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Swallowed.com Volume 14

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 3/10/18

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The main menu of disc 2
Special features menu with more Bobbi Dylan


    At the very top of this box, you will see “THE ULTIMATE BLOWJOB EXPERIENCE” emblazoned proudly while surrounded by a collage of pictures from the sloppy blowjob scenes. Swallowed.com Volume 14 the name of the film hovers above Bobbi Starr’s head inhaling Mike Adriano’s wiener as the focal point of the box art. Lily Hall is aiding her by holding his dick up to Bobbi’s mouth in this same picture as other snippets from scenes on this disc fill out this cover art’s collage. A cast of cock-slurpers fills this two-disc collection of total sloppiness. With a total of 12 girls sporting cock hungry appetites in a sizeable cast squeezed on two discs. A full house like that leads to a whopping 4-hour playtime of pure blowjob gooeyness. Turn the box around to find even more collages with pics of the director being rimmed, if girls don’t have a cock in the mouth they’re modeling in pretty girls to fill out more space in the cluster of screen captures.  At the back of the box on the very bottom, you will see that there is  “Multiple Chapters Per Scene”, “Cumshot Recap”, “Cast List”, “Filmographies”, “No Regional Coding” and the runtime of the film advertised in a font that is too small to read. Maybe they needed room for the legal jargon which is exactly what is under it in a larger font. It is a two-disc set so each side of the box that flips open has an insert for one of the discs. This is preferred over that extra flap you get in certain DVD boxes with multiple discs.

  The main menu is a simplified effort to lead the viewer to where they need to go accompanied by some viscerally surging techno music as the soundtrack.  Either click on “Play Disc” to initiate the whole feature minus interruptions. Or migrate to the next option over which is the “Scene Selection” option and choose a desired cut to watch in this compilation. If you go to the “Special Features” menu you’ll grant yourself access to the “Cumshot recap”, “Trailers”, “Cast List”, “Filmographies”,  and links to the website.

Cast:  Adriana Chechik, Sarah Vandella, Sarah Banks, Aaliyah Hadid, Adriana Maya, Julie Kay, Giselle Palmer, Blair Williams, Summer Day, Bobbi Dylan, Lilly Hall, Jessa Rhodes, Mike Adriano.
Directed By: Mike Adriano
Approx. Run Time: 4 HOURS 44 MINS
Number of Scenes:  7
Behind The Scenes: No
Condoms: No


   Sloppy oral features are the unsung hero of fetishes in the world of the adult. They’ve been catering to a loyal following for years and really don’t get the recognition they deserve as the ultimate vignette when it comes to introducing yourself to a style of a performer. Fans of face fucking features are familiar with names like Gag Factor and Blow Me Sandwich as established mug mashers from the days of yore.  But today you’re better off joining a member site focused on oral messes then those crafty comps from years ago. Mike Adriano gives us a literal treasure trove of throat fucking with his website at swallowed.com  A saving grace in the world of gagging videos. The puke flows aplenty in the cock conquests these ladies partake in with these Mike Adriano directed saliva streamers.  They run in rampant abundance on his website and DVDs like this, Swallowed.com  Volume 14 collection is an attempt to capture that. Mike Adriano’s foray into this realm is very welcome as it gives this seasoned sloppy BJ fan hope that there will be more sites entirely dedicated to this fetish. But I want to approach this DVD review with the mindset of the website being the ideal hub for these hard oral features. I’ll pick three scenes that I think best represent where Mike Adriano is going with this particular collection. Every scene rightfully earns the swallowed name but in a four-hour slab of sloppy BJs, it’s good to know the stand out scenes that represent this particular collection. Right off the bat, Bobbi Dylan and Lily Hall’s scene is an example of a scorcher that can’t be missed since it captures the essence of this collection. 


