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Interracial Icon Vol. 7

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 3/4/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 48 minutes

Date of Production:  2018

Genre: All Sex; Big Cocks; Cumshots; Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Mia Malkova, Elsa Jean, Megan Rain, Violet Starr, Jason Brown, Jason Luv, Joss Lescaf, Prince Yahshua, Flash Brown

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Information


Director Greg Lansky’s Interracial Icon Vol. 7 features DVD cover girl Mia Malkova and her perfect ass. She bounces that butt up and down on Jason Luv’s big black cock and it’s a pleasure to watch. Mia is determined to land a role in Jason’s new music video and she knows that giving him a private show with her own choreography is just the ticket she needs. Elsa Jean, Megan Rain, and Violet Starr also star in this flick and there’s not one scene you won’t enjoy. The best fuck of the flick is Megan Rain in her sizzling hot threesome with Joss Lescaf and Prince Yahshua. Prince is her sugar daddy and she will do anything to please him. When Prince brings his colleague Joss home, Megan sets off on a double dick fantasy that hits the spot. The cowgirl and reverse cowgirl DPs are long and deep, and Megan soaks it all up, creaming all over both cocks. I highly recommend this movie. As we’ve come to expect with Lansky, the overall production qualities are impeccable and the girls each work their sexual prowess all over the BBCs in each scene.

Scene 1:  Violet Star and Jason Brown

Violet recounts how it’s very rare to meet someone that truly gets you. Jason is that person for Violet. He turns her on in every way possible. Unfortunately, Violet is dating Tom, Jason’s roommate. She says he’s a sweet guy but he’s always distracted, even when they’re having sex. The last time they were fucking, Tom’s boss called and Tom got out of bed and left, promising Violet that he’s going to make it up to her. This is the last straw. Violet has given Tom all the chances he’s going to get. This time, when Tom leaves, she goes outside to the pool to hang out with Jason. After flirting for a few minutes, Violet stands up and drops her clothes, inviting Jason to kiss her. Once they start kissing, Violet squeezes his hard cock then drops to her knees and puts it in her mouth. She is finally getting the sexual relief her boyfriend Tom could never give her. She’s got a big black cock in her mouth and she’s loving it, drooling all over the cock and herself. This is the most fun Violet has had in a while. The action continues into the bedroom where Violet works on sucking Jason’s big cock some more. She lies on the bed and grips it with both hands, forcing it down her throat until she gags. She loves that feeling.

She does a round of cock sucking with no hands then gets her pussy stretched out cowgirl style. “I want to feel every part of you inside me,” she tells him. Jason spreads her ass cheeks open as his big cock spreads her pussy open. Her boyfriend’s cock is no comparison to Jason’s and Violet starts creaming all over. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she yells. His cock is covered in Violet’s pussy cream as she reaches her high point. He keeps guiding her cunt up and down on his pole as she tells him to do it with deep strokes. “Take that dick,” Jason tells her as he pumps her pussy full. Violet says she wants to pump all of his cum out of him then she bounces faster and faster up and down his prick. He wants to see her ass in the air, so she gets in doggy position for him. Jason grips her ass cheeks then drills her pussy with his hard, long pole. She can feel him all the way inside her and it’s going to make her cum again. The downward doggy drilling sends every inch of Jason’s dick inside her creamy cunt. “Give me every fucking inch,” she says. Violet wishes her boyfriend would fuck her like this. She sucks him off then gets in missionary position and takes a round of pounding that makes her cum. Jason pumps her pussy even harder, sending Violet to the point of orgasm. He pulls out and pops in her mouth and on her tits. Violet sucks his cock and puts her cummy fingers in her mouth, telling him that she wants to fuck him every time her boyfriend leaves.

Scene 2: Mia Malkova and Jason Luv

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DVD cover girl Mia knows what she’s got to do to get cast in Jason’s latest music video. She got the casting, but she knows the competition is fierce and she’s got to go one step further to keep her role. She offers to give Jason a special solo show to show him some of her latest dance moves. Mia has always had a huge crush on Jason and she lets herself go, dancing and grinding in his lap, and putting him right where she wants him. Jason’s manager interrupts and tells him he’s got to get going. Jason leaves, but on his way out, he promises Mia that they’re going to finish what they started tomorrow. The next day, Mia has made her way to his bedroom and she is kissing him, telling him she’s been waiting for this moment all night. Mia has a big round ass and Jason squeezes it, turning her on. She reaches for his cock, pulling it out of his underwear and jerking it. Once Jason lies on the bed, Mia grips his dick with both hands and jerks it in and out of her mouth. “It’s so fucking big. I love it,” she says. Mia licks his balls while jerking him off then spits all over his cock, covering it in drool. She wants her mouth fucked next and Jason gives her what she wants, holding her head in place while banging her throat with his hard cock. She gets in bed in doggy position and Jason pulls her G-string aside so he can tongue fuck her pussy and ass hole. Mia closes her eyes and grips the bed sheets as Jason eats her pussy and ass hole. Keeping her in doggy position, he penetrates her tight pussy from behind, slowly fucking her doggy style. Once he works his big cock further and further into her cunt, he starts slamming it harder and faster, sending Mia into ecstasy.

