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Mountain Crush 2 Snowbunnies

Studio: Private » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/11/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Couples, Feature, All Sex

Director: Xavi Rocka


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Cast: Clea Gaultier, Katrin Tequila, Haley Hill, Ella Hughes, Verona Sky, Anthony Gaultier, Antonio Black, Potro De Bilbao

Length: 2 hours 39 minutes

Date of Release: January 8, 2018

Extras: 3 language options, 5 Menu-Selectable Trailers

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Great on both fronts up until the last few minutes where I experienced some technical difficulties in my review environment. Shot in 4k UHD and presented in 16:9 format.

Overview: Five sex scenes are interspersed with great outdoor footage of some European mountains and the outdoor fun to be had in them when it snows. There's a very brief setup at the start where Ella is talking to her friends that are on the way up to the mountain and after that, there's very little dialog or plot to follow. It's all about pretty people doing naughty things in a picturesque setting.

Scene 1. Ella Hughes, Antonio Black

Our two English performers get busy in front of a snow-covered backdrop visible through a large picture window. The setting really shows off the capabilities of modern 4k recording and the dynamic range available, as details are amazingly preserved in the landscape as well as in the contrasting skin and hair shades of our performers.

Ella Hughes

Our duo starts off by trading oral favors and Ella lays her face on the carpet, her ass in the air so Antonio can take her from behind. There's a lens flare that happens just about that time, partially obscuring his ass in the mid shot but a quick camera repositioning fixes it as he squats above her driving downward. Ella grunts continually, never looking entirely comfy in that position nor the next where she gets hoisted skyward for some aerial acrobatics. Her nipples are erect as Antonio removes her bra while she blows him and she settles into a reverse cowgirl, her feet propped on his knees. The duo enjoys a 69 and then a spooning which Ella seems comfortable with. Antonio fingers her, bringing her to a squirt and then he finishes himself off by squirting himself all over her face.

Ella Hughes

I'm an Ella fan but I just didn't feel the sex scene here, she just never seemed comfortable with the sex but her setup and extro to it were well performed.

Scene 2. Clea Gaultier, Anthony Gaultier

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The Gaultiers have been out snowcatting around and warm themselves by the fireplace. Anthony's hands start to roam over Clea's lithe body and she kneels to give him some mouth lovin'. He explores her pierced nipples and her booty hole with his fingers, making her moan softly. Doffing her ski suit, she climbs atop him in cowgirl, her tight, firm butt bouncing provocatively. Her soft moans continue as she gets used in doggie and then as she slides her ass down his shaft in a reverse cowgirl.

Clea Gaultier

The ass banging continues in spoon, Clea's sporty form displayed nicely as they fuck by the fire. Her familiarity with anal is apparent as she bounces on Anthony in cowgirl, never quite taking his cock all the way but seeming to enjoy what she does take. With an unspoken cue, she dismounts and Anthony stands to finish himself off as she kneels before him.

Clea Gaultier

This is a scene which I always think of as couples-friendly anal. It's not a rough and tumble anal intrusion but a shared moment of intimacy. The soundtrack that swells as the scene fades backs that up as she smiles up at him while taking his cock into her mouth softly.

Scene 3. Haley Hill, Katrin Tequila, Potro De Bilbao

Katrin Tequila & Haley Hill

Our trio is out for a day of skiing and the ladies decide the gondola would be a great place to share some lollipop time. Between the two of them, they manage to get our cocksman off quickly. After a day of fun in the powder, they head back to the lodge where they start stripping down in the same locale as Antonio and Ella. Once stripped down to their thongs and skicaps, the ladies enjoy licking and sucking on the cock and ass of their man. Tequila is the first to get taken, Potro pausing to finish removing her ski bib before going back to banging her while she licks at Hill's ass and crotch.

