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How I Fucked Your Mother

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/6/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Feature, Parody

Director: Dick Bush

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Cast: Reagan Foxx, Cassidy Klein, Gia Paige, Ashley Adams, Angel Wicky, Ella Hughes, Michael Vegas, Ryan Ryder, Jessy Jones

Length: 2 hours 45 minutes

Date of Release: November 28, 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery, Web Info

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent overall. Nicely lit, nicely shot, dialog is clear. Anamorphic widescreen presentation, stereo audio.

Overview: Just like the show it is based on, the entire thing revolves around the plot playing back in reverse (and sometimes simultaneously while other times it skips ahead). "Uncle Barney" (Vegas) has determined that "the kids" are ready to hear the adult version of how the ensemble cast became good friends and the situations that brought them to be where they are today. It's fairly true to the show, with great writing and fantastic performances (both acting and sexual) that garnered it a few award nominations in 2018, all well-deserved. You'll want to kick back and watch this in one session as if you were binge-watching the original it is based off of, as everything intertwines and then branches off.

Scene 1: Angel Wicky, Jessy Jones, Michael Vegas

Our big-chested, Czech starlet heads off to the tub after the initial setup which comes complete with a canned laugh track. She lies back in the water, with a sleep mask over her eyes which allows Jessy to put his member in her mouth, Angel initially mistaking it for her boyfriend's. Hubby joins the party soon enough, Angel putting her mask over his eyes as she bobs from boner to boner.

Angel Wicky

It's impossible not to notice the blatant DP logos placed strategically around the bathroom, one even taped to the side of the tub. For some reason, there is a beam running along the ceiling above the tub which comes in handy when Michael takes his place in the tub for his BJ to continue as his buddy bangs his wife. Jessy gives it to her nice and hard, his face reddening as he grips her blonde locks. Angel reverses herself, propping a leg on the vanity so that Vegas can get some bang time in. The men trade holes back and forth in the tight quarters, using the sink and tub as support surfaces which works well for Vegas when he decides to do some aerial acrobatics as he nails his girlfriend. The guys wander around aimlessly during a position change, Angel demanding they get back to her which they do after Michael stops for a drink. They both take more turns in her, Michael even enjoying some tongue time between her legs before she kneels to jerk them to completion all over her.

Angel Wicky

The comedy that preceded the sex scene returns to the scene beginning with Michael's work up to unload and continues after Angel gets sticky and then snaps back to the setup that set up the setup.

Scene 2: Ella Hughes, Gia Paige, Ryan Ryder

Ella Hughes & Gia Paige

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In a setup that ultimately becomes a setup for two sex scenes, after a continuation of the setup, while being a part of the initial setup, Ella ends up seducing Gia while Michael gets his ass handed to him by a bar patron. Ryan's intrigued that his girl managed to seduce another girl in public and shyly saunters up as the ladies fondle each other at the bar. Paige is the first to kneel and place his pecker between her lips, slurping away as Ella strips before joining her. Ryan enjoys the shared knob slobbing and then takes Gia from behind, his lady watching the action from one side and then the other as Gia gets turned over in the bar stool.

Ella Hughes & Gia Paige

The ladies enjoy some kisses as Ryder takes some time in Ella and then lies on the floor so Gia can show off her expert rodeo skills, her tiny ass working fast and hard, Ella jiggling and smacking it, even sucking and biting a cheek. She seems content to have the brunette get the most rod time, playing with herself a bit until Ryan works his cock into her love triangle as Gia laps at their groins. Gia bounces on his boner in reverse while Ella rubs her clit and sucks her nipples. Ella gets romped in the bar stool and the ladies kneel for some nut nuzzling before Gia gets another round from Ryder while snacking on Ella. A final fuck session for Gia brings Ryan to fruition all over her patch which Ella licks up.

Scene 3: Reagan Foxx, Michael Vegas

In the continuation of the earlier setup, this setup branches off of that one ultimately leading Michael to end up meeting Reagan who is about to paint her son's house without his knowledge. Again, the DP symbols are strategically placed in the set, noticeable as Michael puts the moves on Miss Foxx. Her DD's get shown off in glorious light and Vegas tosses her on some tarp-covered furniture to strip off her clothing.

