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Studio: Reality Kings » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 7/16/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


This review is based upon my visits in June 2018.

Realitykings.com is a porn gateway that you can use to access 45 niche sites that range from Big Tits Boss to We Live Together...both of these nice sites are among my favorites. You can see the list of sites accessible from the gateway in the screen capture below. In June 2018, scenes from many of these niches were posted, including Sneaky Sex, RK Prime, Teens Love Huge Cocks, First Time Auditions, 8th Street Latinas, Euro Sex Parties, Monster Curves, and Moms Bang Teens. In other words, you'll get a wide-range of niche porn if you subscribe to Realitykings.com.


Realitykings.com describes itself as: "... "there's a first time for everything", so why not catch deliciously curvy babes having their first sexual encounter right here on RealityKings.com? Amateur porn never looked as good and our bevy of natural beauties will dazzle you in full-length erotic scenes. Witness reality sex videos bursting with luscious 18+ vixens that crave a monster cock in every tight orifice. Their libidos are raging like an uncontrollable wildfire so get a front row seat to all of their carnal adventures in HD! RK is home to voluptuous Jezebels of all shapes and sizes so there is definitely something for every fan of world-class XXX content...Some of our daring divas swing both ways and enjoy a romp with a lascivious lesbian who loves to show her wet pussy off. The muff diving on RK is divine, as is our deep-throat blowjobs, tit fucking, and deep anal penetrations. Nothing is off limits on our premium site and our homemade porn reveals everything in stunning detail."

By my way of thinking, this description is mostly true. In my opinion, Realitykings.com is a top-notch and first-class website and has been for many years. In fact, back in the "old days" when I reviewed DVDs, I always looked forward to Reality Kings titles because they have what I really like:

  • White-hot sex
  • The best stars (almost all the girls to whom I awarded a Must-See Girls plaque are featured on the site!) as well as quite a few newbies.
  • Above average production values (wardrobe, makeup, lighting, video capture, video editing)
  • The reality-based self-contained storylines that nicely set up the sex. The site's scenes go way beyond "gonzo" and are really complete stories that play out in a half hour or so.

So...back to the site's self-description...the bold-faced items in the paragraph above:

  • First sexual encounter? Sometimes. But, the majority of the scenes I enjoyed were top-of-their career babes like Alina Lopez, Lena Paul, Katrina Jade, AJ Applegate, Angela White, and Must-See Girl Brooklyn Chase.
  • Amateur Porn? Sometimes. The girls on realitykings.com are too hot to be "amateur."
  • Full Length Erotic Scenes? True. The average scene length is shown below.
  • 18+ vixens that crave a monster cock in every tight orifice? Absolutely. 
  • Their libidos are raging? True. Every scene I reviewed for this article featured one or more women whose sex drives are in overdrive. 
  • RK is home to voluptuous jezebels of all shapes and sizes? True. Whether you like your porn stars lithe, lean, curvy, busty, or anything in between...realitykings.com has what you crave.
  • Some of our daring divas swing both ways? Yep. In fact, one of the best lesbian niche sites, in my opinion, is We Live Together, and that's a part of realitykings.com.

Everything the site claims is mostly accurate. I love it. You should join it.

Here's a screen capture of the home page captured June 21, 2018.


  • Overall Look and Feel (Aesthetics): Clean and elegant. Controls are where they ought to be, graphics are provided to make sure you can find what you want, the there's even a "panic mode" button on the right side of the screen that makes all the juicy images disappear in an emergency.
  • Ease of Navigation: Very easy. I've had no problems finding what I want when I want it.
  • Speed: I find that the download speeds from this site are somewhat slower than other sites I've reviewed. Clicking from page to page is quick and easy. But, I've had to re-download several videos when the download process "timed out."
  • Responsive Design: The mobile version is very nice. In addition, the desktop version scales nicely depending on the size of window you set.
  • Content provided: Videos and photos of couples, threesomes, and orgies. There are boy/girl, girl/girl, and transwoman scenes available on the site.
  • Frequency of updates:  More than once per day. In June 2018, there were 50 updates!
  • Cost: If you join RealityKings.com by clicking this link, you can join for a day for $1.00 or for a year for $9.99 per month. See the screen capture below:


  • Porn Portal Cost: If you already a member of any Brazzers-family site, like mofos.com, brazzers.com, or transangels.com, you can join realitykings.com for a much better rate. In particular, you can get the "unlimited" membership for $69.97. That means that you'll keep your Reality Kings membership for one flat fee for as long as you maintain your initial Brazzers-family membership. There are often sales on the Porn Portal memberships, so watch out for the best deals.