Katrin Tequila & Haley Hill

Haley opts for a reverse ride, Katrin helping out with some crotch rubbing and nipple licking. Haley freely gives up her ass during her ride, Katrin seeming to enjoy watching that action and takes him ass to mouth as she dismounts. Katrin mounts him in a traditional cowgirl, her co-starlet licking his balls as she rides. Potro stares up at the sultry blonde bouncing on him and thrusts hard from below. Haley figures it's time for some doggie action and gives up her ass again in that position while her cohort looks on. When the move to a modified spooning takes place, Katrin contents herself with some crotch rubbing of her own while caressing Haley's head and breasts. Potro pulls out to pop a shot onto her crotch and the ladies again share lollipop time.

Scene 4. Katrin Tequila, Antonio Black

Katrin seems to enjoy gondola lift trysts and puts the moves on Antonio, just teasing him with a bit of a blowie on the way to the mountaintop. Back in the now familiar setting of the picture window they follow the now familiar routine of stripping down for some fun time. Antonio checks out Katrin's fine figure and unzips his manhood for some more mouth time. This scene is shot from a slightly different angle than the others, offering up a bit of a different perspective to the picturesque backdrop. Antonio again inspects his companion's wet holes with his fingers and then having his way with her fuck hole in doggie.

Katrin Tequila

Katrin gives up her ass in a slow spoon, her shaved box on full display, her piercings gleaming in the light. In reverse cowgirl, she seems to gaze off into the distance, her eyes focusing on the camera lens briefly before Black starts banging her booty with abandon. He trades holes and she decides to ride regular cowgirl, making sure to use both holes. Her tana body looks great in the light as she kneels to get coated with his juice.

Scene 5. Haley Hill, Verona Sky, Anthony Gaultier, Potro De Bilbao

Out for a day of snowshoeing, our foursome stops in a mountain clearing to suck and fuck for a bit. In a time-lapse segment, our men lose their loads pretty rapidly. Back at the cabin, the couples enjoy a more relaxed pace of exploring each other's bodies. The ladies each start with some lollipop time on their men and the guys peel the ladies' bibs down to take them from behind as the girls kneel on the bed.

Haley Hill & Verona Sky

Once everyone has disrobed, they bang side by side on the bed, the ladies moaning. Our starlets trade cocksmen at will, riding however they see fit, their ski caps bobbing with the action. Verona seem particularly into the anal she receives in reverse cowgirl, her long legs providing the leverage to slam up and down on her dude's shaft of the moment. Potro seems to enjoy her ass in doggie, pumping with a purpose.

Some compression artifacts start to creep in and the rest of the scene refuses to play in my review environment. The disc plays fine in my standalone home players which let me know that ultimately our starlets get the goods delivered to them but it also affects my recommendation of buying the disc a bit as many viewers like to play discs in their computers or laptops.

Final Thoughts: It's a flick that is chock full of stunning snowscapes, including aerial drone footage. It almost seems as if it exists to serve the purpose of the cast and crew to go have a bunch of fun in the snow riding snowmobiles, skiing/boarding, doing donuts in the SUVs... With that said, it boils down to some well-shot footage of sexual escapades in the lodge. Unlike its predecessor where each sex scene was framed by stunning vistas, this one is not - obviously due to the fact that nobody wants to have extended sex in the snow! As much as I would have liked to see the stunning vistas play out behind the sex, it really doesn't hinder the title as many of the scenes play out in front of a nice window with the vista behind them. Overall, it is really a couples-friendly title that features some really good looking Euro stars and starlets. I didn't think Ella was that into her sex during the scene but she did play her acting roles really well along with Antonio Black. I found Clea to be mesmerizing to watch, as this is the first time I've seen her and hope to see more of her! Haley, Verona, and Katrin all are easy on the eyes and will find themselves gaining some new fans with this title, I'm sure.

The title includes 3 languages to choose from, although there is very little dialog to follow. It's over 2 1/2 hours of sex between hot people with some great outdoor footage in between. It's an easy watch but unless you find yourself drawn to one of the stars, in particular, I don't see it as getting much replay and coupled with the fact that DVD-Roms don't seem to love it, I'm going with a Watch On Demand rating.

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