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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 2/24/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Romantic Comedy


Cast: Julia Ann, Elsa Jean, Maxim Law, Marcus London, Tyler Knight, Ryan McLane, Robby Echo

Writer/Director: Stormy Daniels

Release Date: Dec. 27, 2017

Length: 1 hr. 42 min.

Condoms: Yes

Extras: Eight Trailers, Three Bonus Scenes, A Photo Gallery and a Wicked Promo Reel


Overview: In Stormy Daniels' well made romantic comedy Scandalous, Julia Ann and Elsa Jean play a mother and daughter team of grifters with Julia marrying and then divorcing wealthy men all to pay off a sports bookie. It's a well written comedy with fine performances all around, especially from the great Julia Ann, who's comedic timing is perfection.


Scene One: Elsa Jean and Marcus London


The film starts right into the action with where foot and shoe enamored Marcus London is having an affair with the girl he believes is his secretary, the long blond haired nymph Elsa Jean, looking absolutely dynamite in her black bra and panties. Marcus fetishes Elsa's shoes and feet as he removes them before slipping her panties off and licking her pussy. Elsa is just the cutest thing as she sweetly cums in his mouth. She then sucks his cock for a little bit giving him excellent head before climbing up and riding him cowgirl. She bucks and grinds on his cock, twerking her perfect little ass on it, and then the scene transitions to them spooning. He slides his cock in and out of her while rubbing her clit until he makes her sweet little pussy cum again. They then go into a missionary and her fucks her with one leg on his shoulder so he can kiss an sniff her foot before shooting his load on her pussy.



After the tryst, Julia Ann comes in and pulls a gun on the two and tells Marcus to get a lawyer. They settle out of court and Julia and Elsa meet up later at a bar and grill where it's revealed that Elsa is Julia's daughter. It seems they've been running this scheme for while, duping rich guys into marriage and then divorcing them after Elsa fucks them. Julia then plants a fake roach in her salad and raises all mighty Hell when the restaurant manager offers them their meal for free.


Scene Two: Maxim Law and Tyler Knight


We then cut to the bookie, Tyler Knight, and his girlfriend, Maxim Law. Maxim is great as the bubbleheaded skank, not getting Tyler's jokes but loving the new earrings he just gave her. In fact she loves them so much she repays him by letting him eat her pussy. She stands up and Tyler tongues and sucks her cunt. She cums in his mouth and then drops to her knees to suck his cock. She gives it nice long strokes and he pushes it to the back of her throat. She then bends over his desk and he starts fucking her from behind. She's absolutely loving his cock as it pounds her pussy, his balls slapping against her clit until she cums again. They then start fucking missionary, and she rubs her clit to another orgasm as he drives his cock in and out of her. He then sits in a chair and she bounces up and down on his cock, furiously fucking it until he shoots in her mouth and on her face, Maxim swallowing his cum.


Julia Ann brings Tyler her take from Marcus and some food (Tyler has a very healthy appetite in this one). He tells her interest has been accrued and she needs more. So she and Elsa go to the local gold club to scout out a new prospect. While there Elsa runs into Robby Echo who was the waiter at the restaurant from before who tells her he's onto their game and asks Elsa out for a date. Meanwhile Julia Ann has found their next victim, Ryan McLane.


Scene Three: Julia Ann and Ryan McLane


We cut to Julia making out with Ryan outside by a golf cart. Clothes start coming off and soon Julia's pussy is in Ryan's mouth. Ryan licks and sucks Julia's clit and cunt getting her nice and wet. Julia then gives Ryan head, slurping and jacking his cock until it's rock hard for her pussy. She lays back in the cart and Ryan fucks her missionary. Julia looks so beautiful as she holds her tits while looking up at Ryan and cumming on his cock. He then starts fucking her from behind, Julia standing ballerina style on the cart while holding her ass open for Ryan. She cums again and then starts riding him. Julia bounces her amazing body on Ryan's cock and then she finally jerks it until he cums on her amazing tits.


Things start to get heated with Elsa and Robby. Elsa is truly starting to grow feelings for him. A month passes and their still together. We learn Robby has money and wants to open his own restaurant, but that doesn't matter to Elsa. She's genuinely starting to love him, against her best judgment.


Scene Four: Elsa Jean and Robby Echo


In a very well made romantic love scene Robby and Elsa are making out on his bed. They undress each other, kissing every part of their contours, and once their completely naked Robby starts eating Elsa's pussy. And I mean he completely devours it, his mouth completely engulfing it, licking her asshole and sucking on the her lips and clit making Elsa cum quickly. Elsa then starts sucking on Robby's cock, stroking it from time to time while kissing him. After getting him rock hard Elsa climbs up and rides Robby's cock, Robby fucking her from underneath while she slides her perfect little ass up and down on it, both of them in beautiful synchrocy with each other. She grinds down on his cock until she cums again and then they fuck missionary. Elsa is just so adorable with her sweet dirty talk while Robby pounds away at her pussy. They then fuck doggy style before Robby shoots a stream of cum across her back and on her ass. A very nice well shot scene.


In a wonderful sequence of events that follows we learn Ryan is married, Robby and Elsa profess their love for each other and Marcus wants to get back together with Julia despite what happened between them. Julia excepts his offer and the two go inside for some fun.


Scene Five: Julia Ann and Marcus London


Julia and Marcus start making out on the couch, Marcus nuzzling and motorboating Julia's tits before going down on her pussy. Marcus is a true pussy eating master and he licks and fingerbangs Julia to a truly beautiful orgasm. Julia then gives Marcus some masterful head before they fuck missionary. The two veterans are amazing to watch as Julia rubs her clit while Marcus drives his cock in and out like a piston. Marcus makes her cum again and the two start spooning, Julia loving Marcus' cock as it pounds her pussy from behind while he sucks on her incredible boob. They then go into a doggy and Julia rubs her pussy while Marcus slams his cock into her, his balls slapping her clit and making her cum once more. After giving Julia multiple orgasms Marcus finally pulls out and cums on Julia's amazing ass. I always love to see scenes with veterans like this one, showing the new generation of stars just how it's done. A really great scene.


And in the end everything ends happily. Julia and Marcus wind up together, as do Elsa and Robby after Robby pays off their debt with Tyler and becomes partners with him in the restaurant. A satisfying ending to a very well made film.


Bonus Scene One: “Who's Banging The Babysitter” starring Elsa Jean and Lucas Frost



Bonus Scene Two: “Tell Me Something Dirty” starring Abella Danger and Ryan McLane



Bonus Scene Three: “A Little Help From My Friends” starring Julia Ann and Lucas Frost



Final Thoughts: Stormy Daniels has been making some very good films in her last days at Wicked. She's on a creative streak despite, well, never mind about that. I'll just say she's an incredibly talented filmmaker and artist, and for the most part I've always enjoyed her films. This one is marked by a good and funny screenplay with terrific comedic performances, especially from Julia Ann. As always I was impressed by the film veteran's terrific comedic timing and delivery. Elsa Jean, who had the more serious role as the torn daughter who dreams of a straight life outside of grifting, gives a warm heartfelt performance, especially her very emotionally charged delivery when Robby professes his love to her. That plus she is just so adorable and sexy, like a beautiful Barbie doll come to life. This is a very good story driven film I Highly Recommend to top off any romantic evening.

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