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Double Anal Sluts

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 3/11/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 20 minutes

Date of Production:  2018

Genre: All Sex; Anal; Double Anal; Threesomes; Double Penetration

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Proxy Paige

Cast: Belle Claire, Ria Sunn, Kristy Black, Brittany Bardot, Angelo Godshack, Thomas Lee, Ian Scott, Neeo, Mike Chapman

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cast List; Cumshot Recap; Trailers for Cherrie De Ville is Evil; I Am Katrina: A Sex Documentary, AL Applegate is Evil; Website Information; Filmography


Double Anal Sluts is an anal lover’s delight with over 3 hours and 20 minutes of Euro sluts taking cock through the back door. One cock isn’t enough to feed these girls’ greedy ass holes. They won’t be satisfied until two cocks are stuffing their ass holes at the same time. Director Proxy Paige makes this Gonzo flick as nasty as can be, directing Czech starlets Belle Claire, Ria Sunn, Kristy Black, and Brittany Bardot. Every Euro slut is hot in her own right, hosting big hard cocks in their ass holes until they gape, but Brittany Bardot puts on the hottest show, highlighting her anal deviance by making her gaping asshole blossom into a big red rose. Angelo and Thomas pluck her anal rose with their dicks, double-downing on her hole until she has an assgasm. Kristy Black’s outdoor fuck with Mike Chapman and his big black cock is another hot scene. They fuck doggy style on outdoor stairs in a park with the sounds of tourists and cars all around. Ria Sunn proves she’s an anal whore when she fucks big cockmasters Ian Scott and Thomas Lee at the same time. Her tiny, tight ass hole submits to their piston-pumping pricks. I highly recommend this flick. It’s well worth your time and is sure to please.

Scene 1:  Belle Claire with Angelo Godshack, and Thomas Lee

Belle Claire gives us a long, tantalizing tease in her opening scene. She's from the Czech Republic and has racked up close to 100 scenes. She’s in her black lace panties lying on the couch with long pearls around her neck. She pulls her panties off slowly and grabs her ass cheek for the camera. Belle has perfect round tits and she rubs oil all over them and over her body. Soon her fingers make their way to her pussy. She spreads her legs open wide and rubs oil all over her clit, fingering herself and turning herself on. We get a great close-up shot of Belle’s ass hole as she stuffs it full of four of her fingers. She’s double banging herself now, fingering both her pussy and pink ass hole at the same time. She puts the attention back on her pussy now, spreading her pussy lips open. We get a great look at her slender body as she rubs oil all over it again. She stands up and bends over in standing doggy position and double bangs herself again, finger fucking her pussy and ass hole. Belle’s solo tease heats up when she lies on the couch missionary style, spreads her legs open wide and makes her ass hole gape. That hole is front and center on the screen. Angelo and Thomas join her on the couch. “Look at this beautiful pussy,” Angelo says as he starts to tongue it. Thomas kisses her and squeezes her perfect tits. No hole is off limits as Angelo beings fingering her ass hole while he tongues her clit. She moans in submission as the guys get her excited. In no time, Belle finds herself getting fucked by Angelo on the couch while she dines on Thomas’ dick. Angelo pulls out and Thomas stuffs his cock right in her pussy. He spoon fucks her in ball-slapping action that keeps Belle satisfied. The guys drive her bonkers as Thomas fucks her and Angela fingers her clit.

