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Art of Anal Sex Vol. 7, The

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/25/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 33 minutes

Date of Production:  2018            

Genre: All sex; Anal; 18+ Teens

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Jessa Rhodes, Kelsi Monroe, Ashley Fires, Quinn Wilde, Manuel Ferrera, Christian Clay, Mick Blue

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Information


The DVD cover of The Art of Anal Sex 7 features Jessa Rhodes and she is stunning. Her sex appeal leaps off the cover and grabs hold of you. She opens this movie in a round of anal sex with Manuel Ferrera that you will want more of. Jessa joins costars Quinn Wilde, Ashley Fires, and Kelsi Monroe in this seventh installment in the series. Directed by the critically acclaimed Greg Lansky, this movie touches on everything anal lovers crave: hot, sexy starlets taking big hard cocks deep up their gaping ass holes. In addition to the sensational sex, this flick is sleek in its production, giving you that big budget feel. Fancy cars make cameos in this movie. This flick has all the finishing touches that make it worth watching. I highly recommend The Art of Anal Sex 7. Even in its seventh go around, this series has not lost its sizzle.

Scene 1:  Jessa Rhodes and Manuel Ferrera

This scene has a very slick opening as Manuel, Jessa’s driver, brings her home in a shiny Tesla. The beautiful Norwegian blonde babe steps out of the car and walks into her house, telling Manuel she’ll see him tomorrow. Ever since her divorce, Jessa’s husband has gotten even more jealous than he ever was in their marriage. One of the things she got to keep after the divorce is her driver, Manuel. She finds him attractive and invites him inside one day for some extra work. Manuel wants to know what the extra work entails. Jessa takes off her robe and stands in front of him in her sexy, see-through lingerie. The two of them embrace in a passionate kiss that begins the satisfy the longing they’ve both had for each other. He drops his pants and she puts his hard cock in her mouth, jerking it back and forth and sucking it. She licks his shaft all over. “Fuck baby, you taste so good,” Jessa tells him. “Fuck my face,” she says. He thrusts his prick in and out of her mouth, banging her throat. “Keep your mouth wide open,” he tells her as his dick glides further and further down her throat. Jessa is gagging now with Manuel’s thick dick in her mouth.

He lies on the couch and Jessa tongues his ass hole, telling him to stroke his cock for her. She sucks his balls too, keeping his dick hard. Jessa asks Manuel to fee her his cock and make her beg for it. He feeds her greedy mouth, making her gag again. “I can’t wait to ride your cock and cum all over it,” Jessa adds. She wants Manuel to do all the stuff to her that her husband never did. She sits on his face, enjoying the way he tongue fucks her. Now that her pussy is nice and wet, Jessa enrobes his cock in it, sitting on him cowgirl style and riding him. Manuel pumps her wet pussy and fingers her ass hole. “Yes, stretch out my little fucking hole,” Jessa orders him. Her pussy is throbbing all over his cock as she tells him to fuck her ass hole. He pulls out of her pussy and penetrates her ass hole, keeping her in cowgirl position as she sits on his cock, enveloping inch after inch of his hard pole. Manuel tells her to fuck him. “Do it, do it!” he exclaims. Jessa gets a taste of her creamy ass hole when she sucks Manuel’s cock. After licking it clean, she sits on it again but this time in reverse cowgirl position. “I want all my fucking holes filled up,” she moans as he fucks her ass and fingers her pussy. After another round of face fucking leaves Jessa swallowing her own ass juices, she lies on her back and opens her legs wide for more anal romance. Manuel fucks her ass hole until he cums, filling her up with his cream. She squeezes it out of her anal cavity then licks it all up, telling him that he’s earned a raise. She takes a selfie showing Manuel’s cock in the background and she texts the picture to her jealous ex-husband.

Scene 2: Quinn Wilde and Mick Blue

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Quinn enjoys her relationship with her sugar daddy, Mick. Even though he works hard all the time, she is satisfied with the way he treats her. She never has to want for anything. Mick gives her everything she wants. One day, he comes home with a surprise for her. It’s a brand-new Mercedes. Quinn is beside herself. Mick has made up for all the time he stays away to work. She tells him she owes him something for this and she leads him inside into the foyer where she kisses him wildly. She gets naked for him, telling him he knows how to make a girl feel special. Quinn gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock, making it hard before leading him into the bedroom cock first. They kiss some more when Quinn tells Mick there are no limits today and he can do everything he has ever wanted to do to her. Today, that includes anal sex. The kissing between this duo is full of chemistry as they enjoy each other. Quinn has been wanting Mick’s dick in her mouth all day and she spends time sucking it. She grips it with both hands and jerks it in and out of her mouth, covering it in spit. She turns the focus to his balls next, stuffing her mouth full of them. She tries deep throating him, sending his cock deeper down her throat with each try. Mick stands up and starts fucking her wide-open mouth. Quinn looks up at him while her cock-filled mouth bubbles with spit.