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   Sarah Vandella is a dick destroyer. She’s known for her battle-ready blowjobs that completely crush in the standard of psycho-sloppiness. She yells at the camera while saliva still coats her face. Her maniacal man-eating maw is on full display when she’s in front of the camera for hard oral scenes.  Matter of fact her being on this DVD spells out how sloppy the affair will turn out. Just start off with this scene and see if you can even make it past the ending of the chaos. Couple this with who she’s teamed up with, Adriana Chechik, and you have two harlots that’ll surely have you furiously masturbating along to the devouring of Mike’s fat wiener.

Sarah and Adriana modeling their beautiful bodies

   This is actually the second time back for both of these champion cocksuckers. Mike Adriano addresses this immediately in the interview.  A very methodic tease ensues as the girls are instructed to model their winking assholes revealing thatches of brilliant bush behind their bikini bottoms. Without further notice, the girls are ready for the sex to start. We first get some anal rimming as Adriana’s tongue is firmly up Sarah Vandella’s ass. After that, it’s time for Sarah Vandella to make out with Adriana’s adorable little starfish as they swap positions. Soon enough the penis enters the equation allowing the balls to be sucked without hesitation in this tandem effort.  So much that the girls' heads bounce into each other during the furious fellatio session. Sarah loses it of course and yells like wild woman startling or disturbing Mike as both girls giggle hilariously about it. Sarah Vandella unabashedly laughs it off as she proudly proclaims. “That’s what you get with the P.O.T.Y., mother fucker!”.

Sarah Vandella making out with Adriana Chechik's asshole.

Sarah and Adriana rimming Mike Adriano in tandem.

   A fast-paced scene like this with Adriana Chechik and Sarah Vandella is exactly where you should start on the DVD. It’ll break you in and prepare you for other sloppier affairs on the disc. It’s not about outshining the other performers as these two just represent a sloppier and grittier style of sloppy BJs. Rotating heavily between positions while they swap out and mirror each other. If Sarah Vandella is rimming Mike Adriano’s asshole then you can guarantee that you’ll see Adriana Chechik ripping it up in a rim job session next. The quick-paced editing added to that frantic feeling of this fellatio session. You won’t even see the load as Sarah and Adriana siphon it out of Mike’s cock and play with cum like two lionesses toying with prey. I appreciate the grandiosity of these women’s gag features especially when they're working together as the chemistry of cock conquering is clearly visible.

Gagging Chemistry


   As the camera descends on the three happy faces of Aaliyah, Julie, and Adriana you’re quickly aware of the chemistry between the three girls. They also claim to be close friends in their excitement as their three smiles beam across the screen. Among those three there is a renowned cock sucking extraordinaire in the form of Aaliyah Hadid. The woman takes her fellatio skills seriously with proof being that this is a returning effort for the franchise. Another stalwart cock-slurper that belongs in the halls of Swallowed.com ‘s alum BJ performers. You’ll see girls like Aaliyah Hadid and Sarah Vandella return to the site continually for a reason. During this fun-filled intro tease, you’ll see the girls fondle and play with each other's asses as they giggle with joy. This adds to the natural element of the scene which is a plus since we are dealing with three natural beauties. "This is why I love working with my friends...", you'll hear Adriana Maya admit.

Three amigos.

   After the amazing ass worship from her swallowed.com sisters, it’s time for Mike’s cock to get the attention. Adriana Maya is first up after receiving all that rewarding rimming. Her head bobs up and down in efforts to successfully summon streams of spit.  Both Aaliyah and Julie egg her on as she tears away at Mike’s cock. It’s a party all the way through as Adriana switches up with Aaliyah finally giving view to the mastery of Aaliyah Hadid’s man-eating abilities. Expect Aaliyah’s signature sound effects and wild head bobbing while we witness this BJ excellence. Mike groans in total ecstasy as he has his wiener walloped by Aaliyah. He even threatened that he’ll cum too quickly with Aaliyah at the helm. I found myself cheering along with Julie Kay and Adriana Maya as Aaliyah devoured Mike Adriano’s lucky phallus. After her turn is up she literally gets up and drops the mic handing it to Julie Kay.

Tag teaming Adriana Maya's ass.