“Yes, fuck me with that big black cock,” she moans out. Jason grips her big ass cheeks while drilling her wet pussy. He slows down his strokes again and Mia tells him to fuck her nice and deep. When he pulls out, she turns around and puts his wet cock in her mouth, sucking the taste of her pussy off it. Another pussy pummeling round of doggy style fucking ensues, leaving Mia screaming in pleasure. She loves it, telling him to keep putting that cock back in her. The downward doggy fucking is hot to watch as Jason goes into overdrive, slamming hard and deep into her creamy cunt until she cums. “I fucking love it,” she says. She gets on top this time, slamming her pussy up and down on his thick pole. She climbs off and tastes her pussy off his cock before sitting on it again and riding it cowgirl style. They stand up into a standing cowgirl, slamming their bodies against each other. Missionary style is next and Mia lies on her back, opens her legs wide and creams as Jason’s cock disappears inside her cunt. The chemistry between these two is hot. They can’t stop kissing each other. Mia cums again from Jason’s drilling. He pulls out and shoots his load in her mouth and on her tits. Mia sucks it all up.

Scene 3: Megan Rain, Joss Lescaf, and Prince Yahshua

Megan has the only threesome of the movie. When the scene opens, she talks about having to get a sugar daddy because being in college sucks. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it because she never has to worry about money. She gets all her bills paid and all she has to do is take care of him. One day her sugar daddy, Prince, asks her to come over. When she gets there, she’s surprised to see Joss there too. He gives her a gift and tells her that she’s going to take real good care of her daddy and of her daddy’s friend, Joss. Megan has always had fantasies about being dominated by two strong men and now’s her chance. Prince shows off his prize to Joss, making her turn around for Joss. He pulls up her dress and runs his hands all over her body. “She’s soft from head to toe,” he tells Joss. Then he helps her pull her dress all the way off and tells her to take her panties off. He orders her to put her panties in his mouth. “You like the way that smells,” Megan asks Joss as she stuffs her G-string in his mouth. Then she drops to her knees and stuffs Prince’s prick in her mouth. Prince tells Joss that he has a good little girl in Megan. She slurps on his cock then gets in on the sharing is caring business when Joss puts his hard cock in her face. Megan is kneeling with two cocks flanking her. She jerks and sucks them, moving from cock to cock. “Just like that baby, don’t you stop,” Prince tells her as he and Joss strip out of their clothes. Megan closes her eyes in enjoyment as she blows spit bubbles all over Joss’ dick. She sucks her daddy’s dick some more then says, “I love these cocks!” Joss face fucks her, making her drool. Prince comes in right behind, ordering her not to move as he drills her throat. Joss admires how incredible Megan’s cock sucking skills are. She promises to take good care of the guys’ big black cocks. They take the action upstairs to Prince’s bedroom where Megan continues her greedy gagging on BBC. She likes being naughty for her daddy and his guest, Joss. Megan tells the guys she wants them to take turns fucking her and stretching out her pussy.