It’s time to fuck and begins in cowgirl position. Mick drills her pussy with slow strokes. Quinn’s cunt begins to cream all over Mick’s cock as he starts fucking her harder and faster. “Fuck my pussy just like that,” she tells him. Mick is slamming her pussy balls deep now, stretching her pussy out. Quinn moans in pleasure, bouncing up and down on his cock. She takes it in her ass hole next, staying in cowgirl position. “I never had a cock in my ass before,” Quinn says. Mick spreads her virgin ass hole open with his hard cock. “Yes, stretch my little ass hole,” Quinn screams. She loves the way his cock feels inside her ass hole. Mick spreads her ass cheeks open, pulls his cock out, making her ass hole gape. Quinn gets a taste of her own ass hole, licking the flavor of Mick’s dick stick then she sits on it in reverse cowgirl position. He keeps her legs spread open wide as she drills her tight ass hole. She tells him he deserves the chance to fuck her in the ass hole for buying her that new car. More ass to mouth is followed up by another round of reverse cowgirl up the ass. Quinn’s gaping ass hole is on display again when Mick stretches her open. He tells her to get on her hands and knees then he aims his dick at her ass hole and fucks it. “It feels so good,” she moans, telling him to keep stretching her ass hole out just like that. The doggy style anal is hot to watch as Quinn gets the banging of her life. She lies on her back in missionary position and spreads her ass cheeks open as Mick stuffs her butt. The camera gives us a hot close-up of Quinn’s ass hole getting pumped by Mick’s drill. She’s cumming from all the anal romance and her ass hole drips with cream. Mick pulls out and pops in Quinn’s mouth and on her cheek. She makes sure she gets every drop of his spunk then she thanks him for her present. “I hope you enjoyed my little ass,” she says as she swallows his load.

Scene 3: Ashley Fires and Christian Clay

Ashley is used to being hit on by rich and powerful men, but she’s tough. She’s never given in.  With her boss Christian, things are different. He’s a diplomat, and Ashley knows that hooking up with him could really help her career. The problem is that Christian is never alone. Because he’s a diplomat, he always has a security guard with him. Ashley has given up on any chance of fucking her boss until one day, she learns that Christian’s security must leave for an hour. This just might be her chance. She flirts with Christian and leads him into the bedroom where he finds her sitting on the bed naked. “We’ve got an hour,” he tells her. “Perfect,” she responds. Ashley kisses him and jerks his dick. “You have such a big cock,” she says as she gets on her knees to suck it. Christian gives her instructions for sucking his cock. “Look at me,” he tells her. “Tongue out. I want to see you cry,” he adds. He fucks her throat until she starts drooling all over his cock. Ashley moves into the bed for more cock worship. “Such a beautiful cock you have,” she says while jerking it with both hands. She lies in front of him, looking at him as she licks his dick then tries to deep throat it. “You sexy fucker,” she tells him right before sitting on his cock cowgirl style.


Ashley rides his cock, enjoying the sensation of it stretching out her pussy. She closes her eyes as she bounces up and down on his pole. Christian squeezes her ass cheeks as she rides him. “Please fuck me,” she begs him. He slams her pussy then slows the action down then speeds up again, drilling her cunt until she cums. Ashley climbs off and gets in 69 position on top of him to suck the tasted of her pussy of his cock. “Put it in my ass,” she demands. “Make me surrender to that big fat cock,” Ashley adds as she sits on Christian’s prick in reverse cowgirl position. It’s gliding all the way up her ass hole and she can’t get enough of it. She’s having an assgasm now, cumming and creaming all over Christian’s cock. He doesn’t stop fucking her, banging her hole while she cums. Ashley gets nasty. She eats Christian’s ass in 69 position with her on the bottom and Christian on top, sitting on her face. He uses that same position to start fucking her throat, making her choke as he pumps her mouth. Ashely gorges on his cock then turns over into doggy position for more anal stretching. Christian drills her tight ass hole. “I’ve never been so stretched out before,” she says. Ashely is cumming again as Christian stuffs her rectum full of dick. She turns over onto her back for a hot round of missionary up the ass and we get a great close-up of all the butt-plugging action. Christian fucks her ass hole harder, deeper, and faster then he pulls out and pops in her mouth. Ashley sucks his cock and swallows his cum. “You’re so good,” she says.

