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Homewrecking Babysitters #5

Studio: Team Skeet » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/7/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: All Sex, 18+ Teens, Babysitter

Directors: Uncredited


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Cast: Keisha Grey, Blair Williams, Zoe Parker, Kinsley Eden, Tony, Ike Diezel, Marcus London, J. Crew

Length: 2 hours 22 minutes

Date of Release: January 15, 2018

Extras: Gallery, Non-Selectable Trailers, Cumshot Recap

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Decent. Scene 1 is shot POV. There are ambient sounds and mic handling noise peppered throughout.

Overview: Four scenes that have a babysitter setup and then four starlets get nailed by their employers. It's really nothing more than that. Contrary to the title, nobody's wife catches wind of what goes down so there are no households that get wrecked. If you were hoping for that scenario, you'll be sorely disappointed. The scenes are wildly different and the starlets range from fairly new to veterans. Honestly, I don't see it getting added to many viewers' permanent collections.

Scene 1: Keisha Grey & Tony

Keisha Grey

Keisha's trying to get a job as a babysitter for a little girl but has to get through the older brother first. He's a suspicious, inquisitive guy that makes her uncomfortable from the get-go as he beats around the bush about the types of qualifications she has and what she's willing to do to get the job. The shot is from his POV, which leads to some shakycam footage as his hand reaches out to rub her leg. She knows what she's about to do is totally irresponsible as a babysitter but she's between a rock and a hard place as she needs the money. She's finally convinced to remove her shorts and panties to reveal her juicy booty and hairy muff.

Keisha Grey

His hands explore her snatch as she sits on the couch and then she kneels at his feet. Her eyes are trained on his lens, her lips engulfing his manhood. A crossfade brings us to her getting the D in doggie, her ass bouncing against him. Another crossfade has her squat fucking him in reverse, her ass again showcased. Turning around, she flogs his cock with her big boobs and then climbs on for a ride. As expected, any tilt of the camera to showcase her face induces a bit of vertigo in the view. She seems to manage an orgasm as she bounces and they switch to a bedside edge missionary banging. That gets followed up by a blowjob finale.

Between the POV shooting style and the ultra-creepy setup, this was totally not my cup of tea.

Scene 2: Kinsley Eden & Ike Diezel

Kinsley Eden

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Ike plays a control-freak douchebag that needs to get to the office in a hurry and turns to the babysitter's club for help. They send the cute Kinsley over and he spends an inordinate amount of time showing her everything in his house which she is not allowed to touch, which is pretty much everything. Ten seconds after he leaves, she's touching everything and calling him a loser for not having any booze, and then donning his Pantera shirt inside out and napping on his bed. Of course, he comes back and catches her but is empathetic to the reason she's wearing his shirt and curled up on his bed sans pants.

Kinsley Eden

When she pulls her top off to reveal her globes, he's convinced that she's old enough for the job at hand and pulls his drawers down so her mouth can get busy on his hardon. Our pigtailed starlet bobs in unison with his thrusts into her throat, her whole body rocking along. She smiles broadly as she kicks her panties off so he can drill her from the bed's edge, Ike pulling her head toward him as he thrusts. She presents herself in doggie, Ike seeming to like that angle as much as she does. They move to a reverse cowgirl, Kinsley giggling softly as she bounces. Diezel's hammering continues as she rotates around, their bodies pressing together before he moves to the bed's edge again. A final round in spoon and it's to the floor sho goes to get her smiling face painted.

The setup here is a bit long but it makes the point of him being a total d-bag so that later the viewer can relate to him when he shows empathy.

Scene 3: Zoe Parker & Marcus London

Zoe Parker

London makes a quick call to the babysitter's club and they send over Zoe. Standing in the foyer, he points out a whirlwind tour of the house and heads off to meet his buddies from England that are in town. Later in the afternoon, he stumbles through the door and rushes to the bathroom to puke. With his pants around his ankles, he makes his way to the sofa where he immediately passes out. Zoe's ready to head out but feels compelled to peek at his exposed tallywhacker, accidentally waking him up as she does. Since it's the first one she's ever seen, Marcus invites her to explore its magic. He manages to get his shoe and pants off as she comes around the sofa to check it out up close. He prompts her in how to stroke it and spit on it for lube. Intrigued, she puts it in her mouth and he offers words of encouragement.