The guys grant her wish. Prince fucks her cowgirl style while Joss feeds her face. Prince spanks her ass while pumping her pussy. “Oh, daddy; yes, daddy,” Megan screams out. She takes more big cock in her pussy, this time in missionary position. “Take this pussy, baby,” Megan tells Joss as he drills deep inside her hole. Megan’s cunt is creaming all over Joss’ cock and she fingers her clit while watching his dick stretch her out. Megan begs the guys to take turns on her pussy. “What my baby wants, my baby gets,” Prince tells her as he penetrates her pussy in missionary position. She loves the way Prince’s cock is making her so wet and she encourages him to use her pussy any way he wants. Joss stuffs her throat again with his big hard cock while Prince bangs her until she cums. Joss takes aim at her ass hole next, plugging it with his dick and stretching it out slowly missionary style. His cock hits the spot deep inside Megan’s ass hole. Prince takes his turn banging her ass hole, keeping her screaming and cumming again and again. She gets in doggy position to suck his cock while Joss fucks her pussy doggy style. She gags and gurgles on Prince’s cock in ass to mouth fashion while her pussy gets drilled. The three-way anal romance continues as Megan goes on a reverse cowgirl ride on her daddy’s cock. That’s when the double penetration begins. While she rides Prince reverse cowgirl style, she gets the sensation of her life when Joss sticks his dick in her pussy at the same time. “Yes, stuff me,” she moans. The height of Megan’s pleasure comes as she gets both holes filled up with big hard cocks. There are great close-ups of the balls-deep action in this part of Megan’s scene. The more the guys fuck and fill her holes, the more dick she wants.  She reaches her peak, screaming and cumming in dreamy ecstasy. The DP turns to cowgirl position with Megan riding Joss’ prick then hosting Prince’s in her ass hole. “Right there,” she tells the guys. She can’t get enough of this double stuffing. The guys fuck her harder and harder then pull out quickly and blast their cum loads in her mouth and on her face. Joss cums first, giving Megan a mouthful. She swallows then tells her daddy that it’s his turn. He coats her tongue in more cum. She thanks the guys for their loads.

Scene 4: Elsa Jean and Flash Brown

Elsa is having the best time in her sorority. She loves her sorority sisters and they have helped her be the best student she can be. After a night of partying, the girls meet club owner Flash and all the girls find him attractive. Elsa knows if she hooks up with him, her sorority sisters will be so jealous. She is out to rise in the ranks and fucking Flash will put her at the top of her game. Once she gets him alone, she knows she’ll get exactly what she wants. That day comes and they’re hanging out together at his house. She takes selfies with him while they get to know each other on the couch. She needs proof to show to her sisters. Elsa and Flash are having a lot of fun together and the attraction between them heats up. After making out, the pair goes up to his bedroom where they both get naked. She jerks his cock, making it big and hard and she can’t wait until he puts it inside her. Once Flash lies down on the bed, Elsa teases him by deep throating his cock. She jerks it with both hands, in and out of her mouth, and looks up at him with her big beautiful eyes. She gags on his BBC again and again, cover it in spit while trying to send it further down her throat. She beat her tongue with his cock with puts it in her mouth again. She wants him to fuck her face and bang her throat. Flash stands up and force feeds her his monster meat. The spit bubbles up out of her mouth and all over his cock as she gets her throat fucked.

Flash tells her to turn around into doggy position and he starts fucking her hole. She pushes back on his hard cock, closing her eyes in ecstasy. When his dick slips out, he uses it to spank her clit, then he puts it back inside her and fucks her. “All the way in,” Elsa tells Flash. His dick is deep inside her now and she’s cumming from his hard pounding. “Yes, slap your balls against my clit,” she moans. After cumming on his cock, Elsa sucks it, tasting her own cream. Flash continues to bang her hole, this time in downward doggy fashion, filling her cunt to capacity. Elsa is helpless to the pleasure of his pole. Before riding his big cock, she sucks the taste of her pussy of it. Once sitting on his dick cowgirl style, she bounces up and down on it. “I love being on top of you,” she tells him. He spanks her ass then slams her pussy, making her cum. Elsa turns the action around into reverse cowgirl. She sits on top of his cock again and wraps her pussy around it, slamming her body up and down. Flash is deep inside her now and Elsa is cumming again. She climbs off and sucks his cock then rides him again. After doing this several times, Elsa has another orgasm. She squeezes his cock and sucks it clean then gets on her knees, opens her mouth wide and gets a mouthful of cum from Flash’s load. She swallows it then sucks his dick, telling him it tastes so good.

Final Thoughts:

If I had to pick one scene out of Director Greg Lansky’s Interracial Icon Vol. 7 that’s a must watch, it would be Megan Rain’s incredible threesome with big cock delivery men Prince Yahshua and Joss Lescaf. Megan is all about making her sugar daddy, Prince, happy even if that means fucking him and his colleague Joss at the same time. She does a hard pounding DP in this scene that stretches her pussy and ass hole to their limits as Prince and Joss fill her up with deep strokes. Coming in a very close second is DVD cover girl Mia Malkova’s tryst with BBC stud Jason Luv. She bounces her big ass up and down on his hard pole, cumming again and again. These two have the best chemistry of the flick and have the most fun fucking each other. Starlets Violet Starr and Elsa Jean round out the movie hosting the big black cocks of Jason Brown and Flash Brown. I highly recommend this movie. There’s nothing in this flick you won’t enjoy. The vignettes have great setups and the production qualities are top notch.

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