Scene 4: Kelsi Monroe and Christian Clay

Kelsi has had a ton of crazy experiences, but she always comes back to the same fantasy. This summer she is determined to live it out. She has had a crush on her best friend’s dad, Christian, for as long as she can remember. She knew her best friend wasn’t coming home this year, and this is her chance to go for it. She’s got it all planned out. She sneaks into Christian’s backyard and sets her trap. She can’t waste any time and she needs him to know her intentions as soon as he sees her. She lies out by the pool sunning topless. The trap is set. Christian hears something outside and goes to check it out, only to find the half-naked Kelsi lying there. “What are you doing here,” he asks her. Kelsi stands up and tells him that she has a big crush on him. Much to Kelsi’s satisfaction, Christian feels the same way about her. They embrace in a passionate kiss then Christian starts eating her pussy from behind ass she kneels doggy style. After making her pussy wet, he stands up and feeds her his cock. “Not a word to your daughter,” she makes him promises just as he thrusts his cock down her throat. Kelsi’s fantasy is coming true and Christian’s cock is bigger than she ever imagined. His throat banging makes her gag.

She can’t wait to fuck his big cock in the bedroom. Once they get there, she sucks his cock some more, teasing him with her tongue as she licks up and down his shaft. She knows he wants to find out how wet her pretty little pussy is, but she’s not done sucking his cock yet, so he’s going to have to wait. Her constant teasing is a big turn on.She lies on her stomach near the edge of the bed and opens her mouth wide to accept Christian’s cock delivery. He thrusts his dick in and out of her mouth, banging her tonsils and making her gag. “Don’t stop fucking my mouth,” she tells him. It’s time to start fucking her pussy. Kelsi sits on his cock cowgirl style and bouncing up and down on it, telling Christian to spank her because she’s such a bad girl. She slams her big ass up and down on him, closing her eyes in ecstasy as she takes his dick. “Don’t you fucking stop,” she moans. She slobbers all over his cock again, swallowing the taste of her pussy off it then sitting on it in reverse cowgirl position. This time, it’s wedged deep in her ass hole. Christian spreads her ass cheeks open, making her ass hole gape while his dick dives deep inside her. Kelsi’s fantasy of a deep ass stretching is now realized. “I love it when you gape my ass hole,” she explains. She takes more cock up the ass but this time in doggy position. She loves the way he’s making her ass hole gape. “Nice and deep, just like that,” she says. Kelsi’s ass hole opens wide to accept his big cock. Christian pulls out and eats her gaping ass hole then climbs on top of her again for more squatting thrusting sex. He puts his cock in her mouth and fucks her throat in a sloppy ass to mouth round. Missionary ass fucking is next and it’s hot to watch. Kelsi’s ass hole is full screen now as Christian’s cock pumps it like a piston. He’s all the way inside her rectum, pounding and stuffing it balls deep. She turns over onto her stomach and gets the downward doggy fucking of her life as Christian pumps her ass hole. She cums just as he does. “I want your fucking cum,” she yells. Christian pulls out and shoots his thick wad on her tongue. Kelsi drinks it then puts his cock in her mouth and sucks it. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell your daughter. But I might come visit you again next week,” she says.

Final Thoughts:

The Art of Anal Sex 7 has that sleek, big budget feel that makes the sex seem to leap off the screen. Director Greg Lansky creates makes four vignettes of anal fantasies come true much to our pleasure. DVD cover girl Jessa Rhodes leads the ass-gaping pack with a round of hard pounding anal sex from her cockstar Manuel Ferrara. Beauty queen Quinn Wilde makes her husband, Mick Blue’s, anal fantasy come alive to show her gratitude for the new car he just bought her. Ashley Fires finally fucks the boss in a rectum rooting round of butt banging. Her boss Christian Clay is far from diplomatic when he drills her starving ass hole. Kelsi Monroe closes the flick fucking her best friend’s dad, Christian. Lucky for Kelsi, Christian wants to fuck his daughter’s best friend, too. The fireworks shoot off in this closing anal romance. I highly recommend The Art of Anal Sex 7. From the stylized, sleek production to the searing hot sex on screen, this movie checks all the boxes for anal sex fans.

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