Thomas pulls out and begins an anal expedition up Belle’s hole. He spoon fucks her ass, driving deep inside her as Angelo tells her to eat his balls. Belle’s ass hole is getting stretched for the onslaught that’s about to happen. Angelo enters her ass next, fucking it doggy style while she does ass to mouth on Thomas’ hard cock. He pulls out slowly, showing us Belle’s gaping ass hole. Her perfect tits bounce back and forth as Angela slams into her. “Baby, what you think about two cocks at the same time,” Thomas asks her as she straddles her and fucks her ass hole. Angelo drills her cunt, making for a doggy style DP that fills Belle all the way up. Both guys pull out at the same time and we get a close look at Belle’s gaping ass hole and pussy. The double stuff her some more, make her gape again then fill her ass hole with two cocks. It’s an anal double stuffing for Belle and she loves it. Her tiny little ass hole takes a hard pounding from the guys. More anal gaping ensues whenever the guys pull out. Her ass hole covers their cocks in cream. The threesome makes their way to the bed where Belle sits her pussy on Angelo’s dick cowgirl style. As she settles down on his cock, Thomas starts drilling her ass hole. It’s a cowgirl DP that has Belle bouncing up and down in ecstasy. Her cowgirl DP turns into a cowgirl double anal that the guys take into overdrive. They pump her ass hole until it squirts. She does a round of ass to mouth while getting fucked in the ass doggy style then she takes her next round of DP sex in reverse cowgirl position. A reverse cowgirl double anal soon leads Belle to her peak. The guys bang her and finish her off with a load of cum in her mouth.

Scene 2: Ria Sunn with Ian Scott, and Neeo

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Ria Sunn is a Czech starlet who was a 2018 AVN award nominee for best sex scene in a foreign-shot feature for her role in the movie Avocates pour Taulards. When her scene opens, we find Ria in bed alone. She undresses to her lingerie and starts spanking her ass cheeks. She gets out of bed and does a seductive dance in the doorway, rubbing her tits and pussy the whole time. She’s a statuesque girl with long legs who knows how to use her body. She makes her way into the other room where Neeo and Ian are waiting. She walks up to Neeo first, who kisses her then sits her down on the chair and undresses her. Ian joins in the action, kissing her and rubbing her nipples while Neeo starts eating her pussy. Ria closes her eyes in pleasure and puts Ian’s big hard cock in her mouth. Neeo fingers her cunt, making her pussy wet. Neeo takes out his cock and uses it to spank Ria’s pussy before he penetrates it. Ian is fucking her throat now, making her gag. She has two big cocks at her disposal, one in her pussy and one in her mouth. The guys lead her across the room to the couch where she gets in doggy position. Ian tongues her ass hole and pussy while Neeo fucks her throat. Soon, Ria’s pussy gets stretched open by Ian’s big cock. He drills her pussy from behind, spanking her clit with his balls. Ria’s moans are inaudible as Neeo’s cock blocks her airway. He sits her on his cock in reverse cowgirl position and bounces her up and down on his cock. After a few minutes, Ian feeds her face with more cock. Her wet pussy starts creaming all over Neeo’s cock and Ria mumbles tones of ecstasy as her pussy and mouth get fed cock.

Neeo pulls out of her pussy and quickly sticks his dick in her ass, signaling the beginning of her long anal escapade. He pumps her ass hole and fingers her pussy at the same time, making Nia scream out. She graduates to a reverse cowgirl DP and it’s a turn on watching her pussy and ass hole get stuffed in rhythmic timing. She fingers her clit while her holes get fucked and closes her eyes in bouts of pleasure. We know what’s coming soon and the anticipation makes the scene even hotter. It’s time for two cocks in her ass hole. First, Ian pumps her ass, making it gape and stretching it further. When he pulls out, Neeo pushes in, opening her up and readying her for her double anal. Ian adds his cock to the ass party, giving Nia a double stuffed booty. She gets in doggy position for more anal, this time it’s Neeo’s prick that’s keep her hole gaped. Ian fucks her throat, making her gag. Nia is stuffed from both ends now. She turns around so Ian can fuck her up the ass doggy style then she does a cowgirl DP. That warms her up for more double anal as the guys both stick their dicks in her ass hole again.