The Girls

This review is based upon my visits in June 2018.

Support Our Sponsor:

I enjoyed a number of very fine (and very hot) scenes on realitykings.com. All the girls I saw are top-notch.  Here are some photos of my favorites from June 2018. From left to right, they are Katrina JadeAlina Lopez, and Must-See Girl Brooklyn Chase. From self-proclaimed "slut" Katrina to super-tongued Alina to boobs-to-die for Brooklyn, RealityKings.com girls are the best!



Before I get to stats and comments about the videos, let me show you some un-retouched screen captures of what I saw and enjoyed on realitykings.com.


All of the RealityKings.com sex scenes I reviewed for this article unfold in plausible scenarios...like when Lena Paul's credit card is denied and the only way she can pay for her car repair is through the use of her fantastic and voluptuous body. All the scenarios progress through lots of cock-stiffening and pussy-drenching foreplay, including kissing, caressing, oil application, occasional choking, and tit worship, as shown in the collage below. Pay special attention to  Alina Lopez (top left) and her amazing tongue (imagine how deep into a vagina it probes and how nice it feels when licking a cock). Proceeding clockwise from Alina's kissing shot are Lena PaulAngela White, and Katrina Jade with AJ Applegate.



For many years, I've said that when I die and go to my ultimate reward, the portal through which I pass will be a vagina. Thus, I love how RealityKings.com consistently gives me up-close-and-personal footage. Clockwise from top left, these are: Alina LopezAngela White, Must-See Girl Brooklyn Chase, and Katrina Jade.



If you're like me, you love pussies and you love to eat them. RealityKings.com gives us plenty of pussy munching footage in their scenes. Clockwise from top left: Lena Paul, Must-See Girl Brooklyn ChaseAngela White and Katrina Jade.



Of course, oral sex goes both ways. You'll see lots of top-notch cock-sucking on RealityKings.com, too. Clockwise from top left: Angela White, Must-See Girl Brooklyn Chase, Alina Lopez, and Lena Paul.



Let's face it...we're here for the sex! RealityKings.com provides some of the hottest scenes you'll see anywhere...including boy/girl girl/girl, trans, and group scenes. Clockwise from top left: Angela White (I think this is one of the hottest screen captures I've ever made), Katrina Jade with AJ ApplegateAlina Lopez (look how flexible she is!), and Lena Paul showing off some of her white-hot attitude.



I noticed that several of the girls in the RealityKings.com sex scenes I reviewed for this article squirt like fire hydrants. I know this practice is controversial in some sectors, but I like basically anything to do with vaginas (except yeast infections). So, here are some squirting shots I like. Left: Angela White; top right: Alina Lopez; bottom right: Must-See Girl Brooklyn Chase.



Any scene with a penis must, of course, come to a happy ending. Realitykings.com's girls love semen...and it shows by their delighted faces in the screen captures below. Clockwise from top left: Lena Paul (don't you wish all your sexual partners were as happy as Lena is in this shot?), Must-See Girl Brooklyn ChaseAngela White, and Katrina Jade.


The Stats

These comments are based upon my review of six randomly-chosen videos that were posted during June, 2018.

  • Size (resolution): 1080P, 720P, SD MP4, MPEG4, Mobile High, Mobile Medium, Mobile Low.
  • Downloadable? Yes.
  • Available as Video on Demand? Yes
  • Approximate length: The length of the six videos I reviewed ranged from 31:32 to 41:35 with an average length of 34:46 minutes.
  • Storyline/acting: The sex in each of the scenes I watched was embedded in a plausible storyline that was well-performed by the actresses and actors. I liked the scene set-ups, which ranged from Alina Lopez acting for a TV commercial for churros to Lena Paul's credit card being denied for extensive auto repairs.
  • Type of Scenes Available:
    • Solo: Yes, but these scenes were posted in 2012 and prior. None have been posted recently.
    • Girl/Girl: Yes. 
    • Boy/GirlYes.
    • Group: Yes.
  • Attention to model's make-up and wardrobe: Solid, ranging from good to extremely good. 
  • Girl has orgasm during scene: Yes, quite often. In addition, they squirt more often than I would expect.
  • Compression artifacts: None.
  • White balance/lighting: Quite good. As you can see from the uncorrected screen captures above. the girls' flesh looks natural and appetizing for the most part. If the white balance is off, it is slightly toward the warm side. So, the girls still look great. The lighting is professionally done so that none of the action we want to see is hidden in shadows.
  • Camera angles/motions: It's pretty obvious that the camera operators are using hand-held devices...which is the norm and to be expected. However, there are occasional shaky or abrupt camera motions that, had I been the editor, I would have edited out. This is no biggie, but I tend to be demanding because video is my profession.
  • Audio: Solid. I experienced no issues with the sound.
  • Editing: Solid, except I would have edited out the few shaky camera moves that I saw.
  • Problems encountered: Unusually, I must admit that I did have a few problems with the video. In particular, the scenes downloaded slower than content from other sites. And then, for some reason I can't figure out, Quicktime Player on my Mac often insisted upon "converting" the video format and then the converted file had to be saved. Since we're talking about rather large-sized files, it took my Mac a while to perform each of these separate tasks. 


