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Dark Divas

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 3/11/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 41 minutes

Date of Production:  2017            

Genre: All Sex; Ebony;

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: David Lord

Cast: Sarah Banks, Yara Skye, Noemie Bilas, Ana Foxx, Jon Jon, Donny Sins, Tyler Knight, Dirk Huge

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photos; Popshots; Trailers for Front Street Cheaters, I Like Black Girls 5, Chocolate Cheerleader Camp 6, Black Kings and Queens; Website Information


Dark Divas is an all-Ebony flick from Devils Film that features Sarah Banks, Yara Skye, Noemie Bilas and Ana Fox. These girls are all starlets in their own right and put on great performances. Ana Foxx, who has been nominated for several awards for the past several years, is always hot to watch. She closes the flick in the final scene, banging Tyler Knight until he pops all over her ass cheeks. Each scene starts with a solo tease by the girls dressed in their lingerie. Sarah has a perfect body complete with tattooed ass cheeks that bounce up and down while she rides Donny’s dick.  She cums multiple times while enjoying Donny’s tongue, fingers, and cock inside her pussy. Her perky boobs get blasted in a shower of cum at the end of her scene. Yara has an exotic look and so does Noemie. These girls are a turn on to watch. Each starlet has a very short dialogue that sets up each scene right before their cock partners join them. I recommend this movie. The girls are hot, young, and fresh and the production quality is good. The scenes are shot well, and the girls commit to their scenes, each reaching a creamy orgasm as they get fucked.  

Scene 1:  Sarah Banks and Donny Sins

It’s nighttime and Sarah sparkles in her opening tease. She’s dressed in her red bra and panties doing a solo dance for us. She unhooks her bra, revealing her pierced nipples. Her ass cheeks are tattooed with the words Beautiful on her left butt cheek and blessed on her right. She strips naked and sits, opening her legs wide while rubbing her body all over. When her solo tease is over, she sits and waits for Donny. She talks about dressing in her sexy lingerie and waiting for her man to come home. It turns her on the way he can’t resist her. They kiss passionately and Donny focuses in on her nipples, licking and sucking them. He spanks her springy ass cheeks then strips out of his clothes. Sarah pulls down his underwear and smiles as his big cock tumbles out. She puts it in her mouth and starts sucking on it. Donny holds her head in place and fucks her throat, making her gag. Sarah fingers her pussy and gurgles on Donny’s dick. Her drool is dripping onto her tits while the back of her throat gets fucked. Sarah is a sloppy cocksucker and spits up all over Donny’s cock.

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She lies on her back missionary style and moans in delight as Donny tongues her pussy and clit. He uses his tongue to slap her clit while fingering her pussy. Sarah is cumming now from Donny’s deep finger bang and tonguing. He rubs her clit back and forth, hard and fast until she hits her climax again, then he tongue fucks her some more, making her pussy wet and ready for his cock. “You’re gonna make me cum again,” she whispers as Donny repeats his tongue and finger fucking of her pussy. He keeps her in missionary position and penetrates her pussy with his cock. Sarah closes her eyes in deep pleasure, leaving her mouth gaping open while Donny drills her cunt. He stretches her pussy all the way out, driving his dick deep inside her then pulling it out and using it to spank her clit. He slams into her cunt slowly and makes her cum again before she sits on his pole and rides it cowgirl style. She grinds her bouncy ass up and down on his cock and then the pair gets into an acrobatic standing cowgirl that has Sarah’s legs spread wide open as Donny holds her up and glides her up and down his long pole. He pounds her pussy, sitting her back down on his dick. The standing cowgirl is followed by doggy style banging that leaves Sarah’s legs shaking. Donny drills deep inside her cunt even harder and faster, keeping Sarah’s pussy wet. He pulls out and aims his dick at her tits, blasting them in ribbons of cum. She sucks the string of cum from his cock then licks her fingers clean.

Scene 2: Yara Skye and Jon Jon

Yara is an exotic babe with a big round ass who puts on a tantalizing tease when her scene opens. She has on her panties and bra but soon discards them as she gets naked. She squeezes her tits and her missile like nipples then gets on all fours to showcase her ebony ass. She spreads her cheeks and shakes them, twerking for the camera. Yara can’t wait to give her man something special today. It’s his birthday and she’s his gift. She can’t wait to unwrap herself for him. Jon Jon joins her on the couch and the two start kissing. The unraveling of his gift has begun and Yara is just as excited as he is. Jon starts opening his gift by pulling her bra aside and sucking on her nipples. He kisses her neck next, making her feel good while he rubs his fingers on her pussy.  She gets on her hands and knees and grinds her body back into his as he squeezes her tits. Jon Jon pulls down her panties and fingers her pussy, turning Yara on.

She drops to her knees and helps pull Jon Jon’s pants off then puts his dick in her mouth. She gets it hard from her deep throat cock sucking. She’s good about keeping her eyes on his while his cock glides to the back of her throat. “Squeeze that motha fucker,” Jon tells her. She squeezes his dick and continues her quest to deep throat it.  Yara moves into doggy position to continue her cock sucking, slurping on his stick. She sits on his wet cock cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on it, enveloping it in her tight pussy. Jon Jon spanks her ass cheeks as she rides him and screams in sexual bliss. Yara has a big round ass that’s a turn on to look at as it bounces up and down on his pleasure pole. She gets on all fours in doggy position and helps guide his cock back inside her cunt. He slams into her pussy, filling her wet hole up completely. The pleasure Yara feels is written all over her face and in the moans, she makes whenever Jon Jon’s cock drives deep inside her. He pulls out quickly and blows his load all over her big, round ass, covering her butt cheeks in cum. She rubs her fingers through his load then puts his cock in her mouth and sucks it.