Zoe Parker

She's never had her pussy licked, so he offers to do that and she strips down. He looks like he may throw up and she asks him if he is, with his reassurance that he's fine, she spreads her legs and he gets to work. She seems to really enjoy his efforts and after she gets in some more BJ practice, they move into doggie. She remains passive as his pounding gets harder, her facial expressions playing up the fact that this has never happened before. He coaches her into how to get into cowgirl, promising that he'll do all the work. As the rodeo progresses, he lets her take some initiative, teaching her how to bounce and grind. Zoe gets the hang of it pretty quickly, rubbing her clit as she goes along. They move to a 69 and then he teaches her some new shit, reverse cowgirl; which he claims to have invented. Their eyes lock together as they move into a side spooning, Marcus pausing for his trademark rapid fingering and switching into a hardcore banging from above her. They grope and kiss passionately, the blonde babysitter thoroughly enjoying her lessons. For the final lesson, she learns how to do the two handed jerk and blow, her timing off by just enough that his load misses her face and tongue completely which is okay because he has to run back to the bathroom anyway.

Okay, the setup to this was decent although I could have lived without the recurring theme of Marcus tossing his cookies before, during, and after the scene!

Scene 4: Blair Williams & J. Crew

Blair Williams

Crew calls up the club and requests his normal girl, Blair. Since he's moved to a new house, he shows her around, making sure she knows his room is off-limits. Once he's out the door, a quick montage has her taking selfies of her rubbing herself on his couch and then breaking out a massive dildo to amuse herself with. Apparently, the massive one isn't enough so she breaks out another one to join the party. With his dinner date canceled, Crew returns home early and confronts her about changes in his daughter's actions such as taking provocative selfies and language unbecoming of her age. He's not thrilled Blair sits around fucking herself while on-duty. He calls out her dual personalities, one the "nice girl" that watches his kid and the "slut" that is going to have to put out if he's expected not to complain to the club.

Blair Williams

Since she is sans panties, as usual, he enjoys a taste, sharing it with her. He's feeling pretty bold, so he sticks his thumb in her ass as he rubs her clit, causing screams of ecstasy that I'm sure woke the kid. He replaces his thumb with two fingers, his other thumb exploring her fuck hole. For his efforts, he gets a sensual BJ in return, her lips balls deep. He explores her breath stamina, holding her face to his tummy as she swallows him. She's pretty impressed with her skills but he's ready to fuck her, so she kneels on the couch so he can start plugging away. His eyes are attentive to her face as they roll through doggie and then spooning, Blair taking some furious bounce time. He fucks her slowly and methodically in missionary, Blair's face showing her appreciation as he moves in for a quick kiss before pulling her back into rodeo. She goes forward and then reverses, Crew giving her the reach around during the latter, ushering forth a screaming O. Another round of missionary includes him grabbing her hand and beating his own face with it before hammering himself to a finish, her tits flailing wildly before she gets pulled to the floor for him to cover them and her chin in cum.

Final Thoughts: Like most "babysitter" titles, this one has ups and downs. That first one, for me, was a huge turn-off. Even Keisha couldn't outweigh the creepy factor involved. Ike plays a total d-bag for the newbie Kinsley only to turn around and make it a decent scene when he feels for her plight and plugs her to help her out of her funk. Marcus is a seasoned performer and Zoe is definitely making great strides in the industry but I could have done without the puke theme that ran throughout it. Blair and J. Crew probably have the best setup all around and the sex is good but it seemed like an awful lot of ass foreplay that never came full circle. Had the disc all been the same as that first scene I would've immediately told you to avoid it at all cost but since it didn't stick with that horrible formula of POV and creepiness I'll go with a very slight Watch On Demand. Pick a fave starlet and go with that if you have a thing for the babysitter genre. The disc is just not worth more than a quick rental.

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