Reagan Foxx

Reagan is one of those women that came into the business recently, skipping the teen/twenty-something bracket and entering directly as a "MILF", rapidly accruing a large number of credits to her name. That makes her perfect for the setup that plays out as Vegas gets busy box munching and she works his cock to stiffness with her mouth. Micheal, uncharacteristically, isn't fully erect when she mounts him but the duo does the dance anyhow. Foxx's funbags bounce softly as she slams her big booty up and down. Our carnal pair move to banging on the stepladder, Reagan softly mumbling sex talk. Foxx starts to take command and orders him to lay down so she can get in a reverse ride, Michael giving her the "reach around". The pair shows off their chemistry through some light banter and a few traded one-liners while Vegas grips her tightly while hammering her hole. She wants to taste his seed and Michael's cool with painting her face.

Reagan Foxx

That scene sets up another scene which by this time has become so entwined it is irrelevant while being totally relevant to the overall production because it leads to the twist Michael never saw coming...enter Ashley.

Scene 4: Ashley Adams, Michael Vegas

Ashley Adams

Enter Angel...Ashley exits stage left, reappearing upstage center. Angel exits stage right and Ashley is back in the forefront, wasting no time to get Michael's cock in her mouth. She shows off her oral prowess, Vegas cracking a joke as she does. He peels her panties, stuffing them in her mouth as he returns the favor, giving her the "variable amount of finger treatment" as he does. That has Miss Adams moaning and panting, screaming "fuck " as he replaces his fingers with his dick.

Ashley Adams

Her rack wriggles as he hammers, his cock aided by his fingertips. That rack becomes flouncy as she mounts him, Michael carrying her to the kitchen for some innovative banging. He's like a locomotive, chugging away into her, the pair grabbing a bar stool to switch up the action and then moving to the island countertop where Ashley reminds him of her oral skills before riding him in reverse. A pendulum light whacks Michael's head as they change positions, having already been proven as an obstacle during Ashley's ride. Climbing back on, Ashley takes another serious ride, Michael knocking the light aside as he stands to spray her face...enter Angel and cue the flash to the relevant but irrelevant scene.

Scene 5: Cassidy Klein, Michael Vegas

Cassidy Klein

Cassidy sneaks up on Michael as he's playing with himself, quickly replacing his hand with her lips. She plants her crotch on his face to get some tongue and then takes pole position. She yells as their bodies pound together, moving to lie on her side for some deep drilling. Vegas rams her, hand around her throat, their bodies taking on a sweat sheen early.

Cassidy Klein

He swaps between his digits and his third leg, exploring her hole. The couch is a'rockin' as he slams her in doggie, his body twisting as he explores different handholds and leg positionings. When he leans back, the camera gets a good view of her body as he pokes his thumb into her rear. His positional experiments continue, Cassidy's character referring to his as a fucking idiot as he gets more inventive. Now sweat-soaked, the pair enjoy a reverse cowgirl romp that results in Cassidy's eyes rolling into her skull as she writhes atop him. She even gets in a bit of sidesaddle before a final missionary position has him popping inside of her. Enter the family and cut to the finale scene.

Final Thoughts: I'm not the biggest fan of 'How I Met Your Mother' but I've seen enough episodes to realize this is a damned good parody of it. All of the key characters are present and played very well. Michael Vegas does a great job with "Barney", complete with the ever-present drink and plenty of references to the "playbook". XBIZ nominated this title for four separate awards in 2018, including best comedy, best actor in a comedy (Vegas), and best sex scenes for the last two scenes. It's totally deserving of those nominations, although it didn't take home the awards. The acting from everyone is top-notch, the DP logos are a nice touch that will be instantly recognizable to fans of the show it is based on, and the sex, well, it was award-nominated twice! The ever-evolving situations built on situations that are built on situations works really well here and the writing is great. Technically, aside from one weird ambient audio thing I didn't even mention, everything is on point. Definitely one of the better sitcom parodies to come along in a long time. Check it out! Even with the lack of extras, I'm going with: Highly Recommended.

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