Scene 3: Noemie Bilas and Dirk Huge

Miami native Noemie Bilas makes an entrance into her scene, walking down a flight of stairs dressed in her skimpiest bra and panties. She has a big smile on her face as she turns around and showcases her ass. She’s a big tease, using her pretty eyes to draw us in. She takes her time dancing and grinding her body around at the bottom of the stairs then soon sits on the first step braless. Her all-natural boobs stand at perfect attention as she pulls her panties down, giving us a peek at her ass. She talks about wanting her husband, Dirk, to feel extra special because of all the hard work he’s been doing. She put on her sexiest lingerie and from the look on Dirk’s face, she knows he appreciates it. Dirk kisses her then sucks her nipples, but Noemie wants his cock and she drops to her knees, waiting eagerly for him to unzip his pants. He takes out his cock and feeds her hungry mouth. Noemie deep throats his black pole, running her lips down to his balls. Dirk grips the back of her head, holds it in place then bangs her tonsils with his hard dick, making her gag. She takes his cock out of her mouth, gasps for air then sucks his balls. She puts his cock back in her mouth and takes it all the way down his shaft, trying to breathe while his dick blocks her airway. The drool is dangling from her lips and chin now and she wants more, getting sloppier and sloppier with her dick eating.

Noemie loves sucking cock and she’s making a drooling mess of herself with Dirk’s dick down her throat. She sits on the first step again and opens her leg wide for a tongue lashing. Dirk tongues her tight pussy, licking her clit and making her wet. This is one of the best pussy-eating scenes of the flick as Noemie melts in his mouth from all that tongue action. He spreads her pussy lips open then fingers her cunt, making her body shiver. She sits her wet pussy on his cock cowgirl style, taking a hard pleasurable pounding. Dirk spanks her ass while she takes control of the fucking, using his cock as her personal pleasure pole. She bounces up and down on his cock balls deep, moaning in pleasure with each stroke. Noemie turns over onto her back missionary style and fingers her clit while Dirk drills her pussy. She cums as he pumps her hard and deep. Dirk pulls out and fingers her pussy some more, making it creamy. He continues to drill her cunt, keeping Noemie in pleasure town.  He pulls out and eats her cunt before sticking his dick back inside her and stretching her out. She gets in doggy position and holds on to the rails as her pussy gets slammed full of dick. She shakes her ass around and around as she gets filled up. He pumps her pussy then pulls out and splashes her ass cheeks with a big load of cum. She shakes her ass and smiles as his cum drains down her crack.  

Scene 4: Ana Foxx and Tyler Knight

Ana Foxx has a long list of nominations to her name and over 260 movies to her credit. She’s a beautiful ebony siren with an incredible body who knows how to use her sexuality. Her misty opening tease in this scene is hot to watch. She sits on the couch, slowly undressing then stands up to finish the job, rubbing her tits and thighs. “Nothing makes me feel sexier than wearing lacey bras and lacey garters to match,” she says as Tyler joins her on the couch. He rubs her legs and thighs all over as Ana says how much she loves to surprise her man whenever he gets off work. Ana shows her man Tyler just how much she appreciates him by undressing for him and opening her legs, so he can eat her bushy pussy. Tyler uses his tongue to whip her pussy up into a creamy mixture that he greedily swallows. Ana raises her feet up in the air, so Tyler can work his way further into her cunt. He fingers her hole, making her moan even more.

She reaches for his cock and jerks it back and forth, getting it hard just as she drops to her knees and puts it in her mouth. Ana sucks his cock and uses both hands to jerk it in and out of her mouth. With his cock hard and ready, Ana lies on her back, missionary style on the couch and welcomes Tyler deep inside her. He fucks her pussy, banging it hard and fast right away, making Ana bite her lips and close her eyes in enjoyment. Tyler pulls his cock out of her pussy slowly, then stuffs it back in there. Her cunt is still wet and creamy from his tongue and cock. “Oh yeah,” Ana looks up at him and moans. “I love your pussy,” Tyler tells her. He slams her cunt even harder, drilling her hole. Ana moves to cowgirl position, sitting on his dick and riding it up and down. Tyler grips her around the waist, helping her glide up and down on his pipe. “Yes, yes, yes, yes,” Ana screams as the pair move to doggy style and she gets her cunt stretched. Tyler pumps her pussy, slamming his body against her and burying his cock in her cunt. Tyler pulls out of her pussy and deposits a thick load of cum on her ass cheeks. Ana smiles and kisses him as he continues to pop.

Final Thoughts:

I recommend director David Lord’s flick Dark Divas produced by Devils Film. The all-ebony cast gives great performances and each starlet commits to her scene, cumming multiple times as she gets her pussy banged and stretched. Starlets Sarah Banks, Yara Skye, Noemie Bilas, and Ana Fox are all great cock lovers. The girls gag and drool all over themselves in an attempt to swallow every inch of dick presented to them. The scenes each have a short dialogue that sets up the action and the girls give us a turn on of a solo tease at the top of their scenes. The sex is good, the scenes are shot well, and the girls reach their orgasmic peaks while fucking Donny Sins, Tyler Knight, Jon Jon, and Dirk Huge.  Dark Divas is a fresh new flick full of great Ebony sex.

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