, enjoying some finger time and teabagging along with a deep throat fucking. Will decides to do a standing screw and hammers into the hottie from behind, moving her to the couch where he cums on her tattoo.

Scene 2: Taurus, Donny Sins, Isiah Maxwell

Taurus is an inked angel a lot of viewers won't be familiar with as she only does a handful of titles per year. One of those titles, also from Burning Angel 'Jews Love Black Cock', got her nominated in 2018 for Best Three-Way and here she is joined by two men who also were nominated for a best group performance.


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She starts masturbating as electro-keyboard notes play. That doesn't work for her so she calls up an agency who ends up sending two guys and they agree to a dance-off to see which one will earn the right to stay. That ends up in a tie and she invites them both to stay and have some fun. Her head's on a swivel as she kneels between the men, the guys cramming their cocks deep into her throat. Her top is removed to reveal her large clavicle tat that has had a lot of color added to it since I first came across her. She wants to get fucked and Isiah takes her from behind, pounding into her as she continues to blow Donny. Donny takes a turn, Taurus telling him to fuck her pussy but Isiah quashes her sentence by ramming her head onto his cock.


The men continue to trade tunnel time, Donny at one point shoving his cock into her mouth as he planks above her, and Isiah casually moving into her backdoor. With all roads now open, and Taurus having demonstrated amazing oral skills, she sits her ass hole down on Maxwell's pole and Donny occupies her second lane. She grunts as she romps her body back and forth on the cocks occupying her tunnels. They move to a traditional spit roasting and then she sits facing Isiah so Sins can take some ass time in the DP action. taurus appears to have satiated her initial desires to get off and kneels between the men, impaling herself on them as they cum on her tattoo.

Scene 3: Tank, Lily Lane, Owen Grey

Our trio starts things off with a quick tease and then Owen's cock is thrust into Tank's throat. Tank is a girl with only 4 credits to her name, one of which I reviewed a while back that was her first onscreen fucking that she came off pretty passive and shy in. Lily, on the other hand, there's nothing passive nor shy about her. She seems to treat any and all genitalia equally, with a massive hunger for it. here, she promises to make the violet-lipped Tank a little whore today and starts munching on her box as Owen drills Lily from behind.

Lily Lane & Tank

When Owen takes up residency inside of Tank, Lily forces Tank's head to the floor and grinds her crotch on her face. The camera pans along the trio, a sea of ink all blending together. The myriad of colors involved play off the plush red blanket they are on and the purple curtains surrounding them. Lily spews dirty talk as she twerks on Tank's tongue and then they all rearrange, Lily pausing to lick Tank's ass before getting her own ass fucked and Tank takes her place on Lane's face.

Lily Lane & Tank

Owen has over 200 titles to his name, many of which are for Kink and many others of which are for custom clips, so he's obviously in demand when it comes to hardcore action. Here, he works his long body back and forth, his cock reaming Lily's ass and then swapping back to Tank's pussy. Lane is all over the place, under her co-starlet, on top of her, spitting on her ass, you name it. All the while, naughty, playfully degrading words spewing from her mouth. Owen uses Lily's ass at will, Lane busying herself playing with Tank while casually holding a conversation. Just another day at the office for the lusty Lily! Tank steps up to take Grey's cock into her mouth as he pulls it from Lily's rear, sharing it with her, and then climbing into cowgirl while Lily laps at Owen's balls. Owen plows one hole, and then another, moving freely through the inked sea, finally having the ladies kneel so he can jerk off on Lily's shoulder tat for Tank to lick up.

Scene 4: Ivy Brooks & Will Havoc

This is Ivy's first credited DVD appearance, her only other credit being a web scene. So, it is Will's job to take her for a test spin. The scene opens right to the couple getting it on, WIll in his onesie PJ's and Ivy in a robe. He finishes quickly and sits back proclaiming that they are "getting good at sex". Ivy isn't so sure and she wants to try something she experienced in a dream where he ends up cumming on her tattoo. The dream sequence starts, Ivy fully nude and Will in a wife beater and jeans, Havoc diddling her and licking her pussy.

Ivy Brooks

Ivy's long, purple locks stand out against the all-white surroundings, her nipples erect, her breasts laying at the top of an intricate tat that has a rat on a net-like background. Those locks bounce as she returns the oral favor, Will demanding that she demonstrate how much she loves to suck cock. After spending time in her mouth, he moves into her tight little hole as she presents it in doggie. He has her taste herself afterward, and she lies on her back, her snatch sporting the tiniest of hair patches. Her grapefruit-sized boobs bounce as he bangs into her, Brooks whimpering and panting.

Ivy Brooks

Grabbing her by her collar, he pulls her up onto his lap for a high bouncing ride that has her cumming. Standing up with her wrapped around him, they reverse places and he gives her more cock as she holds her legs to the sky. Will jackrabbits into her and then pulls her close for a soft kiss. He licks her tits for a bit and then goes back to hammering her hole. They move to the floor where he continues his thrusting as she rubs her clit. Their bodies press together as he splays his legs apart and she holds hers spread wide. Pulling out, Havoc has her hold her pretty little titties as he milks his cum onto her tattoo and it drains down into her belly button.

Final Thoughts: This title sat in my stack for quite awhile for some reason and I'm just now getting around to reviewing it. It seems like another fine day at the Burning Angel studio. I swear, these titles always feel like these people are just hanging out there and Joanna says "hey, let's make a fuck film". Now, in most households that would go over as being really funny or alienating half the people at the party but not here. That's because all the guys have stamina and skills and the ladies are hot to trot. Now, obviously it doesn't happen that way but it sure feels like it. Cali kicks things off in familiar fashion, with her tight body dance moves followed by some deep dicking from Will. Taurus is up next and calls up an agency to send over a guy and they send two. Well, three is company...we all know that. Tank is appearing here in her fourth credited title and she looks a little comfier in her own skin this time than the last time I saw her. She's joined by Lily Lane, who I can never find the proper adjective for. She's not a firecracker because that would suggest she smolders a bit and then goes boom! No, she's more like a whirlwind where it is just constant action all the time. Owen Grey is the cocksman in that scene and he bounces from hole to hole with precision and passion. For an absolute first-timer, I have to give it up to Ivy Brooks who makes her setup dialog just so believable and normal sounding. Will takes her for a test spin and seems to enjoy the ride. Overall, it's a good title but it definitely isn't one of my top faves from this studio. Normally, Joanna works the BTS stuff right into at least one scene or two but here all we get is an outtake from Isiah and Donny showing off their moves to Taurus in order to win her over and get busy penetrating her in tandem. The lack of extras here is really what lands this title with a Watch On Demand recommendation from me because very often those extras, whether separate or part of the scene, are some of the most fun moments to watch due to their often hilarious contents.

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