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Dredd 3

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 3/4/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 13 minutes

Cast: Nikki Benz, Ivy LeBelle, Olivia Austin, Alexis Fawx, and Dredd

Directed by: Jules Jordan

Genres: Big Boobs, Big Cock, Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in 4K

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Behind the scenes, photo gallery, cumshot recap

Overview: Dredd has made the most out of his opportunity with Jules Jordan, collaborating to produce a plethora of high-quality, enormously entertaining discs. The main line of titles culminates with Dredd 3, another effective showcase of the well-endowed swordsman alongside another gorgeous crop of four beautiful women, complimented by Jordan's great directing abilities. While not the earth-shaking title Dredd 2 certainly was, there's more than enough here to reward the faithful fan whose come to hold Dredd/Jordan collaborations to a high standard; even if that standard is met occasionally but never surpassed.

Scene 1: Nikki Benz and Dredd

The perfectly sculpted Nikki and jaw-droppingly buxom Nikki Benz parades her body in a silver bra/pantie set with a matching robe before Jules Jordan's camera. The robe sways in the wind produced by industrial fans as Nikki goes low and struts around the confines of a home. She's fit and beautiful, and has fun readying herself by leaving little to the imagination.

Dredd enters while Nikki is still flirting with the fans. He can't keep his hands off of her enormous tits as soon as they're out of her bra. He pulls down his pants to reveal something else that's quite enormous, to which Nikki responds by proceeding like it's nothing. To prepare her mouth for Dredd, Nikki begins licking his balls, then moves to his shaft. She grips his penis with a tight, firm grasp while her lips are pursed on his head. Dredd's girthy dick moves past her big pink lips in a plethora of ways.

"Can you stretch my motherfuckin' pussy out?," Nikki asks Dredd while bending over to give him an opportunity to do just that. She wails in pleasure as soon as he gets himself comfortable inside of her, letting him take refuge deep in her pussy in doggy and then subsequently while she lies on her back. In the latter position, Dredd plays with Nikki's mouth as she spits all over her body. She can't get over the fact that no one has ever been this deep inside of her.

"It tastes like that pussy needed to be fucked," she tells Dredd, continuing the wonderful dirty-talk when pausing to lick him clean for a few moments. We then cut to he riding in missionary, spreading her cheeks apart, yet things are even sexier when she sinks down on Dredd's dick in reverse cowgirl, also allowing us a full view of her alluring figure. We can read Nikki's feelings all over her face as she's hot to trot, overworking her lower-body with some swift hip thrusts.

Things conclude with Nikki brashly stroking a load out of Dredd, with cum falling onto her hand, which makes for a hot cleanup as soon as she assures all has come out of him, at least for today. She rubs it on her tits in order to "decorate" herself, blowing a kiss to the audience to say goodbye. This is a thoroughly solid scene, and works as a compelling opener. Even at roughly 35 minutes, it could've been longer, more fleshed out, and that would've been just fine. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 2: Ivy LeBelle and Dredd

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Ivy LeBelle and her "homegrown" booty rock a unique lingerie set filled with straps and buckles. Red fishnets also do their job in showing off her legs and hips while her boobs are protected by a sleek, skin-tight bra; it's an intriguing combo. Ivy takes her time showing off for Jordan's camera, sashaying her curves in the mirror and twerking to the ambient music. Her methods earn her a voyeur in Dredd, who bops in the room and unleashes his giant cock in front of her.

Ivy struggles to wrap her hand around his dick, but confidently stretches her mouth around it when the time comes. A great angle comes when she kneels down and the screen shows both her blowjob skills and her backside reflected in the mirror. As time passes, Dredd tests her skills by forcing himself down her mouth, with Ivy's eyes widening as a result. He then helps free her from the skimpy outfit and rips her fishnets open to gain access to her ass. Does his thing by spanking and licking her ass, warming her up for what is coming.

While still bent over the back of the couch, Ivy gets to feel the fullness of Dredd's mammoth member inside her pussy. Her facial expressions prove to be one of the more entertaining features in this scene, as she shifts between her mouth and eyes closing and opening, giving off a beautifully reactive display of emotions as Dredd works his magic. She needs a blowjob break shortly after, however, to catch her breath.

When on her back, Ivy watches Dredd tear open the crotch part of her fishnets and slide inside. He only gets about halfway in, but moves quickly to assure she still has a great time, and it takes seconds for her to coat his dick in thick cream. Ivy then drapes her legs on opposite sides of Dredd and plants her ass on his lap with her pussy lips gripping his penis. She turns around to face us in reverse cowgirl, rubbing her clit to ease Dredd's entry, while remaining proud of her ability to take such a big dick.

