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Call Me

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/9/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Couples, Feature

Director: Jonathon Morgan
Writer: David Lord


Cast: Ariana Marie, Karlee Grey, Casey Calvert, Skylar Snow, Jay Smooth, Lucas Frost, Dustin Daring

Length: 1 hour 52 minutes

Date of Release: January 10, 2018

Extras: Photo Gallery, 6 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Promo Reel

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Bonus Scene: Ariana Marie & Danny Mountain 22:13 minutes
Bonus Scene: Casey Calvert & Lucas Frost 14:25 minutes
Bonus Scene: Karlee Grey & Small Hands 18:47 minutes

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent on both fronts. Dialog is clear, video presentation is anamorphic widescreen. If you are paying close attention, the soundtracks during the sexual escapades can get a bit annoying.

Overview: David Lord penned the script and Jonathon Morgan directed the action. Regular viewers will recognize both names as those capable of producing great porn. Here, they feature the lovely Ariana Marie as a young adult who is exploring her world and boundaries. Along the way, she enjoys personal growth in addition to having great sex with guys and girls. Since it is a story-based feature, I will avoid plot details.

Scene 1: Ariana Marie & Jay Smooth

Ariana Marie

Jay blew off the Sunday ritual of catching up on "their shows" to read a book and Ariana's missed his company. Since the day is already wasted they decide to spend time in bed. A soft looping soundtrack plays in the background of the lovemaking that starts with oral favors that show off both performer's physiques well. Reaching to the nightstand, Jay grabs a love glove and Ariana hops on for a ride. AVN nominated in 2018 for three "Best" sex scenes, Ariana shows off how and why those nominations came about as she goes to town on her man.

Ariana Marie

Ariana is like an off-balance washing machine, tilting and whirling, bumping and grinding. Jay looks up at her lovingly as she gets her groove on and then lays her on her side so he can be more active in the workout as he enjoys her in a spooning. He rotates himself upward, thrusting harder, Ariana's slight tan lines playing nicely to the camera as she stares up at her man who is banging for all he's worth. A quick ungloving has him drenching her torso with his drippings.

Scene 2: Casey Calvert & Karlee Grey

Casey & Karlee

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After Casey ends her phone sex call Karlee joins her on the bed for some girl time. Her tongue explores Casey's barren box, Casey's body quivering. Some hard fingering has Casey's body rocking back and forth as the ladies lock lips. Both starlets free themselves from the minimal clothing they have on, Karlee straddling Casey's face. The camera slowly tilts up and down Karlee's body focusing on her facial expressions as Casey munches away.

Casey & Karlee

Casey takes an all fours position and Karlee works her fingers inside of her determinedly as Casey grips the comforter and bites it. Soft caresses lead Casey into returning the finger favors, her head lying on Karlee's breast. Karlee's dripping goo and Casey's fingers are soaking wet as they rotate into a 69. After the simultaneous snacking, the ladies share another kiss as the scene fades.

Scene 3: Skylar Snow & Dustin Daring

These two performers are new to the industry, in fact, this is only Dustin's 2nd credit so if they seem unfamiliar now you know why. Daring wastes no time before tasting Skylar's Puerto Rican pussy which she grinds in his face. She returns the favor energetically, Dustin grabbing at her globs as she works her mouth magic. Once he's gloved up she takes him for a ride, her body undulating, her long locks draping down her chest. Dustin spends a lot of time watching the action of their groin grinds, an errant glance at the camera before they reposition into a spoon with him kneeling.

Skylar Snow

Skylar also glances to the camera as Dustin appears to be concentrating on baseball stats or something as he slams away, gripping Skylar's hair and tits as he hammers her in doggie. She's very talkative during sex and for those that are following the plot, there is a reason for that although in this no-plot breakdown it seems to make little sense as she narrates while he pumps himself to a sweat that culminates in him finishing himself on her ass.

This scene is nowhere near the caliber of the previous scenes, Ariana's in particular. I'm pretty sure newbies were chosen for it specifically due to the plot line it is based around, so be aware that this probably will not be your favorite scene in this flick!

Scene 4: Ariana Marie & Casey Calvert

Ariana & Casey

Ariana and Casey get together for reasons the plot will explain but I will not. Just be happy that you get to watch two ladies of this caliber go at each other in the living room, Casey receiving the first licks. Of course, she also gets to enjoy some time between Ariana's thighs, their eyes locking together. Casey perches her pussy on Ariana's chin, Ariana exploring Casey's breasts with her hands. They switch into a 69 and then Ariana goes solo on Casey again.

Ariana & Casey

Ariana decides to lie her head and shoulders on the floor, Casey eating at the Y from the couch above. Joining her on the floor, Casey puts her ass in the air for Ariana to lick while she fingers Casey. Casey moves to the bottom of the stack to play with herself and Ariana at the same time and then the ladies sit crotch to crotch for some mutual masturbation time. Soft kisses close out the session.

Scene 5: Ariana Marie & Lucas Frost

Ariana Marie

We get one more chance to see Ariana's fine form when Lucas shows up and starts ravishing her. Her eyebrows and forehead react positively as Frost flicks his tongue between her legs, her toes resting on his shoulders as he kneels beside the bed. Standing, he explores her tonsils with his cock as he explores between her legs with his hand. She shows incredible breath control as he has his way with her mouth. He tosses her onto her back and pulls a condom from his pocket and starts nailing her.

Ariana Marie

They gaze into each other's eyes, showing the passion that they have harbored for each other for a long time. Faces pressed together, they make hard love, their bodies slapping together as they move to cowgirl. When they switch to doggie, Lucas uses Ariana's locks as reins, wrapping them around her throat for leverage. Pressing her face into the bed, he gives her a hard pounding. He swaps her hair out for her arms momentarily but goes back to her hair quickly as he adjusts his tempo. Ariana has entered slut mode and starts spewing naughty words as her sweaty man slams in and out of her. Her tits shake as she shows off her reverse rodeo skills, Lucas' hands wrapped around her waist as she bounces high and hard. Lucas has wanted this for so long that he pulls her into a full nelson and hammers himself with gusto, peeling off his condom to pop on her patch.

Final Thoughts: It's a Wicked feature film. So, you know you are in for a quality product. However, even with the lovely Ariana Marie, it's not one of the best you'll see. The script is coherent and the plot develops nicely but it just doesn't contain much wow factor. That's not unusual at all. Most porn doesn't. This is squarely targeted at couples that want to watch some pretty girls have good sex while showing nice chemistry between the performers. This totally fills that need. The acting is good, in fact, once the story between Ariana and Casey starts to unfold it becomes really fun to watch! The scene between Skylar and Dustin doesn't stand up to the other scenes in terms of passion but there is a reason for that the plot covers nicely. The final scene between Ariana and Lucas is scorching hot and will probably see a lot of replay in some households.

Wicked's been around the block a few times and they realize that plenty of people gravitate toward "porn with a story" when they are shopping at their local porno outlet when they really just want to watch hot sex. I'm pretty sure that's why Wicked tends to throw in things like 3 bonus sex scenes utilizing the stars from the feature. That adds an hour of sex that you won't have to worry about following a backstory too. That ups the replay value of the disc and ultimately moves this from a rental recommendation into a Recommended purchase.

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