These comments are based upon my review of six randomly-chosen videos that were posted during June, 2018.

"Pretty Girl" Photos

I've showed you some examples above (under "The Girls) of the "pretty girl" or "glamour" photos that are included with the videos. 


Since the RealityKings.com movies are supposed to be "reality TV" in nature, the scene scenarios are more extensive than you'll find in gonzo scenes. The photos that are included with each scene well document those scenarios.



The sex in RealityKings.com scenes are well documented with still photos that are not video frames converted to still images. I found the photos to be good representations of the actual sex. 


The Stats

  • Size (resolution): 1663 X 2493 (about 4 MP)
  • Downloadable? Yes
  • Type of Photo Shoots Available:
    • Solo: Yes, but these scenes were posted in 2012 and prior. None have been posted recently.
    • Girl/Girl: Yes
    • Boy/Girl: Yes
    • Group: Yes
  • Approximate quantity of photos per set: The photo sets that accompanied the videos I reviewed range from 114 to 330 photos with an average of 216 photos per set.
  • Attention to model's make-up and wardrobe: Solid, ranging from good to extremely good.
  • Photos of Orgasms included: Yes
  • White balance/lighting: Quite good. As you can see from the uncorrected (just resized) photos above. the girls' flesh looks natural and appetizing for the most part. If the white balance is off, it is slightly toward the warm side. So, the girls still look great. 
  • Problems encountered: None


  • Preview of video/photoshoot content: Each "scene page" is accompanied by an excellent description that nicely sums up the action you'll see. Here's the text that came with Slick Swimsuit, the Angela White scene I've mentioned before in this review. Every word is spot on.

Angela's new, nearly see-through white one-piece swimsuit wasn't made for hitting the beach, because even one drop of wetness will instantly show every single inch of this voluptuous babe's body as distinctly as if she was totally naked! It's for your eyes only as Angela twerks her big ass and jiggles her massive boobs for you, her big nipples clearly visible through the thin fabric. Follow Angela's tantalizing curves as she leads you all over the house, until Markus joins her and pours oil all over her sexy body! She may not be in the water, but Angela and Markus get soaking wet as he oils her up and makes her squirt!

  • Blogs: Each scene page provides a comments section. Not only can you write your own comments, but you can also see what other members have written.

Commentary and Recommendation

These comments are based upon my review of six randomly-chosen videos that were posted during June, 2018. 

I really enjoyed spending time with realitykings.com. I really like:

  • the girls they cast to appear in their scenes. They're a refreshing combination of fresh faces along with major stars. 
  • the scenarios. I enjoyed "participating" as a voyeur as the scenes unfolded. Some of the scenarios are really creative, too.
  • the sex. The girls seem especially full of lust and their performances are completely unbridled.
  • the squirting. Most of the scenes I reviewed included this naughty practice.
  • the value of the site. New scenes are posted very often. Your membership fee will get you far more content than you'd get for the same money if you buy DVDs.
  • the site's navigation. It is very easy to find your way around the site and to download or watch what you want when you want it.

The only drawbacks to this site (which may be more of an issue with my Mac than with the site) are:

  • the videos tend to take a bit longer (per megabyte) than those from other sites. In a few cases, the connection "timed out."
  • there was some sort of an issue with the MP4 file format that required QuickTime on my Mac to convert and re-save the files.

I highly recommend this site to you. It is a very good value for the money and is especially so if you buy it as part of a Porn Portal membership (see the screen captures above).



Dr. Jay

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