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Brunette Vixens 2

Studio: Aura Productions » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 3/12/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 1 hour, 36 minutes

Cast: Charley Chase, Dana DeArmond, Dani Daniels, Kendall Karson, Justice Young, Wolf Hudson, Erik Everhard, and Ramon Nomar

Directed by: Unknown

Genres: All Sex, Brunettes

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD, presumably

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Photo gallery

Overview: Sometimes, you need a quickie and that's why Aura Productions' "Brunette Vixens" series has been since its inception. Of late, they're one of the few porn companies that puts out a reliable band of short DVDs with very clear focal points: lesbians, threesomes, interracial sex, or in this case, brunettes. The second installment of their series dedicated to brown-hair beauties is a perfectly serviceable on-demand watch, specifically housing one scene that should be atop everyone's list to watch for its incredible commitment sex and enthusiasm. It's heartwarming to be able to pair those two words together and use them as a common theme for this disc.

Scene 1: Charley Chase and Justice Young

We jump right into the lovemaking to begin the first scene of Brunette Vixens 2, with Charley Chase and Justice Young engaged in a deep embrace of passionate kissing while Charley sits atop Justice getting her asshole fingered in the process. Justice soon disrobes and Charley goes low to her knees to suck him without hesitation. Per Charley's style, her blowjob is rigorous, marked by copious saliva pooling around her mouth germane with her constant desire to deepthroat and employ skilled ambidextrous techniques. She's a vixen; a tireless one at that.

When the two engage in a 69, Charley is able to get more of Justice's cock in her mouth. Someone needs to get her on Swallowed.com asap, given the level of prowess she shows goes beyond the expectations of a relatively routine scene like this one. She then returns to the missionary position she began in to ride, this time moving her fingers back to play with her asshole. Justice pulls her cheeks apart, letting us see the sexy way she sinks down on his cock.

A fun moment occurs when Justice lifts Charley up in the air, to which she responds by wrapping her legs around his waist and grinding her hips on his cock to keep up. "Goddammit, that feels fucking good," she also informs him when she's on her back a few beats later, watching him go deep inside her, her heels pointed to the ceiling. Justice escalates things by initiating some light choking and gagging, to which Charley becomes more and more vocal, especially when he fills her clit with his hand moments after an orgasm.

After a long stride on her back, Charley makes the move to reverse cowgirl. The camera is then positioned in a low-angle shot that looks up at her active pussy and bouncy breasts. Her wailing grows louder, perhaps too loud, just as Justice finds rhythm inside of her. She stops soon after to clean his dick and we get to see that awesome blowjob work unfold once again. But when it's back to business in the home-stretch, Justice hikes Charley's leg high to get at her pussy again while she rests on her side. She grabs a hold of her feet and pulls them back, revealing her laudably flexible physique.

Charley demands to taste Justice's cum as he plows her. He obliges with a thick load of semen all over her face, to which she's giddy and satisfied. Porn needs more Charley Chase, whose strong personality coupled with Justice's commendable energy elevate this opener greatly. 3/5 stars.

Scene 2: Dana DeArmond and Wolf Hudson

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Dana DeArmond graces the cover of Brunette Vixens 2 with perfectly tweezed eyebrows, adorable bangs, and a full view of her body mid-coitus. She opens her scene by showing her personality instantly when Wolf his mouth on her breasts, an act that causing her to squeal abruptly. She wiggles around Wolf, who teases her twat and tongues her ass to get her warm for what's to come. Dana then throws her hips and back into it while giving way to a rimjob, and then being reciprocated with a fantastic bout of cunnilingus. This ribald foreplay is an opportunity for Dana to flaunt her energy as well as her long legs, which take center-stage at the best times throughout this entire scene.

"I'm fucking your face with my asshole," Dana tells Wolf, showing off her dominant side, as well as the side of her that likes her sex a little unconventional. She digs into herself while Wolf whips out his dick, then sliding off the couch to the floor to begin a blowjob. She uses both hands to stroke and lap him up all at once, triggering her gag reflex and forming strands of spit that decorate his cock. Additional surprises come in the form of Wolf sliding his cock in Dana's armpit for a few moments and her giving him a pretty nastily erotic rimjob, reciprocating what he did to her.

Back on the couch, Dana lets out some staccato whimpers as Wolf enters. She's charismatic while riding, spontaneous and vulgar, letting her personality shine and seizing an opportunity for a memorable showcase of her talents. The two switch to reverse cowgirl rather quickly, so Wolf can see her butt jiggle. The lanky beauty uses her stalky legs to her advantage when trotting on his dick. Dana later turns away from the camera with Wolf still inside her, now arching her back parallel to the couch for a doggystyle session. Her bubble butt and Wolf's deep penetration hog the screen.

"You're ruining my fucking pussy," Dana exclaims when Wolf moves into caress her, tightening up his form while humping her. Wolf then milks the moment he can pummel her on her side, with a lot of humor arising from Dana's quips. Even above her alluring assets, once again, her legs are her best weapon, and she uses them in a deadly fashion late in the scene. While on her back, she bends them to push her pussy down on her man's cock, resulting in her wearing a wide-eyed expression with an unmistakable O-face.