This round of double anal lasts a lot longer than the first and Ria’s ass can be heard getting stuffed airtight as the guys pump it in and out. They both pull their cocks out of her ass at the same time, showing us a gaping pink hole. The double stuff it again, spanking her ass cheeks while they fuck her. “It’s so fucking tight,” Ian tells her as he stretches her ass hole with his long, hard prick. He sits her on his cock reverse cowgirl style, plowing her ass hole open while Neeo fucks her pussy, starting a round of reverse cowgirl DP. Ria is an anal trooper, she hosts these two big bocks up her ass hole and continues to want more. She gets a deep, hard flogging up her ass as her eyes roll back into her head when the guys double stuff her ass hole again. She enjoys the flavor of her ass hole when the guys play a game of two-cock ass to mouth. After a quick fuck of the ass doggy style, Ria positions herself for more double stuffing. Both cocks fill her gaping ass hole as she kneels in doggy position and fingers her clit. The guys sandwich her into cowgirl position and fuck her pussy and ass hole DP style. After making her holes cream over their cocks, they feed her face with them then shoot their loads in her mouth.

Scene 3: Kristy Black with Mike Chapman, and Angelo Godshack

Kristy starts her scene outside in the hills of Prague. She’s doing a bit of sightseeing when Mike walks up and joins her. He tells her he likes to fuck girls. It’s his favorite thing to do in Prague. He leads her further and further up the hills into the woods. They walk up a few stairs and Mike starts playing a game with Kristy’s ass. He asks her if he can take out his cock. “Yes, it’s a pleasure for me,” Kristy tells him. She jerks his cock then starts sucking it, getting it hard. They have to keep their activities quiet, so they don’t get caught outdoors. Kristy sucks his cock until she gags and spits all over it. He encourages her to show him how good she can suck his cock then he tells her to stand still so he can fuck her face. Kristy leans over the rail and shows off her ass for Mike. She rubs her round ass cheeks then uses his cock to spank her ass. Kristy is a daring exhibitionist, sucking Mike’s big cock in the woods of Prague just feet away from the busy street traffic. Kristy grinds her sexy body into Mike’s while jerking his big black cock. She drops to her knees for more cock eating, this time attempting to deep throat his dick. Mike leans into her as he holds on to the railing and fucks her throat, telling her “no hands, no hands.” Kristy sucks his balls then tries to swallow his long shaft again. Mike aims to fuck the back of her throat as he watches her gag on his cock. She walks up the stairs toward the top, displays her beautiful ass with each step up. She bends over in standing doggy position, pulls her G-string down and welcomes Mike’s big cock in her ass. He works it into her hole slowly, telling her to fuck his cock. He bangs her pussy next and it’s just as tight as her little ass hole. When he pulls out, her pussy gapes. Mike works his cock deep inside her cunt and starts drilling it. His balls spank up against her clit as their standing doggy fuck continues.

Mike wants to show Kristy a good time around the city and he takes her over to Angelo’s place to have even more fun. Kristy has been on a wild outdoor adventure and now that she’s on the couch, she puts on a solo tease for the guys. Once she gets her shoes off, she opens her legs and rubs her thighs and pussy just as Angelo stands next to her and tells her to take off his jeans. Once she does, his hard cock points at her mouth. Kristy sucks it and rubs his balls. Her day of afternoon fun is still heating up. After sucking Angelo’s dick, Kristy sits and watches the guys finger her pussy until it turns wet. She has a hard cock waiting for her everywhere she looks and she’s soon giving both dicks the attention of her hot mouth. Kristy is ready to fuck again and pulls off her G-string again, showing Angelo the tattoo on her ass that says, “I love anal sex.” She bends over doggy style to suck Angelo’s dick while Mike drills her wet pussy from behind. He goes from her pussy to her ass hole, telling her to fuck his cock. Mike slams her ass hole until it creams all over his dick then he feeds his cock to her, watching her swallow the flavor of her ass. Kristy sits on Angelo’s prick, riding it cowgirl style, and getting ready for her DP of the day. Soon her pussy and ass hole have are both getting stretched at the same time in a cowgirl DP that puts a smile on Kristy’s face. She takes the fun to the bed where she does anal with Angelo by riding his cock reverse cowgirl style. She has an assgasm then welcomes Mike’s dick in her ass at the same time for a juicy double anal experience. She gets on all fours, positioning her pretty, round ass. The guys double stuff her again with a creamy DP. Angelo annihilates her ass hole in a doggy style anal assault that keeps Kristy moaning. He spoon fucks her ass while Mike fucks the back of her throat then feeds her his load when he pops in her hungry mouth. Mike does the same, coating her tongue in jizz.