Dredd's sudden burst of energy in the form of long-strokes when the two spoon eventually pushes him over the edge to cum all over Ivy's mouth. She has fun letting his load ooze out of her mouth before swallowing it, concluding a favorably limber and plentiful scene with an engaging leading lady to boot. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 3: Olivia Austin and Dredd

Equipped with a soul-penetrating stare, neon-yellow bra and panties, and smooth black stockings that ride up her long legs, Olivia Austin is a stunner with drop-dead gorgeous features. She practically wants to make us bust in her solo as she attends to the finer details of her figure in a bathroom while Dredd showers close by; even he can't help but stare.

When Dredd exists the shower, he's dried off by Olivia, who continues to tease him by doing things like delicately drying his dick before making the decision to get it wet all over again. Forgoing her hands initially, Olivia is all oral as she chokes down his dick. She soon enlists in the help of both of her hands to shove his penis down her trap. When it's Dredd's turn to take charge, he opts to tease some more by slapping his cock between Olivia's ass-cheeks just as she bends over and hikes her leg onto the countertop. Dredd seizes the moment to slide into her pussy, and the two lock eyes as he goes pretty deep right away. A brief moment of tittyfucking follows, and causes Olivia to flash a pretty and wide smile.

The two head to the bedroom where Olivia treats herself to another mouthful of Dredd. When it comes time to fuck, she lies back with her legs to the ceiling for him to enter her clit. Dredd's darkness contrasts nicely with Olivia's golden skin here, while in missionary, her pussy lips cling tightly to Dredd's cock even as he pounds away at different speeds, causing a totally different visual sensation. Spooning permits Olivia to see how far Dredd can burrow inside her, which makes her wet and seems to intensify their chemistry together.

In the home-stretch, Olivia bends over after a hearty tit-massage so she can back her bubble butt up onto Dredd. She gets herself into the perfect arch until she lets her head hit the bed and Dredd take further control. He drills her pussy, pumping away before letting go of his cum onto her tongue. This instance provides the scene with a fun conclusion with her trying to lap it all up as quickly as she can. In addition to all the fun positions, the beauty and talents of both performers stands out here as noticeably as anything else. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 4: Alexis Fawx and Dredd

I'll make any excuse I can to watch Alexis Fawx, but to see her work with Dredd is a real treat. Both are emblematic of their respective genres, Alexis owning her role as a toned and eminently confident MILF and Dredd bringing the right too for the job in all of his interracial scenes. The scene begins with Alexis finding amusement in fingering herself while rocking a garter belt and sensually licking a glass statue. She couldn't communicate being ready for anything much better than she already does.

Alexis moves to walk up the stairs with her mouth watering only to drop to her knees upon seeing Dredd at the top floor. "You're gonna stretch out my holes today," she quips, to which Dredd gives a loving, "I hope so" as a response. On her knees, Alexis admires and worships his big dick for a few moments and goes right in for a blowjob. Jordan's bird's eye angle lets us stare at her tits while her head's knocked around. She licks and sucks him off every way she possibly can, exhausting her possibilities just in time for Dredd to pick her up and bring her into the bedroom where he can indulge in her voluptuous ass. He makes his rounds and gets her moaning by tonguing her ass and pussy, thanking him with another beautiful blowjob with terrific hand technique.

Alexis squats down in missionary first, and we can see Dredd's dick straining to fit inside her tight vagina. Once inside, Alexis bobs her butt with her legs spread wide across him, contorting herself to watch the penetration commence with her head upside down. Reverse cowgirl is where she finds the perfect rhythm. Dredd introduces some rapid thrusts at a rigorous pace and Alexis's wild riding causes her to produce several large, messy squirts in a matter of minutes.

Dredd shifts Alexis to her side to spoon, to which she responds by wailing in ecstasy. She's still dripping wet when he goes in for doggy, and has fun seeing her take all of Dredd inside of her when she flips back onto her back. You can see during the second stretch of this position how enthusiastic Alexis can be, her intoxicating and lovable personality beaming out of her as she's given practically all of Dredd's footlong dick. Things conclude with him dumping a small load into her mouth, which she gulps down right away, not looking to waste a drop. If the previous scenes was about the beauty of the performers culminating into something strong, this one is about the energy of the performers coming together, as neither Alexis nor Dredd miss a beat. 3.5/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Dredd 3 might not have the captivating qualities and unexpected setups of its predecessor, but it's nice to return to form after two nonetheless solid spin-off discs that focused on the titular performer's love for MILFs and his ongoing "devastation." Dredd himself shows he can be charismatic even with little on-screen time where he's not engaged in a sexual act, and all four women find noteworthy ways to compliment him. Nikki Benz shows Dredd doesn't get overwhelmed even by a woman with some unbelievable physical features, Ivy LeBelle manages to wrangle him with her wild-side at times, Olivia Austin proves to be a lovely compliment to him and his energy that brings about their mutual beauty, and Alexis Fawx's fit and fun-loving nature come together in a scene filled with personality. Far be it from me to fault a very good disc for simply being very good, especially with this much favorable nuance in the mix.

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