Still on her back, Dana spreads her mouth for an incoming load. Wolf fires a full one in her mouth, causing Dana to have the last laugh. "Get off me," she tells him, "I got what I wanted." Wolf responds by exiting and letting her gargle her prize before the camera. I confess to not having heard of Dana DeArmond before this scene. I do now, and I couldn't be happier. 4/5 stars.

Scene 3: Dani Daniels and Erik Everhard

Dani Daniels opens her scene candidly, whispering in a hotel-room in Greece so as not to disturb Erik Everhard, who is sleeping in their bed. Upon slithering out of her small blouse, Dani carefully drapes her legs over his head and plants her crotch on Erik's face. In this instance, we see every man's dream. Every woman's dream is how quick Erik is to act amidst the disturbance by licking her clit and making her giggle in pleasure.

He soon grabs Dani while she's riding his face and makes her fall off the bed. Regrouping, Dani finds her way to his crotch, allowing the sleeping giant to rise quite literally to the occasion by sucking his stiffening cock. She is gentle in her technique, intermittently inching her mouth all the way down on his hefty shaft, delicately gifting him an oral massage with her soft lips and tongue. She soon takes a seat on his dick in a groggy missionary, tenderly gliding her ass on his penis while massaging her butthole. Dani picks up the slack when Erik separates her cheeks for our viewing pleasure, her speed quickening.

She's a bit aghast at Erik's sudden swiftness, pulling out after several minutes of missionary sex and proceeding to insert himself as she's bent over with her back arched. It only takes a few pumps for Dani to flatten out on her stomach, causing Erik to subsequently fall all the way inside of her. Dani spends much of her time with her mouth agape, regardless of what position she's in. On her back, Erik indulges in her pussy again, this time with a bit more wiggle room as she's the one lying down.

He returns to her newly wet pussy while enjoying a full-view of her beautiful body. Dani is both surprised and overjoyed by Erik's sudden creampie, which makes a mess of her butt and body just as the two pull up the covers and go back to sleep. There's a good amateur present throughout this brief, fifteen minute endeavor, but it's not as stimulating as one might hope, with only a couple positions and seldom moments where Dani's famously effervescent personality can be communicated. 2.5/5 stars.

Scene 4: Kendall Karson and Ramon Nomar

Kendall Karson runs her fingers up her fishnet-clad legs, and guides them up her purple/black lingerie that brings out her tone body. She prepares for what lies ahead by fingering herself through her slotted underwear. While enjoying herself, she pulls them back to reveal her vagina is pink as an orchid, then transitions to arching her back to enjoy her solo sensations in a new way.

The handsome Ramon Nomar enters with a thick bulge in his pants, the remnants of which disappear pretty quickly as Kendall pulls down his pants and shovels his cock in her mouth in record time. Even when pulled away for a kiss, she remains busy: cock in one hand, her nipple in the other, before continuing to stuff her trap with all of Ramon's girth. Kendall initiates intercourse by pulling back the g-string of her Garter belt, which frees up her pussy to take a seat on the lap of her man of the hour. She gallops quite roughly and breaks her formerly silent demeanor to become more outspoken, remarking on everything from the feeling of his shaft to her sudden burst of sluttiness.

Once her panties come off, Kendall's all Ramon's, who twiddles her clit right before planting her right back on his dick. Kendall's butt bobs as she takes him down to his balls. This position works until she decides to shift to reverse cowgirl, pulling back her legs so nothing is left to the viewer's imagination. Her sultry legs, her vigorous masturbating, and the ongoing penetration make for a lot going on all at once. Kendall doesn't stop moving. She's almost exhausting in how engaged she is, remaining active in the pursuit of her own pleasure, like any gifted star should be. When her legs come down, the focus returns to her skinny body rapidly falling on Ramon's cock.

She breaks to suck again, and needless to say, at this point, she's earned it. Ramon wags his tongue in her pussy for a few beats to follow. "Maybe one day you let me fuck your asshole," he optimistically suggests. For now, however, he settles for vaginal doggy, which still shouldn't be seen as a consolation. It turns out, Kendall is at her noisiest in doggy while she assures to work him overtime for the healthy load she'll soon be gifted. Treating him to one final position, Kendall lies on her back, with her legs parted, and again hones her flexibility so Ramon can indulge for a few concluding thrusts. Her forwardness and dirty-talk has him spray a large load all over the place, yet Kendall reacts quick to absorb all the good stuff. Looks can be deceiving; I would've thought Kendall was a quiet one judging by her solo. It was nice to be wrong in this case. 3/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

In a world where porn DVDs are not cheap, time waits for no soul, and the market is inundated with quality features and compilations, it's hard to justify a full-price purchase of the 96-minute Brunette Vixens 2. It's absolutely effective entertainment, buoyed by a commendable cast of both men and women who use their scenes to showcase what they're about. Charley Chase is a minx when it comes to oral while Dana DeArmond is full of wit and energy, and the barrage of noteworthy personalities elevate the disc beyond the bargain bin-compilation impressions one might feel when examining its contents. The disc is, however, slight in a lot of departments, both narrative and in bonus features, but its cut-and-dry, bare-bones nature makes it a perfect compliment for viewing on an on-demand platform.

Even if you're still not sold on the entire project itself, don't let Dana's strong outing slip your mind as one to watch sooner rather than later.

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