As the girls trade off Mike’s erect member between each other’s mouths the balls are always kept in the equation. Rimming reinserts itself in the scene amongst the giggling-glee and gagging. I can’t help but notice a hint of competitiveness between the girls as they gargled on each other’s spit in the name of ravaging Mike Adriano's solid boner. Jokes and quips abound causing sheer enjoyment watching this infectiously joyous affair of oral nastiness. 

Puke flow from Adriana Maya



   I want to say at the very start that Bobbi Dylan and Lily Hall’s wardrobes in this scene are dazzlingly candy-colored outfits that capture this shoot's intended atmosphere. These types of color schemes are not unfamiliar to a Mike Adriano set but sometimes certain girls just express that colorful schematic so well. Bobbi Dylan has “Popular Slut” written on a shirt that personifies how she will conquer cock in this scene. Bobbi proclaims her purpose as Mike asks why they’re here today; “Because we’re sluts..”
Bobbi and Lily posing.
The interview and tease start with the girls stripping their leggings off to reveal the goods as Bobbi Dylan divulges the full menu as shaved, not shaved, etc.. The girls then model their winking assholes for the camera right before an excellent rimming session between Bobbi Dylan and Lily Hall. They rotate as they make out with each other’s rectums. Bobbi Dylan having her hands on the ground and lower half of her body erected on a couch in a perfect position for Lily Hall to devour her butthole. A very hot position to see Bobbi’s booty in.

 Now it’s time for the girls swallow Adriano’s sword. As Bobbi bobs her up and down in this scene you’ll see waterfalls of spit ejecting from her mouth as she throats the dick deeply. Lily her co-star aides in this endeavor as she urges to ”mix up their spit on his cock..”. The girls share the cock as the Bobbi even quacks and makes moaning sounds while just sucking the balls showing her maximum effort. This scene is on the box cover for a reason as it sells the Swallowed.com style well.  There is a part that was quite amazing to watch as Lily was the lead on the cocking and Bobbi had the balls in her mouth causing two heads bobbing in rhythmic unison. It was almost music to my ears hearing the cacophonous sound of the cock sucking. The dynamism of the heads moving in the same pattern was an amazing observation.  The girls even themselves being aroused from this display of the “Art of Blowjob”. 
The girls laughing about sucking cock.
The art of the Rimjob happens as well as Bobbi bears down on Mike's bunghole while Lily Hall horks on the erect dick. A very welcome staple from the Swallowed.com franchise and Mike's directing. In this segment, Lily killed it as usual as she leads on the cock while Bobbi did that favorable ass rimming that belongs in today's hard oral scenes. Lily Hall then leaps down to lap up Mike's asshole a bit to switch it up. While this happens Bobbi is back on the cock. Both girls even meet up at the asshole in this crazy oral feature as they bounce around Mike Adriano's genital region to coat it with their saliva. The pop is a throat insemination during this rapid rimming/oral/combo segment as Bobbi takes the semen. She then initiates the slimy cumswap session closing off a great Swallowed.com affair. Very hot scene!


  Just because I profiled these three scenes doesn’t mean the other four should be neglected. One scene even contains bombshell Jessa Rhodes. Matter of fact I expect the average viewer to have a preference and surprisingly think for themselves and choose a few favorite cuts of their own. Most will usually pick this DVD up on the basis of who is on the box cover. This is how the average porn guy shops. But when you have a decorated cast of 12 girls like this you can expect all kinds of hands to reach for this DVD. Even collector’s like me who’d procure this for the main purpose of having both the scenes with Bobbi Dylan/Lily Hall and Sarah Vandella/Adriana Chechik alone.  Yet in this day and age, you’re better off as a consumer joining the actual Swalllowed.com site giving way more options than this two-disc offering. It’s nice to have these DVDs compilations profiling certain sites with a select few scenes in collected volumes. That way collector’s who are after a scene and those consumers that are just taking a peek are covered with what Swallowed. Com volume 14 can offer.

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