Scene 4: Brittany Bardot with Thomas Lee, and Angelo Godshack

Brittany Bardot puts on a stunning show at the start of her scene. She’s dressed in her lingerie and is wearing a fur coat, and she talks about how smooth and soft the coat feels against her body. She takes it off slowly, revealing her nice ass. Once she drops the coat, we get a full view of her shapely body. She spreads her ass check and pulls her G-string off to the side, saying that her ass hole is what all the guys are crazy about. Brittany is known for making a beautiful anal rose with her ass hole. She starts her anal exploration with a big dildo, sitting on it in the window sill. The dildo is huge and she works it into her ass hole. “It fits perfectly in there,” Brittany says. She stuffs it deeper and deeper into her ass hole as she moves into doggy position on the couch. “Feels like a real cock,” she adds. Brittany makes her ass hole gape when she pulls the big dildo out of it. She stretches her ass hole with the clear dildo, moaning in pleasure as she makes her ass hole gape again. She makes her anal rose blossom again and again then says she wants a real cock in her ass, “maybe two.” “One is never enough,” say says. Thomas and Angelo join her, and their cocks are already hard. Brittany gets on her knees and puts both hard dicks in her mouth and sucks them. She’s a greedy slut and swallows their dicks hole. Angelo spanks the back of her head and pinches her nostrils together as he fucks her throat. She stands up and shows the guys her ass hole. Angelo wastes no time. He plugs her pink ass hole with his prick in standing doggy position while Brittany is bent over sucking Thomas’ pole. “You need it,” Angelo tells her as he slams her gaping ass hole up with his dick. She turns around for more cock up her ass, this time from Thomas. He fucks her doggy style too and watches her do ass to mouth on Angelo’s cock. The threesome has fun with their anal fucking, turning acrobatic when Brittany bends over the bed rail doggy style and Thomas squats over her and pumps her rose.

Angelo follows up with a huge dildo, drilling it down her ass hole like a torpedo. Her gaping hole is blossoming again. Brittany quickly moves to double dick drilling with a cowgirl DP that has her screaming in euphoria. The guys know how to please her holes, stretching them out fulling. Angelo is fucking her ass and Thomas is slamming her pussy. Brittany graduates to double anal, wrapping her tight ass hole around both cocks at the same time cowgirl style. When they pull out, we see a bright red anal blossom. She has an assgasm from the sensation. A cowgirl DP soon follows and so does more anal gaping and blossoming. She does double anal in reverse cowgirl position then swallows her ass juices off of Angelo’s cock in a round of ass to mouth. Another round of cowgirl DP makes Brittany cum again and it leads to popshots from her anal drillers. Thomas feeds her his load followed by Angelo who blasts her tongue and cheek with cum.

Final Thoughts:


Euro director Proxy Paige fashions a down and dirty, double dick flick that features some of the hottest and nastiest Euro sluts around in her movie Double Anal Sluts. These girls are true anal whores who can only be satisfied when two big cocks are stuffing their tiny, tight ass holes. For over 3 hours and 20 minutes, we get the pleasure of watching Belle Claire, Ria Sunn, Kristy Black, and Brittany Bardot’s two-cock anal adventures and they are all hot to watch. I highly recommend this flick and am sure you won’t be disappointed. Each girl holds her own, taking on the double dick action of big cocksmen like Ian Scott, Thomas Lee, Angelo Godshack and Mike Chapman. No hole escapes the deep drilling each dick performs. Brittany Bardot’s closing scene with Thomas and Angelo is the hottest of the flick with her gaping ass hole and bright red anal rose. She knows how to host cock of her ass and she’s a turn on to watch. Kristy Black’s outdoor fuck with Mike and his big black cock is another favorite and Belle and Ria both prove their anal prowess in assgasmic scenes you can’t take your eyes off of. Overall, this is a sensational anal expedition you’ll want to add to the stash.

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